Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who, Me?

A little something for a Tuesday afternoon.
Somehow the words to this song are just as relevant today as they were way back when.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bipartisanship In Action; I Reach Out To Senator McCain

Dear Senator McCain, I applaud you for striving to reach for the ultimate Brass Ring in life, the Office of the President of the United States of America, you have guts.
My reason for this open letter is to share some of the hard earned wisdom that comes from the school of hard knocks, of which you should be a charter member, but maybe a refresher course is in order.

In my opinion, some of the things that people usually learn early in life should stay with them in order to get along in society.
Rule number one,

Don't lie to people.

Seriously, at Seventy Two, I am surprised I need remind you of this basic premise.

There will be a test on Tuesday, November 4th.
Please bring a sharpened number two pencil.


Admit your mistakes.

Trying to "Spin" what you said yesterday that doesn't jibe with what you are saying today about your convictions or actions automatically makes me refer you back to Rule number one.
This is a hard lesson to learn, I readily admit that.
I did though, a long time ago.

Moving forward,

Eye contact.

If you cannot look me in the eye when speaking to me, I again must refer you back to Rule number one.
Blinking three hundred times a minute has been proven to be a key indicator of someone lying.
Again, back to Rule Number one.

At this point, I am going to stop and suggest that you share this information with your Vice Presidential nominee,if she is not already peeking over your shoulder, trying to pass the finals without studying.

Don't say I have never reached across the aisle in a sense of Bipartisanship, ever again.

And please refer Mr. Boehner to the first chapter of today's lesson.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Crunch Time.

I know I said I was done with the Democratic Party, I haven't forgotten.

It is now way past time to wake the fuck up and trash these thieving fucking bastards in the Republican party and relegate them to the outfall of a sewer system.

Had enough yet?
Who in their right mind would vote for the obviously impaired Republican candidate after watching the way he has flailed around like a drunken sailor on a three day bender?
Now, let us have one solid second of evaluating Miss Alaska, 1984.
They are still hiding her because she is a rabid, dangerous idiot.Even the Wingnuts are afraid of her, she is as stupid as a box of rocks and would fail a test to become a stump out in a field.
Get fucking real, the lady couldn't run a Goddamn Lemonade stand without trying to put a hit out on the little girls on the next corner.
They seem to have an affinity for that personality type, they are everywhere in our government.
Mean Jean Schmidt ring a bell?

Please, give me a fucking break, these people need to be publicly humiliated to the point they need to disappear back into the fringe of society where they fucking belong, instead of being policy makers and being taken seriously as examples of what this country actually stands for.

The Republicans have run this country into the ground, period, Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

This economic meltdown?
You fucking OWN it bitchez.

Treason, you betcha baby, they been at that at many levels.

Torture, discussed and approved in the White House, carried out with impunity, pictorial evidence is overwhelming, not to mention what they are still hiding.

BILLIONS of dollars sent over seas by the pallet load and disappeared to buy off crooked politicians and plain everyday thugs, trying to buy a win in a war that was not only unnecessary, but illegally sold to the American public.
The Patriot Act alone should be enough to cause anyone with a working brain that this administrations has gone above and beyond in it's traitorous power grab while using fear to further its agenda.
How many fucking Constitutional rights do you have left now, three?
Don't worry, they are ignoring them too.
A completely corrupted Department of Justice.
Vote tampering, the list goes on and on of the criminal activities of these fucking people.
The Police State has completely taken over and ya damn well better not get sideways with those motherfuckers or you will more than likely end up dead, period.

If I find out you are planning on voting for John McCain just because you are a gullible fucking idiot, I do believe I am still afforded the right to self defense.

Get off yer ass and get out the vote so I can still kick the Democrats asses for falling down on the job without having to worry about John Fucking McCain being at the helm of the Ship of State until Mooselini takes over after he falls over dead, or even worse, tries to run this country from a hospital bed.

Wake the fuck up America.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Take Two And Call Me In The Morning

Actually, I took three and washed them down with a half a bottle of cheap whiskey and a six pack of beer.
Something is working because I could really give a shit about anything right now.

Except I was really saddened to hear about Paul Newman passing today.
That guy was way fucking cool
The thieving cocksuckers who are currently in the process of raping the middle class have totally missed the point he worked so hard at.
Fuck you selfish pricks, this is what a real man looks like.

My sincerest condolences. What a guy.

Friday, September 26, 2008

You Know Things Are Bad When..

Hugh Hefner has to start laying off staff and (GASP!) Playboy Bunnies!

The Horror!

I need to call Bush and have him throw some of my Bail out money to support the Bunnies!
The boys on Wall Street can go Fuck themselves, I'm all for more Bunnies! (NSFW)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Make The Check Out To Your Wife

I have to admit I saw this somewhere else yesterday and ABC is now being regulated to Blogger status.

This guy is the poster child for the Eugenics he is trying to endorse, what a fucking Tool!

LaBruzzo,somehow you feel that you have the discernment to decide who should be able to procreate and who shouldn't, you actually have the gall to introduce and sponsor a government program to pay certain American Citizens to sterilize themselves for temporary monetary compensation, at tax payer expense??

Words fail me!

Wait, no they don't.
You fucking ignorant, arrogant waste of skin!

Dude, I'll give your wife five bucks to see her tell ya she has a headache, forever.

Ignorance is not bliss, it is fucking dangerous;
Here is the original article, I do believe I first saw it at Fark.com.

Why this ignorant FUCK has not been dragged out of his bed for being such a stupid fucking Republican MORON is beyond the realm of my comprehension.

Dude, you are an ignorant motherfucker and a danger to society.

You need to be sterilized yourself to keep your proven insanity from being transferred to the Gene pool.

It is the fact that mentally stunted sonsabitches like you that are allowed to spout this form of Genocide in an official capacity that reinforces my belief that you and your kind are a menace to society.

I do believe that I have read about your Elitist fucking outlook before somewhere.

The fact that you have not been thrown out of office on your fucking ass and been ostracized to the point you should be begging some foreign country to save yer ass from being drug out of your house into the street is a very telling statement about how far this country has come in the forty years since the Civil Rights movement took hold and how bold you twelfth century wannabe's have become without any real opposition.
I really don't know how to say this in a public forum, other to say I hope you never reproduce and get to find out how much fun it is to live as an average American citizen during the next cycle of the Republican economic plan. You are a miserable excuse for a modern human being.

The absolute arrogance that you have displayed publicly has pretty much left me speechless, I do not like to wish bad things for people.

That you think this is even acceptable to say in public is a huge reason for the citizens of this nation to vote against the status quo and drive you and your fellow sociopathic brethren back under the rocks you slithered out from under.

This is 2008?

McCain Is Pissing Everyone Off Now

I see FAIL in his future.
Dave Letterman tore into him, the Bigwigs at the Bailout meeting actually winced when his name came up, his lying is catching up to him, the Press is pissed off at him, he suspended his campaign supposedly and lied about that too, then he wants to back out the debate he wanted so fucking badly with Obama after his numbers started tanking, what did I leave out?

His empty headed Moose killer of a running mate is opening her mouth and peoples eyes to the fact that she is dumber than a box of hammers, yep it's been a good week.
The 5,000 dollar make up artist just opens another can of whup ass for everyone to beat his ass with, something ain't right with this guy.

A whole boatload of FAIL is steaming for it's new home port, McCains lap.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tell Your Senator How You Feel About The Theft Of Your Childrens Future

Yeah, Without a gun to my head, I do not approve of the theft of every single dime in circulation to bail these thieving bastards out, my message to Senator Murray(D) WA.

Senator , the fact that the Bush administration has been well aware of this "sudden" financial emergency only adds insult to injury.
No one can tell me that the government of these United States has been caught flat footed about this supposed financial emergency.
More likely, the Bush administration is not only trying to do a last minute grab for the last nickel in my pocket, they are also trying to insure that they are intentionally impovereshing my children, my Grand children and my Great Great Grandchildren in the most blatant transfer of wealth in the history of man.
Not only do they have the most pre planned theft of every last penny of every dollar currently in circulation, they want this robbery to be sanctioned by the United States Congress with ZERO oversight of any possible transaction and they want to be paid TWICE! Once for losing One Trillion dollars, and once to profit from doing it!
I would ask you to hold the very persons responsible for this National Disaster
to be PERSONALLY responsible for every dime that they have gambled and lost that brings us ALL to this point.

The Billions of dollars that were given out in bonuses for losing Billions of dollars is an obscene insult to every working man and woman in this country.

I implore you to do the right thing and sadly, let this countries economy right itself. Then prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law and then make some new ones to drive the point home.
Let me go on record as this being the one and only time that I not only usually support rescinding hundreds of useless laws,.but actually support the creation of more that will punish the ones who seem to think they are above the laws we already have.

One Seriously Incensed Constituent.

More Of This Please

You GO lady!

This is a must see, she tears into those thieving bastards like they so richly deserve!.

Major H/T to my buddy Joe over at Left Edge North!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Give Me Your Lunch Money Or I am Going To Beat You Up

Think about it, it's the same message that these thugs have been using since the third grade! Paulson, Bernanke and every weasel assed Republican who is eyeball deep into this scam are using this FEAR tactic just like Bush and Rove and all the rest of their Media bitches.

Have a nice, warm and fuzzy little party , celebrate how you managed to fuck up your own wet dream.
Your "Same Play, Different Messenger" is so predictable anymore that you shouldn't be allowed to do anything except shovel, by hand, every single dollar of the money you have already gambled and lost and every single fucking one you want me and the rest of the middle class to come up with to save your miserable ass until the day you die. If I was as heartless as you are, I would wish the same fate on your children, your Grandchildren . your Great Grandchildren and your Great Great Grandchildren, just like you have just done to ninety nine percent of the people who try to live from day to day in this country.

Let me tell you something Paulson, when the people of this country start starving, it won't matter who is in charge, bad things will start happening.
You and your little pals have been playing with fire like there is no tomorrow, believe me, there is going to be a tomorrow and you have gone out of your way to see that it is going to be devastating for millions of my fellow countrymen.

Try to bully your way out of the repercussions of that.You are going to run and hide like the Bully you are.

With any luck, you will now be the poster boy of the political party that made it happen and there will be a Man Hunt for anyone even remotely connected to this administration after all of the atrocities start coming to light that have been unreported, yet.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Waiting For It

You have of course heard the famous saying, "The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword", take my word for it, it's true.
It is also true that the current administration has a very heavy hand when it comes to dissent.

I am waiting for a Terms of Service Violation to be delivered from Google over my antics.

You can accuse me of being paranoid all ya want, let me lay some facts on ya that just might surprise ya.
I started this Blog about two and a half years ago and it took forever to get anyone to notice it.
There are, after all, over TWO MILLION Blogs out there, with more coming every day.
If you recall, I just had my Ten Thousandth page load, or total hit after two and a half years.
Not too bad, I am just a little fish in a big pond.
My point exactly.

Out of those ten thousand hits, let me give you a clue of just who has been visiting my humble little site.

The Sergeant of Arms of the United States Senate, I have seen that ISP several times.
The Department of Justice.
The Department of Transportation.
The Department of Indian affairs.
The Washington Post.
The Wall Street Journal.

Not to mention some military addresses and I can DAMN WELL Tell You the FBI and several other ABC government entities have been watching, they hide their ISP's but if it comes out of DC, or Langely , with a United States address, who are they trying to kid?
I see these ISP's , I see they are watching.

Now I see Google is taking a hard look around Orneryville.

Don't let anyone tell you they aren't watching, they sure as FUCK are!
At the very least I can take a certain amount of satisfaction that they see that I am taking an active participation in the national discourse, even if they don't like what I am saying, at least so far they have let me say it anyway.

If ya come to see me and ya get a message from Google telling ya I have been found to have violated their terms of service because of my filthy mouth while attacking what I deem to be criminal behavior from my own government, take a small bit of pride in the Ornery Bastard for sticking my finger in their eye and know damn good and well I will pop up again somewhere until the day they come for me.

The Death Spiral Continues

Another beautiful day on wall Street, if you are into slasher flicks;

As of about 2:30 this afternoon, oil set for October delivery had shot up more than $25 per barrel -- the biggest one-day spike in history -- and briefly touched $130 per barrel, before falling back to the high $120s.

The continued uncertainty about the final version of the plan, which is expected to cost $700 billion, appears to have investors nervous, sending the Dow Jones industrial average down 373 points, or 3.3 percent, by closing time. The tech-heavy Nasdaq was down nearly 4.2 percent, and Standard & Poor's 500-stock index was down 3.8 percent. Meanwhile, oil prices spiked as much as $25 a barrel on the declining value of the dollar and fears that the financial rescue plan could cause inflation. They eventually settled at $120.92, up $16.37.

"They realize that even if the bill is successful there are a lot of hurdles to come," said Doug Roberts, chief investment strategist for New Jersey-based Channel Capital Research. "People are coming to realize this might be a stopgap measure. There is a long way to go."

Both snippets of articles at
The Washington Post

Nearly everyone except the ones who will directly benefit from this disgusting bail out have serious misgivings about not only the money, but the language used in the current form that basically gives Paulson unlimited powers and ZERO fucking oversight or review.

There should be mass purging of the so called businessmen who took all that easy money and have left the economy crippled, with ZERO Golden Parachutes.

More like cast iron anvils strapped to their backs and a healthy push off the nearest tall building.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clap Clap Clap Clap!

Jill, over at Brilliant at Breakfast has her head on straight and really does a good job of keeping her eye on what the hell the difference is between what they say and what it really means. After I found her, she is a daily read. Here is a teaser, I deliberately left it hanging because you need to go read all of what she is saying.

This November is a referendum on Americans as a people. We are either going to salvage this country as best we can, or we are going to let ignorance and medievalism and racism and bigotry and fear rule -- and

Hello Nanny? Fuck Off And Die!

I don't know about any one else but I have pretty much had it with these wimpy mother fuckers who have no other issue to deal with in life except to tell me what I can and can't do every mother fucking minute of the day.
Can't drink.
Can't smoke.
Can't piss off my own fucking porch.

Have to wear a mother fucking seat belt to drive across a mother fucking street to order a mother fucking cheese burger and I have to have mother fucking insurance that the cock suckers use my mother fucking credit score to rape my fucking ass on a fucking truck that sits in my fucking driveway for months, before I find out it won't fucking start, and now I can't even wash the mother fucking moss off of the cock sucker because some fucking Nanny Bitch is afraid the run off might kill some mother fucking fish that she has never fucking seen before and would have no fucking idea what to do with if someone put the sonofabitch on her fucking table!
Fucking stupid cock suckers! Get a mother fucking life and stay the Hell out of mine!!!
By the way, Nanny Bitch, your government just went bankrupt., if ya have gone so far to figure out how the legislative process works, GO FUCK WITH THEM!
Either that or figure out how to masturbate so ya can find something else to occupy yer fucking time!

Another Reason This Bailout Will Be A Total Disaster

The plan , which the Bush administration sent to Congress late Friday.

If you read this article there is enough in it to see the end result will be totally fucked up as after all who's in charge.

They knew this was coming of course and the draft was sent to Congress on Friday. The problem is that there is also a bill involved a long one for sure and this was written long before now you can bet on it. Crafted by all those who will benefit from this debacle. Business as usual from the Bush whores and country rapists.

Within this article there are several references to how this needs to be done now and very quickly along with feigned outrage from the likes of Reid and Pelosi. Patriot Act ring a bell?? The last and in the end what will turn out to be a trillion plus give away to those that stole it another gift from these low life sonsofbitches that control our country.

Cenk Uygur writes this emotion filled piece on this issue hoping and explaining how BO can use this to his advantage. Will he? I'm not counting on it but I believe this could be a tipping point that could make the difference between winning and losing in November.

Cross posted @ Outta the Cornfield

Scientific Proof Of The Evolution Of Rush Limbaugh

Creationism couldn't explain that asshole anyway.

H/T Fark.

This post makes the tag I came up with a long time ago a perfect match!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Caturday, Technically

I was absolutely amazed after I took a walk to go see some friends of mine and I came back two hours later and here is the Baby Girl sitting in the middle of the road waiting for me, way the hell down the road from the Rat Hole! Someone new to the area asked me if it was my cat.
As I type, Baby is having a hissy fit about Baby Girl sitting on my lap.
I don't know who is more surprised.
Kids! Who would have them?

Varmints anyway, they crack my ass up with the jealous sister act.
Oh,I ain't kidding either, Very jealous sister shit!


Give This Guy A Bigger Hammer

Frank Rich, I fucking love you man.

My buddies over at Alternate Brain call him Daddy Rich, now I see why, the man is an Op Ed contributor at the New York Fucking Times and he wields a wicked assed keyboard.( I liked it so much I linked to it twice)

Mr. Rich consistently runs a virtual belt sander on the ass of the Bush administration and its fucked up policies and the high lighted article shows that he is all over McCains Bullshit too.

The only thing he could possibly do to make me like him any more would be for him to publicly kick Bobo in the balls.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Compassionate Conservatism In Action

In case you hadn't been paying attention, the President of the United States of America just bailed out every one of his High Finance buddies on Wall Street and has not uttered a single word about the completely wiped out citizens of his adopted State in the last three days.
I thought I would just bring that to your attention.......

Sue 'Em Anyway

After the despicable display of Police State tactics used at both major political convention this past month, the Mayor of St. Paul has decided to drop misdemeanor charges against all journalists caught up in the mass arrests.

St. Paul dropping all misdemeanor charges for journalists arrested during RNC

Charges will be dropped against journalists who were arrested and charged with misdemeanors for unlawful assembly during the Republican National Convention, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said today.

Many reporters, photographers and bloggers were among the 818 people arrested during the Sept. 1-4 convention. Many were trapped on a bridge with protesters on the Thursday night, just before Sen. John McCain made his acceptance speech. Police had warned the large group to dissipate, then closed in from both sides of the bridge and made mass arrests.

The mayor's ruling applies only to journalists getting misdemeanors, but he said that, with the proliferation of alternatative media covering the convention, the definition of journalist will be broadly applied as they try to ascertain identities and credentials. City officials said they're not sure how many people this will affect. - Joe Kimball


Sorry, not good enough.
Here is what I have to say to you thugs;

Thursday, September 18, 2008

IcePick Motor Palin

That is what the Palinator would have named me,you can still call me Busted.

Try YOUR luck at the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Buffet Is This Way Mr. McCain.

Who the fuck is this guy trying to kid?

OHH, ya can't point out that he is older than my fathers Oldsmobile, that's not a fair fight!

Two words for that Bullshit argument, Fuck You.
The dude is old, do the fucking math.

Hell, He is as old as my father and I am thankful every day when I get to talk to him!

I keep hearing about how Mr. McCain can't do this, he can't do that, HE WAS a Prisoner of War Dammit!

Reality check.

He is old too.

Don't give me that crap, arthritis is one of my worst enemies, I can sympathize. I can't do half the things I would like to, that I used to do, and I climb up and down Semi Trucks all day! John McCain is twenty five years older than I am and I was born in 1960! Unless you are my 94 year old Grandmother, that is old. Face the facts.

Don't tell me I can't point out the obvious,that shit don't fly.
McCain cannot possibly claim to be physically and mentally fit enough to effectively try and excavate this country out of the giant pit of disaster that he helped dig!

Every time I turn around someone is trying to make excuses for his lack of awareness and his inability to perform some of the most basic physical functions that hundreds of millions of my fellow Americans do without a second thought.

Don't you fucking dare trying to put shame on me for pointing out these obvious facts, I see everyday where some lackey is trying to deflect this argument.

Before you try your next obvious attack point, I can absolutely get behind anyone with any kind of physical or mental ailment to try and better themselves, I have a few of my own.
Just don't try to deflect criticism of your candidate out of hand and use it like a weapon when he is so obviously impaired and has surrogates make excuses why he can't perform the basic functions required of the highest office of the land.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Am Not Going To Ask Politely.

Like everyone else, I have been watching the record melt down on Wall Street like the Big One coming out of turn four at Daytona Speedway that happens every year.

Ya know it's going to happen eventually but it always catches you by surprise and you just have to watch it, over and over so you can point the finger at the one guy who started the fiery chain reaction.

That is what is what has been bothering me, with 24 hour a day coverage of this carnage, Billions and Billions of dollars in damages and the legal and economic Tow trucks hauling off the burnt out carcasses of Financial business left and right, The New York Times, WAPO, the LA Times, pick a news source, I have yet to see anyone point a finger at ANYONE as to just who is responsible for this disaster.

Oh, there is the vague reference to this or that but I don't see any names.
I call Bullshit!

I want names.

Actually, what I want is to see the crooked assed Department of Justice, so famously compromised by the Bush administration, to get off their thumbs and start investigating this long term criminal enterprise.
The FBI should be all over this too as it really has affected the financial security of this nation.

Hey, I have an idea!
Isn't there some GIANT government agency that seems to be psychotically fixated on National Security?

Wait, wait, it will come to me, The Department of Homeland Security, that's it.

I would have to think that the theft by fraud of Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars might get their attention.
Oh, that's right, they have their hands full trying to find someone to blame for fucking up yet another response to a major hurricane that wiped out yet another U.S. city and can't be bothered right now.

I am very serious, the Federal Government has now pledged SO MUCH MONEY to bail out these scheming bastards of finance that my GREAT GRANDCHILDREN will be paying for this when THEY are Grandparents, yet strangely, not one single individual has had any charges pressed against them!

Who was it that said," A Billion here, a Billion there, pretty soon we are talking serious money"?

No, I am not asking nicely, I want to know who is responsible and I want to see jail time involved.

I see where the two guys who headed up Fannie May and Freddie Mac didn't get their Golden Parachutes, The Horror.

Spare me the tears.
You can bet your ass the Government saw all this coming a long time ago, many, many economists started predicting this as early as last year and yet here we are, holding the bag.

No, not this time, I want this handled like there were some fucking adults in our government and not one of the HUNDREDS of individuals who are responsible for this catastrophe should be able to see the light of day again for many, many years, let alone walk away with two dimes to rub together to their names.

I'm not asking at all, it better start happening in a hurry, there is going to be a whole heap of pissed off American citizens when they finally realize we are talking "Serious Money", and it is coming directly out of their ass pocket to pay off the biggest theft of money AND property, in the history of mankind.

Monday, September 15, 2008

On ToThe Great Gig In The Sky

Richard Wright, keyboardist and singer/ songwriter for Pink Floyd has died.

He wrote the lyrics to the song The Great Gig In The Sky, I felt it only appropriate to go with that for the headline.

Mr. Wright has passed away after battling cancer, at home.
The family has no further comments at this time.

RIP Dude, thanks for the memories and the awesome tuneage. You will be missed.

H/T LA Times for the article

Fuck, now I'm depressed.This really is a Black Monday now.Although the ladies vocals in this have amazed me since the first time I ever heard this song, they did know how to find extraordinary talent.Just beautiful.
The end of an era.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Shit Has Hit The Fan

Could this be another Black Monday on wall street?
Lehman Brothers has declared it will file Chapter 11 bankruptcy after the Feds decided they have already bit off more than they can chew by bailing out Bear Stearns and then Fannie May and Freddy Mac.
Merril Lynch narrowly avoided the same fate when Bank of America stepped up to the plate with an offer to buy them at $29 a share.
Here is a quote from a NY Times article;

“This is an earth-shattering event, this is like a tectonic plate shifting event,” said Thomas Priore, chief executive of Institutional Credit Partners, a hedge fund active in credit markets. “This is welcome back to Black Monday.”

The NY Times front page right now is bordering on hysteria.

The opening lines from their lead story right now,

In one of the most dramatic days in Wall Street’s history, Merrill Lynch agreed to sell itself on Sunday to Bank of America for roughly $50 billion to avert a deepening financial crisis, while another prominent securities firm, Lehman Brothers, said it would seek bankruptcy protection and hurtled toward liquidation after it failed to find a buyer.

Right now it is just after eleven o'clock here on the Left Coast.
By the time I wake up in the morning , just how bad it is going to get should be readily apparent.

Thank you George W. Bush.


6:55 AM, the stock market opened about twenty minutes ago and right now it is down -340 points.

Update 2;

At Noon Pacific it is down -400.
It's a blood bath.

Update 3;

-504 at close of business.

Some Local Talent

As some of you may or may not know, I am a HUGE fan of the Blues, especially Electric Blues.
The following is a Youtube of a Master Blues guitar player who just happens to be a local legend, Terry Robb.
I am fortunate enough to have caught him Live in a couple of clubs near here in Vancouver.
The guy is flat out amazing and his acoustic work has earned him Acoustic Guitarist of the Year FOURTEEN times!

This ones for you Suze.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

In The Beginning

There is only darkness, absolute and all encompassing.
No reference point, no thought,no awareness, only the blackness of infinite space.
Then a tiny spark of consciousness flares in the massive void,impossibly tiny and far away.
The spark grows rapidly into a small point of light,there is warmth in the blackness.

Then it begins.
The process.


I want to go back to the darkness, I do not want the process to start, I am happy here.
Alas, the process will not be ignored,one by one they start coming online in the back of my consciousness.
First it is the ache in the upper back,my body trying to stretch while I slept to alleviate the ache is what caused me to come awake at such a slow rate that all of my all day, every day aches and pains started registering with my mind individually like someone walking through a giant building complex, turning on the lights in each room as they pass.

First it is the upper back and neck, stiff and sore from laying on the concrete floor under a truck, straining and stretching into unnatural positions trying to get bolts started in the bell housing of a transmission yesterday.

This morning the legacy of landing headfirst with my arms stretched out in front of me, flying through the air at forty five miles an hour and slamming headfirst into the pavement after high siding my motorcycle in a curve twenty some years ago comes rushing to the fore.
My mind revolts and I roll onto my side determined to seek out the bliss of unconsciousness.

Then the next one lights up like a neon sign in the recesses of my cave.

The BIG one.

My lower back.
The big red flashing light that is forever and ever destined to be lit up in my pain center.

After blowing out the bottom disc in my spine twenty eight years ago trying to move a four inch gas line with one inch thick walls that was twenty feet long and living in excrutiating pain for five years and fifteen doctors, thrice weekly chiropractic visits and every test modern medicine could possibly devise, They finally knocked me out and rolled me on my belly and opened me up.
The doctor spread my back open, scraped out the entire disk at L7, part of the disc at L6 and then proceeded to saw a two inch chunk of bone out of my pelvic bone, break it into little pieces and then stack those pieces around the vertebrae so they could slowly grow back together like a broken arm mending and then sewed me up after five hours .
It never grew back together like it should because I was young and very active and couldn't stand laying around for two years waiting for it to fuse together.
I have lived in constant misery since that day.

This is only one of the bright lights now starting to register on the pain board in my mind.
As I lay there, barely aware of where I am, the process continues, next is the left wrist, also broken while landing on my head in that one wreck, one of well over fifty car and motorcycle wrecks I put myself through in my younger years when the Death Wish was upon me.
I had no fear.
Then I broke it again, two years later in the same exact spot.

Next to come rushing to my dulled senses is my left ankle, twisted so badly so many times from skateboarding as a teenager, that doctor told me that I had permanently re arranged the bones in that foot.
It aches and it pops when I walk.That one is my personal barometer, I can always feel nasty weather coming when that starts throbbing.

Suddenly another old wound sputters for my attention, the big toe on my right foot.
I hate to even tell this one on myself.
My last year of a very troubled existence in my learning avoidance program.
I am in the locker room at the gym, all alone, stoned out of my gourd as usual.
I am just finished getting dressed and heading for the door.
The door is open and has the divider in front of it so people can't see in as they walk by.
I get about fifteen feet from it and a small orange ball comes rolling straight at me from under the divider.
Instinct says to kick the ball so I take two long steps and swing my leg back and lay a kick to send that small, orange ball into orbit.
Imagine my surprise when not only does that ball NOT go anywhere, it just stops as the bones in my big toe and the one next to it explode inside my shoe!
It was an indoor shot put.

Oh MY GOD was that painful.
That took weeks to heal, my big toe healed crooked and twisted and the best part was that the school I was going to had three main buildings, all going up the side of a hill.
I can vividly remember going up and down one set of stairs that had one hundred and twenty five steps in it, several times each day, on crutches!

Next comes the right knee, I have had Bursitis in it for years now, the slow throb matches my beating hearts pace perfectly.

Oh, the right shoulder lights off like a rocket. I separated that one when I was six and then again when I landed on my head and broke the other wrist.
Yes, there for a while I had a cast on one and the other in a sling, my father replied to the doctors response that he was afraid I might get constipated by taking pain medicines that that would probably actually be a good thing seeings how I currently couldn't wipe my ass with either hand!

The next old reminder is my right hip, I think that one is degenerating because I carry all of my weight on it, favoring it because of my back pain.
The joys of aging.
By now I am almost completely awake but my thoughts are fuzzy because I am slightly hung over.

I roll over again and my neck cracks.
I finally am awake enough to realize I have to get vertical and get to the bathroom. More popping and snapping, it sounds like I am stepping on dry sticks as I shuffle the two freaking steps into the bathroom.

Stepping back in and laying back down the cacophony of my ailments settle into their usual daily routine and they shuffle off, one by one, into my subconsciounce again as my mind starts taking up its task at hand, where are my cigarettes?

When I was a child my dear departed and much loved Grandmother used to occasionally make this statement to me,one at the time I could not grasp the meaning of, "Son, if I knew how much it hurts to get old, Ida never done it."

I certainly know what she was talking about now.

Welcome to my world.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More BushCo Integritude

Just in time for an election.


I threw this up just minutes before getting away from work.
There is yet another HUGE ethics scandal getting ready to hit another Bush Administration department, the Interior Department and it is a doozy. Go read the article .

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"I've Been thinking And I Think I don't Want To Be Together Anymore"

How many times have I heard that one?
There must be an issue of Cosmopolitan that I missed at the dentist's office.

This time it ain't me, it's that treasonous , two timing weasel, Lieberman, FINALLY!

Step off , we just ain't into you no more.

I was a big cheerleader when Jane Hamsher took up the cause to get rid of Lieberman and it took the Democratic Big Wigs to bring to bear their displeasure after Ned Lamont KICKED Short Rides ASS in the Primary and now we see thathat weasel motherfucker had to give money to the Democrats while at the same time stumping for McCain.
Lieberman has been fucking the Democrats ever since he got his ass handed to him in the primary and has been slowly but surely exacting his revenge until it got to the point that he is a Republican in everything but name.

Better get used to being the Rodney Dangerfield of politics ya treacherous fucking bastard.

This treasonous ass licker has been siding with the Republicans ever since he got his ass kicked by an unknown in his bid for reelection as the Senator from Connecticut. He even mentored a freshman Senator from Illinois, Mr. Barack Obama, whom he is currently back stabbing at a furious pace.
Finally, finally, after being warned that if he stood up and made a speech at the Republican National Convention, the Democrats have had enough.
Personally, I would have dropped him off in the middle of Philly at midnight with a dollar and a dead cell phone.
Joseph Lieberman is the worst sort of traitor to any political party, he is only out for Joseph Lieberman.
And if one single person paying any attention to what is going on thinks Sarah Palin is a bad choice for Vice President, let me put this into perspective for you, even that Republican strategist and Treasonous fucking bastard Karl Rove couldn't make Joseph Lieberman palatable enough for the Base, it seems thirty pieces of silver is just a parting gift.
They might be racist ignorant sonsabitches, even they don't tolerate those who betray their own party.

Lieberman is going to go down in history as the only self centered quisling bastard to be defeated as the candidate for the Vice Presidency of both major parties, even though he didn't get the official nomination from the Republicans, he was close enough.
Have an asterisk ya sonofabitch.
Get the fuck out, Wrong Way Joe.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The Award For The Biggest Ballz Evah, Goes to;

This crazy fuckin' cat!
No matter how many times I watch this short clip it just cracks my ass up!

Sunday, September 07, 2008


The Republicans are once again trying to kill any dissent, this time by pressuring NBC to pink slip Olberman AND Tweety because they are just not objective enough, citing Fox News as the preferred model.
I shit you not.
Sooo, they are going to put in David Gregory.

Ball gargler number one, they have been dying to get this guy into the prime time spot.r.
Fuck me, They don't have the Mighty Wurlitzer fine tuned by now?

OK, I have to stop here, it is Eleven thirty at night and way past my bed time, I have to get up in the morning and if I go ONE MORE SECOND into this fucking BULLSHIT, I am going to pop a gasket.

This is off the charts.

Just go read this NYT article and try not to throw things that might be valuable.
Just another example of how very fucking desperate these cretins are.

Fannie May and Freddy Mac Bailed Out

They finally did it, the rumors have been flying for weeks.

Funny how there was no mention of any investigations into possible criminal misconduct or any possible prosecutions for fraud.
Funny, Ha Ha.

Privatize profit and Socialize loss.

Somebody needs to explain this process to me so I can understand how Billions of dollars in bad loans suddenly became MY FUCKING PROBLEM.
I already had to sell both of my houses and take the hit.
These motherfuckers should be moving into twenty five year old RV trailers right next door too.

Better yet, FEMA trailers.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

John McCains election strategy vividly explained in one picture.

Go see our friend
, it is pure genius.
Forget what you have ever known or seen when it comes to the Republican party's Grand Adventure and the shredding of our Constitution, the absolute criminal actions that are still Official Government policy and the Text Book Fascism that has been crammed down our throats, McCain is the "Change" candidate?

Lick my fucking balls, he should be in jail right along with the rest of them.

Sarah WHO?

Biden is going to clean her clock.

H/T to the beautiful and talented Watertiger!

A very Dependable Renegade.

Yippee KiYay MotherFuckers!

Here is another Outlaws tune for ya, the cover of Ghost Riders In The Sky.
These fellers took this old Country Western classic and made it their own.
Off to work again for me.


Because y'all are so good to me, I did some digging and came up with some concert footage from WAY back in the day.

Enjoy a little guitar work here.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Green Grass And High Tides

The classic Outlaws tune in it's entirety.

I are a Redneck and I approve this message.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thanks Fer Stopping By

It looks like sometime in the next day or two I might actually have had Ten Thousand hits, finally.
Actually, between me bouncing back and forth between here and my utter failure at Wordpress, I hit it a couple of weeks ago but when I came back here I fudged the numbers on my Sitemeter just a bit.
Anyway, THANK YOU for coming, it only took two and a half years but I made it to ten grand.

Tell all yer friends you know an ORNERY BASTARD!

BTW,speaking of milestones, a very nice lady just hit Five Thousand, go make her day.
Prairie Sun Rising!

Tell her Busted sent ya to help me make up for my bitching about Word Verification to leave her a Congrats.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Welcome To Reality Chumps

As I stroll through Blogtopia (Y! SCTP) lately, I am saddened by the fact that many people have suddenly realized they actually live in a Police State.

Where the fuck have you been?
You are just now coming to this realization?

It must be nice to be so insulated.

Rodney King ring a bell?

Just so ya can fully understand, Leave It To Beaver has been off the air for over Forty Years and Daddy Knows Best was a Goddamn farce in it's day.

This ain't Mayberry folks, it is much more akin to Stalinist Russia if ya start looking past the fucking Starbucks Latte in yer hand.

Think back to whenever you became aware of your surroundings, Fifties, Sixties, Seventies, hell the Eighties was a giant leap for the machine.
Then came the nineties and Technology went through the roof.
Now it is unmasked Fascism, raw and deadly serious.

Pre emptive raids on journalists with hopped up warrants that are so fucking sloppily thrown together they don't even bother with the correct address, you motherfuckers are getting raided at gunpoint without cause, without due process, without breaking a single law and without resistance.
Resistance is futile.
Want to gather peaceably for a political statement anywhere in this country?
Get ready to get pepper sprayed, tazered, beat up, tortured, denied food, water or medical attention, just for starters.

Nice to see that the MSM is all over these developments, (cough, cough)
even as they are being abused and arrested like they are so much different than the average anarchist.
The fact that the media is not screaming bloody murder is a very telling non statement.
Fucking weasels.
Good Morning Amerika, try not to stray into the public domain without being ready to be arrested for standing on the fucking sidewalk, what are you thinking, anyway?

Get back to work, if you are lucky enough to have a fucking job and whatever you do,
DO NOT even appear to have an opinion or try to voice it, they WILL tazer yer ass, Bro.

The bestest part to come January, not a fucking thing is going to change in that aspect, Comrade.
It doesn't matter who gets into the Whitehouse.