Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Congressional Approval Estimated At Nine Percent

That is still fifty percent over rated.

I can't believe there is one sonofabitch who approves of our current crop of the money grubbing motherfuckers we  you, voted for doing a damn thing to do one motherfucking thing to do a Goddamn thing to help the working man,
Fuck you, Joe the Plumber,  do one fucking thing
besides try and suck off the Big Money Teat.,

Romney is a lock for the Republican nominee and I have said this before.

Perry is pissing a lot of money down a rat hole,
I don't even need to talk about the crazy bitch and Cain will be gone before January.

In the mean time, I have better things to do.

Have a nice fucking day and thanks fer stopping by.


  1. Well Romney may win, that is true. Who is going to vote for Obama? I don't know anyone who isn't completely disillusioned by him. Plan 9 Cain from outer space is just plain out there! I have always voted and I take that civic duty seriously, but look what you get. Really? This is the best we can do?

  2. Romney loves corporations more than people. Cain's 999 plan would cost me a lot of money as would Perry's 20% plan. Bauchman makes Palin look smart.

    Newt is a sleaze. Huntsman is lost in space. Santorum is a joke.

    Of course, no one is allowed to talk about Paul.

    Can't figure out where they find those 9% who approve. Are that many Americans totally braindead? Only explanation.

  3. Probly all Gov. workers.

    I still say Ron Paul is the only honest one. We all know wut that gets ya tho...

  4. I'm not completely disillusioned by President Obama. Do I agree with and support all his decisions? Hell no, but in what universe would anything, I repeat, ANYTHING- be better with a republican (or Ron Paul) in the WH?
    If it comes down to nothing else- think Supreme Court appointments. If we didn't have the last two Bush appointments, we wouldn't have the Citizens United decision, and who knows what horrors the next round of right wingers will bring about.
    For those voters who are pissed off and refuse to support President Obama...please, spend some time thinking what life will would be like with whatever the other side is serving up- because we'll all get stuck with it.

  5. Busted, thought you might like this for future reference ...

    They're = They fucking are

    Their = Shows fucking possession

    There = Specifies a fucking location

    You're = You fucking are

    Your = Shows fucking possession

    We're = We fucking are

    Were = Past fucking tense of "are"

    Where = Specifies a fucking location

    Than = A fucking comparison

    Then = A point in fucking time

  6. The only way the rethugs will win is if a bunch of pissed off dems just don't vote. There are a hell of a lot more Dems than there are rethugs, but the motherfucking RepugnanThuglicans fucking vote!

  7. Well, Ron Paul might be the only honest one, but he's honestly nuts. So that ain't exactly sayin' much.

    I'm not seeing Romney beating Obama. Three letters: LDS. Half the inbred white trash foul mouth cretins out there ain't gonna vote for no Mormony kind, and the other half ain't gonna vote for a nigger, so they're gonna stay home on election night and folks, that's the Republican base -- inbred white trash foul mouth cretins. And as much as people bitch about how Obama is a Republican Lite, compared to any of the Republicans he's Eugene Debs reincarnated, so the left is gonna grumble and bitch but they're gonna go back to the voting booth and vote his scrawny black ass back into office anyhow, 'cause if it's the choice between Obama and a sociopathic lizard person who would rather see old people eatin' catfood, what the fuck are we suppozed to do? Vote for Dead Gus Hall? What the fuck good will *that* do?!

    - Badtux the Obama(sigh!) Penguin

  8. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Obama is the only legit candidate.,

    If the fucking Republicans would get their heads out of their asses, he could actually get some shit done.
    My brother thinks that if he gets in again he has nothing to lose and will start shoving shit down their throats.

    I certainly hope that is the case.

  9. BTW, thanks Carolyn.

    I actually know all that but some times the whiskey speaks for it's self