Friday, February 29, 2008

Ornery Bastard

The Conservatives are pushing all the buttons they can find.
Like paranoid ferret's on crack in a small wire cage they are frantically chewing on the wire mesh that holds them prisoner.
The problem is, that wire mesh cage is one of their own making.

I am an Ornery Bastard, I came by it honestly enough, it is in my genetic history.
My Grandfather on my fathers side was an Ornery Bastard too.My Father is no slouch if he feels the need to get his point across to a particularly unreceptive dolt.My Great Grandfather I can only go by family lore, but that was one old man you didn't tangle with, ever, according to surviving witnesses.
Something about the particular strain of Scotch / Irish we are I assume.

I am a reasonable enough guy, I don't actively go looking for trouble (anymore).
But after having to listen to, watch and deal with the vitriolic, mindless all encompassing hate of the so called Conservative Republican Party since I was old enough to become aware of my political surroundings, about thirty years, I am not going to sit by and let it go unanswered.
I believe the legendary Steve Gilliard said it best, God rest his soul,
" have a choice: be a fighting liberal or sit quietly. I know what I am, what are you?" --

Having never in my life being one to sit quietly,that has meaning to me.

The Conservatives, the Christopaths and the Right Wing Trolls who continually, day after day, try to force feed their twisted version of what it means to be an American, reinforced by the media in this country, has taken it's toll.I have very little patience for it anymore.

When the most important news item I see first thing in the morning is how much someones haircut cost, or whether or not someone is showing enough patriotism for
not wearing a two dollar lapel pin, MADE IN CHINA,it's enough to make me shake my head in disgust.
When I , and millions of my fellow countrymen are accused of being TRAITORS, because we refuse to mindlessly follow the obscene bloodlust of the warmonger class and it's perverted minions, I draw the line.
You have to look no farther than the appointed President and his staff of paid character assassins and proven liars who purposely leaked the identity of OUR OWN undercover CIA agent to the press,for purely political reasons, who then published that information unquestioningly, if you would like to observe traitors in our midst.

Add into this toxic stew an obstructionist Republican party, torturing people, the mulching of our Constitution at every turn, the bankrupting of our treasury, uncontrolled graff and corruption, and you will, if you have been paying the slightest bit of attention, start to see why I give no quarter to this murderous pack of jackals.
A President of The United States of America who gives his middle finger in answer to repeated attempts at pointing out that what he is doing is illegal.
The ruling elite of the Democratic party do not get a free pass in my contempt of what passes for politics in this country either.
They have completely abdicated any responsibility to uphold the oath each and every one of them swore to protect and defend the Constitution of our country.
So my advice to you is, if you are looking for someone who is a doormat and will sit quietly and do what his so called betters tell him he should do, find someplace far far away from me.

Respect begets respect, and like Rodney Dangerfield, I don't get no respect, and neither does anyone else in this country who doesn't have a net worth of several million dollars.

I am not going to sit quietly and I am going to continue to point out and highlight the grievous injustices that seem to happen by the hour in this country.
I am going to be rude about it too.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bush Ignores The Fourth Amendment

This guy is like a broken record.
What part of getting a warrant before a wiretap or search doesn't he fucking get?
The fucking law is not ambiguous, it is not some kind of suggestion, IT IS THE LAW OF THE LAND AND HE BROKE THAT LAW!
Ignorant. Fucking. Bastard!!
Let's look at what he said, again, today, shall we?
From the LA Times article;

President Bush today urged Congress to pass legislation that would give telecom companies immunity from class-action lawsuits for cooperating with U.S. intelligence services in monitoring terrorist communications.

"Allowing these lawsuits to proceed would be unfair," Bush said at a White House news conference. "If any of these companies helped us, they did so after being told by our country their assistance was legal."

Right. Fucking. There.
They might have been wishfully thinking it was legal but they knew damn good and well it wasn't.

Under FISA, it is perfectly legal for the government to wiretap a phone, with reasonable suspicion, if it is part of a criminal investigation without a warrant. Perfectly legal under existing FISA law.

Here is the part they absofuckinglutely refuse to acknowledge, They MUST apply for a warrant to CONTINUE that wiretap after 72 hours within starting it.Otherwise, they must discontinue that wiretap and destroy any record of the conversations.
This has been the law for over twenty five years.

But no, that wasn't good enough for these fucking traitors.
Then some pussy mother fucker who was wetting the bed at night worrying whether or not some imaginary terrorist in plaid pajamas was going to sneak into their bedroom in BumFuck Hoboken or some fucking place and slit their throat while they slept decided that we needed the Protect Sleeping Americans From Plaid Pajama Wearing Throat Slitters Amendment or what the fuck ever they called it and someone with ties to the telecoms got together while they changed the sheets on their bunkbeds and figured out that they had the technology to tap EVERYTHING.Not just yer telephone, oh fuck no, EVERYTHING.
Yer cell phone conversations were already being intercepted and monitored by the NSA from their satellites.
No, now they could tap directly into the cables that contained every Email, Instant Message, BLOG POST, Google search, telephone calls to yer Aunt Minnie listening to her bitch about her hot flashes, everything.
Without a warrant, without any oversight, just because they could.
Just because THEY SAID it was legal.
I call Bullshit.
Now, the real reason Bush is throwing a Goddamn hissy fit over this, claiming that lawsuits against the telecoms for invading peoples privacy are unfair is just to cover HIS OWN ASS from having all the illegal bullshit they pulled getting this done in the first place drug out in the sunlight during the trials against the telecoms.
What really kills me is how fucking ignorant the sonofabitch is that he thinks people can't see this.
Helloooo? Stupie? You already admitted, on live broadcast television that what you did was illegal and you stamped your little boots and dared anyone to do something about it. I WATCHED it.
So, FUCK YOU, get ready for it, it's comin' yer way asshole, you asked for it, yer gonna get it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Broder Bounce Equals Steaming Crater

Ahh yes, David Broder, Bush enabler and ass kisser extraordinare, has finally, a YEAR later, seen that his jock sniffing prediction that Bush was going to make a huge comeback was a load of horseshit.

Broder finally repudiates Bush ‘comeback’ column

Swiped from Think Progress, they are the shit.

Last February, Washington Post columnist David Broder wrote a column arguing that President Bush was “poised for a political comeback.” Over the past year, he repeatedly defended his claim, but in an online chat today, Broder finally repudiated his column, saying “that was certainly one of my less astute observations“:

Long Island, N.Y.: Mr. Broder, thanks for taking time today for this chat. About a year ago you wrote a column where you stated: “It may seem perverse to suggest that, at the very moment the House of Representatives is repudiating his policy in Iraq, President Bush is poised for a political comeback. But don’t be astonished if that is the case.” I think it’s safe to say that this comeback has yet to materialize. In your opinion, what has transpired over the last 12-plus months where Bush has failed to capitalize on any opportunity to garner any significant increase in support outside his high-20 percent core backers?

David S. Broder: That was certainly one of my less astute observations.
He has been less flexible in the past year than I expected after the 2006 election, and I think he continues to pay a price for his rigidity. On the S-CHIP program, for one example.

My bold.

"One of my less astute observations" uh, yeah. Can I submit that for the understatement of the year?

Unapologetic war mongering asswipe has some serious proof in front of him, last I saw, Bush had a JAR of 19%, the current record for the lowest approval rating in modern history.
One more bit of Schadenfreude as BushCo and the Neocons and Right Wing freaks
slowly disintegrate before our eyes.
Even the never ending supply of 28%ers has dried up.
I am seriously enjoying watching it happen too.
You know when Broder has to admit that his Glorious Leader's numbers are in the toilet, someone is getting ready to flush.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

There Are Some Nice Folks Out There

I have to admit, I tried to blow this off, I don't really consider my efforts here to be that noteworthy.
Apparently this isn't going away so I will take a moment here to thank some people for even considering me in the same breath with some awesome Blogs out there.
First it was One Fly. He is a hell of a good guy and you should recommend his site to everyone.
Then our esteemed professor, PhysioProf tagged me, another good guy, smart too.
The tipping point came this morning when I got tagged a third time.You guys are gonna make me blush here.
Just An Earth Bound Misfit got me before the sun came up over here on the Left Coast.
Shit, there goes three of the ones I was going to tag!
I humbly Thank You all for even considering me.

Part of the deal is to tag TEN other blogs who you consider to be above and beyond.
This is going to be tough because there are dozens that I surf fairly regularly, even if I don't leave comments.

First one on the hit list is the best fucking Blog out there in my opinion.
The guy doesn't even hardly acknowledge awards, even the highest award out there, the AU PEER award, given by the top Bloggers themselves.
Too bad Drifty, suck it up dude, yer numero uno on my list.

The hard part here is trying to avoid repetition, I'll see if I can't come up with some lesser known yet high quality sites.

Chuck at The Divided States of Bu$hmerika2 has been out of the loop since November, a whole bunch of us have been panicking because he just disappeared without a trace.Come to find out he has good reason. Go give the guy some love and if you have a few HOURS to kill, check out his archives until he can get back in the saddle.That is a very good site.

Next on my list is a a place you don't want to be under the watchful eye of, FOLO has been keeping Mr. Dickie Scruggs , and Trent Lott, his brother in law and a whole HOST of shady characters under a microscope for some time now.They have been following an influence peddling trial and like kicking an ant's nest a bunch of subsequent charges and related trials.

The Culture Ghost
is keeping it real and letting us all know that there is more to life than just politics, that and the political system we currently have now sucks ass.My hat is off to ya dude. Stay just the way you are.

Enigma4Ever at Watergate Summer reminds us that we all have feelings and that we need to keep in mind that we are all in this together. She is a sweetie.

An old friend in Blogistan is Cujo359 at Slobber and Spittle. I love some of the interesting things he comes up with and he is another sharp cookie.Hell of a nice guy too.

This list could not be considered complete without a big shout out to a very special lady, Suzanne.
She has the best taste in tunes AND toons!
The shit she pulls out of her bag of tricks never fails to amaze me.
The lady has it goin' on, BIG SMOOCHIES and hugs to ya honey.

This next one I kick myself in the ass for not having been front and center of my attention long ago.
Sometimes you run into somebody that just cracks ya up because they say the same thing you are thinking in a way you only wish you could have come up with.
Jill at Brilliant At Breakfast is just hilarious sometimes.Dangerous things come in small packages.

I stumbled into his joint one day long ago,just surfing around someone else's Blogroll, I couldn't begin to tell you who's it was but don't ever let anyone tell you Blogrolls are a waste of time and space.The name caught my attention and the snark reeled me in.Bildunblog, it just kind of rolls off the tongue and you will roll with laughter.

I only have room for one more, if you didn't get on this time around it is only because of limited space, like I said, there are just sooo many great blogs out there.

Number ten on my list is the one who makes you think nasty things when you see his name until you find out it is really named after the hardest knot in the world to tie.Monkeyfister is the shit.
Not only has he come up with his very own very much sought after awards, he is truly a stand up guy.When the tornado's ripped through the Mid Southwest recently, he ran himself into exhaustion organizing relief and raiding his own pantry and loading up his truck to deliver much needed supplies.He sounded a cry for help that literally hundreds of Blogs, including this one, picked up and relayed across the country to get the ball rolling while the government sat on it's thumb as usual.
Thats the kind of guy I am proud to call a fellow American.
Like he said, politics takes a back seat when fellow Americans are in need.
Nobody gives a fuck who you voted for when your house just got blown away with everything you own inside it.

Once again , my humble thanks for considering me to be worthy of being in some rare company.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Helping BushCo Hide The Truth

Alabama station drops broadcast of 60 Minutes expose on political prosecution scandal

Larisa Alexandrovna

Oh Boy, where to start with this one.
This whole deal is a glaring example of Karl Rove arm twisting to get done through trumped up charges and the Justice department what he couldn't get done by rigging elections.
Trumped up charges and prosecutorial misconduct and misrepresentation.
The former Governor of Alabama,Democrat Dan Siegelman is curently in prison because of these alleged crimes.
Larisa deserves huge credit for continuing to expose the seemingly unlimited corruption Bush and Company have perpetrated on the American political scene.
From the article,

CBS's 60 Minutes broadcast Sunday regarding the alleged political prosecution of Democratic Alabama governor Don Siegelman went dark in the northern third of Alabama last night. According to WHNT-TV, the local CBS affiliate, the issue was caused by a technical malfunction.

"We apologize that you missed the first segment of 60 Minutes tonight featuring a report titled, 'The Prosecution of Don Siegelman,'" a WHNT story said.

CBS News – which owns 60 Minutes – denied any problem on their end.

Scott Horton of Harper’s magazine reported late last night that CBS was directly pointing back at the local outlets as the cause of the problem.

"I contacted CBS News in New York and was told that 'there is no delicate way to put this: the WHNT claim is not true. There were no transmission difficulties. The problems were peculiar to Channel 19, which had the signal and had functioning transmitters.' I was told that the decision to blacken screens across Northern Alabama 'could only have been an editorial call.'"


Heh, SOMEBODY got BULLSHIT called on 'em.

WHNT, Channel 19 of Huntsville, Alabama, issued a press release shortly after the broadcast.

We apologize that you missed the first segment of 60 Minutes tonight featuring "The Prosecution of Don Siegelman."

It was a techincal (sic) problem with CBS out of New York. We are working (click to read rest) with them right now to see if we can re-broadcast the segment.

Please be patient with us during this time. We are doing our best to correct the problem.

After Horton's report, Channel 19 issued another account of the problem:

We apologize that you missed the first segment of 60 Minutes tonight featuring a report titled, "The Prosecution of Don Siegelman."

NewsChannel 19 lost our program feed from CBS. Upon investigation, WHNT has learned that the CBS receiver that allows us to receive programming from CBS failed. WHNT engineers responded as quickly as possible to restore the feed at 6:12 p.m.

Our sincere apologies to our viewers across the Tennessee Valley.

The network re-aired the broadcast during their 10pm news.

The interview is available on the CBS website.

The White House has put pressure on CBS to kill the show, those close to the case say. Journalists covering the story have been attacked. The case's most prominent whistleblower, Dana Jill Simpson, recently testified to Congress, under oath, about Rove's involvement in politicizing the Bush Justice Department.


Of all the people that DO belong in jail, Karl Rove is far and away the leading candidate in my book.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nader In It, Turn Signal Still On.

Like a stubborn case of Athlete's Foot, Ralph Nader is back to plague the American voter.

Nader Announces New Bid for White House

The Associated Press via NPR.

You will have to follow the link to NPR to find out what he said because I don't give a fuck.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Constitution Was Not There!

Had a conversation with a good friend today about his trip to DC. this week. Well kiddies our Constitution was not available for view. How are these decrepit bastards violating it this time? This poor thing has been screwed way too hard far too many times. It was probably there but just how do you know for sure. They're screwing it or planning a new way I'll bet money. They fuck everything in their path and will never be satisfied. Hope Jeff Gannon doesn't show up on special assignment.

Jesus Christ!

Cross posted at Outta the Cornfield

Caturday: Filthy Beasties Edition

Yes we like our nasty little furballs.
You have to admit, cats are not all warm fuzzy and hilarity 24/7.
No, there is that dirty, nasty side to cats that doesn't always get a lot of attention.
Take for example, the obvious;
The Cat Box.
Oy. This is a gag inducing item worthy of a post in itself.
If you have multiple cats, you know your ass is pressed into service on a regular basis taking care of that mess.

Then there is the little item that has been so benignly labeled as shedding.
How cute, the cat is shedding.
My fucking cat sheds enough fur every three days by itself that I keep looking for another cat.Why isn't that sonofabitch bald? How fast does that shit grow anyway?
Has science looked into this? The hair club for men? Anyone?
That shit is unnatural.

This leads me to the next inevitable cat atrocity, The Hairball.
My God the noises that come out of a cat trying to hack up a furball.
Hork, Hork, Gag, Gag, you can hear it's guts traveling back and forth inside it's body from one end to the other trying to hurk that thing up, preferably in front of company, on the carpet, of course.

Now we come to the latest bit of nastiness, just being reported,
now I find the little traveling flea hotel has some REAL nasties crawling around in it, on it, I don't really want to know where they are at.

By David Douglas

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Picking up an E. coli bug from your pet might lead to a urinary tract infection, according to Minneapolis-based researchers.

"Sharing of E. coli strains among humans and pets within a household, including strains that can cause urinary tract infections, is extremely common," Dr. James R. Johnson told Reuters Health.

That's it, get the welding gloves and the leather apron,


Hmmm, needs more scrubbing.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mechanics Are Nasty

Everything you have ever heard about mechanics being nasty perverts is probably true, there is a reason most women would rather walk over hot coals than walk into a repair shop.
I will never as long as I live forget this one old guy I worked next to for years.
Hell of a nice old guy, real quiet with a dry sense of humor.
He never had a whole lot to say and when he did you had to listen good because he talked so quiet.
One hot summer day both bay doors were open to let the breeze through and this gorgeous hottie came strolling through one end of the shop, wearing a halter top and a flimsy see through skirt.
Instantly you could have heard a pin drop in a garage over hundred feet long, with twenty mechanics staring like they had just seen Jesus.
As she sauntered by, I heard the old man say something I couldn't believe came out of his mouth.

"Look at that would ya boy, I'd let her pee in my face for sure".

I thought I was gonna die laughing,fucking bastard.
Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought of HIM to say such a thing.
Of course the young lady didn't hear what HE said but she stopped and looked at me like I was retarded.

Ahhh, good times.
I hadn't thought of that for ages, until I saw this angel.

Against my better judgment,Cross Posted at Fixer and Gordon's.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Three Puckered Assholes

From the WTF files;

Senators make emergency landing in Afghanistan

From the Associated Press

12:45 PM PST, February 21, 2008
WASHINGTON -- Helicopters carrying three senior U.S. senators made emergency landings Thursday in the mountains of Afghanistan because of a snowstorm.

Sens. John Kerry, Joseph Biden and Chuck Hagel were aboard the aircraft. No one was injured, according a statement from Kerry's office. The senators and their delegation returned to Bagram Air Base in a motor convoy, and have left for Turkey.


The lawmakers were on a trip this week that included stops in India, Turkey and Pakistan, where they observed the elections earlier this week.

It's not like our people don't already have something to do over there except go rescue three stupid fucking Senators out dicking around the countryside, in Afghanistan, in a snowstorm.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This Isn't Your Fathers Revolution

And it won't be Podcast.

Bounce This, Broder

Stupie McFuckwit has finally done it, he has beat his Poppy and Richard Nixon both.
His latest Job Approval Rating has bounced off the curb and into the gutter, 19%.

That's right, a one and a nine.
So much for his 'Base', they are bailing faster than Broder can type.
Who'da thunk a bunch of foreclosures, an economy in freefall and a trumped up war sucking billions of dollars could actually penetrate the KoolAid fog?
Not me, I figured they would all be singing Hail To The Chief right as they packed up their belongings and moved into their cars.
Never fear, the Boy King will have your bail out check ready about the time you need new wiper blades.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mr. McCain? Yer History Doesn't Match Yer Rhetoric

I just stopped by the Earth Bound Misfit's place and was inspired by her post taking Republican fear monger, John McCain to task over one of his inflammatory remarks meant to stir up the support from the 27% of Americans who still think this Iraq fiasco is such a good deal. It also, not so subtly, uses the code words of racism at the same time as it ignores the reality of history which she promptly points out,in detail, with accurate references.
Go check it out, she spanks him but good.


Captain Obvious Salutes You, Comrade

Who'da thunk it, Junior wants to play with his new toy.

US spy satellite plan 'a cover'

Russia has accused the US of using a plan to shoot down a broken spy satellite as a cover for testing an anti-satellite weapon.


Officials say the satellite contains hazardous fuel which could kill humans.

But Russia's defence ministry said the US planned to test its "anti-missile defence (sic) system's capability to destroy other countries' satellites".

The US says the satellite lost power and communications shortly after it was launched in December 2006 and is now uncontrollable.

It says the satellite is carrying more than 1,000lb (454kg) of hydrazine fuel in a tank which would survive re-entry, and the substance could be released as a toxic gas if the satellite crash landed.

Article courtesy of BBC

It looks pretty self explanatory to me,they were going to let it burn up in the atmosphere and then all at once a lightbulb came on and someone in the missile defense bidness thought,'SAYyyy, wait a minute...".

This after the U.S. got bent out of shape with envy after the Chinese knocked one outta the sky last year, they have been itchin' to show their stuff ever since.

Captain Obvious loves the Bush administration.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Note to Grover Norquist: This Is Why We Have Government

You remember that smug bastard, don't ya?
All braggin' and shit about how the Republicans were gonna slash and burn government programs to save money and all that happy horseshit?You remember the line,

"I don't want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub."

Yeah, I have news for dickwads like him, SOME government activities you don't fuck with, kinda like the inspectors who are supposed to make sure the food we eat isn't fucking contaminated and shit like this below doesn't happen;

Notice I didn't try to warn you of graphic cruelty?
Because I want you to remember it and I want you to remember assholes like Norquist who make this possible.

I want you to put this on the long list of reasons why we need to dig every fucking Bush sympathizer out of our government, because they are killing us, our children and our planet.
And they don't fucking care.

In case you didn't know, this video resulted in the largest beef recall in U.S. history, 143 MILLION pounds

H/T Raw Story

It's Good to Be King

Talk about living in a bubble of delusion;

Bush Dismisses Iraq Recession: The War Has ‘Nothing To Do With The Economy’ »

This morning on NBC’s Today Show, President Bush denied that the there’s any link between the faltering U.S. economy and $10 billion a month being spent on the Iraq war. In fact, according to Bush, the war is actually helping the economy:

CURRY: You don’t agree with that? It has nothing do with the economy, the war — spending on the war?

BUSH: I don’t think so. I think actually the spending in the war might help with jobs…because we’re buying equipment, and people are working. I think this economy is down because we built too many houses and the economy’s adjusting.

H/T Think Progress W/ video if you can stand it anymore, I can't.

Yep, everything is peachy keen cause I'm gettin' my war on and peoples is workin' ta make da bullets. EVAHBODY is workin' ta make da bullets, heh, and folks is BUYIN' da bullets too, heh, heh, heh.

Yep, his contractor buddies are rakin' it in while the rest of us watch as billions and billions of dollars get poured into a sand filled rat hole.

And the part about too many houses got built?
There's a knee slapper.His finance buddies went apeshit ripping people off until it got to the point where all of a sudden investors in Europe and Asia started getting stuck in the ass when all the fucking bad loans started defaulting and the greed started fucking with profits overseas and by golly, somebody better do something.
Yep, everything is hunky dory so get out there and spend yer way out of recession.
Nevermind that greasy greenback in yer hand ain't worth near what it was seven years ago, we got lots'a ink.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Don't Even Go There

The Idiot in Chief and The Dark Lord both have tried to make weak plays at trying to gather support from making crass appearances at certain sporting events.
Chief among those that left a lasting nasty taste in my mouth was Bush flying in on Air Force 1 to the Daytona 500.
The moron wouldn't know the difference between a chrome muffler bearing and the spark plug gap on a diesel engine, but because neither one exists,it just emphasizes his ridiculous need to try and connect with the 'little people' and use the occasion to muster flagging support.

Do me a favor and go play on the freeway and leave us REAL PEOPLE alone to enjoy what is rightfully ours, the last thing we want to have to do on a family oriented day like today is deal with a drooling self important moron out of a feeling of hospitality.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Time Out

Please excuse the lack of updates, I have been flat on my back since Thursday with some kind of wicked bug,
Nyquil is my frien'.
When I come to, I'll see about putting something up.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

From this asshole to you.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jesus Jumping Christ On A Barrel Of Fish Guts!

What . The. FUCK?!!

The most pressing problem our country faces, the thing that stops the flow of time and apparently oxygen to some peoples brains is whether or not Major League Baseball players used steroids.That is the stuff that Congress is its spending precious time on hearings for.

I think I'm going to have an aneurysm, at the very least a full blown conniption fit complete with flying objects.
The jaw dropping stupidity of this is just lost on some supposedly intelligent people.
If part of the elected officials master plan is to drive their constituents stark raving buck fuck insane, Phase Two is working.

Who is supposed to be in charge of this stupendous circle jerk clusterfuck anyway?
Who IS the tone deaf,salamander silly dumb fucking sonofabitch in charge of this insane asylum?
Pelosi? Reid? Waxman? Conyers?



I don't know about anybody else, but EVERY CHANCE I GET,I am voting against the incumbent in every fucking election that comes around.

If this is what an experienced, seasoned Congressman thinks needs to be investigated instead of a President run amok with more possible criminal activities than Al Capone ever dreamed of, then they all gotta go. Because not one of them has stood up and called them out on this ridiculous charade.

I am just beside myself, I have to stop now or things are going to start flying.

Fuck 'em all, letting this administration murder our country and this is what they choose to focus their attention on.
Yer a fucking disgrace.

Couch Potato's Rejoice-- Writers Strike Over!

After 100 days of having to like, talk to their families, watch reruns or GASP! read books, lazy slobs all over the country wept openly at the cheering news.

Hollywood writers strike ends

The strike is over.

Hollywood's costly 100-day walkout came to a widely welcomed end Tuesday after members of the Writers Guild of America voted overwhelmingly to go back to work.

More than 90% of the 3,775 writers who cast ballots in Los Angeles and New York voted to immediately end the work stoppage, capping the entertainment industry's most contentious labor dispute in recent history.

LA Times

Over 3 BILLION dollars in lost wages and revenue for the LA area, I heard on the radio this morning, that's a lot of cheese.
The last strike lost 500 million, not exactly chump change, but 3 billion?
There must be a whole bunch of television watchers in this country.
I am glad that people get to go back to work and make money. I am very glad that the Writers get a piece of the electronic pie, it is after all, their talent and product that is being disseminated.

Myself, I hardly watch the boob toob, most of the programming insults my intelligence and the news is a forgone conclusion.
The propaganda the government wants you to see and hear, followed by the local news that is deemed to be safe enough to hear, followed by a couple of fluff pieces, the weather and sports.
Oh, and then the weather again.
The weather here in the Pacific Northwest is more important than anything.
On the local channels it is not unusual to see the local forcast at least 3 times in a half hour.

God forbid there be some kind of storm, then it SATURATES the air time.
The 3 local channels that come to mind all have their very own LIVE, LOCAL, STORMTRACKERS!!! Eleventy eleven !!!! EXCLAMATION POINT!!!!
Pathetic and laughable.
So, happy viewing America, lap it up.
Dick Cheney approves.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hello, Senate? Can You Hear Me Now? Fuck You.

Never underestimate the ability of our elected representatives to subjugate themselves to special interest and the Unitary Executive's threats of having their throats cut by imaginary terrorists.
As of right now, today, representative government in this country is dead.
Never mind showing up, take the rest of the year off, Bush can just have his secretary phone it in.

Senate Approves Surveillance Bill, Preserves Telecom Immunity

By William Branigin and Paul Kane
Washington Post Staff Writers

Tuesday, February 12, 2008; 1:25 PM

The Senate voted today to preserve retroactive immunity from lawsuits for telecommunications companies that cooperated with a government eavesdropping program, decisively rejecting an amendment that would have stripped the provision from a bill to modernize an electronic surveillance law.

Senators voted 67 to 31 to shelve the amendment offered by Sens. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.) and Russell Feingold (D-Wis.). A filibuster-proof 60 votes had been needed for the amendment to move forward.

The vote represented a victory for the Bush administration and a number of telecommunications companies -- including AT&T and Sprint Nextel -- that face dozens of lawsuits from customers seeking billions of dollars in damages.


Just go ahead and spend your time deciding how you are going to spend the economic stimulus check the Decider is going to benevolently provide you with and forget about having a voice in the goings on in that the Big, Important People Place.
They aren't listening to you anyway.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wankery And The Complete Lack Of Courage On Display

Here is an example of Right Wing talking points from the Wall Street Journal that they are so proud of they forgot to sign it.
No attribution for the ass kissing going on in this piece causes me no end of mirth.
C'mon guy's, if you feel so strongly that Telecom immunity and Bush's over reach are so inherently manly and necessary to protect us from the Boogie man then why don't you put your name on it?

Because you are afraid, that's why.
Afraid of us DFH's jumping on you like a pack of starving hyena's and dragging you down by your intestines like you know we would.


Who's the manly man now?
Not YOU.


Go read the comments, the bloodletting has already begun.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Scruggs Case Fan Club Has A New ClubHouse

My lovely Flowah over at Folo has upgraded her site and it is real nice.
I wanted to let everyone know so
you can update your Blogroll if you are so inclined.
She and her band of tenacious law aficionado's are eyeball deep in the Scruggs case, and about a half a dozen related, side cases.
They get out into the really tall weeds interpreting the law and the chesslike ins and outs of these cases.
In case you haven't heard of Dickie Scruggs, he is former Senator Trent Lott's brother in law and he is in a heap-O-trouble.
It's complicated so I am going to link to the Scruggs for Dummies piece that the good folks at Folo created just for people like me who haven't followed it real close.
You are about to see what tries to pass as business and is actually graft and corruption ALLEGEDLY committed by some world class egomaniacs.Bribing judges, scamming insurance claims from Hurricane Katrina, there is all KINDS of hinky going ons here.
There have already been some convictions in this matter so things are starting to get down to brass tacks.
Take a gander at the breakdown and it looks like a soap opera, no wonder some of these folks are hooked, it has some major players in it.
It also has the potential to blast a big hole in some sleazy circles.

Ruffling the cornstalks

Back in the cornfield Register readers are defending their Senator against an article in the NY Daily News. That's real fucking nice. I wrote Grassley shortly after the invasion of Iraq because of his relationship with Sibel Edmonds who had such "credibility" stated after closed door hearings with her. In Iowa for Memorial Day services 2003 non of the Veterans and I spoke to all of the very few left were pissed fucking off our country invaded another without real reason. Told Grassley that too but he didn't listen. Whether it's this guy or anybody's guy these sacks of shit do not get a fucking break. They don't get a goddamn pass because they do good things back home. Fuck that I call major bullshit. Edmond's got a set of balls to be proud of for sure. Maybe these men are intimidated by the sheer size of these balls wielded by very a intelligent women identical to Valerie Plame with dark hair.

You fuckers took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Mostly ignored in the US Edmonds recently has come out with some details but as usual not covered here but in the UK. And yes there will be no links as those on this side know this story and most of the others well. It's called TREASON what the fuck is it you heart landers don't understand about this. Remember the Huckster won in Iowa. Iowans are nice and proper like the Des Moines Register who does not allow "whore" to be used in comments.

Grassley is a whore. He and all the others who sold our country out to cover the blood trail left by so many treasonous cocksuckers deserve and get no pass here. Every last one of you go fuck yourselves. Stick the "good things he does" straight up your ass because truth and democracy take precedent.

Cross posted at Outta the Cornfield

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Evergreen State Gets A Lick And A Kiss

Obama and Clinton were working Washington state yesterday because today is Caucus day in the Evergreen State.

Maria Can'twell and past Governor Locke are backing Hillary while our current Governor Christine Gregoire is backing Obama, looking to his message of change to help propel him ahead.

Looking at the numbers the NYT is reporting, Obama had just about a 3 to 1 turnout ratio, 6,000 for Clinton and 17.000 for Obama.

Clinton is relying heavily on Robo calls, something I can attest to personally. I have already had to hang up on three in just two days, one from Can'twell, one from Ex Governor Locke and one this morning from Hillary herself on the pre recorded message.

Washington is not considered to be a key state in the Grand scheme of things but does have some influence in The Other Washington.
There are several military installations that are crucial to the defense of the West Coast here.

Squirrel Muncher Outruns CrazyTrain In Kansas

Looks like the Yellow Brick Road was quicker than the rails today.

Huckabee Wins G.O.P. Caucuses in Kansas


Mike Huckabee showed that he is still attracting voters even as the majority of the Republican Party is beginning to coalesce around John McCain as the nominee.


The more the Repubs stay twisted up like the ball of snakes they are, the better I feel about our chances in November.

You go Preacher man.

If It's Saturday, It Must Be Caturday

Humorous Pictures
moar funny pictures

Yes, I'm a cat guy, so it tickles me no end to introduce another B.A.D. compatriot,The PolitcalCat.Check out that inviting pic!
Don't get me wrong, I've had a lot of dogs in my day, but sadly, they all had this same learning disability in common, they wouldn't stop trying to read hubcaps.
That's not so bad in itself, except they had to do it while the hubcaps were still attached to speeding vehicles, and, well, I thought I tried everything but 9 out of 10 got hit by a car and died.
I gave up.
Stupid fuckers anyway.
Cats on the other hand, can be highly entertaining if you know how to work 'em right.
I won't go into details, just remember the name of the Blog, 'K?
I have had a few cats get the Road Pizza treatment too, it always breaks my heart, but I always get a new cat too.
I like to name them interesting names. Looking back on some of my favorites,
I had a black one I named Bitch, Then came Shithead, she was a good cat, then Fuckhead, HE was an ornery motherfucker, he would come home with his skull showing and all of the hide chewed off his forehead.
Expensive sonofabitch, I never did find out what he was tangling with, Possum, probably a Raccoon, He finally wandered off down the street, I used to see him once in a while.
Then came CockBite.
That one had fur like a rabbit.Wound up Coyote bait. All I found was a big wad of white fur and a giant cat turd in the middle.
Now I have a cute little female, long black hair with a splash of white, a streak goes up one side of her face and she has one black and one pink nostril, funny.
I broke my long tradition and named this one Baby.When I got her, she could sleep in the palm of my hand.

She's a pretty good cat, I just had her fixed so I guess I plan on keeping her.

They all to a one loved me to pieces,every damn one of 'em follow me around like a dog.
Sometime I'll have to tell some of the funny stories I have about my cats, like the time Shithead and a pigeon that adopted me had a toe to toe boxing match in the corner of my front room. I thought I was gonna die laughing.
That bird whupped that cats ass, there was fur everywhere!

Speaking of varmints, my cat has been clawing the shit out of my moms furniture while I am house sitting, a killin' offense in my Moms eyes.
I got called in to work this afternoon for a bit and as I'm driving down the street I see about ten brand new cat condo's with scratching posts lined up on the sidewalk.
Mama Mia them things are expensive! A hundred and fifty bucks they wanted for some of them!
Shit, I just paid TWO HUNDRED getting the varmint spayed!
I opted for the economy model and it still cost me seventy.
Cheap if the fucker actually uses it, compared to buying Ma new furniture, from an undisclosed location.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Congratulations Are In Order!

I just sat down after a long week and decided I was going to start in on giving some link love to my new Blog friends and just happened to remember that one in particular wasn't feeling well the other day and was expecting a new baby this week.
Let me introduce you to Dyre Portents.

He is the proud new Papa of a little girl.

Sorcha Louise 42 was born on 02/08/2008 at 7:36pm weighing in at 8lbs 2 oz 21 inches in length with all of her fingers and toes and a full head of black hair. Both she and her mom are doing well.

Of course you realize that sleep is going to be a fleeting thing for the new parents, which means they will be up at all hours of the night, so why don't you head on over and offer your congratulations and give him something to read while he is up!

The Bug Man Is Still Here?

In trying to prove once and for all that he is a stupid motherfucker, lest there be any doubt,The Hammer spouted off yesterday claiming there was no way mankind could be responsible for Global Warming;

DeLay: ‘Man Is Not Causing Climate Change’ »

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay railed against Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for acknowledging the problem of global warming, arguing that it is not a true conservative stance.

Matthews asked what the “conservative” position is on climate change. DeLay replied flatly, “Man is not causing climate change.” He added that it would be “arrogance” to suggest otherwise:

Man is not causing climate change. Climate change may be a phenomenon, but there is no science to suggest that man is the cause of climate change. […]

It is arrogance to suggest that man can affect climate change. There’s no science that supports such a notion.

Take another hit off of that insecticide there buddy, it ain't working.
I'll tell ya what, there Bugman, if I give you a dollar will you Shut The Fuck Up and go away?
I mean, your stupidity is fuckin' embarrassing.
And why the fuck are you not in jail yet?
Yer buddy Abramoff must be getting lonely since you stopped writing and sending copies of RayGuns autobiography.
I tell ya what, why don't you and Newt get in a car and drive wherever the hell they have that rotten sonofabitch and say howdy?
As fucking smart as you are, you can't read a map and we will all get lucky and you will wind up lost,in Bolivia, forever.
Ignorant Fuck.

H/T Think Progress

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Update On Tornado Relief

Monkeyfister is reporting that over 100 blogs responded to his call for help.He thinks that some serious cash was raised and I certainly hope he is correct.
57 Americans, so far, lost their lives on Super Tuesday.
I'm thinking Tuesday wasn't so super for hundreds, if not thousands of families.
I did catch one small bit of miraculous news, an infant was found alive after being blown 250 feet away from it's house into a field.
Unfortunately, the Mother did not survive.

Please keep these people in your prayers, and if you are able, donations that are spent in the local communities hit can be made here,

United Way of the Mid-South phone in a donation at (901) 433-4300.

They take DIRECT donations, so you can skip all the National-level waste and delay, AND they serve nearly every community in the effected radius.

People are people and need food , shelter and warmth to survive, I thank you for any help you send, even if it is simply keeping folks aware of what is happening.

No Surprise Here

I do believe the LA Times is contradicting it's earlier article here, the one I called Bullshit on.

Romney expected to suspend campaign or withdraw

By Johanna Neuman and Dan Morain, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
9:49 AM PST, February 7, 2008
WASHINGTON -- Republican Mitt Romney is expected to suspend his campaign or withdraw completely from the GOP presidential race, according to a Romney source in California.

The former Massachusetts governor, who was in second place in the delegate count, is expected to make clear his plans in an appearance soon before CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference that is a touchstone for the party faithful.

A withdrawal would effectively cede the nomination to Arizona Sen. John McCain, and puts pressure on former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee to withdraw as well.

That leaves The Squirrel Muncher and Crazy Train McCain.
Oh Goody.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The Tornado's that tore through the mid west on Tuesday have left Americans in desperate straights and reminiscent of New Orleans, The government can't get it's shit together.
Our Bud MONKEYFISTER has a plea for help out and wants us Dirty Fucking Hippies to help out.
Go to his site linked above and find out what you can do to help.
Get on the horn and rouse everybody.
I am going to stop in the morning to check my bank balance and see what I can give.

We Got Yer Family Values, Right Here

The next time I hear that term come out of some assholes mouth they had better be way the Hell outta kickin' distance.

Republicans block Senate plan to boost economy

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senate Republicans on Wednesday narrowly blocked a Democratic-backed economic stimulus plan valued at about $157 billion that would have provided benefits for the long-term unemployed and expanded proposed tax rebates to include retirees and disabled veterans.


I want every motherfucker in America to remember this;


Another catch phrase the Republicans love to trot out on a regular basis--- Bi-Partisanship-- is just as likely to get someone a knot on their head as trying to mug my 94 year old Granny.
Be very careful how you talk around me anymore.
I AM DONE with you motherfuckers, DONE.
The lying son of a bitch in the Oval Office, who signed off on torture and then lied, on camera, on the record, to the American public, was the last motherfuckin' straw for me.

If you can tell me that you still support the Republican Party after the thousands of fucking ways they have ass fucked this country, you and me, then you are a fucking sociopath,best treated the way that the criminally insane have been treated in this country for years and years, locked up and kept away from society.

Mention to me that you are a Republican and you are going to get the Rant In Your Face Till You Run Away treatment. I mean public spectacle shit.
I am going to embarrass you until you want to dig a hole and hide.
You still support professional unrepentant, criminals.

City killers,baby killers, hell, NATION KILLERS!
You let the NeoCons and the Religious Right marry together under the auspices of the Terrorist In Chief and rape, pillage and burn whole countries.
The whole time screaming at the top of your lungs on every fucking news channel Rupert Murdoch owns that I was a traitor for trying to stop you.

No More.

Here is a bottle of hot sauce, go finish eating your own now that you can't agree on who is the biggest Jesus Freak ,Get Yer War On And Have A Few Billion Corporate America Mother Fucker amongst ya.

Get the fuck outta my sight and don't come back.

I Disagree

Headline at the LA Times;

With no losers, the fight goes on

Sorry, but Willard got dealt a death blow by losing big in California.

He is scheduled to have a heart to heart with his family and his wife has been wanting to slam the check book shut for a while now.

Crazy McCain all but locked up the nod last night.

Clinton and Obama are still locked together in a mutual grudge match with around a hundred delegates being the difference between them.

I told you ya didn't have to listen to all that hot air flying around all day yesterday.
Didn't make a fucking bit of difference, did it?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Madame Speaker, Set The Table

George W. Bush told the citizens of the United States of America 'We Don't Torture".

Mr. Bush is a God Damn Liar.

WASHINGTON, Feb 5 (Reuters) - The CIA on three occasions shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks used a widely condemned interrogation technique known as waterboarding, CIA Director Michael Hayden told Congress on Tuesday.

I don't know what it is going to take to get someone with enough courage to inform Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi she is now an accomplis to the war crimes Bush and his administration have just admitted, but they had better do it soon.
We need to replace her while she is under investigation for obstruction of justice.

Then we can maybe get on with the peoples business instead of Corporate America's business for once.

No Want?

If yer anything like me and want to throw bricks at yer Tee Vee when all those blathering bobble heads start running their yap endlessly talking shit outta their ass,try doing a little surfing through YouTube today instead.
Sign up if ya want, ya don't have to.
It is amazing the shit you can find there, you could literally spend all day looking for stuff.
Music, videos, old commercials,old cartoons, live concert footage, the list goes on and on.
Take a break from the overdose of bullshit coming from Sooper Dooper Tuesday.
Wait till the bastards run out of air today and do your blood pressure a favor.
Late tonight or tomorrow will tell us what we want to know, without having to listen to people flapping their gums who don't know what the fuck is goin' on anymore than you or I do.

This has been a public service announcement.

Monday, February 04, 2008

I Just Swallowed A Lit Cigarette

If this election were to be decided just on the quantity of experience, Dick Cheney would be our next president.

-Robert DeNiro, at an Obama campaign event

Los Angeles Times blogs

Lock Up Yer Womens ! And Yer Goats, Sheep, Chickens And Gerbils Too!

Sex workers get ‘more business’ at GOP conventions.

This summer’s political conventions are expected to be “a boom in business” for “the sex and adult entertainment industries,” but according to one veteran sex worker who spoke to the Rocky Mountain News, the GOP conventions are “a lot better for the sex workers.” “We get a lot more business,” Carol Leigh told the paper. “I don’t know if they’re just frustrated because of the family values agenda.”
H/T Think Progress

After continually reading about the escapades of some of these guy's, nuthin'
would surprise me anymore.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Thank You

I was away from the house most of the day today and it really frosts my nuts too.
I had planned on a massive frontal assault on the Blogosphere (y!, sctp)
to really get this blog in front of as many faces as possible.
As it is, I am just overwhelmed by the positive response.
Today blew the previous record for one day visits completely out of the water, I was stunned to check my stats a minute ago!
Because I was not able to be here, all of the Blogs that I added yesterday did not get up on my front page, either, like I had also planned.
I am truly sorry for that.

So, I will see about getting one or two up on the front page like I have been doing once in a while to keep refreshing peoples memories.

It is the least I can do .

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who stopped by, added me to their Blogroll, put me on their front page or, decided it was a waste of their fucking time and plan on telling everyone they meet how bad this place sucks.
I thank you all.

One other thing....


I feel so much better now.

A Smashing Success!

What a great idea. Skippy and Jon Swift deserve a meal and a show for selflessly promoting this all weekend, actually throughout the whole year!
I Liken this Blogroll Amnesty Day to a big party with scads of people you have never met, all of them on the same side you are.

You go around meeting all these cool people and exchange business cards and pictures of your kids and make plans to meet up and party again.

How cool is that?

There are so may blogs out there that I got to go visit yesterday.

And the names!
We are a creative bunch, I gotta say.
I ran into one, I have to share this, and I'm sitting there thinking, this is a strange name, so I Googled it. When I read what it meant Mountain Dew went every where! Priceless.

I had to add that one to my Blogroll instantly.

Curious are ya?
Go see my new Buds over at Pygalgia. NO CHEATING! Go over there and THEN Google it.

I am in again today, same policy.
Drop me a note in the comments or Email me and I will put you on the Blogroll post haste, I only ask that you reciprocate.

There is a lot of talent out there, lets go find it!

I see I have a fun little job to do, there is water running out from under the kitchen sink onto the floor.
YAY! I couldn't think of anything I would rather do on Super Bowl Sunday.
So if it takes a little while for me to respond , now you know why.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

DAYUM! I Forgot! It's Blogroll Amnesty Day!

First off, I would like to thank Skippy one more time for being the first big name to put me on his Blogroll. Dude, yer THE MAN!
(Thats him in the picture, wearing the Fedora and checking his Email on the laptop)

Now then, This is the deal, go over to Skippy's to get the origins of this exercise if ya want, but here it is in a nutshell;

if you have a smallish, low traffic blog and you would like to get linked to and Blogrolled by a bigger, more well known blog, Leave a link to one of yer better posts in the comments of the bigger blog and hopefully, they will hook you up.

Here is my policy;
Email me or leave a link in the comments and I will add you to my Blogroll as long as you reciprocate.
Thats it, simple.
Now get busy.

A Couple Of Future Republicans.

When I read this I just about came unglued with anger.
All I can say, without getting hammered by the pussies who think spanking yer kid is criminal, is that this what you get when you do not firmly instill the difference between right and wrong in your children at a young age, whatever it takes to get the message across.

These two would currently be getting size ten logging boots surgically removed from their asses if I was their old man.

Teens Unremorseful After Stealing From Girl Scout

Police: Charges Could Be Pending

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- The State Attorney's Office will decide whether to charge two teens who admit they robbed a 9-year-old Girl Scout selling cookies outside of a Boynton Beach supermarket.


Authorities said they caught up with the 17-year-old girl Thursday and pulled her out of class at Park Vista High School, where she allegedly confessed to the crime, WPBF reported. Investigators said the girl's female accomplice, another a Park Vista student, also confessed.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said that the case has been handed over to the State Attorney's Office to determine if charges will be filed against the teens.

Smith's mother, Charlene Rubenstrunk, told WPBF that the girls returned to the store Thursday to taunt her daughter.

"They are within 10 feet of the same kid they just robbed last night and there is nothing anybody can do about it. I find that offensive," Rubenstrunk said.

The girls, whose names are not being released because they are minors, told WPBF that they were not remorseful for the crime, and that they did it because they "needed money."

"We went through all that effort to get it, we got all these charges and we had to give the money back. I'm kind of pissed," one of the girls told WPBF.

The other girl told WPBF that she was upset because police found them.

"I'm not sorry, I'm just pissed that I got caught," the girl said.


These two are Seriously. Fucked. Up. .

The parents of these two little young ladies are about to get a late lesson in child development techniques courtesy of the state.

Personally, I would like to see them both prosecuted to the full extent of the law, with prejudice, and done so as adults.
They knew what the fuck they were doing and the only thing they are sorry about is that they got caught.

I am providing a link so you can go see the picture of these two little darlings.

The word repentant does not resonate from the picture, either.

Being a parent these days is hard enough but there is no fucking excuse for allowing this kind of behavior to even begin to manifest itself in your children.
It is the parents here, who could also use a size ten logging boot in the ass.

Don't bother giving me shit about my attitude, I raised two kids. They both know right from wrong, they are both wonderful, caring young adults and have been in only minor trouble, which is normal, and have learned from their mistakes, as any other normal kids do.

UPDATE, Just fer fun there is a survey under the picture that is currently running 97% in favor of prosecuting these two.

It ain't just me, apparently.

Original link courtesy of FARK.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Nail That Door Shut

Some asshole keeps leaving the door to Nader's political crypt open for him to flail about the countryside and enough is enough.
Dude, buy a fuckin' clue.
You are in no position to do bupkiss this time around .
You are not in any way, shape or form going to make a damn bit of difference in this election so go back to where ya came from and regale yer stupid assed supporters of yer past glory of takin' on the Automotive Industry back in, what, the Fucking Sixties?

Nader supporters are the Dem's version of the crazy bastards on the fringe of the Republican party.
Shut The Fuck Up and get behind someone who can actually drive a stake in these barbaric sonsabitches so we can get back to fixing this damn mess.