Monday, November 28, 2011

Some Advice For Herman Cain

Hang it up dude, get Bill Clinton's home phone number and book a flight to Spring Break and be done with it.


Dude, really?

After four women claimed you had sexually harassed them and now another one comes forward claiming a THIRTEEN YEAR LONG AFFAIR,
pull that fork out of your ass, yer done.

I could really give a shit but you have had to have known any skeletons in your closet were going to see the light of day the minute you declared.

Oh, and fuck you Newt, this same shit is coming your way and I can't fucking wait.

While I am at it, Fuck you too Joe Lieberman, you spineless nut licker.

You at least see the writing on the wall, goodbye asshole,
It's been a very long six years but you are all fucking done now you back stabbing fucking prick.


  1. When Mike Tyson thinks you are crazy:

  2. I thought that Larry Craig guy was the nut licker.

  3. Lieberman might be done, but who will be the next nutlicker to take to take his place? Seems like there is an endless supply...

  4. It ain't so much the driver as it is the car.
    Just changing a bad driver, with a fucked up about to break down car, ain't gonna fix the crash that's about to happen.
    We needs to change the vehicle too.
    This one is FUBAR