Sunday, October 30, 2011

I is back

I finally got my little Netbook back out of the shop and those motherfuckers at Best Buy can kiss my narrow little ass.

What a fucking pain in the ass.
Surly little geek cock suckers.
I seriously wanted to reach over the counter and punch a couple of those sonsabitches in the face so bad I couldn't hardly stand it and those fuckers knew it too.

The one little asshole even remembered my name.
That is always a good sign that you have gotten their attention.

Pissed off?
You bet yer ass I was pissed of at those fuckers. Four  fucking times I had to go over there.

Ater I had to order a new Windows disc, drive the fuck back there again and drop the fucking thing off, again, I went back a whole day later and it still wasn't done yet.

Really, 24 hours isn't long enough for you to fucking install an operating disc on a fucking laptop?
Are you fucking kidding me?

Ya damn well know now why that little sonofabitch remembers my name.

He finally handed this thing back to me at arms length.

In other news, I finally got The Wife moved.
That took all damned day and after three weeks notice, she still wasn't finished packing and  complained at me and my son that we were going too fast as we packed her shit into the moving van.
Another, Really? moment.

For fucks sake, I didn't get up at six in the morning, drive to Portland to get the truck, put eighty bucks of fuel in the fucker and then drive an hour and a half to sit and have tea.
Get yer shit in a motherfucking box and lets go!


It's done now though, her pretyy little ass is currently snoozing away and there is a garage full of shit to keep her busy for a while.

My ANOTHER TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR cat just jumped in my lap and is demanding my attention.

I am going back to bed now.

Maybe in a few  minutes,after editing this post six times, I see that this is my 1,650th post, I'm going to have a little toast first.
What a little loud mouth I am.

Thanks fer stopping by.

Christ almighty am I tired.


  1. Welcome back!

    I've learned to do my own computer repair so as not to strangle little snot nosed geeks.

    Once drove to the other end of the state to help friends move. Not only did they have almost nothing packed, they didn't even have boxes to pack stuff in.

    Most of the people who said they'd show up didn't. One guy who showed up had health problems and could not lift heavy things. I sent him to go pick up boxes.

    I kicked them into gear and got it done, but it weren't pretty.

  2. AH - - - the price of success!

  3. Man, I can always count on you for a laugh. I hate moving too. As a matter of fact I don't think I've ever met anyone who did. I've been "moving" for over a year now and hope that this will be the last one for me. Chin up, now that there's a garage full of shit to deal with. Now comes the "Where the hell did I put that (insert whatever)"

  4. LMAO Sci Fi, you just nailed it.

  5. Never go to Worst Buy for anything. Got it?

  6. "Now where the hell did I put that [insert item]" is why I have a half dozen can openers, at least four fingernail clippers, and enough computer power cables to start up a computer store. It's been a bit over a year since I moved, and there's *still* shit I can't find. I swear, I think the goddamn cats ate half my shit, either that or it fell off the damn truck on the way over...

    - Badtux the "Moving sucks!" Penguin

  7. When I pay some geek phukhead upwards of $75 p.h to install something like windows is the day I give-up my machine. Just signed-in to "ditto" 6bears, but goodonya for not smashing some-one, thing.

    62 yrs. old, and am STILL moving friends around, and as I gave-up the spirits in "96", it,s a lot less fun !
    Best, John fr/SoFlo

  8. John has a point. I'll tell ya a secret about the "geeks" or "geniuses" at those computer stores: They're actually dumber than shit. They *think* they're smart, and sometimes can con *you* into thinking they're smart, but really? They make Rick fucking Perry look like a goddamn genius, mostly. Just sayin'.

    Learn how to do your own computer wrenchin'. Ain't much different from car wrenchin', in the end, just a different set of tools to use.

    - Badtux the Geeky Wrench Penguin

  9. Hey, it's YOUR fucking casbah, keep rawhking it!