Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stay Crazy, PETA

Sometimes I wonder what the thought process is with some people.

An animal rights group wants Illinois to install highway signs in memory of cattle killed when trucks hauling them flipped in two separate wrecks.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has asked for permission to buy the markers, one in suburban Chicago and one northwest of Peoria. The group says the signs would pay tribute to the more than 20 cattle killed as a result of negligent driving this year.

I have better idea for you fucking idiots, try using your time and energy investing in traveling roadside barbeques.
Free BBQ sauce at every stop.

Some peoples kids, I swear.

Now I want some tasty dead cow parts, maybe a nice T Bone.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Years,Joey, You Rotten Sonofabitch.

Just to start it right, remember, Joe Lieberman is gone after this year.

Just for a double plus bonus, that other republican Light, Ben Nelson(T for Traitor) from Nebraska just bailed out too.

I am going to party till I pass out the day I see that rotten fucking sonofabitch no good self serving cocksucker , "Short Ride" to the nearest clinic, double back stabbing turncoat cock swallowing weasel, needle dick bug fucking, turncoat, rotten money grubbing, sell out ,self serving,AIPAC bitch, go down the fucking road.

That scumbag is the head of DHS and absolutely refused to investigate one single allegation against the Bush Administration.

He is dirty beyond dirty and he needs to get thrown out of government or any entity that could possibly have anything to do with government until fifteen years after the motherfucker has been in the ground kicking up Hemlock seeds.

Fuck him and every sonofabitch he does business with.
Rot in Hell under a mile of the Devil's rotten, stinky Gym socks and road stripe stained jock straps, you prick.

My contempt for Joe Lieberman is infinite and eternal.

Just ask me.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Whupped

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, I certainly did, even against my protestations, the wife made DAMN sure.

As to being tired, since last Friday, I have put in 23 and a half hours of overtime.

I had Christmas day off and Monday was time and a half because of the Temp agency. I just got off a twelve hour shift and am grateful, I was fully convinced it was going to be a true double, 16 hours then turn around and be back at seven in the morning with about six hours of sleep and I wasn't looking forward to that one bit.

So, now ya know why it is so quiet around here, I was in bed at eight o:clock last night because I knew today was going to be a long one.

I ain't really bitching,just tired. I am damn glad I have a job at all but there has to be a happy medium somewhere!

Eventually, I will get some time to catch up with what is going on, in the mean time;
Fuck Newt Gingrich.

Thanks fer stopping by.

Update, Bonus Round out of the eight guy's I work with throughout the day, five of those motherfuckers have been passing around a nasty head cold.
It is a matter of time and every. fucking. time. I get a head cold, it goes directly to my chest and stays there.
Mark my words, you will soon see me whining and bitching about being sick.
Rotten sonsabitches, stay the fuck home.It's like a fucking Daycare center around there.

Update two;
Another fourteen hours today.
I thought I was tired last night, HA!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

From all of us Ornery Bastards here.
I certainly hope and pray yours is twice as good as mine is and mine so far has been over the top thanks to the lovely and dangerous* Mrs. Busted.
I certainly hope the coming New Year is ten times better than the last few too, we could all use a break from thieving fucking money men and corrupt partisan politicians.

Thank you from my heart for stopping by, leaving great comments and continuing to inspire me to keep screaming into the void.

I would also like to take a moment to give very special thanks to those who have given to me from their hearts and wallets in the last year.
Things got really tight a few times and every, damned, time, someone of you would just surprise the absolute shit out of me with a very generous donation and I want to thank you personally.

When I am a bit flush once in a great while, I pay that forward every chance I get.

Happy Holidays and may they be over soon, I ain't a Christmas loving guy yet but now that the Mrs. is kicking my ass, we shall see just how fucking jolly I can get.
She is currently sitting on a blanket right in front of me, with the Santa hat on, a red neglige and my favorite Mrs. Santa Red panties on, asking me me if I want some peanut butter bars.

You will have to excuse me now, I just had six typo's in a row.

Merry Christmas to you all.

* Brazenly stolen fromSquatlo Rant, I love that guy.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Have Some Cookies

The lovely wife goes all out at Christmas and made three dozen cookies and some White chocolate Chex Mix too.

Fudge with Butterscotch chips that are to die for.

I took a bunch of her cookies to work and handed them out.

One of the guy's told me to tell her they tasted like shit and she needed to make more so he could try them again.

That's a score.

Mwaa honey.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bof A Gets off Dirt Cheap

As amazing as it is that even one of these dirt bag fucking banks got sued for their ass jacking mortgage practices, one of the worst motherfuckers just got a slap on the hand and walked away for pennies on the dollar.

Why even bother?
335 million bucks is a fucking disgrace. Fucking around within the laws and without needs to stop.
Take my word for it, BofA is to this day is trying to figure out how to fuck you, even it is for two fucking cents.
That shit adds up.

I read in the paper today the Feds are compiling some tougher rules on the big, Mega banks, they have not been implemented yet and the cocksuckers are already squealing like stuck pigs.
The feds say they need to keep a bunch more cash to stave off more bail outs in case they screw the pooch again like they did when they started squealing they needed to be bailed out, to the tune of Billions of tax payer money.

Anyone remember that shit?
they went to Congress and demanded billions of dollars, with a three page
note written on cocktail napkins and threatened financial Armageddon if their demands were not met immediately.

It is fucking comedy, a banker handing over a note to rob the biggest bank in the world and walked away scot free.

I have a better idea, if you are too big to fail, you are too big to exist.
The fucking Feds need to get serious and break those fuckers up so they can't even begin to threaten our National economy, let alone the entire World economy.
The World economy is still so unstable because of this bullshit, the mess in Europe, where fuckers like GoldMan Sachs dumped their toxic shit, on purpose, is to this day, almost five years later, still fucking the world economy, cash flow, employment, housing and mortgage rates, foreclosures and causing entire countries to flirt with bankruptcy.

The rotten cocksuckers have fucked around enough to drop our countries credit rating and get devalued for the first time in history and the dirty sonsabitches in charge of those same financial institutions not only walk free like the war criminals of the Bush administration, but still collect record compensation packages including 20 fucking million dollars for the asshole Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan;

Dimon's total compensation jumped nearly 1,500 percent
to $20.8 million in 2010 from $1.3 million a year earlier, based on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's compensation formula, a regulatory filing showed.

Go after these sonsabitches and make it hurt, that is the whole point you dumbasses!

1500 percent.

When is the last time you got a raise big enough to buy a lambourghini on a fucking whim?

Better yet, when is the last time you got a raise, period?

Even fucking better, are you currently employed?

BofA just walked away laughing their asses off.

They bought a company that fucked thousands of people out of their homes and made money doing it.Better yet, they are sitting on billions of dollars of foreclosed Real estate that they are keeping off the books and stand to make a very, tidy, profit eventually.

That shit needs to stop.

If our government seems to think they can arrest and detain me as a domestic terrorist with no warrant and on their say, I want to see Wall Street emptied out by five PM Friday and Guantanamo full to the point they have to ship in barges out in the bay to hold all those domestic terrorists who killed our economy, five years ago, and still get millions of dollars a year for getting away with it.

Kiss my fucking ass.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Ain't Looking So Good This Year

Damn dude, a Speedo?
As a matter of fact, I ain't so sure that is a dude after all, which scares the shit out of me even more!

Well, Christmas is going to be pretty damn tight around this whole country again this year but in the spirit of the season, I would like to thank each and everyone who stopped by my little rant hole and would like to extend my best wishes to you and yours for a Happy New year.

As a token of my affection, let me give you a dose of eye bleach to erase that last image and put me back in your good graces;

No my dear lady friends, I didn't forget you.... Fair is fair.

I just might get that Google warning about inappropriate content yet but it's just because I love ya honeys.

Who am I trying to kid, I ain't ending this post looking at some guy's ass, this one is for me!

Merry Christmas to you all and thanks fer stopping by.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh, Great

Now we get to deal with another chuckle head.

It's not like North Korea is any thing kind of stable, that place has been fucked up crazy for eighty fucking years.
Kim's kid is in no way ready to run a dictatorship with millions of starving people.

Forget Iran, this is where the neocons are going to point their little warmongering dicks at now.

Bet me money.

It's a whole new ball game .

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Got My Hair Cut Yesterday, Both Of Them

Yeah, I was over due.
Took the boy with me, he has been clamoring for a hair cut for days.

Unusual for a kid.
There is a little barber shop in the town I lived in and I have literally been going to that place for twenty years now.
Two sweet ladies owned the place and one of those ladies was a dear, dear friend.
I just flat loved Linda.

Pretty little blond, thin and just a sweet heart.
She used to invite me to parties at her place fifteen miles out of town, she lived right next to the river.

I will never forget watching the salmon digging nests in the gravel and spawning five feet away.

She has been gone five years now.

Liver cancer.
I went and saw her a couple of months before she passed away and there wasn't much left of her then.
I was almost afraid to give her a hug, I thought I would break her.

If she weighed eighty pounds I would have been surprised.

I do miss that lady to this day.
That barber shop is right next to the bar I used to live in and she would come get my drunk ass and drag me over to give me a good going over, the works.
Hair cut, beard trim, eye brows, mustache and a neck trim for twelve bucks.

Her partner Brenda still does that for me and I don't ever remember walking out of there without giving her twenty.

That's because I think the world of her and I only get my hairs cut three times a year.
Both of them.

Something to give you a chuckle regarding barbers,
when I was a kid, maybe six or seven, my Grandfather took me and my little brother to the barber shop.
He was two or three and the barber put a booster seat on the chair, picked him up, sat him down and asked him what kind of hair cut he wanted.

He pointed at my very bald Grandpa and said he wanted one just like him.
One with a hole in the middle.

Thanks fer stopping by.


Just to let you know, Linda was very active in the community and was adored by hundreds of other people too.

So much so ,that the city put a cast iron bench in the park down town and put a small, solid rock column in the ground with her picture on it as a remembrance.

I have been known to go visit her on occasion and am overdue.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good Eats

Oh my, the wife out did herself for dinner tonight.

Thin cut pork chops, salt, pepper, a good dose of chili powder and fry the living shit out of them.

Crunchy on the outside and sweet and juicy at the bone.

Fried potatoes, bread and butter, a nice salad and yes, Ma'am, you have my favorite dinner.

All I missed was a chunk of raw onion.
I am talking some awesome grub here.

I ate so much I am comfortably stuffed.

I normally don't eat very much all at once, I eat here and there all day but I put in eleven hours today and she had the first batch making my favorite noise when I got home.
Silly girl, she was cutting the meat off pork chops with a knife.Lucky me, I just grab 'em and start gnawing on 'em like a starving scavenger beasty.

Table manners?
Don't make me laugh.

My Granny used to make pork chops like this and one day, there was one left.
I grabbed for it at the same time my uncle did, I got there first with my hand and my uncle had a fork.
I drew back bleeding but I had the pork chop, he drilled me but good on the back of my hand and I didn't miss a beat,Scarf.City..

I got to finish off five or six to the point my cat was pissed off, there is nothing left.

Sorry kitty, mine!

Yumm,yumm, I saved one for lunch tomorrow.

Damn, I love this woman.

She is from Minnesota but I am going to teach her how to cook Southern style if it kills me and she just stepped up to the plate, waved her spatula at the fences and knocked one out of the park.

So far, my plan for world domination is on schedule, I have patience......
and an appetite.

Wanna see little pieces of cat and a happy Ornery Bastard on Extra Dry?
Throw one of those pork chops in there.

My all time favorite Far Side cartoon.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tarsjay Strikes Again.

This is a bit inconceivable but apparently true.

Target, the giant fucking big box store, told a teacher, who's students raise money and go buy stuff for a Crisis nursery, fer chrissakes, that they can't come and spend up to two thousand dollars without two weeks notice because of scheduling issues for the tellers, I shit. You. Not.

They can't handle twenty five extra customers all at once.
I have been in one and they are huge.

A snippet from the teachers recollection of her conversation with some complete fucking bitch at Target that she posted on Facebook,

"Well, you can't come in. The schedule is made and I just don't have the cashiers. I need at least two weeks' notice. Sorry," Shelly said, curtly.

"We usually spend over $2000... Would you prefer we head over to Wal-Mart?"

"Hold on." When Shelly returned to the phone, I was told, "Nope. Sorry. We can't accommodate you."

I told her, "It has never been a problem in the past, and we have never given two weeks' notice before."

"Well, actually, it has been a problem, ma'am, because we can't check other guests out when you're here." She replied, with a definite tone rising in her voice.

"So, we can't spend our money there on Friday?"


"Okaaayy...I suppose we will go somewhere else then. Thank you," and I hung up.

In her letter, the teacher explains that her students don't all rush into the store and go nutso on the shelves. Instead, they do their shopping in groups of four. They also show up at the store at the non-peak time of 8:45 a.m. and are usually done and gone by 11 a.m.

Additionally, the group has a purchase order charge account with Target so as to make the entire buying process easier.

My emphasis because that makes this so much more ridiculous it went off the chart, they aren't even using cash.

Fuuuck you Target, you just shit the bed in my opinion

Talk about some bad PR, this went national.

I never liked 'em anyway, if you pay cash for something and want to return it, they won't give your money back, they make ya choke on a motherfucking gift card.

Another Fuck You in my book.

I have heard of some dumb shit but these kids have been doing this for five years now and they even got a heads up letter.

My question is ,
who in the fuck who has ever had an ounce of management experience couldn't accommodate these kids?

Ya lazy wench, get your lazy fucking ass behind the fucking cash register yer own self for fucks sake!

Some people just amaze me with their unwillingness to step up to the plate, ESPECIALLY, when it is for charity.

Being Christmas time, babies are involved and little kids have gone out of their way to help them?

Three strikes, you are out.

You can tell Target to kiss my fucking ass and I drive by one of those motherfuckers going and coming to work every fucking day and I can tell you something you can take to the bank, I will never darken their doorsteps again, as if I was going to anyway.

If you would like, you can drop a dime on 'em and tell them just how much you love what they do for the community.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Say Hi to Labrys

Some of you might recognize the name, some won't.

She is the epitome of an American Patriot.

Please take a moment and drop by her new place, read what she has to say,leave a comment and tell her Busted sent ya.

This lady has strong opinions and deserves your attention.

The old saying of been there, done that, will take on a new meaning.

I am very happy to see her back in Blogland.

Missed her, I did.

I saw the Eclipse yesterday

Lucky me, I got to be at work at six A.M. and had the chance to go out and watch the lunar eclipse once in a while.

I couldn't believe it, for once, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

The last one for three years I hear.

Kinda makes ya feel really small but it was beautiful because it was a full moon too.

Have some Bob Seger that fits this occasion very well.
Nice and slow, Shame On On The Moon.

In Light Of the Cold Weather Lately

I thought I would give ya a timely warning;

Don't eat the yellow snow.

Happy Zappadan kids.

Nice Set Of Pipes Ya Got There

I just love this woman.

Her old man wails on the guitar too.
Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks.

Friday, December 09, 2011

100,000 RedNeck Dogs Just Heard A loud Whistle

I cannot fucking believe my local paper put this fucking piece of shit, right wing dog whistle motherfucking editorial in their paper without apologizing before hand.

This is so fucking blatant I want to slap someone in the face, namely some right wing authoress named Kathleen Parker,then the editor, twice.

Parker: Gingrich’s sins forgivable to voters

In the first place, Newt Gingrich is neck and neck with that despicable fucking jerk KKKKarl Rove when it comes to being lying cheating and stealing rotten sonsabitches who should be in jail instead of on television.

Newts escapades are legend.

Way too many to list here.

The fact that this Parker lady is trying to get the rest of us to conveniently forgive and forget all the shit this asshole has pulled in the last thirty years and having it carried by syndication just pisses me the fuck off almost beyond words.

Newt Gingrich is a fucking scumbag of the highest order and wants to be President.

It is to laugh.

Ain't, gonna, happen.

If you thought Cain went down in flames, wait until they turn the microscope on this weasel motherfucker.

Some excerpts from Dame Parker that especially turned my stomach;
Romney may have a more serious problem than is conceivable given the trolley of baggage that Gingrich has to drag around. The largest pieces include: taking huge sums in consulting fees from Freddie Mac; ethics violations from his days as speaker of the House; an extramarital affair with a Hill staffer, his now-wife Callista, while he was trying to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about his extramarital dalliance with an intern. Gingrich’s rise may indicate a populace that considers the nation’s challenges more important than personal foibles. Or, more likely, his surge is an affirmation of the Republican base’s preference for a good ol’ boy from the South rather than an exotic from a vacation reef out in the middle of the ocean.

Get that?

It's my bold because the dog whistle racist undertones just went screaming by like a fucking ambulance siren at full blast.

If you didn't catch that little bit of innuendo, you are a complete fucking moron.

We are not done yet either, the very next sentence,

If exotic got us into this mess, then mightn’t the antidote be a Georgian who knows his way around the Federalist Papers?

Apparently, "exotic" is the new nigger to these people.

They have no sense of shame and try to find a new way to call people who aren't pasty fucking white like that scary looking Calista Gingrich some form of nigger.

Sand nigger, Buck nigger, nigger fucking nigger, these people are stuck in the past, pining to own a couple.
It is beyond disgusting and my local editor high fived some other pasty white asshole and let this shit get printed in my local paper.

Then, the wench goes on to praise old Newtie for being a pious bastard who's most important thing he has ever done was to switch to Catholicism so he can sin without a care in the wold because all he has to do is go to confession, say a few fucking Hail Mary's and he is suddenly pristine again.

Just one more reason he is a contemptible piece of fucking shit.

I will tell you this now, there is no way on earth, other than the Supreme Court assfucking us again, that this man is EVER going to be the President.

Go read the rest of this fucking womans contemptible opinion piece.

After you get done seething at the blatant assholery, you will realize that fact and turn around, pull your britches down and tell her to kiss your ass like I did.

I am still seething that I actually saw this in my local paper but they regularly have that asshole Sowell, and other known Right wing shit disturbers on their editorial page.

I do get to snicker at the dumb fucking bastards though, they spent 13 million dollars having a new building built and had to sell it and move back to their old bunker after two years.

Fuck you, assholes.

Karma is a bitch and so is this idiot Kathleen Parker.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

What's That, Ya Say?

I went and had a hearing test done today after work, part of the process of being hired permanently after my 90 day double secret probation is over, hope hope.

It came out just like I thought it would.

I told the nice lady I was deaf in one ear and can't hear out of the other.

I was close.

Turns out I do have some issues, she was quite concerned.
I told ya, nice lady. Cute too.

It seems I really don't hear so good out the right side but the left is considerably worse.

She told me if and when I get medical to go see a doctor.

Like that is going to happen anytime soon.

She asked me if that when someone is talking to me and their is background noise if it sounded like they were mumbling.

Bingo, hit that right on the head.

It's especially bad at work because their is tons of background noise and I have to wear ear plugs to boot.

I can't hear shit when people talk to me.

This has been an ongoing problem for me for several years and I have to admit, I do a lot of lip reading.

I just have to lean in and tell them to speak up.

That and saying "What" to the point it is embarassing.

I'm pretty sure it isn't going to affect my employment though, it is mainly a benchmark to compare with later.

They seem to like me pretty good, I had coveralls ordered the second week I was there and another guy had been there four months and hadn't.
Pissed him off.

Now, he has been there five months and he has seen the sheet with his name on it for the same hearing test on the bosses desk for a week and they haven't given it to him yet.

I'm liking my odds here.

I have never missed a day or been late, thank the good lord.

I came close this morning.
I went out to get in The Beast and it was iced up good.
Being an old Ford truck, it has a heater core the size of a postage stamp and those old bastards were notorious for being cold blooded.
I finally dug in my ass pocket and dug out my debit card to scrape the windshield with.
Then I had to stop for gas (a whopping nine MPG) and watch for ice to get there.

It finally started defrosting the windshield after about four miles and never did really get warm.

That was my day, how was yours?

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Dear Google

Fuck you very much for forcing me to use your updated Gmail, seriously.

I had been exing out of your little suggestions for weeks now for a fucking reason.

I didn't want to upgrade because what I had already worked just fine.

Now, I had no fucking choice, I couldn't get to my email because you decided I needed to suck your fucking dick and choke on it too.

Fuuuuuuuuuck you, assholes.
As a certified mechanic, I want you to listen closely,

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

What Gordon Said

If ya been around here for any length of time, you will know that I have several internet buddies.

Several as in many.

There are some damn decent folks out there who pay attention to the shit we get fed on a regular basis.

The joint I go to first every Day when I can is my buds at Alternate Brain.

They are all over the latest news and I agree with their assessment of said news, especially the news of a political nature.

I do believe my pal Gord just knocked one out of the park and into a windshield.

Good on ya bud.

I would love to see Nancy Pelosi yank up her skirt, show everyone her balls and throw that dirty motherfucker Newt Gingrich under a convoy of busses.

I ain't overly enamored of Pelosi but seeing her drop a depth charge in the middle of Newt's lying ass would give me a serious chubby.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Dancin' Fool For Zappadan!

Have a listen to some classic Zappa.

Best heard with decent headphones, there are some nice percussion moments.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Prescient, I Am

And a hearty Fuck You to this guy;

Ending days of intense speculation, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain announced Saturday that he will suspend his unlikely campaign, citing the toll that weeks of sexual-harassment and adultery allegations have taken on his family.

Damn, I just had pizza tonight, what a coincidence.

Bye Bye motherfucker.

So, that still leaves several crazy incompetent stupid people in the race to be our Supreme Commander.

Pepto Bismal anyone?


Three days.
That's how long it took Quest to fix their internet connection.

I figure somebody did the old Backhoe through the cable trick.

In other internet news, those dirty cocksucking mother fucking no good sonsabitches at Verizon struck again.

I swear and I do swear, someone is testing my limits.

After all the bullshit I have put up with those fuckers,after expressly asking them if there were ANY MORE FUCKING CHARGES, I paid those sonsabitches off and told them to go fuck themselves, but no.

No, they had to break one off in my ass as a parting gift.

I got a bill in the mail for 18.99 for two fucking days in their billing period after calling them, paying them and NOT USING their fucking service.

Pissed off?

Oh fuck yes I was pissed off.

Why am I paying for something I didn't use?

I argued with some young lady until I was blue in the face and my wife was telling me to just pay them so we wouldn't have it sent to a collection agency.

I am still livid with those motherfuckers but I finally gave them their blood money and told that girl I wanted a certified letter from those motherfuckers that there would be no further contact.
No letters, no texts, no phone calls, nothing.

Of course, as soon as I hung up, I got a text message thanking me for my payment.
Head, desk, repeat until dizzy.

I never want to hear a god damn thing from Verizon again.

That's when Quest decided to take a shit....

Thank you sir, may I have another...

Christ almighty.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where Have I Seen This Shit Before?

Let's see, President Stupie McFuckwit?

Just so ya know, even with Obama in office for three years now, the Federal government is still chock full of their appointtees.

Vice President Darth Cheney went way out of his way to stuff his little acolytes into every fucking layer of government position he could, then went back through and transferred them into permanent positions right before they got tossed out on their asses.

True fact, look it up.

Now, we have Stupie Junior, that stupid fucking bastard Rick fucking Perry,is threatening to reassign civil workers who do not share his ideas of governing to
"some really God-awful place" if they didn't go along with his ideas, like turning over the Medicaid program to the states".

My emphasis.

At this point so early in this political cycle, he needs a swift kick in the nuts.

At least Stupie and Darth went stealth and did in secret after they stole the election, this fucking idiot is saying it out loud, before he even has a half assed chance of winning any kind of election in the first place,

A snippet from our good friends at Crooks and Liars, who are all over this dickhead,
They have quite the write up with bonus video.

"Having men and women who share my philosophy, and then giving that clear instruction to those agencies, and if the bureaucrats in those agencies try to block -- for Health and Human Services is a great example," he continued. "If you have Health and Human Service bureaucrats that try to block our being able to block grant dollars back to the states so you all can decide how best to handle health care in New Hampshire -- I don't think you can fire federal bureaucrats, but you can reassign them -- so reassign them to some really God-awful place."

Really, he said that.

If you had any doubts about this fucking bastard, go read that again.

I can't say it enough,

This guy is dangerous stupid.

He want's to completely disrupt how our government works by displacing people with years of experience doing jobs they actually know how to do by just sending them to places like a virtual Siberia, just because they do not agree with his completely fucked up Republican Conservative ideas of just how he can break another one off in our asses if he miraculously manages to get elected.

It's hard for me to take these fucking idiots seriously but apparently there are some seriously brain dead motherfuckers out there who don't have to worry about voter suppression or those fucking cocksuckers at Diebold.

I swore I wasn't going to vote this next election because I am still so fucking pissed off at those spineless sonsabitch Democrats but this is just a wee bit over the top.

I can't wait for the next year of these fuckheads and their wild assed ideas of how to fuck this country up even more.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holy Christ, it's Zappadan Already!

Thank you Blue Gal for reminding me.

That guy was fucking brilliant and it is our loss that he had to go home and jam with a bunch of rock and rollers who also had to leave early.

There is no tunes here, he is going head to head with a bunch of Conservative closet cases and just destroys them.

God rest your soul sir, quite the example you left.

These idiots are trying to drag incest into their arguments to censor records way back then and he stomps a mud hole in their asses.
Then they try and associate Freedom of speech for rock lyrics with the Nazi extermination of the Jewish people.
If you have never seen this, get a beer and sit down and start cheering this man.

Pay attention to this because these fucking bastards pulled out all the stops and Frank broke one off in their asses, single handedly.

This is over twenty years old and this is how long these repressed cocksuckers have been trying to stuff their ideology in our faces on television,hell, all the air waves. You think Rupert Murdoch and Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and some other serious poisonous television personalities are a recent invention, I think maybe you either are under forty or have paid good money for that short term memory loss ya got going there.

Try driving across America with nothing but an AM radio some time.

These fucking bastards have been at this bullying shit for generations now and that is why it is so important to remind everyone of that fact.

It is also important to remember our champions before us who went out alone and humiliated them on their own forum.

Oh, Fuck you Tipper Gore, bitch.

I remember this shit

Oh, really, I wish we had ten thousand more guy's like him today.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Some Advice For Herman Cain

Hang it up dude, get Bill Clinton's home phone number and book a flight to Spring Break and be done with it.


Dude, really?

After four women claimed you had sexually harassed them and now another one comes forward claiming a THIRTEEN YEAR LONG AFFAIR,
pull that fork out of your ass, yer done.

I could really give a shit but you have had to have known any skeletons in your closet were going to see the light of day the minute you declared.

Oh, and fuck you Newt, this same shit is coming your way and I can't fucking wait.

While I am at it, Fuck you too Joe Lieberman, you spineless nut licker.

You at least see the writing on the wall, goodbye asshole,
It's been a very long six years but you are all fucking done now you back stabbing fucking prick.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Punch And A Good Dicking

A twofer.

This motherfucker makes me want to puke after the first word that comes out of his mouth.

His "wife" and I say that in quotes for a reason after you hear and see this motherfucker, looks like a MILF show

waiting to happen.

Of course, The show I was watching just happened and will not be immediately available so have some vintage snake oil and some little liver pills from this oily fuck;

If she is doing that weasel, it is by the hour.

Dammit, I hate TV and here it is, C fucking NN.
And this puke is being interviewed.

My god, it is Stupie McFuckwit on steroids.

Gag me with a fucking Bulldozer.

Sanctimonious phony cocksucker, he makes millions!

Get in your back pocket, I will bet you money that the GOP is vetting this slimy fucking bastard for a major political position, they are like pedophiles grooming their next victim and have banners all around town bragging about it.


I was having some again so I got up.

Nasty fucking ones, killing and cutting and shooting people trying to protect my family.

Snarling packs of dogs trying to trap me on the porch of some place on a hill.

Then some guys showed up on the porch who obviously owned the dogs but I have no idea why they were there except I knew they were some evil bastards with malintent
I cut the throat of one of their dogs right in front of them and bolted behind the front door.

Double dead bolt doors, one behind another.

Desperately looking for a shot gun.

Somehow I found one and at the same time one of the evil doers got through the doors and I blew a hole in him you could drive a truck through.
That's when I woke up.

I'm going to finish my smoke and try to go back to sleep here in a minute, hopefully that shit will stop.

Apparently that Steven King guy has nothing compared to my subconscience.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Get Out Of My Way, I Need Some More Cheap Shit Right Now


I went to the likker store and retreated to the garage for an hour or two.

looks like I am lucky to get home unscathed....

what seems to be a burgeoning Black Friday tradition, reports of violence erupted throughout the country.

Authorities in Los Angeles say that 20 people suffered minor injuries at a local Walmart when a woman used pepper spray on them to get to the front of the line when the store opened Thursday evening.

Police in Fayetteville, N.C. are hunting for two suspects after gunfire went off early Friday in the Cross Creek Mall.

At a Walmart in upstate New York, a man was arrested after two women were injured in a fight that broke out.

The one thing I can say is that stupid bitch spraying people to get more shit to carry out is damn lucky someone didn't knock her clear the fuck out and then get trampled to death.

And people wonder why I hate this time of year.

Fuck that shit.

Gift cards, go get what the hell you want, after the crazy people are either in jail or fighting to get to the return desk.

We are surrounded by complete fucking idiots.

Expect more on this subject, the wife loves this time of year and I despise it.

Despise being a mild term for what I think about this complete fucking insanity.

If Bah, Humbug just went through your mind, have a fucking cookie.

I do, however, always donate to the bell ringers.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

It's been a tough year with some really special moments.
I married a beautiful woman who I think may be brain damaged, she loves me and takes good care of my narrow ass.

I was fortunate enough to give a little to someone else this year and I would like to thank those who did that for me when I really needed it, you have no idea what that did for me and what it did for me when I really needed it.

I have had several personal friends and relatives who have given me moments that damn near brought me to tears also, you know who you are.

Thank you so much.

There are quite a few folks out there on the ragged edge who are smart, articulate and are doing their damndest just to keep a roof over their heads and have something to eat maybe once a day.
That is just fucked up.
The best thing I can say is that we show the best of our humanity and give when it hurts and give what we can, even when it does hurt.

Take a bow folks.

The shit storm of Christmas is already here and it is going to be ugly.

So be it. It is what it is.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much for stopping by.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Really? Break One Off In Their Asses

Did someone find his balls out in traffic?

President Barack Obama says he will veto any effort to get rid of automatic spending cuts that would take effect in 2013 if Congress can't find other ways of trimming government deficits. [...]

Obama issued his threat Monday an hour after leaders of Congress' deficit-reduction super committee announced that they had failed to reach agreement on cutting the debt. The inability of the committee to meet its deadline means the government is facing about $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts in January 2013.

Obama said the threat of those reductions should remain in place to maintain pressure on Congress find a compromise.

I fucking dare ya dude.

Give me a REAL Christmas.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Fail

What a fucking surprise, the Super Committee just choked on some caviar and can't come to agreement to cut 1.2 Trillion dollars off the budget over the next ten years.

This thing was doomed from the get go and anyone who didn't see this coming ain't paying attention to what has been passing for politics in this country the last twenty fucking years.
No new taxes.
That's all I heard since the day this fucking abortion called a committee was formed.

I knew exactly what was going to play out and am actually glad.

Now that the retarded four year olds in the Republican party have stamped their little feets and took their ball and went home, the real shit is going to hit the fan and you mark my fucking words, if you think you have seen back room deals in your life, they just opened the flood gates for that shit.

The war mongering fuckers who have been the benefactors of lobbying largess just shit their pants.

Automatic defense budget cuts are now the order of the day.

Unenjoyment extensions will cease and payroll taxes for those of us fortunate enough to have a fucking job in the first place will go up 50 fucking percent.

Oh yeah baby, the real shit is coming down the pipe and these recalcitrant cocksuckers on the right are going to be scrambling to make some shady fucking deals by hiding shit in new legislation, which is their favorite fucking trick to begin with.
The pressure is on now, you sonsabitches and I hope every political blogger in the country starts keeping an electronic bullhorn next to their keyboard when these scum sucking egalitarian motherfuckers start trying to pull their bullshit moves in the middle of the night again, I know damn good and well what their tactics are.

Oh and by the way, Fuck You Grover Norquist.

This is the right wing political hack who seems to have some serious dirt on these assholes.
They all signed some damned pledge not to raise taxes under any circumstances that he came up with.

This the rotten bastard who's most famous line was that he wanted to shrink the government until he could drown it in a bathtub.

If I was you pal, I would make sure you only bathe often enough to keep people from throwing cans of deoderant at ya and only in stand up showers at that in those oh, so famous, bath houses we have all heard about.

Fucking prick.

Either way, they got what they wanted, economic mayhem, that is their primary job it seems.

Who in their right minds would think there is such a thing as a Super Congress anyway?

Congress has an approval rating in the single digits, worse than people's feelings about their ex spouse.

So yeah, let's make up a Frankenstein Congress, for real.

Abby something, as I recall.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


You wouldn't want to hear it anyway.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fuck You Newt Gingrich

My thoughts exactly.

Shamelessly stolen from a guy I really like, who swiped it from another guy I really like and half assed aspire to be.

This needs to get around a bit because it's fucking true, Newt Gingrich is a fucking asshole and if I ever get the chance, I will tell him that to both of his faces.



If you like Newt Gingrich, you are so stupid I can't believe you can remember to breathe.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Want To See Some Crab Bait

Thirty years after Natalie Woods death by drowning, the LA detectives office want to reopen the case because of some comments made by the skipper of the boat she allegedly fell overboard made recently.

I have to admit my interest in this;

I called bullshit on this back when it happened and that woman was the most beautiful lady I had ever seen in my life.

To this day, she had the most gorgeous eyes and a perfect body,I have never forgotten her.

I can point a finger where I figure some one had a hand helping her overboard
but It's just a gut feeling.
I do tend to trust my gut feelings though.

Looking at you, Robert Wagner.

Wagner said the evidence suggests "she had slipped and rolled into the water, which makes a lot of sense because the boat — when they found it, it hadn't been started and the oars were all in the same position. There was no evidence that she tried to get in it."

I wonder why.
Maybe she really didn't want to get in the damn thing in the first place?

I would love to see some closure in this.
She was a nice lady and gorgeous beyond belief.

I think I was only six or seven when I first saw her and I was instantly smitten.

Told ya I am a pervert, I just have exceptional taste.

She was a very beautiful lady and got more so as she aged,She might have been in her seventies now but she would still be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

What a waste.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

32 Screws

I shit you not, I found 32 motherfucking screws trying to get my heater core out and they were all under the hood.

The best part is, after I spent two fucking hours finding all those hidden sonsabitches, the fucking lid still wouldn't come off the heater core.

At least the fucking thing wasn't under the dash.

It was under the hood and I now have thirty two new reasons to kill every fucking automobile engineer on this planet.

Out of those 32 fucking screws that were hidden all over on a piece of plastic the size of a large pizza pan, there were ten fucking different sockets involved,.

Want to see just how much I want to eat the gizzard out of said asshole engineers?

Half were metric and the other half were a combination of what the fuck standard sockets.

Now, the best part.

While I was finding and cursing and taking out these screws, I was gently prying on said plastic part, that's how I kept finding these fucking screws.
After careful observation that there were no more screws, the fucking still wouldn't come loose with gentle persuation.

Oh, fuck, no.
The fucker came out in little pieces because the glue they used must be some awesome shit.

Now it is going to be back to a wrecking yard to the tune of a couple hundred bucks because they won't want to sell me just the lid that wouldn't come off.
Oh, fuck no.

This damn thing had A/C and they are going to want serious money for the whole heater/ A/C box and I will be lucky to find one.

Ahh well, shit happens.

I still have to yank the radiator , the fan and the crank pulley to fuck with that seal yet also.

Not bitching, just, wait, yes, I am bitching, you stupid fucking idiots that used 32 fucking screws with different head sizes and the same diameter thread size to hold down a piece of plastic that weighs five fucking ounces.

Hidden under shit I had to take off to find yet another useless fucking screw.

Y'all just line up over here and bend over so I can take three steps and kick you right in the nuts, until yer lips turn blue.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LMAO, God Damned Old Chevy's

Ya gotta love it.

The vintage 1980 Chevy El Camino is still kicking my ass.

I spent a whole day and still have an open wound trying
to replace the front crank seal and that bastard leaks more now than it did before I fucked with it.
Then we have the being cheap bastard I am and going to the junk yard and paying too much for a blower motor for the heater that took a big dump five days later.

Just fer shits and grins, the heater core went tit's up on the way home today and I had to drive home with my head out the window because the windshield was steamed out with anti-freeze mist.

I had a shop cloth handy just to find out all that did was smear shit all over the fucking wind shield.

Gotta love it.

The wife has been unhappy with my recent acquisition of this thing from day one but I knew this kind of shit was inevitable.

The damn thing starts up, goes like hell and I like it.

A hunnert and ten bucks and a whole day to come, all that fucking shit will be a memory.

They make a thin walled cylinder called a sleeve to fix worn shafts.
The kit comes with a new seal.
Ya take every thing back apart, get some emery cloth to clean the nose of the crankshaft and then patiently tap, tap, tap this metal sleeve over the fucking thing and then use the new seal and Fuck You Chevy, no more leak.

The blower motor is three fucking minutes.
The heater core, I haven't really looked at but I am hoping they weren't as stupid as Ford is where ya gotta pull the whole mother FUCKING dash board to get too.

I was wanting to work this weekend to make some money, today is my Mom's birthday and they are due in sometime this weekend, she was nice enough to let me use her car for a couple of days to get back and forth to work.

The Wife had a fit when I told her I have a perfectly good Beast of a 67 Ford 4x4 because it only has comprehensive insurance.

Yeah, that Wife thing.
I drove over twenty years with absolutely zero insurance and my job is fifteen minutes both ways.

I guess that's why ya get a Wife.

I'll just hop in her little hooptie until the weekend and go bust a couple more knuckles, she can use Mommy's rig if she needs it, she is a stay at home Mom.

In other news, life is good.

I hope everyone else is staying above water and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pulling My Pud

Not literally, just mental masturbation.


I fucking ran.
I fucking rack

Central Africa.
Central America.
Central Park.

Wait, Occupy some fucking place.

Damn, I really can't keep up with all the shit going on.

I damn well can't give an opinion on anything because I have been so busy lately.

I did manage to finally put new tubes in the boy's bike rims.
It took a little doing and then my tiny little dick air compressor gave me a bit of Fuck You but I made it happen.

Anyone know how many " Terrorists" we killed today?

It is Saturday, we must have bagged at least one # 2 Al Fucking Queada dude before the newspapers came out.

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's About Fucking Time

Yippee Ki Yay Mother Fuckers,The Fed is going to audit all those dirty sonofabitch Futures traders on Wall street. You remember the Eddie Murphy movie with Dan Akroyd called Trading Places, yeah, those fucking cocksuckers.


Thank you Suzie Madrak @ Crooks and Liars for this most welcome news.

These are the dirty fuckers gambling on the price of our food and other commodities, like fucking gasoline.

I'm glad I don't live or work anywhere near Wall Street, the smell of all those rotten fuckers shitting themselves all at once must be awful.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Goodby Verizon

Dirty motherfuckers.

I have been waiting two fucking years to get rid of those sonsabitches.
Finally, last month, the contract they renewed without my consent expired.
Two fucking years I waited.

True to form, my $59.99 bill that I signed up for turned into over a hundred bucks, every fucking month.

I used a whopping 218 megabytes last month because I don't need their shit anymore, there is WIFI all over this joint.

Good fucking riddance.
The guy had the balls to tell me that whatever, whatever, version 4.0 was cheaper than what I had already.

I was polite and didn't tell him to suck my dick after all the grief I have been through with this asshole outfit.

Fuck me, I have had to call these motherfuckers every goddamned month for the last two years.

One month was over two hundred and fifty fucking dollars,for internet access. I squealed like a little bitch and got it dropped to a whopping one ninety.

I can relax now, they are fucking gone with prejudice, never to return.

Can ya hear me now, motherfuckers?

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wanting to go see The Wall

I just found out Roger Waters is coming to Portland in May and the tickets go on sale Monday.

FUUUck me, I always wanted to see Pink Floyd,even though the key boardist died last year and they have been broke up for years anyway.

Tickets can go clear up over a grand apiece for front row, my budget is quite a bit more modest and this could be my christmas present but the wife says no, she wants to go too.

A couple of hundred apiece to get the back of the venue with a straight shot at the stage, we will make that work.

For those of you who like Floyd, there is a tribute band from Australia that I have actually seen and they play Floyd note for note, have extremely awesome back up singers and a wicked light show.
Some of the members of Pink Floyd actually went and saw them am said it was the best concert they ever went to and gave them a couple of the big inflateable props from their own show.
I saw the big rat myself.

Think I'm kidding these guys are good?

Oh, hell no.

Sorry, it's the best of the crappy videos I could find on Youtube but just listen and you will get the idea.
Just fer shits and grins, here is the European version, pretty good too;

Now, for the real deal,

If Aussie Floyd gets any where near you and you can afford it, go see this show, it's awesome.

I ain't fucking kidding.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Guest Post

Please welcome a nice lady named Ellie who contacted me via email asking to do a guest post about seniors hooking up for financial reasons in the face of the economic crisis instead of love and companionship.

I told her to take her best shot and she did very well, it is a good read and informative, along with being timely.

Please take a read and give a think about what she has to say.

The Financial Factors Influencing Cohabitation Amongst Seniors

In today’s economic climate, it is safe to say that many of us have faced some recent financial situations
that have left us somewhat shy of comfortable. And the seniors out there certainly haven’t had an
easier time. Because of the state of the economy along with other financial issues, there has been a
dramatic change in the dating scene for those over the age of 65. A large percentage of unmarried
seniors are choosing to stay that way, forgoing their former ideas of a life built around marriage with a
sturdy foundation of love.

Over the last couple of years, cohabitation has been accelerating amongst the senior population in the
United States. The U.S. Census Bureau has reported that the percentage of senior couples 65 and older
living in heterosexual, unmarried-partner households has almost doubled from what it was before the
year 2000.

Reasons for cohabitation. One of the biggest common denominators in this trend seems to be money.
Instead of marrying for love, seniors are throwing their traditional values out the window instead to
cohabitate. With this living situation, many find that they have the opportunity to save funds…and even
have the chance to gain some as well…

If two 70-year-olds, both earning $30,000, live together without being married, they are looking at
receiving around $10,000 in health care subsidies. If that same couple is married, however, they are
not eligible for any subsidy. Check out these other reasons why many seniors in today’s day in age are
opting to cohabitate for financial stability:

Tax disincentives
Loss of military and pension benefits
Fear of incurring liability for partner's medical expenses
Credit rating protection
Separation of current debt
Ability to share expenses
Health insurance
Asset protection

Tips for Cohabitating Seniors. For seniors engaged in relationships where the option of marriage is
taken off the table for financial reasons and cohabitation is being considered as an alternative, there are
some important things to keep in mind before making the commitment to live with one another:

Update your wills.
Talk with your family members and assure your children and grandchildren that your new
relationship won’t have a negative impact on their inheritance.
Keep your assets separate. Do not combine bank accounts.
Consider maintaining two separate households. You can still live with your partner, but if the
relationship should happen to end, for both practical and legal reasons it is important you have

your own home to fall back on.

Each partner should think about getting long-term care insurance.
Have a cohabitation agreement drawn up and signed.
Protect the interests of your family by making sure that your estate planning is up to date.
Have your health care wishes put in writing and share them with your children or pertinent
family members.

Problems associated with cohabitation. Studies show that married seniors typically enjoy higher
levels of physical and mental health than unmarried seniors do. Researchers have also discovered that
married senior couples are more likely to report being “very happy” than cohabitating senior couples
are. And of course, with such a big movement in the senior population towards cohabitation, we
question where society is going in terms of its views on marriage. Will the institution of marriage be
something unheard of in the near future? Whatever happened to marrying strictly for love, no matter
what the financial situation?

Ellie Steven is a guest post author who shares with us this piece on the financial influences of
cohabitation amongst seniors. To read more of Ellie’s work which covers topics about senior online
dating, please check out her website, "Best Senior Dating Sites"

Ready, Fire, Aim.

Holy shit, Dick Morris really is a Dick and not the good kind.

I can't believe what I just saw over at Crooks and Liars about that low life sonovabitch .

He is talking about THE FOURTH woman to point the finger at Presidential hopeful Herman Cain for inappropriate sexual advances/ harassment.

You tell me if this guy shouldn't be long fucking gone from any public media exposure;
"Gloria Allred is in search of headlines and this woman is in search of money," Morris opined. "This woman has been unemployed for 13 years and this is apparently pay day. She's not accusing him of harassment, she accusing him of assault. He should go to jail if he did that."

"Certainly if it was true, it would be inappropriate," Hannity admitted.

"I look forward to her spread in Playboy,"
Morris declared while chuckling.

"Do you think this is really about money?" Hannity asked.

"Yeah, sure it is," Morris explained. "She's been unemployed for 13 years. She's been sued a million times. Of course, it's about money. ... I mean, come on. Anybody who knows Herman Cain, anybody who knows anything about Herman Cain, knows that this is not the kind of conduct -- his religious convictions, his persona, his style. And also, if he was to do this, do you think the other women would be accusing him of inappropriate jokes or of inappropriate gestures? If his M.O. is he damn near raped somebody, they would say that."

"Yeah, rape is a harsh term," Hannity noted. "I didn't take that out of what she said. I think that he made very inappropriate advances."

"I don't think he did," Morris disagreed. "The only advance she wants is a cash advance."

My bold.

What a fucking asshole and that fucking Hannity is just as bad for not slamming that fucking jerk.

Looks like if that is what she is after, she just might go after that fucking prick for defamation.


I would just go down to an on ramp and beg for money with a sign that said, I need money for a plane ticket so I can go punch Dick Morris in the fucking face.

I would imagine first class wouldn't be out of the question, both ways.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Saturday, November 05, 2011

I Got Another Good Boy

Proud of the young man, I am.

All of 13 years old and he took to wrenching like a duck to water.

The kid as almost as big as I am at 13 and already wears size 12 shoes.


I found a pair of coveralls that was a bit too big for him and we went to town .
Tearing the front of the motor apart, yanking the radiator, fan, belts, crank pulley and all to yank out the front crank seal and put it all back together.

He kind of petered out towards the end but he did awesome and took direction to the Tee.

Yeah, his name is Bobby and I am damn proud of him today.

A typical teenager, he tends to smart off but I figure some positive reinforcement will go a lot farther than threatening to beat his ass.
Besides, the boy has a natural talent which I am going to out of my way to encourage.

Speaking of talent, this kid will amaze you with his Yo Yo's. I am serious.
He pay's 80 bucks apiece for them and watches youtubes and is absolutely amazing at the tricks he can do.

If he stays serious about this much longer, he will make money.

For you lady folks, he looks just like that little Justin Beiber.
This kid is going to have to beat the little girls away with a stick in a couple years.

He never really had a Dad and I just came along but my other boy had the same situation and I could bust a gut, I am so proud of that guy.The young man is well on his way to being a stand up individual.
Speaking of which, I am going to be a Ornery Fucking Grandpa again.

Some time in March.

Thankfully, I have the New Wife to keep track of all these Birthdays and shit.

Y'all have a nice day and thanks fer stopping by.

I forgot to mention that of course I had to bust another knuckle while I was at it.
Pulling on a wrench and it slipped off.
I cut the piss out my ring finger on the back side right at the first joint below the nail on my right hand against the sheet metal for the core support.
It smarts a bit this morning.

Friday, November 04, 2011


Go read what that guy has to say right fucking now.

It isn't our imagination, we are truly fucked, by design.

That guy is all over it and has been screaming into the void for years now.

He pisses off the bankers and that fuck head  Bernanke which is enough to make me want to buy the guy a drink.

He is like Joe Friday from Dragnet back in the day.....

Just the facts ma'am, both of em.

The fact is, someone is geting fucked and it wasn't that rich bitch.

Too bad, she looked like she could use one,

The facts are out there and folks are getting seriously pissed off.

Found a Credit union yet?

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Feeling Rich These Days?

One in fifteen Americans are now classified as being the poorest of the poor. That is over twenty fucking million people in a country of three hundred million

400 families in this country control over forty percent of the money available to spend..

Do some basic fucking math.

Top Ramen must be booming.

About 20.5 million Americans, or 6.7 percent of the U.S. population, make up the poorest poor, defined as those at 50 percent or less of the official poverty level. Those living in deep poverty represent nearly half of the 46.2 million people scraping by below the poverty line. In 2010, the poorest poor meant an income of $5,570 or less for an individual and $11,157 for a family of four.
That 6.7 percent share is the highest in the 35 years that the Census Bureau has maintained such records, surpassing previous highs in 2009 and 1993 of just over 6 percent.
Broken down by states, 40 states and the District of Columbia had increases in the poorest poor since 2007, and none saw decreases. The District of Columbia ranked highest at 10.7 percent, followed by Mississippi and New Mexico. Nevada had the biggest jump, rising from 4.6 percent to 7 percent.

People wonder why there are protesters in the streets.

Apparently having lobster delivered to your front door with a side of quail wings just don't fucking open your eyes to the family's across town who are skipping meals so that the kids have something to eat.

Oh hell no, they notice.
They also give millions of dollars to their local politician to make sure that school lunches and breakfasts have their funding cut because we just can't afford that shit.
They also cry about those protesters  to those same politicians to keep them out of their gated community's.

I remember when my parents split and me and my brother had hot dog buns with ketchup and mustard for dinner and called it pizza.

I also remember just after that when I was nine fucking years old and taking care of my little brother and making sure he had a bath, washed his clothes and made pancakes as big as a plate for him because he didn't like little ones.

I am no stranger to these things and I damn well thought it should get better if ya worked hard and played by the rules.

Guess what, there are no fucking rules if ya are lucky enough to have parents that make two hundred and fifty fucking grand a year.

The rest of us can suck the hind tit.

If you don't know what that is, you made too much fucking money.

The old  saying is that money doesn't buy happiness but it damn well will if you have enough I see.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Go Read Marcy

The bullshit propaganda our fucking government tries to pull will make ya puke when you read it and then analyze it for what it is.

I will save my comment to her after I give you a taste of what our government prints out on Flash Cards for our soldiers to use on the civilians in other countries and is our "Official Position",until after I go puke in the sink.

I will tell ya now, if you don't read what Marcy Wheeler has to say at Empty Wheel, you are missing one of our national treasures muck raking on the shit our government tries to hide from us on a daily fucking basis.
She is so damn good, and digs in the legal weeds so far, she has trumped The New York Fucking Times before.

So, here is the short version of what our political and war mongering overlords think are the most admirable qualities of Amerika;

Here’s how the cards describe “the characteristics of American Culture”:
  • Fast-paced.
  • Punctuality.
  • Women’s rights.
  • Egalitarian, belief in equal opportunity; not outcomes.
  • Goal-oriented.
  • Individualism.
  • Pragmatism.
  • Tolerance.
  • Separation of church and state.
  • Value work and personal success.
  • Love of technology.
and this is the comment I left for her, God bless the woman;

Hmm, nothing about it being OK to murder abortion providers, shoot peaceful protesters in the face with a skull breaking bean bag, alright for giant corporations to secretly deliver untold millions of dollars to influence national elections, let war criminals run at large or let entire financial industries to defraud millions of citizens.
Create an entirely new national security department out of thin air with the power to strip search citizens on a whim, including young children, seize their electronic devices at the border without a warrant and not have to give them back for six months or longer, can seize a persons money at the border and not have to give it back, ever?
Are we talking about the same country who thinks it is just peachy to use SWAT teams to deliver a summons to court,after they blow the door off a person who is three blocks away from the address on the summons and shoot to death that person for trying to defend their loved ones from a perceived home invasion?
You talking about THAT Amerika?
Because I am.
Are you sure they weren’t talking about Pakistan,Iran or some other autocratic state instead of Amerika?

Go give it a read and  leave your thoughts.

I give her two thumbs up.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Couple More Reasons The Supreme Court Should Have Term Limits

Let me tell ya up front, I hate that fucking Anthony Scalia with a Hard On I would put up against a Ginsu knife and I wailed like a little bitch when that motherfucker Roberts lied his ass off and got appointed as Chief Justice.

Get a load of this shit;

I gotta give the lawyer dude props for sticking his middle finger in Scalia's eye though.

Fuck you Fat Tony, ya piece of corporate bought shit.

If there was ever a case to get rid of some crooked judges, the Ninth ain't the place to start.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

Sitting here relaxing after work and watching the local news when I hear some outrageous fucking shit.

The Occupy Portland branch got a visit from the local Department of Homeland Security, telling them to disperse out of a public fucking park or face arrest.

Excuse me?
Who the fuck do you think you are, you sonsabitches?
This is a Portland CITY police issue and you cocksuckers can go back across the river and go back to fondling travelers at the fucking airport.

Twenty five protesters did get arrested, by the fucking police and charged with trespassing.

Really, the DHS for a protest?
Uhmm, fuuuuuuuck you.

No, really, I am serious, you can go break one off in your ass if you think
you can just waltz into a peaceful protest and start telling people what to do inside a city fucking park.

How much ya wanna bet the fuckers had sunglasses on?

I have been bitching about these  assholes since the day that punk assed motherfucker Stupie McFuckwit saw fit to create that fucking vipers nest all those years ago.
Stazi anyone?

Papers citizen...

Fuck that shit.

God Damn that fucking bastard asshole and the Supreme court for inflicting that nut licker on the citizens of this country.
It will be generations before we get rid of all of his and his cronies fucking legacy and I for one, cannot fucking believe there is one dumb sonofabitch in this country who would even CONSIDER voting for another one of thoes power mad control freaks.

Let me give you a clue you fuckers, you DO NOT tell me how to live my life.
I am a full grown adult male and you can suck my fucking dick.


That fat fuck Michal Moore is addressing the crowd and just one more thought,
if the Feds are involved, some rich motherfuckers are shitting their pants over all this.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

I is back

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Congressional Approval Estimated At Nine Percent

That is still fifty percent over rated.

I can't believe there is one sonofabitch who approves of our current crop of the money grubbing motherfuckers we  you, voted for doing a damn thing to do one motherfucking thing to do a Goddamn thing to help the working man,
Fuck you, Joe the Plumber,  do one fucking thing
besides try and suck off the Big Money Teat.,

Romney is a lock for the Republican nominee and I have said this before.

Perry is pissing a lot of money down a rat hole,
I don't even need to talk about the crazy bitch and Cain will be gone before January.

In the mean time, I have better things to do.

Have a nice fucking day and thanks fer stopping by.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Making Some Progress

I finally got off my dead ass and put the new to me instrument cluster in the also new to me Rat Mobile, the eighty El Camino that caused so much marital strife a ways back.

What a mess.

No gas gauge, not one dash light and all because some rookie took it out some time ago and completely destroyed a flexible printed circuit board behind it.
There are wires hanging out from under that fucker all over the fucking place.

I had to completely disassemble both of the fucking things and swap gauges, the circuit board and about forty screws and fifteen light bulbs.

I finally got the sonofabitch in and really weird shit was happening.
About six lights come on and stay on when ya turn the key on.

I don't have the faceplate and the lens in yet so I can mess with it.

I took it down to the gas station and put 32 bucks worth of gas in it until it was topped off and the fucking gas gauge still only registered 3/8ths of a tank, which disappointed me, I absolutely hate not having a gas gauge that works.

I brought the fucking thing back home and crawled under the dash again, looking at a multi colored plate of spaghetti hanging down and saw a big black one with a big brass eye on the end.

Black generally being the ground on American cars, I turned the key and touched the end to an exposed bolt and viola!,
The dash lights suddenly got really bright and the gas gauge went straight to full.

Like I said, some progress.
I bolted that wire down and will deal with the rest of the electrical problems at a later date.

My biggest concerns now are no fucking license plate light still and I keep hearing I have a brake light that ain't working.

The front seal on the crank is leaking pretty good and the first damn thing I did when I got home was to tighten an oil soaked alternator belt that squealed like a bitch all the way to work this morning.

That shit is just embarassing.

Just for fun, it got cold enough for the windshield to ice over and the heater fan has it's own schedule.

That won't be a problem after next week as the folks will be gone and I will be parking it inside a garage, right after I move my wife and kids from 85 miles away and fix that leaking seal so there isn't oil all over the floor.

Understand, I am not really bitching here, I knew this thing had issues but it starts right up and drives good.

It's a typical old Chevy and I like it.

Just for a giggle, it currently has a two tone paint job, primer grey and mostly primer black with Center Line wheels and a guy I work with has a six year old girl who loves old Hot Rods and he stopped me on the way by at work and told me that his little girl said she likes my car.

Ya gotta love it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Good News For All You Tent City Folks

I am just going to leave the link to the story because I am so fucking disgusted at too little too late from this guy.

If ya's got something to say, get after it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh ,Are You Fucking Kidding Me Louisiana?

How many brain dead mouth breathing mother fuckers do you have down there anyway?

You re elected that stupid sonofabitch Bobby Jindal?

At this point, all I can say is that you get what you deserve, ya fucking morons.

This country never ceases to amaze me with it's capacity for idiocy.

Have some more possum pie.


I fucking woke up at three fucking thirty in the morning last night, for no damn good reason and didn't go back to bed until seven, after several shots of whiskey.

Now I am up again at Oh Dark Thirty because some fucking ankle biter of a dog was barking it's fucking head off and I had to get up twice and open the back door to yell at the fucker to shut up.

The sonofabitch ain't in range for a good sling shot to the head either.
 A couple of doors away behind two fucking fences or it would be unconscience like I want to be right the fuck now.
 Apparently the cocksucker got the message finally.

Little motherfucker.

Of course, my dad is completely oblivious and I can hear him snoring away through the wall, God bless his heart.

Where is a fucking Ninja when ya need one?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Speak Up

Fer fucks sake, if ya take the time to stop by, you can tell me to shut the fuck up or at least leave a good recipe.

On average I get between two to three hundred hits a day and get two responses.
Don't make me downgrade to pictures of naked women, I will, gladly.

That would keep me too busy though.

Just fer shits and giggles, have some of this, I am done whining now .

Check Yer Six

As in look behind you.
B of A 's decision to transfer fifty five TRILLION dollars of toxic debt from it's Merrill Lynch division to it's own depositors to dodge millions in collateral is stinking up Wall Street.

At issue is BofA’s decision to shift what sources say is some $55 trillion in derivatives at Merrill Lynch to the retail bank unit, which houses trillions in deposits insured by the FDIC.
Critics say the move potentially imperils everyday depositors by placing their money and savings at risk should BofA run into trouble.
Sources say that the derivative transfers from Merrill to BofA’s bank subsidiary were sparked by credit-rating downgrades to the bank holding company and are meant to help BofA avoid having to fork over more money to post as collateral to its derivative counterparties.

Start sharpening those pitch forks.
Ya knew they were going to try and fuck us again.
Too big to fail my ass, they need to be in fucking jail.
Seriously, when is our government going to do it's fucking job?


Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh Yay

I have to drive by Best Buy going back and forth to work so I swung in there to see if my little what the fuck they call it note pad or something was fixed.
 The hard drive took a shit.

Lost everything, which I ain't too worried about.

The bad news, the sonsabitches at Best Buy had to replace the hard drive.

Worse news, when I bought it , it had Windows 7 on the fucker and they tell me I gotta call Toshiba and order some "Recovery Discs".

Even better, that little fucker doesn't have a disc drive, so I have to wait a fucking week to get them, pay 25 fucking dollars and then take it back to best Buy to have them installed.

I told the young lady the fucker had Windows on it when I bought it from ya and why in the fuck doesn't it have it now?

Oh no,.
Then I says , you guys have Windows here don't ya?
Yes, but it is two hundred fucking dollars, my words, not hers.
So, get home and spend a half fucking hour with some dude from India, I gotta admit, his accent was Scotty next door until the numbers started getting sent back and forth, then it was obvious.

Now, I get to wait 3 to 5 days for shipping and have to take the fucker back to Best Buy to have the discs transfered to some kind of flash drive and have them get the cocksucker up and running again.

Jesus H. Fucking Christ.

The folks are headed out next week, have some carpet cleaning outfit coming on Thursday and I have to go deal with residual shit at the Weasel Den.

I had to go over there last night and dump off a ten pound bag of cat food.

The dude has moved in, it is completely different inside and he is happy.

BTW, Blogger changed their shit again and can suck my dick and Gaddafi is still dead.

I'm glad someone is....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Access

Since I packed up all my shit out of the Weasel Den, it has been pretty spotty for me to have access to the tubes.
I need to go dig my old computer out from under the canopy of my truck.
Lots going on, been busy as hell, Please excuse my lack of posting.
I will try and get over there this weekend.
Thanks fer stopping by.

By the way, I woke up to the news that Ghaddafi is dead.
Could be a good day.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Goes Global


It isn't like the only crooked banksters are indiginous to New York.

It is a world wide web of theivery and I am glad to see this gain strength and momentum.

As a matter of fact, right about now, my 74 year old father should be in downtown Vancouver Washington attending the protest there.

I am so proud of him.

Good on ya Pops.

If it weren't for the fact I wanted to come see the wife for a conjugal visit, I would have been standing right next to him.

Some things take precedence ya know.

All I know is what I have read as I have been sporadicly keeping up with these events but I can see at least three things.
One, it is working.

Two, there have already been changes come about politically, the PTB's are pissing down their legs because of the above point.

Three, it is bringing people who would never normally come into contact with each other close together and they all have found just how many of us are out there and Boy, Howdy, are we pissed.

All of it good, except if you are one of said Bankster or one of their hired
paid for political lackeys.

Fuck them.

So, keep the pressure on those sonsabitches and make 'em sweat.

Show them that the status quo is going to change and that it is inevitable.

When they start bailing out of the country, you will know it was all worth it.

Yes sir, we are coming for you fuckers and money won't save you, as we have seen all too many times over the course of this country, money can be taken away in a thousand different ways.

I first saw this over at my pals at Alternate Brain but I swiped it from another awesome dude, my pal Monkeyfister.