Friday, February 27, 2009

Wore The Fuck Out.

Sorry, nothing new to go off on, there is but I can't because of legal ramifications.Take my word for it, I ain't a happy camper.Work related.
I went to bed early yesterday and I am doing it again tonight.
Thanks for stopping by, I did find out Granny is a sugar fiend.
I do believe I counted over ten different kinds of cookies and cakes and sugar rolls when I took her shopping tonight.
WTF, when ya get to be 95, ya do whatever the fuck ya want.

I bought beer and some Girl Scout cookies for her.
The little shits are quite relentless.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ya haven't lived, until ya have been Killed By Death

If ya can't hang, I'll see ya later.
This ain't for the weak.

Motorhead rules.

Just because I can, get ready fer some ass kicking,

Here you thought I was a nice guy,if there is ONE of ya left after that, you are a fucking ROCKER and we need to go out and have a good time.

Just fer shits and giggles, have some Orgasmatron.

I feel so much better now.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An Open Letter To Governer Bobby Jindal (R) Louisiana

After watching President Obama address the nation in a fairly forthright way, not all of it,by any stretch of the imagination,I am now watching Bobby Jindal try and rebut that and it is FAIL, 1.0.
Bragging about the response to Katrina is a clue, ya fucking idiot.
Refering to how awesome that response was about six times is a complete failure, just like the actual response.
The fact that New Orleans is still a fucking dumpster turned upside down, three years later?
Go Fuck Yourself and Shut Yer Fucking Pie Hole Dude.
Oh, Awesome Fucking Bonus Round!
The little fucking twit got his panties in a twist because there is some money in the fiasco for volcano monitoring and he just cannot see the wisdom of that and was OPENLY derisive of that funding.

Let me explain something to you, you stupid fucking idiot.

Ever heard of Hawaii?
I do believe that is one of the United States?
Like ,one of the last ones ?
I think, they have a few and I think, they tend to go off and , like, bury whole fucking towns?
Geeze, maybe it's just me.
Does the term Flatlander ever come up in conversations?

Wait, Wait,!
Crap, then there is that Alaska place, you know, where that hot little Milf you guys wanted for the Vice President?

Yeah, that place.

By the way, it is bigger than Texas and WAY the fuck bigger than Louisiana, last I checked, yeah they have volcano's too.

Oh wait, gee , I ain't done schooling yer stupid fucking ass.

Here is the abbreviated list, take my word for it, there are hundreds more, they call them vents.
I have actually hiked or visited quite a few of these sleeping monsters in my day.

Mt. St. Helens?

Let me refresh your memory.
Before 1980,

May 18th, 1980,

Shortly afterwards,

Just for your information, the ash from that little fire cracker shut down the Columbia River, the largest River in the Pacific Northwest, killed over 50 people and destroyed a few towns, wiped out a few hundred square miles of forest,killed thousands of animals, sterilized a couple of lakes full of trout and wiped out an entire salmon run, choked every river around it for miles and cost hundreds of millions of FEDERAL DOLLARS just to re open the biggest water way for traffic involving four states and parts of Canada. The ash from that eruption went all the way around the world.
Guess what, Mr. I don't want to pay for monitoring?
I busted my narrow ass as part of a massive dredging project cleaning that mess enough to get the Columbia open AND the Cowlitz river too.

The area is still to this day completely fucked up and the ash from that eruption is still everywhere. There are still giant mountains of ash and artificial islands a mile long , twenty nine fucking years later.

Damn, I certainly would hate for your ass to pay one fucking nickel for any monitoring, ya know.

Kiss my ass you ignorant fuck.


Portland Oregon.
Ever heard of that place?
Yeah, they actually have a volcano inside the city limits, Mt Tabor.
I actually lived right at the bottom of it. Look it up.
Not to mention, Mount Hood.
Seventy five miles out of town, it could bury the whole fucking town in about an hour.
Oh, that is also where this major city gets its water supply from.

Time out, no piece of shit politician is going to take up a second of my time if my beautiful daughter wants to come over and spend a little time with her asshole Dad.

Ok, I'm back.

Back to the subject here, Mr. Jindal, have you ever heard of a called Seattle?

How about Mt. Rainier?

That volcano has been documented to completely bury a swath a mile wide and fifty miles down stream, when it has blown in the past. It is a lot farther inland and a whole lot bigger in person than one would imagine.
See the picture below.

Tell me how you are so against the expenditure for volcano monitoring after you had a weeks worth of warning from the National Weather System, paid for by the Federal Government, and fucked that off to the point a major United States City drowned, along with over a thousand residents and caused the break down of the rule of law, when a Category 5 Hurricane spent a little time along the coast in your neighborhood?

Fuck You Dude.

Shut Yer Fucking Mouth about things you have no clue about, eh?

I still can't make a Gumbo worth a shit, but I ain't getting on National television telling everyone else how the guy in Duluth can't either but ya damn well better not pay for him to find out that a fucking natural disaster is imminent and he might need to like, evacuate so him and his family don't get fucking incinerated because a size large sulphur fart is coming down the pipe out of the biggest alimentary canal the world has ever seen and there just happens to be a few thousand years of ice and snow flying along with it.

I am so sick of you ignorant cocksuckers in the Republican party flailing away trying to convince my ass that you have ONE SINGLE ANSWER FOR ANYTHING that at this point, I would seriously consider a recipe for cat piss to be a major improvement out of you fucking idiots.

Fuck off and get the hell back to taking care of the people who elected your dumb fucking ass, they obviously need it more that I need you to pass judgment on programs designed to protect me and a few MILLION other neighbors from a natural disaster that you have proven you have ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING IDEA THAT IS A REAL THREAT.

Jeez, I forgot, they think the world is flat.
Never seen a fucking Volcano?
Let me help you,

Any idea how they get so big?
Ever heard of Subduction zones and Continental drift?
Oh, excuse me, of course you haven't.
I saw on the news today that you are a Rhodes Scholar.
The dumbing down of America must be ahead of schedule.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

Just now catching up with some news and all I see everywhere are Conservative Republican heads exploding everywhere.
I will drink to that.
Long live the South, you have without doubt elected the most child like , stubborn bunch that has abso-fucking-lutley no thoughts about you, your family, your counties or your fucking states viability in the forseeable future.

I have to say, I feel for ya.
Because they are so busy playing hide the weenie with their responsibilities to their constituents and trying to leverage themselves looking forward to the next election, they could give a rats ass if you are starving and can't make the rent.

Bobby Jindell, has the hots for a Presidential run in four years, oh yeah, pound sand,Pawlenty is right there too.
Halley Barber?
Dude, Missouri is beyond fucked even now, and you want to play fucky fucky with money that your State desperately needs?
Bye Bye.
Even Ahnohld want a huge piece of this pie, what a surprise.
California used to be the eighth largest economy in the world, he wants the the fucking money to buy new printing presses for the Food Stamp program. He is going to need it.

New York even sent a formal letter to Obammy, saying if they don't want it, we can haz seconds?

WTF? I know, I really don't like this deficit spending but WTF? Get yer fucking head out of your ass!
If that is what it takes to keep people working?
That is bad?
The other Southern Republican who is threatening to deny any stimulus money is, surprise,
a Southern Republican!

South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford(R) say's he don't want some too.

You betcha fellers, fuck everyone else, we haz principles, just like ya did when Bush was throwing Billions of dollars into the Big Sand Trap. Assholes.

Jindell was reportedly open for some stimulus money targeted for UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS, if he could use it instead to fix some pot holes in front of the Governors Mansion.


The money got voted for, whether ya like it or not, it is on a fast track to be made available, done deal.
If your Governor decides that the principles of his political party take precedent over the needs of his constituents and that is OK with you, quit stopping by here, we will never see eye to eye and Trolls get short shrift around here.

I would much rather see any amount of money go to a neighbor who is having to stand in line at the local food bank so he can feed his children get a few bucks than I would some preening cocksucker who will never even feel this economic contraction and sticks his middle finger up on the orders of his political party.
That shit ain't right.

I will absolutely agree that what is going on in Bizzaro Land is beyond fucked up, the banks should be trying to sell the fake potted plants in their lobby for cents on the dollar, the reality is, people are fucking starving and committing suicide.
I think maybe these fuckers can afford to toss a buck or two to the people who are ultimately paying for these thieving bastards dastardly deeds.
There is going to be a realignment in this country and the sheople are going to figure out this country is fucked but ya can't keep an entire country going Monday through Friday if no one shows up.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Have A New Friend, For Real

I was so lucky today, I got to meet a long time friend from the internet in person and it was even more than I could hope for.
Suzanne and I have been kibitzing back and forth for a couple of years, at least, and she came to visit for a bit today.
What a neat lady.

I am just tickled.

We had a nice visit while she was here but she had to get home to take care of business.
I am hoping I will get the chance to go see her place on the coast, it looks and sounds like my kind of place.
The poor dear could hardly find a place to sit until I started throwing boxes around and cleaned off a spot, I am such a guy, I fergot my manners for a minute.
She liked the new place!

It was so nice to see her and I am looking forward to meeting again when we have more time to visit.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Can I Borrow A Spatula?

I need something to scrape my ass off the floor.

I am exhausted and I am taking a fucking day off.

Please take a few minutes and peruse the Blogroll. There are quite a few new folks that could use a little traffic.

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully I will get back into form in the next week or so.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Stimulus 4.25

First I would like to thank my brother for offering me this opportunity to throw something out there and have a discussion. Yesterday I was thinking of the whole retarded mess that the banks and lenders have put us into and the fact that I will be paying for these fuckups for awhile. So how about this. A 4.25 percent 30 yr fixed for everyone mandated by the government for those banks wanting or needing bailout monies. I know, I know, so let me be the first to play devils advocate and say the banks won't like it or won't go for it. Then I say fuck um. Fine, you don't get any money, how's that taste? But here's what I see as a plus. First those like myself that qualified for a loan can refinance and create jobs. Put more spendable income in my pocket so I can then put it back into the economy. Second, for those in trouble, reassess their house back to what they are really worth then refinance. Lower their payments and create jobs. Again I hear you, the banks and share holders won't like it. Fuck um. At 4.25 they will still be making money versus not making shit and carrying bad paper. For those who don't own at this time, offer a five year voucher for this rate so that when the housing prices stabilize they too can buy. For those that have lost their job, the same offer based on their previous job and skill level with a 12 month payment deferment program so they can get back on their feet. I was always taught that a roof over my head was shelter not a means to another shelter aka a long term investment. So lets get everyone into a shelter. The banks will still make money, though not as much. So what, they are greedy bastards anyway. Poke holes in this so I can get it out of my head.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tastes Like Spotted Owl.

You and I both know what would be happening in this country right now, they would completely shut down the (several) suspected counties where this little morsel was suspected of coming from and fuck anyone who was in the middle of trying to make a living there, while they scoured the country side with butterfly nets looking for another one of these fucking things.
Don't get me wrong, I love shit like this, where some long thought lost little delicacy has been rediscovered.
My point is , look what happened there, compared to what happens here.
Just so ya know, I about puked when I started reading the article at that link.
I can be a bit of a tree hugger but trees make the world go round and Forest Managery and Logging used to employ millions of workers around the world, especially in the area I grew up in and that all came to a screeching halt because of the Spotted Owl.

Where I grew up used to be the largest lumber exporting port in the entire fucking world.
Now there is nothing left, all the saw mills, lumber yards, trucks, fallers, buckers, chip plants, paper mills, dock workers, every fucking related industry is still dead and now the government checks making up for the loss of revenue because of the controversial shut down of the forests because of the conservationist firestorm of these small birds in question, are about to dry up.

Look for a new contender to the disaster Appalachia is in the next few years, on the West Coast.

Let us not forget the Marbled Murrelet and the Snowy Plover in the scheme of things around here.

I have to think they all taste like chicken with a little BBQ sauce on a grill.

Good on 'em for finding a lost specie.

Grab a butterfly net and a bottle of BBQ sauce before the fucking government hears about it.

Can You Say "Stopping Power"?

Either this chick has hair made out of Kevlar or the fucking idiot who went all ape shit crazy needs a few lessons on gun calibers. Nothing says I love you like shooting a few rounds at the object of your desire.

I would have to think a Blow Job is out of the question, until you get where you are going, eventually.
I guess it is a moot point.
She lived and he is going to PMITFA prison, where some old school sumbitch will make sure he never makes that mistake again.

They live among us.

H/T Fark, again.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tweety Needs To Quit Gargleing And Spit It Out.

Oh fer Fucks Sakes, Chris, pull the cock out of your mouth and try to find some floss.

Wait,wait, he has some water carrying Republican flailing about as hard as he fucking can who is spinning the new home owner bailout as fast as a cat in a sardine packing plant.
Dan Lundgren,(R) (Stupid Fuck) (Idiotville) CA.
OH! Fucking BONUS!
The Maroon just invoked the Tanned One, Boehner,as the Gate keeper of the Republican party!
I am SO looking forward to a cage match between Rush and Boenher!
Shit, throw in that crazy fucking bitch Backmann, and you are set up for the Grand Wizard of Right Wing Crazy Mother Fuckers, Newt Fucking Gingrich.
We can haz Tag Team Cage Match?

Newt is still trying to sell the same damn snake oil he was back in the nineties, except it's New and Improved Republican Horseshit in a smaller bottle.
Fuck You, asshole.
The Estate Tax argument needs to be buried, in the back of yer throat, for ever and ever, AMEN!

Do you have any clue why we are so lucky that these fucking assholes have been dying off in droves lately?
Oh, let me say right now, after watching this spooge stain, Chris Mathews for the last ten minutes, he would be sucking dinner out of a straw if he kept asking me a question and then interrupting me after three fucking words into my answer,over and over, on National Television.
The guy is a piece of shit to begin with but I would have stood up and bitch slapped him after he did it twice but of course he is many states away while he is pulling this shit and as safe as Karl Rove in front of a Judiciary Committee.
We would see about this Hard Ball shit.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Want A Divorce

I have been thinking, and I think I don't want to be together anymore.

How many fucking times have I heard that line?
Too many, but now I see how it can be effective, you bitchez.

At long last, I have finally had enough of you and your friends who keep coming around and taking turns pissing in the plants and comparing each others shriveled nutsack to each other in front of the children, and torturing the neighbors at all hours of the day and night.

I can deal with the whining and bitching but after your fucking asshole friends went and bounced so many checks in the past and now that they are crying to be recognized as the financially responsible party,and who can still find time to find ways to call me a traitor because I can't fucking stand cleaning up after them every time they show up and trash the place, I am done.

Talk to the lawyers.

Oh and that one fellow who keeps crying into his beer until all hours of the night is not welcome back, ever again, I am serious.

I hate to say it but if you cannot see the difference between us, our children and your so called friends, I think it is time for you to seriously think about what it is you really want.*

* Just a little note to the Trolls, this is satire mixed with sarcasm.
Get a fucking girlfriend and you will soon recognize many of the highlited items, especially the meaning of the title.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama Reportedly Prepared To Step In Front Of Speeding Bus

According to Crooks and Liars, President Obama is set to convene a special Task Force tasked with reforming Social Security.

Get right on that I say. You will be handed yer ass so fucking fast yer head will spin.

I can't fucking believe the guy is that fucking stupid.
Less than one month into a new Presidency, in the midst of handing out Billions of dollars to Bankers and financial fuck ups, you think for one micro second you are going to fuck around with Social Security, you had best just step in front of that speeding bus, your chances of surviving are better.

Someone maybe thinks we aren't paying attention to how in the fuck we are getting by NOW, that maybe folks like me , who have been paying into that mother fucker for thirty fucking years aren't maybe going to get just a wee bit pissed off about that security net being fucked with?
Were you not paying attention when Stupie McFuckwit thought he had enough political stroke to lay waste to that in typical Republican fashion?
Dude, I am STILL pissed off at Raygun for upping the retirement eligibility age to sixty seven.

All I can say is bring that shit on and find out what an ass whipping really is.

By the way, the first dumb bastard that whines about how us Boomers are all whiny, self centered and think we are entitled to unreasonable benefits can spend a week following me around and then take a look at my fucking pay check.I pay, every fucking week I pay.
Thirty years worth.
Bring this subject up with a random little old lady who is about to retire, I Double Dog Dare ya.

Like it or not, I paid for the generation in front of me and I have never really had any problem with that, they busted their asses and paid into it, it is their turn. That is how it is set up.
You want to fuck with that, when the biggest generation in American history has been paying into that for thirty or forty years and are holding out hope it will be there in another ten years, after how many fucking administrations have borrowed money from this vehicle and not paid a fucking dime back, you got a big fucking problem.

Bring it on and get some band aids, motherfucker.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thank You

I kid you not, I am a very lucky sumbich.This move went off with only a half hour of dicking around trying to get the Weasel Den into its new home. Thank you Mark, my neighbor, for hauling the fucking thing for me and having to back the fucker up clear through a Motel parking lot and a trailer park because the fucking thing is so long.The extra half hour of backing up over boulders and shit, trying to get the bastard moved over sixteen inches, was above and beyond.

I need to extend some very sincere thanks to some friends and relatives and I am all over that, right fucking now.
Thank you Kevin, my brother.
The man got up at the crack of dawn and drove three fucking hours , just so he could bust his ass.
Bust his ass he did, I am forever in your debt dude.
Then he got to drive three fucking hours to get home.
I do believe I owe ya , as long as it ain't heavy.

Another brother, BP, showed up with a buddy and there was a buttload of heavy lifting going on shortly.
Thanks B. and Mike!
Kevin made sure the fucking thing was level, the water did not leak, the furnace worked and generally kicked fucking ass.
By the way, the water line started leaking at the faucet, my neighbor Roger pointed that out right as I was leaving.
It probably needs a new washer, fuck it until tomorrow.
Let me just say that I am one lucky guy to have friends and relatives to come help me move without a whole bunch of notice and do it well.
I have a neighbor couple who kind of gave me a hard time last year when I was trying to garden, let me just say that that has changed and there will be a garden this year with more than two hands, right on.

OK, it is time fort me to fall down now, oh yeah we has pictures. Thanks Steve, for running home to get yer camera;

The Rat Hole,

Hell, I even met a couple of neighbors that pitched in and My sincere thanks to them for that!

The whole time we were getting with this program, there was a crew right next to us demolishing another trailer and I am here to tell you,these guys do NOT fuck around!
There was a huge pile of shit and they were still going at it when I left!

The Weasel Den

I still have to go yank out the dishes and pots and pans tomorrow, then I am calling it a done deal for this round.
There is a shitload of cleaning that has to be done, moving all my shit into the nooks and crannies snd getting rid of o few items that do not fit.

Well, I am pretty much exhausted, Gthud.

Here We Go

Today is the big day.
One of my brothers just got here, I just called the guy where the trailer is and off we go.
Going to be a long fucking day but worth the effort.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Word of Advice

Yeah, and I could use a few pointers myself.

This is ugly, as I found out today.

In the middle of the clusterfuck that I went through today, I had to move a buttload of canned goods.

That shit does not just jump up and fly out the door, it is very heavy.

What the fuck?
I know it is food security but if something comes up and ya have to get the fuck out of Dodge in a hurry, it is a boat anchor stuck in the sand.

Holy Crap!

It took me three hours and two trips hunting for boxes to pack up twelve boxes of Food out of a twenty four foot trailer and I am not done yet.
I have not even got to the rest of the shit.
Gahhh!, I am such a packrat!

Fuck Me if TSHTF!

All I am trying to do is move thirty fucking feet!

How in the Hell someone would be able to pack up and haul ass is beyond me.

Unless everything was in a box with wheels on it, yer fucked.
Either that or have a fucking conveyor belt system that a guy could back up under, even then ya are fucked, it takes two people , minimum.

So, a good dose of the ugly truth, ain't nobody going to out run anything.

On the other hand, the neighbor lady that teased me about my puny little garden last year seems to have gotten a change of heart and asked me if she can help me with the one I want to put in this year.

Hell yes.

In the rest of the news, the guy that wanted to buy the Rat Hole has had a stroke of good luck and was given a Fifth wheel to move into, good for him.

He has offered to demolish the Rat Hole and I am all fer that.
One less fucking nightmare for me.

Thanks for stopping by, be assured there is more fun to come tomorrow, the fucking neighbor dude never got his trailer moved out so I can pull my new POS in and there is going to be burnt rubber come tomorrow when I hook up to that fucker and drag it out.

Wish me luck and God Bless.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Outta The Loop

Today I have a good reason.
Today was Grannies 95th Birthday.
I looked and looked for something to give her for a present, what the hell does she need that she doesn't already have?

A gift card.

Get yerself something whenever the urge comes upon ya, she was quite happy with that.

I have not been able to keep up with hardly any of yer blog posts , or the fucking news.

It will come.

Oh, Happy Valentines Day to ya.
LMFAO. I just saved a hundred bucks, the fucking cats have no clue.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Execution By Firing Squad

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spread The Word, It's Time

Hat Tip/ the always lovely and very talented, Watertiger.

You GO Ladies!

Here is a dose of reality, ya start fucking around with people starving because the government is more concerned with making sure the thieving fuckers in the banking industry have enough money instead of the people who are paying for that shit, and the women folk start taking care of business, my hat is off to each and every one of these hard working ladies AND, the old guys who are still getting up and kicking the rooster in the ass.

God Bless Ya.

"In the past 5 years, there was a 20% increase in the number of farmers over 75 years old, and a 30% decrease in the number of farmers under 25," Ellis says.

One of the big surprises in the 2007 Ag Census is the growth in the number of women involved on the farm. The number of women comprising "principal operators" increased by almost one third.

"One of the most significant changes in the 2007 Census of Agriculture is the increase in female farm operators, both in terms of the absolute number and the percentage of all principal operators," according to the census. "There were 306,209 female principal operators counted in 2007, up from 237,819 in 2002 -- an increase of almost 30%."

Notice these statistics are from 2007.
I can't wait to see the results from this current year.

I cherry picked this info from here.

Yes, I cherry picked this for my own purposes but you damn well can extrapolate these results like I did. The economy has dropped off a cliff in the last year but it hasn't been so peachy keen for quite a while now, somebody is paying attention.

Get ya a garden, this shit is about to get ugly.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shit Is Happening.

Sorry this place has gone to hell , shit is flying fast.
I am going to be busier than a one armed paper hanger in a hurricane for the forseeable future.

There is progress being made but I have to fall down now.
I still ain't sleeping for shit, I am waking up a little after four in the morning every fucking day and can't get back to sleep until three minutes before the alarm goes off and there is no relief in sight.
I did get a hold of the neighbor and made a deal to have him drag the new Weasel Den* down the hill on Sunday.

I do believe I am going to have to use some vacation just to knock myself the fuck out for two or three days here real soon.

* There ya go PhysioProf, we haz a name for it now.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Still Kickin'

OK, I ain't unemployed yet but I am still stressed clear the fuck out.
I tried to lay low today but I was under heavy Surveillance anyway, I see what's going on.
That part is done, what has got me stressed the fuck out is this Three Card Monte fucking move.

Jeeze, the owner of the Mobile Home Park is not a happy camper because the guy that just moved out left a giant fucking mess and out the fuck went.He has no clue what the hell is going on, neither does anyone else at this point.
The owner, let's call him Steve, is not happy, there are apparently six different plans going on at once and he has no fucking clue what any of them are.I did call him and we talked for over a half hour and I hope we are now on the same wavelength.If I am lucky, he is going to let me move my fourteen year old Fifth Wheel in even though the official policy is 95 or newer.
I am going to be fucked if that does not happen.

I can't blame him for being unhappy because I sure as fuck wasn't for a long time.
This is very fucked up now but after I talked to him, I schmoozed my way into the plan I had going, no matter what the fuck else happens, I am going to have to pull a fucking miracle out of my ass on Sunday ,but I think, I hope, I have enough Karma built up that I am going to get two brothers, a daughter and WHOEVER I NEED TO CALL, to get this done.
What comes around, goes around and I think I can make this work.
God willing.
If I can get some decent sleep between now and then, it would go a long way to make this happen. I will be glad when I can stop stressing out about my fucking job but, Holy Moly, in this time slot of this completely fucked up economy , if I can make the short term stuff stick, I will have a good chance. This next week is going to be like a cat having kittens.

I am more than thankful I don't have to load up three very heavy toolboxes and a Semi load of other shit I have collected over the years and try to find a place to store that shit on top of trying to move into another trailer, with a giant clusterfuck all going on at the same time.

I might be an Ornery Bastard but I am just as captive to these stupid fucking cocksuckers in charge of of the economy as anyone else and that sucks balls, Big Balls.

Every time I see these fucking cocksuckers on the television I wonder who is doing their fucking laundry and yard work for them.Fucking cunts, they could give a shit for anyone that works for a living and have proved it time and again.There should be public beatings every Sunday instead of listening to these motherfuckers trash talk shit outta their ass on national television.

Stay tuned, there is shit going on and I haven't had a decent nights sleep in days.
Time to fall down, I slept through lunch today I was so fucking tired.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Waiting For Tomorrow

If I still have a job after tomorrow, things could be looking up.
My boss is one unpredictable sonofabitch, I know for a fact he is Bi Polar because I am and I recognize it when I see it.
He chewed my ass real good about twenty minutes before quitting time on Friday and I wouldn't put it past him for one second to have stewed about it all weekend and just walk in and tell me I am done first thing in the morning.
If I can make it through the day, I will breathe a little easier.
The good news I alluded too?
I went to go talk to the other neighbor that was supposed to pull the other neighbors trailer that has been telling me he is going to move since September, and I passed him going the other way on the freeway, hauling the guys trailer, finally.
Bonus round, I got a phone call from a guy I know who has a kid in the middle of hard times and wanted to know if I wanted to get rid of the Rat Hole.
You betcha.
a hundred and a half and it's yers.
So, I might not have to fuck around tearing the thing up and paying to haul it to the dump!

Like I said, surviving tomorrow is the key. Wish me luck......

Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Touchy, Feel Good Post

Today, my extended family all showed up for a family get together for one of my Grandmothers 95th birthday celebration.
We had a very nice day and some old family arguments got buried, so I hope.

Damn, there was a lot of folks show up.
A few were missing but by and large, most were here. Oh yeah, the economy was a popular subject.
I was a nice boy because my mom was here and my dad wasn't, so I had to kind of take over as a host.

It was , as usual, a family get together but not at Christmas and for once I wasn't the asshole getting fingers pointed at.

Will miracles never cease?

A Touchie, Feel Good Post/

Friday, February 06, 2009

Help Me!

I am going to lose my fucking mind if I have to watch much more television.

Mom has the remote and I have been sitting here in a semi coma watching some horse shit fucking show called Nightline on ABC.
Make it stop!
Like I give a fuck about Kate Blanchette and her nudie scences and just how that made her feel and maybe, just maybe she might getting a fucking Oscar and now I am being tortured with fucking dogs and the Show Dog circuit.
Spare me!
Who fucking cares?

How about recipes?

How much will that doggie in the window cost me to turn into Happy Happy Burritos?

This is the epitome of what the fuck is wrong with this country.

Doggie massages?!!!

I am now going to pound as many fucking beers as it takes for me to be unconscious.

Gnite mommy.

I love you.

Fuck you, ABC.


In an America past, we would have this justice.
A major H/T to David Aquarius at Shamanaqua for sharing this.

Off Topic and just FYI,
I got threatened with job termination because I spend too much time on the internet at work.
It is most probable that my posting will be relegated to after I get home and cruise around before I find something of interest to rant about.

All I can say to that is that is why big tool boxes are called, "Roll Aways".
They have wheels, Boss man..

Keep On Chooglin

It is finally Friday!
I have a TON of shit to do this weekend, things like finish cleaning the Rat Hole, my Grandmothers 95th Birthday party and a bunch of other shit,which ,if this like any other weekend, is subject to change without notice.
In the spirit of all work and no play making one dull and uninteresting,I plan to do some partying in between all that just for good measure.

So, for everyone's listening pleasure, I bring you this seriously toe tappin' mother fucker from yester year.
I had forgotten how much I love this tune!

Keep On Chooglin'!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Time Out

I have more shit going on right now than a fucking Lion could bury in a litter box the size of Rush Limbaugh's ego.

Just for fun, Google Litter Box and Rush Limbaugh, hopefully ya get A Piece of Shit as a result with two hundred million results.

Open Your Eyes

I want everyone to go over to my pal Monkeyfister and read what he has to say and really think about it.

Things are bad and are going to get much, much worse at the rate we are going and you need to be able to start looking out for yourself and your family.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Standoff At The OK Shithole

Ya never seen anything like this, I sure as fuck haven't.

There are three fucking cats here at Chez Parents now.
The little fuckers have been sorting out the pecking order since I tossed them together and boy howdy, it has been hilarious.

I generally flop my ass down and start in to relaxing after a long day and every once in while , there will be a vociferous exchange between a random set of felines as they pass each other in the hallway.
Git er Done, Figure It Out, STFU.
I will clean up the mess tomorrow and I am trying to watch the fucking news here, ya fucking varmints!

I have noticed a kind of twisted end result of this, when I am sitting on the terlet, I get a fucking parade of cats every morning, with a inevitable cat fight right around the corner.
One, two, three. they come in to say hello and demand a bit of petting and I am like, WTF?

I even have one that comes in to say Hi and then goes and jumps in the cat box, right after the little fucker makes sure I am paying attention.
Good kitty, ya little fucker, now I have to change the cat litter again.
Let me tell ya, that shit gags me, every time.
It's amazing, a three to one difference of what they eat and how much they shit!

I have quite a few more observations of some strange cat behaviors but I should save them for Caturday, 2014.

Belly Laugh Of The Day

I fucking lost it when I saw this just now.
Damn, that's funny.

I Haz Title

My tax money came in three days early, will wonders never cease?
I went over and paid the nice man the rest of the money for the new digs and got the title.
We are both happier now.
Then I stopped by the trailer court to see if my neighbor had moved yet, oh fuck no.

So, I lit a fire under his ass and told him to get with the fucking program because I am coming on with it in two fucking weeks and I will move him MYSELF if he isn't fucking gone by then.

I think I got his attention.

Subtlety isn't one of my strong points.

In other news, my drivers license expired last weekend on my birthday so I had to go renew that sonofabitch this morning.
I took off my granny spectacles and the lady made me do the vision test anyway, dammit. I BARELY passed that bastard, I fucking guessed on a couple of the letters, must have been close enough, I got to shell out twenty five bucks and got a new temporary with the usual hideous picture.
At least it is good for 5 years.
It's progress, at least!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Let Me Entertain You.

Do ya like horror stories?
I just had the living shit scared out of me.

I don't give a FUCK who says I am a paranoid, tin foil hat wearing whack job, this just fucking happened to me, I was actually paying serious attention.

I have been staying at my parents place while they are on vacation.

OK, done deal. I take care of the garbage and recycling and whatever mail comes through.
This ain't my first rodeo, they had their mailing address changed to where they are staying.
Thank Goodness, I swear they are keeping the local post office on overtime just for the fucking junk mail they get.
Another part of staying here is the very important part of keeping an eye out for my Granny.
Ya gotta watching out for them, they tend to want to do their own thing, like I blame 'em, they just break real easy.
So, to my point now.
I just got here a little bit ago and the phone rang.
Granny can't hear for shit so I answer the phone when I am here.

I answered the sonovabitch and get a recorded message that there has been some suspicious activity on my charge card.
That would be my parents card, they don't know I even exist, I just answered the fucking phone.

OK, this sounds fairly serious so I hang up the fucking phone and call my Dad.

I do believe that is a reasonable reaction?

I ask him if they have used a credit card to buy something relatively expensive.
He says no.
OK, here is what I just got a phone call here about and...

Beep Beep. My motherfucking Cell phone from work starts going off, I have another incoming call on the phone I am talking to my Dad on, so I click over and it is the fucking credit card company on my Dads phone and the dirty fucking bastards are on my WORK CELL PHONE AT THE SAME TIME!!!!
My cell phone number is from a completely different state!

Answer me this, a credit card company calls to warn my parents there is some suspicious activity on their card.
I answer the phone but cannot give them any kind of authorization information, so I hang up.
I call my Dad and the next thing I know, my fucking cell phone starts ringing at the same time my parents phone does when you have an incoming call, and when I hang up, both phones go to a dial tone and I can hear my cell phone hangs up a micro second before my parents phone goes dead.

I don't give a rats ass if you can't put two and two together, I sure as fuck can.
There is some wicked assed fucking technology being used against us and that just scared the living shit out of me.

In case you think I am paranoid, yer damn straight I am, there is a GPS chip in my cell phone.

BAD To The Bone

Today Is Blog Amnesty day!

If you have a Blog and would like to be added to My Blogroll, drop me a link in the comments, link to me and I will add you.
That's it.

I would like to say Thank You to Jon Swift, Skippy The Bush Kangaroo and the inimitable Blue Gal for knocking this one clear out of the park!

OK, here is a quick five for today.

Teh Kitty antidote/anecdote, for all things Kitty.

Thats Why, because she said so, dammit!

The Black Bus, because we could all use a nice meander once in a while.

Watergate Summer, because this is a nice lady defined.

The Political Cat
, some damn fine people who really care.

Bonus Round,

My hero, Driftglass, because he has sent me scrambling for the dictionary more times than I care to admit and he is flat fucking brilliant.
Thanks Dude, yer the man.

Double Bonus Round,

Mark Of The Beast, because Annti is just about the only one I know of in Blogtopia (Y!SCTP) that could out rant me on my best day.
Thanks honey!

Triple Bonus Round,

A very good man, that is a high compliment in my book,


Keep up the good work my man, people are starting to get it.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Some Awesome Good News !!

I scored Big Time today!!

If ya have been following my exploits for any time, you know I have been living in a POS 26ft Travel Trailer I call the Rat Hole.
It's a beat up 1981 trailer that basically half the shit inside either wasn't there, or if it was, it didn't work.
Dents, fucked up doors, no stove, you name it.

I have to get a picture of this for the Red Neck hall of fame.

By the way though, I was very happy to get this trailer at the time and it has served me well., It was a big step up from what I was in before and I seriously want to give a shout out to my friends Steve and Tim for looking out for my narrow ass and getting it for me when I really needed something that didn't fucking leak water all over my bed, no matter which end of the motorhome I tried putting it on, Thanks Guys!

Anyways, Someone upstairs smiled on me today.A big, beautiful smile and I am very thankful.

I have been checking out the local Craigs List for months, dreaming of finding a deal out there and I have seen several but I never had the money.
Today made up for all of those in spades.
I spotted an impossible deal and got lucky.
I found a 1985, 35 foot long Fifth wheel for.....

I about shit a ring around myself before I could get on the phone and call the guy.

The ad had been up since Sunday after noon and I figured it would probably be long gone, but NO!!

Better yet, it is only a couple of miles from the trailer park.

I hauled ass getting over there after work, but I was nervous because I didn't have all the money, my tax refund is due on Friday.
I stopped at the ATM and cleaned out my checking account and went over there with two hundred bucks and a case of nerves, hoping I could talk the guy into a down payment until Friday and IT WORKED!!


Of course the thing needs some work here and there, some minor water leaks, a hot water heater (nothing wrong with the one in the Rat Hole, that was the first thing I had to fix in that thing.)
The landing gear is busted and it is sitting on some four by fours, I will graciously offer to clean up after myself and if he doesn't want them, what the hell?

The tires look good and did I mention it is THIRTY FIVE FEET LONG?!!

This thing is like the Taj Mahal compared to what I have now!

Can ya tell I am just a little stoked?


The best part is that he needs to clean it out of some stuff but he has to go out of town next week so I have TWO weeks to get shit situated and stuff moved around where mine is now and hopefully the neighbor who has been telling me he is going to leave since last September should be gone by then and I can just back it in and start moving.

After I am done, I am going to talk to my boss about dragging the Rat Hole to work, parking it next to a twenty yard dumpster and taking it apart with a back hoe and carting the carcass off to the dump and the scrap yard.

I am just beside myself and am very, very grateful.

Wish me luck and I will keep ya updated.

It just goes to show, sometimes ya just get lucky and this was almost scary how lucky I got on this deal.

OH! How The Once Mighty Have Fallen.

This warms the cockles of my black little heart beyond mere words.

Fall from power: Rumsfeld relegated to riding the bus

John Byrne
Published: Monday February 2, 2009

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who managed to invade a country and serve four terms in Congress, tried to ride a bus last week but failed, according to a report Monday.

Rumsfeld "stood alone" at the 42 Metrobus bus stop just north of Dupont Circle last Thursday, when icy traffic made the roads a nightmare for drivers, Roll Call's [paid-restricted] Emily Heil and Elizabeth Brotherton reported Monday.

With his SmarTrip card in hand -- the DC metro's rechargeable fare card -- Rumsfeld "stood quietly" waiting for the bus.

“It was almost like the guy at the first day of work,” Heil and Brotherton's source remarked. “He was looking at the card, thinking, ‘How does this work?’”

The bus eventually came but "was too packed to pick up any more passengers," the reporters wrote.

Rumsfeld apparently gave up, walking away down the hill.

“He made it down the hill just fine,” the paper's source said. “He didn’t fall or anything.”

And so Donald Rumsfeld, once a favorite and cunning coddler of the Washington press corps, was obliged to take to his destination on foot.

Since his resignation as Defense Secretary in 2006, Rumsfeld has kept a relatively low profile, accepting a one-year stint as a fellow at the Hoover Institution, and pitching a memoir, though no book deal has been announced.

Yeah,the bus was too packed to let one war mongering piece of shit get on.
More like the bus driver took one look at Rummy and said, no fucking way!

Well, sometimes ya have to get to work with the rubber heels ya got, not the rubber wheels ya want.

A huge H/T to Raw Story fer making my fucking day.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty, Round Two!

I know there is a certain slant that this supposed to take, linking to liberal Blogs, etc, etc, I have always been a fucking rebel and have always done what I want, this is my Blog.
Therefore, I am going to throw a curveball into this endeavor and start linking to some Preparedness sites because the economy is very much taking a shit like a newbie after a hard night of drinking hard likker.
This is a good thing, these are excellent people and ya might learn a thing or two.
If you are truly a liberal then that means you should have somewhat of an open mind to new ideas, here ya go.....

Meet Mr. Michael Boone.
There is no Bullshit where he is concerned.Straight up, he is a good guy.

Staying Alive is a no nonsense place to get your attitude adjusted.

Just because I am an equal opportunity kind of guy, now meet his wife, Patricia, The Handmaiden.

I get a kick out of this lady, I am here to tell ya.

She has it going on when it comes to herbal recipes and living the life. She knows her stuff and will show you how to find vegetables growing in your own back yard.

This next one has it going on.
Pretty much every post has some excellent information that could save your life. Go read all of it and start paying attention,

RiverWalker is a down home, do yer homework kind of guy.

This isn't play time anymore. Some parts of the country that just got hammered with the biggest ice storm in recorded history are not expected to have their electricity restored until some time next month.
This shit is real.

The next three are from real people who are dealing with the situation in real time.
Coffee With The Hermit, Degringolade, and The View From Treesongs.

All I am trying to do is help spread these voices and remind you that the economy has already started taking a toll. These are our neighbors and they are telling their story about how they are dealing with it.
By the way, I Googled Degringolade because I had never heard of it, how very fucking appropriate my man.

This list would not be complete without Mayberry.
This is living on the edge in the new America.
Get 'em Tiger.