Friday, November 25, 2011

Get Out Of My Way, I Need Some More Cheap Shit Right Now


I went to the likker store and retreated to the garage for an hour or two.

looks like I am lucky to get home unscathed....

what seems to be a burgeoning Black Friday tradition, reports of violence erupted throughout the country.

Authorities in Los Angeles say that 20 people suffered minor injuries at a local Walmart when a woman used pepper spray on them to get to the front of the line when the store opened Thursday evening.

Police in Fayetteville, N.C. are hunting for two suspects after gunfire went off early Friday in the Cross Creek Mall.

At a Walmart in upstate New York, a man was arrested after two women were injured in a fight that broke out.

The one thing I can say is that stupid bitch spraying people to get more shit to carry out is damn lucky someone didn't knock her clear the fuck out and then get trampled to death.

And people wonder why I hate this time of year.

Fuck that shit.

Gift cards, go get what the hell you want, after the crazy people are either in jail or fighting to get to the return desk.

We are surrounded by complete fucking idiots.

Expect more on this subject, the wife loves this time of year and I despise it.

Despise being a mild term for what I think about this complete fucking insanity.

If Bah, Humbug just went through your mind, have a fucking cookie.

I do, however, always donate to the bell ringers.


  1. My feelings exactly.

  2. he bell ringers and Salvation Army are the LAST people on earth who will ever get mhy money. Rigged games, insane demands for those they serve, like sitting thru prayer and lecture of the lord. . . talk about yer bah humbug. Better to give donations directly to the people on the stree who need food and blankets, clothes and such, if yer gonna give at all.

  3. Could not agree more
    INSANITY !!!

  4. What Larue said. If you want to donate, donate to your local food pantry. Most of them distribute food without the lecture. And by the way, the Salvation Army has a HUGE endowment (get yer mind out of the gutter, dude!). I'm not kidding, they have an investment company that invests it for them, and I have that on good authority. So don't let the bell-ringers fool you.

  5. I am with all of you. What pisses me off is how you're chastised for not having spirit. I will not appear too many places leading up to the big birthday day.

  6. Ring ring. Ring ring.

    Send funds ASAP!

    I'm with LaRue on this one.
    The Sally Army's squatting on charitable giving is not a blessing in any way. In addition to their limited ideas of who DESERVES help and what must be done to get it, they've bought dozens of McMansions in the area for their "officers" to live in. We're talking $500K-Million$$plus properties that they then try to claim are tax exempt.

    The big charities are inefficient, top-heavy providers of insane "executive" salaries. Worse, they make it much harder for small charities to do what they do much better than the big ones.

    Everyone should find and adopt a great local charity. Local Food pantries, animal welfare, orphanages, shelters of all types... you'll see the results and get a sense of real appreciation from those who get help.

  7. I agree with Larue and everyone else on this.

    I tell my organizations when they solicit member donations to give to Doctor Without Borders.

    UNICEF is also very good for being one of the charities where 99% of what you give goes to the people.


  8. Mrs. Busted6:50 PM

    You have no reason to despise Christmas! You're not out in it, so why do you care? The marketing aspect is not Christmas! Christmas is, celebrating Jesus' birth, spending time with family enjoying Christmas tradtions, eating good food and exchanging gifts. There is nothing not to like about that! This is our first official Christmas together, and I would hope my husband would enjoy doing those things with his new wife!

  9. A church goin', God fearin' man once chastised me for being Pagan. It was around this time of year and he took offense at my remarks about the commercialization of the holidays. He went into the whole 'Christ's birth', 'choir of angels' and 'shepherds in the field' shtick then looked at me and said "Son, it's the reason for the season!"

    I looked right at him and said "Yes, it is! The season is Winter and this holiday is Pagan! You hang the holly and the wreath, trim and decorate the tree, light the Yule log, drink mulled wine or wassail and exchange gifts. All of those things began as traditions from non-christian Europeans long before the Church came to convert (ie: slaughter) the peasants."

    Besides, biblical scholars place the time of Christ's birth in the spring, around April or May. That would make Him an Aries or a Taurus.

    As a Pagan, let me just say... You're Welcome!

    on a side note: In 2004, the Salvation Army contributed $4 mil to GOP for the re-election of GW Bush. They said it was donated to them for that purpose, which sounds even more shady, but still... that money would have fed a lot of people. Another reason to pass by the kettle and give to a food bank instead.