Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ornery Bastards New Digs

Yep, I have moved to Wordpress, finally.
This place has been good to me, I have to say.
Follow the link below to get to the brand new shiny home for my ranting and raving.

Ornery Bastard V2.0

I would like to thank everyone for their support and valued friendship while I was trying to learn the ropes.It's been a blast and I am hoping to take full advantage of the opportunities that are sure to come in the future to help get this country back on track and in trustworthy hands again.

Please update your Blogroll to reflect the change of address and I hope to see you all soon at the new place.

Although I have moved most of the old posts to the new place, I am going to leave this Blogspot right where it's at for archival purposes.


The Blogroll update should be complete now.
If you do not see your place on the new Blogroll leave me a reminder in the comments over there and I will rectify that immediately.
Anyone who wants to exchange Blogroll links, let me know there too.

Once again, THANK YOU for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


To make up for not posting anything about cats on Caturday, I am going to add two of my favorite kitty spots to my Blogroll.
First up is an at least twice daily look at I Can Has Cheezeburger, otherwise known as Lolcats.
If you haven't been to this place yet, you are doing something very wrong on the internets.

The next one is one of my personal favorites,Watertiger, at Dependable Renegade. This lady knocks me out with her wit and snark.She falls under the Kitty category for her name and she likes cats too,BIG CATS.
To be fair, she likes the little guy's too.

Watertiger's picture captioning abilities are beyond par, she cracks me up constantly.
I always get a kick out of her skewering the latest idiot that makes the mistake of getting in her crosshairs.This is another place I always check in on a couple times a day usually just to make sure I haven't missed an instant classic in the making.
She is a sweetheart and I am honored that she considers me one of her internet buddies.This is way overdue.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We Have Target Aquisition

It's looking like McStain is the De Facto Republican nominee.
Think Progress is reporting that the Squirrel Muncher, Huckabee, is dropping out and that McStain is heading to Mafia Central to swear the oath of Omerta and get Don Stupie's blessing.
It is time my friends and compatriots, to chain George Walker Bush to John McCain in unholy matrimony until death do they part.
McCain is about to find out just how many citizens in this country have HAD ENOUGH.
His willingness to embrace the morally bankrupt Bush policies and actually RUN on the promise of continuing these batshit insane policies must be used like a pile driver to crush his candidacy into the ground.We must now prepare to counter the Mighty Wurlitzer and the whole of the main stream media who have been breathlessly waiting for this moment to unleash their propaganda at our nation in their reprehensible and irresponsible desire to sway the American voter.
I can absolutely guarantee you that this campaign just went into carpet bombing mode.

I want everyone to be extremely vigilant in watching for the media to be slipping subtle articles and blurbs here and there supporting McCain.
McCain has serious money problems and advertising costs money, tons of it.
This is really just the beginning of McCain's campaign and he already has money trouble?
Bet yer ass the media is going to help him out in every way they can, they are after all, nothing more than an extension of the Republican party and the propaganda arm that so willingly has aided and abetted the destruction of our civil rights.
You watch, the print media is just as horrible as Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck,it's just a different medium to transmit their message.
Remember what has really happened in this country under Republican rule and FIGHT BACK!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Birthday One Fly!

March 4th is my friend One Fly's Birthday, go give him some Birthday love over at Outta The Cornfield.


Yeah, me, as in caught.The cat is out of the bag, after I thought I dropped it off far enough away nobody would see it again.

Right after the first of the year I got a wild hair up my ass and started experimenting with starting a move to Wordpress as a platform.

Oh what a mistake!
That thing has more bells and whistles than a competition version of the 747 Jumbo Jet!

My second birthday is coming up here and I all too well remember what a complete noobie I was when it came to knowing the first fucking thing about Blogging.

Lets just be polite here and say I have come a long way since then.
I do believe in trying to move to Wordpress I highlighted my lack of knowledge about writing code and building websites with the light of a thousand suns.

I would have deleted my attempt and completely hidden my failures except I knew damn good and well if I did that and tried to restart it new again I would have been denied the use of the name Ornery Bastard because it had already been used as a Wordpress website, so I just abandoned it and forgot all about it.
Not Teh Google though, it doesn't forget. And if you Google Ornery Bastard, you will find that the Wordpress site comes up way before this place, as I learned earlier, the hard way.
But good old Skippy found it, and he linked to it!
Someday I am hoping to have the good fortune to shake that mans hand.
In the mean time, I have some poop to get into one big pile, I am still unsure what I am going to do here.I can't get my widgets to work on Wordpress but I really like the look. A dilemma to be dealt with still.


What in the Holy Hell is going on with THIS shit?

Americans Fire Missiles into Somalia

Published: March 4, 2008

NAIROBI, Kenya — American naval forces fired missiles into southern Somalia on Monday, aiming at what the Defense Department called terrorist targets.

Residents reached by telephone said the only casualties were three wounded civilians, three dead cows, one dead donkey and a partly destroyed house.

Keerist. A house, a Democrat , three bystanders and free BBQ for the survivors. such a deal.
Then we see that this ain't the first time they have lobbed a million dollar a copy Tomohawk missiles at suspected Al and the Quaeda operatives;

It was not the first time that American forces have fired missiles into Somalia in pursuit of what the Pentagon has called terrorist operatives in the country. They did it at least three times last year.

Bryan Whitman, a Pentagon spokesman in Washington, said the target was a “known Al Qaeda terrorist,” and another American military official said the attack was carried out with at least two Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from a submarine. The official said the missiles are believed to have hit their targets but did not elaborate on the targets.

Some intelligence coup ya got there boy's.
Sheeeit,I suppose it could have been a number two guy they were after, it seems nobody knows how to count past three when it comes to how important some pissed off goat herder is when he decides the Great Satan needs a poke in the eye.

Looks like Somalia is still a hotbed if Islamic militants, I cracked up last year when reports kept coming in about Piracy going gangbusters over there and we had to send a Destroyer over to chase them back to their chicken coops.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


It's Back.

I've been waiting.

It is starving, it must feed.

I must welcome the madness, it is eternal.

The flickering filaments of the darkness tease the corners of my eyes,it has been awhile, I did not notice them right away.

The tightness in my chest and throat.
The instantaneous weeping for no reason,lips quivering in morose synchronisity.
The Darkness, everything tinged with black as if looking through bloodshot eyes filled with dead blood.

Tunnel vision.
Do not look at me,it will frighten your soul, you can sense it,fear it.
The children see it and are frightened and cling tight.

Welcome to my inner world, the chaotic existence, the sickness, the madness of chemically imbalanced mood swings.
I hate them.
No warning, something just, changes.
It is called Bi Polar.
So fucking innocuous.Fluffy cakes and ice cream.
Not the vile sledge of my reality.
Sobriety intensifies my perceptions, I am no longer anesthetized, constantly drunk, not caring, inured to my reality, self medicated.
Now I must deal.
I do,in my own way.

I have tried their multitudes of mood elevators, anti depressants, this and that.
Zombie food.
I turn into a fucking zombie.
No up. No down.
Just existence. I am here, so what?
Who cares what happens?
Chemical fingers in my ears so I can scream La La La La, I can't hear you to the world.
No.I choose. NO.
I don't like that.
So I deal, actually, I thrive on it, I FEED BACK!
Bring it to me NOW!
Motherfucker, who's yer Daddy.

Tomorrow is another day,it will pass and I will be normal and happy go lucky,
until next time.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday Cartoon

I am a huge Merrie Melodies fan.
Most of the ones I really like are pretty old at this point but I still feel a silly grin on my face when I watch them.
Late Thirties, early Forties, compare the quality of the back grounds, the attention to detail, the warm, soft colors,the music, even the shadows that are correct and often play a part in the story, to the absolute shit they crank out these days.
Almost always, they had some kind of message to their story.
Cracks me up how many times the bad guy, in this case the fox who even has a sign to make sure you know he's the villain, just happen to have two slices of bread and a bottle of ketchup in their pockets, ready for an unsuspecting morsel to make a sandwich out of.
They don't make 'em like this anymore, the time, effort and cost this eight minute
cartoon would require to create would cost millions of dollars to put out as a final product and would be considered a masterpiece using the technology they have now.
Of course, there is some serious stereotyping here, using a Mammy figure and the little chicks as ,at the time, innocent bumpkins.
I never even thought twice about such things when I watched these as a kid. The Momma chicken was a sweet, kind and lovable figure looking out for her babies. It's still that way to me.

Merrie Melodies are always special to me.