Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ornery Bastard

Libby trial set to end next week

I have been following this story for quite a while.

The trial for Scooter Libby has been keeping me glued to the FireDogLake website.
Absolutely fabuulous live blogging by Emptywheel and Swopa with Jane Hamsher and Christy Hardin Smith doing analysis. Fascinating.
It's nice to know that President Clusterfuck said that any one caught leaking in his administration would be fired.
Now we find that not one, not two, but FOUR senior administration officials leaked Valerie Plames identity to the press.

Treason, it's not what it used to be.

Back in the day, they would have lined these traitors up and put a bullet in 'em.
Makes me long for the good old days.

It aint over yet though. VP Cheney is more than likely behind the whole fuckin mess.
Hopefully they will boil it down and we can see SEVERAL convictions.