Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Punch And A Good Dicking

A twofer.

This motherfucker makes me want to puke after the first word that comes out of his mouth.

His "wife" and I say that in quotes for a reason after you hear and see this motherfucker, looks like a MILF show

waiting to happen.

Of course, The show I was watching just happened and will not be immediately available so have some vintage snake oil and some little liver pills from this oily fuck;

If she is doing that weasel, it is by the hour.

Dammit, I hate TV and here it is, C fucking NN.
And this puke is being interviewed.

My god, it is Stupie McFuckwit on steroids.

Gag me with a fucking Bulldozer.

Sanctimonious phony cocksucker, he makes millions!

Get in your back pocket, I will bet you money that the GOP is vetting this slimy fucking bastard for a major political position, they are like pedophiles grooming their next victim and have banners all around town bragging about it.


  1. Scary thing is all those people in the audience ! Talk about sheep to slaughter...
    He is probably doing Bachmans husband on the side...

  2. No, no, no, Busted!~ Gag HIM with a fucking bulldozer.