Friday, December 09, 2011

100,000 RedNeck Dogs Just Heard A loud Whistle

I cannot fucking believe my local paper put this fucking piece of shit, right wing dog whistle motherfucking editorial in their paper without apologizing before hand.

This is so fucking blatant I want to slap someone in the face, namely some right wing authoress named Kathleen Parker,then the editor, twice.

Parker: Gingrich’s sins forgivable to voters

In the first place, Newt Gingrich is neck and neck with that despicable fucking jerk KKKKarl Rove when it comes to being lying cheating and stealing rotten sonsabitches who should be in jail instead of on television.

Newts escapades are legend.

Way too many to list here.

The fact that this Parker lady is trying to get the rest of us to conveniently forgive and forget all the shit this asshole has pulled in the last thirty years and having it carried by syndication just pisses me the fuck off almost beyond words.

Newt Gingrich is a fucking scumbag of the highest order and wants to be President.

It is to laugh.

Ain't, gonna, happen.

If you thought Cain went down in flames, wait until they turn the microscope on this weasel motherfucker.

Some excerpts from Dame Parker that especially turned my stomach;
Romney may have a more serious problem than is conceivable given the trolley of baggage that Gingrich has to drag around. The largest pieces include: taking huge sums in consulting fees from Freddie Mac; ethics violations from his days as speaker of the House; an extramarital affair with a Hill staffer, his now-wife Callista, while he was trying to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about his extramarital dalliance with an intern. Gingrich’s rise may indicate a populace that considers the nation’s challenges more important than personal foibles. Or, more likely, his surge is an affirmation of the Republican base’s preference for a good ol’ boy from the South rather than an exotic from a vacation reef out in the middle of the ocean.

Get that?

It's my bold because the dog whistle racist undertones just went screaming by like a fucking ambulance siren at full blast.

If you didn't catch that little bit of innuendo, you are a complete fucking moron.

We are not done yet either, the very next sentence,

If exotic got us into this mess, then mightn’t the antidote be a Georgian who knows his way around the Federalist Papers?

Apparently, "exotic" is the new nigger to these people.

They have no sense of shame and try to find a new way to call people who aren't pasty fucking white like that scary looking Calista Gingrich some form of nigger.

Sand nigger, Buck nigger, nigger fucking nigger, these people are stuck in the past, pining to own a couple.
It is beyond disgusting and my local editor high fived some other pasty white asshole and let this shit get printed in my local paper.

Then, the wench goes on to praise old Newtie for being a pious bastard who's most important thing he has ever done was to switch to Catholicism so he can sin without a care in the wold because all he has to do is go to confession, say a few fucking Hail Mary's and he is suddenly pristine again.

Just one more reason he is a contemptible piece of fucking shit.

I will tell you this now, there is no way on earth, other than the Supreme Court assfucking us again, that this man is EVER going to be the President.

Go read the rest of this fucking womans contemptible opinion piece.

After you get done seething at the blatant assholery, you will realize that fact and turn around, pull your britches down and tell her to kiss your ass like I did.

I am still seething that I actually saw this in my local paper but they regularly have that asshole Sowell, and other known Right wing shit disturbers on their editorial page.

I do get to snicker at the dumb fucking bastards though, they spent 13 million dollars having a new building built and had to sell it and move back to their old bunker after two years.

Fuck you, assholes.

Karma is a bitch and so is this idiot Kathleen Parker.


  1. LOL ... please don't hold your feelings inside... you'll implode!

    ... love it, Busted and I totally agree 100% with everything you said... Reckon she knows Coulter? man I can NOT believe Newt is actually... seriously .... running... shows to go you the egos and how these

    Right wing shit disturbers... HAHaaaa...

    regard us masses... they honestly think we're brainless lemmings.

    Also regarding your deaf in one ear and can't hear out of the other... yep... I know the scene... creative hearing is what I have... old creative hearing

  2. Gary in Bama10:02 PM

    Hey busted as a god,ol southerner i can tell you he aint.His hair hasnt moved in 40 years,bet he dont even have a pickup or baseball cap that says GET,ER DONE.Now if larry the cable guy was running he would have my vote.As it now stand leanning towards Ron Paul.On the deafness it will help you and the new wife have a long and happy marriage.hang on to the test results and when she starts that you dont listen to her SHOW HER ITS not your fault

  3. "An exotic from a vacation reef out in the middle of the ocean"? You think she just insulted a whole state and the people in it?

    Listen, as a Southerner, I think he is despicable. Please don't think we are all so ignorant or not aware of what religious fools are up to when they wave their religion in your face.

  4. Lemme Tell all y'all something.
    My mother was born in Missouri, my grandmother too.
    Her husband was born in Tennessee.
    I had relatives who were honest to God Hillbillies and I met them and loved them.
    Moonshiners and all.

    I wear a baseball cap and I am currently driving a 1967 Ford 3/4 ton four wheel drive that looks like a monster truck with 35 inch tires.
    It is just like me, loud, ugly , obnoxious and mean.

    Don't for a minute think I am putting down Southeners as being dumb assed hicks.

    Newt Gingrich might be from the South but that fucking bastard ain't no Good Old Boy in any way, shape or form.

    He is a corporate dick sucking asshole.

  5. Newt's from the South alright, the south side of Wall St. Could there be a more obvious corporate shill? A more corrupt politician? A more sorry waste of skin?

  6. ScubaIsFun8:00 AM

    I'm sorry but tell me again who the nasty one is? Hard to tell as I have to scrape shit off my shoe with every step through your blog.

    Speakin o Reefs word verification is "jamica" how funny is that

  7. Parker told the truth once several years ago and the wingers climbed her frame for it. We blogged about it at the time. She knows better now.

  8. The worst thing is that there are millions of Parker's out there, hateful, mean spirited and just plain ignorant. Apparently the whore who runs your paper has decided it's ok to have no journalistic standards or ethics. To even print something like that with those "euphemisms" is just disgusting. What is it? Fox news on paper? And all these morons vote for Karl Rove's GPS agenda. Pretty scary.

  9. I think you did cool resolution the moment when you came up with this topic of the article over here. Do you mostly write your articles alone or maybe you work with a writing partner or even an assistant?

    1. Yer digging pretty deep into the archives here. I write all this myself, thank you very much.