Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Goes Global


It isn't like the only crooked banksters are indiginous to New York.

It is a world wide web of theivery and I am glad to see this gain strength and momentum.

As a matter of fact, right about now, my 74 year old father should be in downtown Vancouver Washington attending the protest there.

I am so proud of him.

Good on ya Pops.

If it weren't for the fact I wanted to come see the wife for a conjugal visit, I would have been standing right next to him.

Some things take precedence ya know.

All I know is what I have read as I have been sporadicly keeping up with these events but I can see at least three things.
One, it is working.

Two, there have already been changes come about politically, the PTB's are pissing down their legs because of the above point.

Three, it is bringing people who would never normally come into contact with each other close together and they all have found just how many of us are out there and Boy, Howdy, are we pissed.

All of it good, except if you are one of said Bankster or one of their hired
paid for political lackeys.

Fuck them.

So, keep the pressure on those sonsabitches and make 'em sweat.

Show them that the status quo is going to change and that it is inevitable.

When they start bailing out of the country, you will know it was all worth it.

Yes sir, we are coming for you fuckers and money won't save you, as we have seen all too many times over the course of this country, money can be taken away in a thousand different ways.

I first saw this over at my pals at Alternate Brain but I swiped it from another awesome dude, my pal Monkeyfister.


  1. Thanks,I hadn't seen I love this guy
    I am "clevisbuttress" at youtube,stupid but that is what I have....I like the oldfart...and it is nice to see monkeyfister back in action
    How's that move transition goin?
    These sumbitches have it coming..and we need some tar and feathering...just say'n

  2. Anonymous6:46 AM

    So, where is "da change"? Are any of these fat kosher assholes got scared? U're fucking kidding me... They have putup their cocks on our "protests" and the Constitution all together long ago and just coming up with new scheme after another. And we go protest. We are "fed up". We are "standing together"... How fucking ass-brave it is.