Sunday, May 31, 2009

Calling All Cooks

My buddy Flea put up a recipe for fried chicken the other day just like my long dead Granny used to do and has me hankering for some Southern style grub and I am talking South, as in Cajun style.
I love that kind of food and have been scouring the net for a true blue jambalaya recipe.

I do believe I found one but what I am really looking for now is what spices go into "Cajun Spice"

There seems to be some serious wannabes out there and I am looking for the real deal.
I want good recipes for Jambalaya, Blackened fish and Gumbo, anything Southern.
If ya have something, I am asking ya ta put it in the comments, I am serious, all comers and spread the word.
I want this post to break the record for comments by a wide margin so I can have my own little cook book for the good stuff.

Things like vanilla pudding with bananas and Vanilla Wafers that she used to make, even that nasty green jello with walnuts, bring it on!

I have also been looking for, for over three years now, the secret to my Grannies brown beans, she came out of Tennessee and I have come damn close, but no cigar.

The last time I found anyone who could duplicate that simple style of Southern cooking was when I went to my Grandfathers funeral in Carroll County, Tennessee, in 1999.
I found a little Mom and pop diner in the tiny town next to where my Grandfather lived and ordered Pork Chops and Lo and Behold, there were my Grannies beans.
I actually teared up and went and found that dear heart lady and gave her a hug, then I asked fer some more of those wonderful beans.

The poor dear thought I must have been starving for years because I am such a skinny bastard to begin with but she was awful proud that I ate so much.
Lovely lady.

I miss eating Southern food so bad it hurts.
So, if ya would, and I am looking at you, Larue,be so kind as to post as many links or recipes for some good old fashioned Granny food, I would be eternally grateful.
Deep fried is a beautiful thing and Corn Bread is my friend.
Let me warn ya, I ain't kidding when I say I have been looking for three years for my Grannies Bean recipe, I have had folks contact Southern food experts and authors, it has something to do with that little area of Tennessee. Some damn thing I am missing.
I finally figured out the texture, ya gotta boil the shit out of them in a sauce pan and stir the shit out them while yer at it. Oh, and Mexene chili powder is part of this mystery, I am still missing something.
Thanks fer stopping by and my belly thanks you in advance.

This One Is Fer DistributorCapNY

He has a regular thing he does about music from the Sixties.
On top of that, the guy is an AWESOME blogger, my hat is off to ya dude.

Here ya go pal, Paul Revere and the Raiders.
Note, this is a Northwest band, Mark Lindsey has a freaking restaurant in Portland and does some local radio still.
Also, some record assholes have been blocking this tune on YouTube left and right so enjoy it while ya can.

I have been laying around with a massive hangover all day, the wedding went off OK and I found my Uncles stash of Jamesons.
I do believe I owe him a new bottle because I fucking wrecked his.

Just because I am a nice guy, here is an instantly recognizable classic from some other Pacific Northwest performers, the Kingsman,

Now, because I am REALLY a nice guy, Paul Revere and the Raiders doing Louie Louie!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Think My Friend Needs Help

I was just over to my buddy PhysioProf's place and I am...
at a loss for words.

I think an intervention may be necessary.


Dude, that is half a bubble out of plumb.I don't even want to know what the search terms were that led you to that.

Ya gotta admit there is some creativity there but man, that is like, performance art gone horribly wrong. Oh yeah, the guy with his ass hanging out really did it for me, pull yer fucking britches up, idiot.

Ya gotta love PhysioProf though, he brings a new perspective to Blogging and I am partially responsible for egging the feller on to start his own Blog and I'm proud to say I am glad I did.

Mad props to ya dude.

Peace, Bro.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dey Is Dis Guy, See....

If you do not wait to see what Driftglass has to say when he can get to the keyboard, you can't remember the feelings you had as a small varmint when yer birthday was coming up or the beauty of a long, slow, Blow Job.

The guy is a one man tornado with the vocabulary and nuance to go with it that would make both of these guys,Merriam AND Webster blush.

Shame on ya, get yer ass over there and see what the pinnacle of Blogging is.

Speaking of writers that I wait for every day, try to keep up with Jill @ Brilliant At Breakfast.
This lady should have been my creative writing teacher.

She works full time and has put up over seven thousand posts, in the wee hours of the morning, before she has to bail out and go to her Day Job.
Expand your horizons and go see Jill, she is a sweetheart with a grasp of current events that will make you wish you paid more attention to things besides American Idol.

Drifty put the concept of Bloggers versus the idiot mother fuckers who get paid to lie to us so succinctly, I had to stop and have a shot before I could try to put my thoughts into words.

Why the fuck do we have to put up with morons like Bill "The Bloody" Kristol and Bobo Brooks when this guy is languishing in obscurity? The Magic Dolphin Lady has to go back to bed with a case of the vapors when he gets done with her.

Drifty, get the book out and fer Chrissakes, put up a Donate button.

I want a first edition, signed copy of that book, dammit.

I don't know who the fuck you are dude but you put the piss in the vinegar.

Update, he is prolific too, he just put up post number 2,000!

Hitting The Shower.

Holy shit.
When someone tries to tell you that putting in a garden ain't work like I did, smack 'em with a shovel.

Holy Cow.
85 degrees outside and I am trying to transplant some Strawberries that decided to volunteer, along with a bunch my Uncle brought me in containers.
Creative gardening.
I got tired of trying to keep from stepping on the little darlings and made a new "Raised bed" for them and transplanted the hardy little shits. It ain't a raised bed, I threw some boards down so I won't tromp on the little fuckers

Fuck me, that shit is work.Digging shit up and digging holes to put it in at seven O'clock and it is still 80 fucking degrees out.

I will be very happy in sixty days.

If they live and the damn birds don't get to 'em, I will soon forget how fucking hot it was and how much I stink right now. I need to get some chicken wire.

I have a wedding to go to Saturday and a graduation party on Sunday and I just might bail the fuck out of both of those shortly after showing up.
I am behind on my beauty sleep.

Signing off and hitting the shower, doing the world a favor.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The GOP Gets Their Ass Whupped By A Girl

Sorry, I am still laughing at these idiots.
This is my view of the GOP leadership in one short clip.

When that shrill bitch Michelle Malkin rolls over and assumes the position because the leadership of the GOP threw in the towel over the hard choice of fucking themselves in the ass dry, or manning up and fighting for their so called "Core Values' over the nomination of Sotomyer for the Supreme Court, I had to go get a dry towel.

Those weasel motherfuckers never saw a fair fight in their lives and when some fucking genius realized they had been check mated with her nomination, they collectively pissed all over themselves and ran away, leaving a frothing mad, mouth breathing base clueless as what to do.

Some idiot savant realized that they had been dry humping the Hispanics, a huge demographic lately, and actually realized the lady IS Hispanic.



Instead of these weasel fucks walking the talk, their true colors shine through like a fucking laser.

Lick my fucking balls you weasels.
I have not forgotten the fight over Alito and that prick Roberts.

The fact that the only talking point you idiots could come up with was calling her a racist sent me into paradoxyms of laughter.

Jaysus, how much farther below the Mason Dixon line are you dirty sonsabitches going to go before you realize that you are pissing into the wind?

FEED ME, Seymour! It Liiiiives!

My garden, that is.
I got off work and went out back to spray it down, just like I have been doing for a week and a half after I put a bunch of seeds in the ground, and there they were.

My little babies!

I been really worried that the damn things weren't going to sprout because it gets so much sun out there during the day the ground dries out.

Turns out my ministrations have not been to no avail.
I have peas, beans, and squash that all sprouted and grew two freaking inches since yesterday, I also have strawberries coming on hard, with volunteers no less, and everything I actually went and bought is going gangbusters.

The volunteer potatoes are scaring me.
I am going to have so many potatoes I am going to have to figure a way to keep them somehow, I am hoping the onions will do well too.
There just might be some kind of on the cheap root cellar in my future. That is why I love the internets, I have already found several ways to do that.

I still have more stuff I want to plant, that's why I was breaking my ass last weekend, to make more room.


I am flat out tickled, pink even.

I even bought a couple of Gourd plants, my Granny used to grow some every year and they can be handy as hell after ya dry them out.

This is going to be a very steep learning curve for me in the coming months but I am an extremely quick study.
I WILL , remember, learn and do, what it takes to get what ever grows to maturity put away for this coming winter.

Count on it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For Whom The Bell Tolls

I am pretty much sick of opening a news site and hearing Rush Limbaugh is rooting for an elected official or a nominated official he wants to fail.
Look to your own party on lessons of FAIL, asshole.
20 million fucking morons listen to this limp dicked little boy fucker every day?!!

Here's yer sign
, idiots.

If you listen to Newt Gingrich?
Here's yer sign.

Do you listen to Rudy Ghouliani?
Here's yer sign.

Dick Cheney ain't getting a pass because that fucker is more twisted than I am.
Treason and torture should be enough to be a sign if you can spell KAT.
idiots, there's yer sign.

I ain't got all night but this list wouldn't be complete without some other majorly fucked up individuals.

Donald Rumsfield?
Oh yeah, if you are a fan, here's yer fucking sign.
My ass is killing me but torture it ain't, I can shift my weight to the other cheek.

Speaking of other cheeks, let us not forget Sweet Cheeks, Condoleeza Rice, the former Secretary of State who didn't know Shit from Shinola but had no problem giving the thumbs up to torturing prisoners even before BushCo could gather enough coward motherfuckers to give some weak assed legal interpretation to semi legalize it., see John Yoo and David Addington, along with innumerable gullible fucking idiot legal interns, Regent university, The people who bring you Depends, and yer fucked up Aunt Mable who is lost without the 700 club on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Then, just for shits and grins, we have crazy mother fuckers like Michelle Bachmann,
here is yer sign, I give you one Google search result, because this bitch is too prolific in crazy for just one or two instances.
Need I go on?
21% of Americans now associate themselves as Republicans.
12% of those can't spell the word.

Just fer shits and giggles, remember this guy?
What? Ya don't remember that one?

Wait a minute.

OMFG, one of the signs of the Apocalypse, I almost forgot about Caribou Barbie.
There's ya a fucking sign folks,

Shut yer fucking pie holes, don't even start me on the current Supreme Court nominee,
I am still furious about that prick Alito .
Go fuck yerselves and tell Michelle Malkin and Anne Coulter there is a kid on welfare, or Medicaid, or SCHIP playing in the street in front of their house.
Then drop an Eisenhower dollar on the ground in front of a speeding bus and yell Ronald Reagan!!

20% at thirty miles an hour.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Grab Yer Ankles Before Ya Fire Off The Barbie

Just one more way the average Joe is getting screwed, the "Innovative Collaborator's" at those propane bottle exchange outfits are bending ya over and ya don't even know it,they are shorting ya a couple three gallons of propane, not telling ya, and charging ya the same price!

(Good on ya LA Times)

Last I heard, that was fraud.

Like it isn't bad enough they haven't dropped the price to begin with, in the last year.

I have a couple of those little bottles that ya use for the grill, what, five gallon jugs?
It costs me 13 bucks to fill one of them and I have three for this Fifth wheel and BarBque.
I go through at least one a week just for hot water , heating and minimal cooking and it isn't cold outside.
What I didn't, and most people don't know, Propane is a By Product!

"Where Does Propane Come From?"

"A unique feature of propane is that it is not produced for its own sake, but is a by-product of two other processes, natural gas processing and petroleum refining. Figure 1 shows a diagram of where propane comes from and how it gets to the consumer. "

Here is a VERY informational Website for anyone interested, it explains where it comes from and how the price is manipulated. Of course it is tied to Crude Oil, even though it is a By Product of Natural Gas extraction and Petroleum refining.
Basically, it is the stuff they used to burn off until someone figured out they could sell it.

This should be of intense interest to those of us who live in RV's, let alone the grilling public.

I kinda felt that I was being bent over when the price of gas went down by half and Propane didn't drop a nickel and I don't do the exchange thing.
I have a little outfit that refills my newer bottles that I had to buy after they passed a law making every single portable propane tank obsolete a few years ago.

I tried to keep the profanity down with this because this is a Public Service Announcement and I got the original link from SurvivalBlog.

They tend to be an upstanding community oriented Blog with Awesome advice and great links. and I want to give credit where it is due and not offend the Blog owners or anyone associated .

Just this once.

Memorial Day

I went and visited Labrys, at Walk Of The Fallen.

She put it so well.

I've got nothing to say after that.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Done Hurt Myself, Again

It is absolutely gorgeous outside.


True to form, I got a big burst of energy and went hog wild out in the yard.

I cut, by hand, with a bow saw standing on a ladder, a complete truck load of branches.
Planted more shit in the garden, raked the path ways, picked weeds by hand,cut up the little tree that fell down a couple of weeks ago and just ate some dead chicken parts that I BBQ'd. I am tired, sore and soon to be sedated.

Come to find out, my narrow ass is hanging out, I have a pair of jeans that had a hole in them right over the back pocket on the right side, just a little one. I figured I would use them for working in the garden one more time and toss 'em.
About an hour and a half ago, I went to the dollar store to get some stuff, no big deal.
I got in line to check out and heard some snickering behind me from a couple of ladies.
I turned around and smiled at them and I could see they were doing all they could to keep from busting up out loud.



I turn back around to pay the bill and go to reach in my back pocket to get my wallet and grabbed a handful of my naked ass.

Gee,now I know what they were snickering at.
The whole right side of my jeans had ripped out right under my belt while I was doing the yard work and I was so fucking tired, I didn't even notice.
No wind today, no draft.

Ahhh, yes, I did my best not to blush like a new bride and yes, I wasted no time getting the hell out of there, yanking my Tee shirt down.

Ah well, have a nice day ladies.

Gave them something to talk about, anyways.


My buddy Joe has it.

Click on the link to see a picture of ingenuity.

Plus, he got a hell of a score there.

Good job Joe!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jesus Christ Cheney, I Paid Good Money For These Steaks!

Somebody owes me a case of Rolaids.

Stupid me, I grilled up a couple of cheap steaks and kicked back with a beer and just HAD to go find out what that complete fucking Dick Head Cheney had to say today.

Why is this motherfucker not already in jail and really, why does the idjits owning the television channels keep giving him, his creepy daughter, and his fucking WIFE a platform?
What the fuck can we not look back on regarding this criminal motherfucker and say, hey, this guy needs to be indicted?
For Christs sakes!

If you have a seriously sturdy Gag Reflex, go take a look at his rebuttal speech and see if you can keep from wanting to either throw something at the screen or have an uncontrollable urge to to get in touch with a goddamn prosecutor.
H/T to Dave Neiwert at Crooks and Liars for the video.

Cheney, Go Fuck Yerself, tell yer wimmens they get a half price deal with every fucking yard of Barb Wire they buy and use as a self pleasure toy.
Christ, the fact that this guy is running around without an arrest warrant is bad enough but the fact that he keeps getting air time defending some horrific shit that he decided was A OK is beyond contempt. No wonder I unplugged my television, it's bad enough I keep running into this horse shit on the web.

Yeah dude, we are so much safer after you decided that torturing people into false confessions was a good idea.
Hell yes, nobody in their right mind would want to be caught dead by yer incompetent bunch of lackeys!
They might just be tortured into saying anything you wanted to hear!

George Bush was the best President ever!!
STOP, I can haz cyanide pill now?

Cheney, go the fuck away, take your enabling bitches with you and fall head first into an abandoned missile silo.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Lazy Finger

Dammit, when I get real tired or drunk, STFU, my middle finger on my right hand tends to right click every five seconds, makes for a pain in the ass with the little menus that pop up all the time.

In other news, I just had to tear the ass off of some stupid fuck in an editorial from a town that I hate with a passion that I used to live in.

The school where my little girl went to had some extraordinary benefactors who guaranteed a bit of college money if they graduated High School and some stupid fuck wrote in decrying socialism.

His ass is going to be smoking the day after tomorrow.

Ignorant fuck head.By the way, public forum, no cussing allowed, his ass is still going to bleed if they publish my response.
DO NOT, Fuck with my childrens.
The Tasmanian devil crossed with a porcupine and breathing fire comes close.

One more thing before I fall down,
Jill @ Brilliant At Breakfast has been so damn nice to me., seriously.
Thank you honey, for the link love, I see the FCC was by here from your place.


Love ya honey!

I see my friend One Fly is under the weather, he is a hard working guy, go give him some get well wishes! It better not be that Bacon Flu, I really like Dead Pig parts.

He is truly a friend,a great guy.
Get Well Soon Buddy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ain't I Just Tickled.

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Got A Garden Yet?

I went out and worked in mine a little this evening, did some weeding and planted some seeds.Lots and lots of weeding to do yet but I actually enjoy it, in small doses.

Two different kinds of squash, peas,pole beans and some Basil.

I still have a lot of work to do making new raised beds and short time to do it.
There are several things that I want to put in yet but the dang weather has not been cooperating.

I just ran across a most excellent article on gardening basics by a lady I absolutely adore from afar, Jackie Clay.

She is affiliated with Backwoods Home Magazine and has her very own spot where she answers just about any question you can think of when it comes to gardening, canning or raising critters, she is one very independent lady. Go take a look at ASK JACKIE.

I swear on my mothers grave that if I ever get a chance to meet her, I won't even say hello, I will just run up and give her the biggest hug, ever.
What an awesome lady.

Here is the link to the article on starting a garden, it is very thorough and she tells you that it is not some back breaking chore. It takes time, sure, but not hours and hours of manual labor, like I said, I just love this lady.

Get yer hands dirty and start enjoying the fruits of yer labor, as they say.

I waited half a year to get into this spot just so I could put in a real garden and I have a long ways to go to where I want it to be, I bookmarked the link so I could use it for future reference.

There is no reason for anyone not to, at the very least, grow a dang tomato in their apartment.

Take my word for it, it will be the best tasting vegetable you have ever had.

I Hate Being Right

How's that economy working for ya now?

I have been watching this fucking disaster unfold since November, 2007, and have been telling you it was coming.
Boy, was I right, unfortunately.

Even worse, it is going to continue falling off a cliff indefinitely.

GM and Chrysler recently announced to their best customers, the dealers, that they want to close over two thousand of them.

Do the math.
An average dealership has at least fifty employees, with dependents.
The dealer also has expenses such as office supply, parts vendors, cleaning staff, BANKERS who depend on their business, the local eateries, grocery stores, insurance assholes, you get the drift. Hell, the mechanics are generally in debt to the tool guys like Snap On to the tune of thousands of bucks, each.
Now times that by TWO THOUSAND.

Yeah, it is getting rough out there.

NIKE, the shoe giant, announced it is laying off a buttload too.
Every fucking day we go down hill.

I'm telling ya, you haven't seen anything yet.

The foreclosure rate is going to break all existing records as soon as all those with adjustable rate mortgages get hit in the face here soon.
There is a rash due starting late this year and more next year.

Couple that with record unemployment, which the government lies it's ass off about anyway, and the Shit Is, going to hit the fan.

Estimates show that the actual unemployment rate is already at 15%.

Some people are waking up and even more are wide awake with visible fear for their continued existence.

Here is a snapshot of what the fuck is going on in this country.

Take a minute and go read that, a tip of the hat to my favorite news source, the ornery bastards at Fark.

It says that people are buying lots of running shoes, they must not be NIKE's.

Get it into your heads that this is a long term problem, there is no quick fix and every one of us are going to have profound changes come into our lives, one way or the other.

I ain't no economist, I are a mekanik and I can see bad shit happening, daily now.

The FedGov is fucking lying to you, shit is bad.

That is why I have been hammering on people to at the very least, get some food and water put away, because the whole fucking shebang might get a time out.


There have always been hungry people in our midst, which is criminal in my mind, how much fucking money gets thrown at shit like our Defense spending.

Take a look around, how many people have you seen at on ramps with a piece of cardboard in their hands lately?

I saw four at one long ramp yesterday.

I know damn well and good no one wants to read Doom and Gloom but if you are paying attention, it is high time to get something going for yourself.

Good old Micky Creekmore at The Survivalist Blog is always a good read, this guy lives in a trailer out in the boonies and seems to know what the hell it takes to get by fairly comfortably, something to consider.
I read his stuff every day.

He is currently looking to hook up with more Bloggers and get more traffic so I said I would give him a plug.

Like I said, I am just a mechanic but I ain't stupid and things are looking to get a might rough.

There is a giant repository of knowledge available out there, all ya gotta do is start using yer browser, the internet is a wonderful thing.

I would highly recommend starting with Monkeyfister, that guy has a damn encyclopedia of gardening info on his sidebar, plus, he is a genuinely nice guy.

Tell him I said howdy and get after it.
Three months food and water minimum, for everyone in your immediate family and start talking to your neighbors, if ya can stand them.


Just now rolling into bed at Five thirty in the morning,slept in the truck all night.

Twenty four dollars for a fishing license, what the hell? There was a line too !

Fuck me, if some asshole calls me on the phone I would argue it to be justifiable homicide.



Twenty one bucks for a FRESH WATER license, three bucks to the outfit that ya get it from.
The mother fucker is TWO FEET LONG!

Then ya have to have a "Catch Card", so you can report what ya caught, if ya caught, where ya caught it, if ya caught it and even if ya didn't catch a damn thing, they passed another god damn law that they can fine ya ten bucks if ya don't send the fucking thing back to them at the end of the year! Their "year" is March to March! Fucking idiots. Ya want to go clam digging? That's extra, if ya want to catch craw dads, that's extra, if ya want to go fishing in the ocean, that's another twenty bucks, if ya want to go fishing in a boat on the Columbia river, ya have to have an operators license to use a fucking three horse out board, ya have to take a fucking class and that is another THIRTY FUCKING DOLLARS!
I don't even want to go into the shit they have on the books if ya have a damn boat, that would cause me to have a stroke.
Just be aware, around here, you can get a DWI for operating a boat while intoxicated with a resulting penalty that is equal to, or harsher than, the same thing as drunk driving.
Oh yeah, it goes on your driving record too.

They shut down the season for Spring Steel Head because their estimate of return was way off, they shut down the season for Sturgeon, The God Damn rule book they publish is obsolete before it hits the fucking shelves and they change the rules, literally, every mother fucking day!
I subscribe to their website and on average, I get three to seven fucking rule change updates EVERY FUCKING DAY!
It is absolutely impossible, literally, to keep up with these Nanny Motherfuckers. OH YEAH, ANOTHER THING!
Ya have to have a fucking Parking Permit !!
Some piece of shit paper hanger to hang off yer fucking rear view mirror with yer DAMN License plate number on it! WTF? Just another way to ding yer ass for some money if ya don't have one, sonsabitches.
ANOTHER FIVE BUCKS if you need a duplicate because you have ANOTHER FUCKING CAR!!

No good dirty fucking cock suckers anyway.

No wonder I don't fish anymore!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It Is Here.

Anyone who has been waiting for the economic indicator to tell the that bad things are happening had better pay the fuck attention.

I had two damn womens all over my ass tonight wanting money, after they tried to turn on the charm and I was still nasty assed dirty from work.

For anyone who is not paying attention, when chickies are loving up to me, things are very fucked up.I also had two of the Ex'es and a daughter hammering on me, all in one day.
Good thing I am as broke as the rest of 'em.

That would be a economic indicator if ya ever seen one and fuck Wall Street.

Things are getting more and more fucked up, quit listening to the news about how things are getting better, Oh Fuck No, layoffs happened today,the economy has not found a bottom yet and won't for us Plebians until next year at least.
Just so ya know, 99% of the citizens of this country are Plebians.
The other motherfuckers are still busy buying off Congress critters at half price because they are getting a killer deal due to the economic downturn.

As mouthy as I am, I ain't stupid and from what I see and hear, the economy is going to take a shit like a Christmas Goose.

I am already seeing people getting laid off and hours being cut off.

The sky is falling, get ya a fucking umbrella.

The West Coast is generally an indicator of how bad and how long an economic downturn is.

We are generally about six months to a year behind the East Coast when it comes to recessions and fashion trends
Maybe never, actually, when it comes to fashion.

I tend to enjoy my Blue jeans and Work boots.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things That Make Ya Go HMMM,

Sitting here on my dead ass drinking beer and having a couple of shots, I noticed something strange as I flip through the Blogs.

I have one of those little nightstand lamps that comes on when ya touch it and gets brighter if ya keep touching it until it goes out again.

This little fucker is no end of cheap entertainment because I hit it flipping ashes into the ashtray all the time.

A new one on me, I need to clear off the nightstand, I have too many fucking empty beer cans sitting there, I reached over to grab my beer and pushed it into an empty beer can, which then connected to the lamp and the damn thing came on!

I am easily entertained I see.

In other news, I see Lindsay Graham is still trying to catapult the propaganda that TORTURE is just peachy fucking keen.

These stupid motherfuckers are going full tilt boogie trying to cover their asses.

Fuck you, water boarding is torture, even my favorite crazy ex- governor, Jesse "The Body" Ventura said so, and he is an ex Navy Seal and had it done to him during training.

Yes, I used to watch Portland Wrestling and yes , he is absolutely right because he had it done to him, personally.

None of this Right Wing horse shit that it ain't so bad.

Wake the fuck up and turn the fucking television off.
The Right Wing Crazy Sonsabitches OWN the television air waves, just ask Drifty, he is all over their asses.

If, you listen to, or pay one second of attention to, any type of Fox news, you are intentionally being lied to, being misinformed and are being fed Right Wing talking points that have almost no intellectual nutritious value, except to " Catapult The Propaganda ".

I have seen way too many screen shots of those lying snuntches trying to use a bit of sleight of hand when it comes to identifying political party identification while supposedly giving out news.

Mark Foley ring a bell

The FCC has their head up their asses and I still can't see tits on TV, no wonder I unplugged the fucking thing.

Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Maulkin, Glenn Beck, Anne Coulter, Sean Hannitty,
on and on and on, they are still trying to feed you a line of Bullshit that has been proven over and over again to be just that, Bull Shit.

Lying pole smokers with the only agenda of trying to get their version of eleventh century society made into law.

I have no idea why anyone with two connected brain cells would not be able to distinguish Bullshit Propaganda from real reporting and news but then again, my Granny is 95 years old and has a hard time getting to the bathroom , let alone figure out guys like O'Reilly are fucking idiots.
True fact, Bill O'Reilly used to be a Talking Head in Portland Oregon back in the day.
The rain must have rusted his brain into one giant Steel Wool kind of disaster when ya leave it out on the drainboard for too long.
Think I am kidding?
Good riddance dick head

Have a nice day, thanks for stopping by and you are still a fucking idiot if you watch Fox News, that would make you a Sheeple.

My condolences.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Open Letter To Liz Cheney And Every Other Torture Apologist

Torture is illegal, get that through your little fraidy cat minds, right now.

Do you know what really disgusts me about this picture?
Someone felt that it was obscene to show this mans genitals while he is being tortured and is bleeding all over the floor, see below for obscenity, this ain't a Safe For Work post.
That is one seriously messed up sense of modesty.
Our Media at it's best.


Torture is against the Geneva Conventions, crimes against humanity, that kind of thing, especially against the common sense of a decent Human Being, idiots.

Let me guess, the closest you have come to death is your Great Aunts funeral, who you didn't like anyway, and she was all dolled up for the viewing.

Wait, maybe you had to flush a Goldfish down the toilet or maybe dig a little hole big enough for a bird or a hamster, that travesty must be long gone.

I am betting that is as close to death as you have ever been, maybe some roadkill.

What you are trying to defend is indefensible.

What you are actually trying to do is keep your dad out of jail.

Have you ever had to stop the life process of any living being?

It kills your soul, unless you get fascinated by the process.
In that case, there is something seriously wrong with that fascination.

You are trying to defend torturing Human Beings, Ever killed a cat on purpose?
I have, several.
I ran into a litter of kittens that had been trapped inside a car for four days in 80 degree weather,no water, no food.
I would venture a guess that it got to be about a hundred and fifteen in there for three days straight..
I used a shovel.
The poor little varmints knew what was coming and refused to come out.
I feel like a certain Historical figure to this day, except I have a conscience.
They would not have survived, no matter what, so I put them out of their misery.
No playing around with electricity, no dogs in their face, just I'm sorry but you won't make it and I don't want to see you suffer.

I have never even been in the military, I can't begin to understand Death and Destruction like some friends have known.
You claim to know this?

Speaking of dogs, my ex girlfriend's mother gave an ancient Pomeranian to my daughter just before the old lady passed on, knowing we would take care of it.
I paid FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS a month to keep that old dog alive for quite a while, until I came downstairs one night and the entire laundry room was covered in blood coming out of his nose.

Have you ever had to go dig a hole knowing that you were going to break a little girls heart?

To this day, I feel bad because I held that old dog in my hand and had to shoot it twice, one didn't do it.

I am not even talking about people here, just pets.

Our government, with directions from your father, killed over NINETY human beings, using the methods you are trying to defend.

You are trying to protect your Father.

It is beyond discussion that Dick Cheney authorized Torture.

It is also beyond discussion that it was against the laws of this nation and the laws of many other nations .
You and all the rest of the torture apologists have just branded yourselves.

It is also beyond the realm of discussion that those other countries and our very own signed treaties many years ago forbidding these activities.

As we have all found out since this was brought to our national attention, your father thought he had some most excellent attorneys, after all, that is who he went to to try and justify the heinous activity that has been performed on Human Beings in the name of National Security, I suggest that he retain those same attorneys .They should be sitting right next to him anyway, as defendants.

Take my word for it, torture is the same as killing, without the mercy.

I know where Chicken comes from, Veal too.

Your trying to defend this is beyond ridiculous, it borders on being an accomplis after the crime.

The fact that every discredited NeoCon in existence is all over the television trying to argue in defense of this barbarity is proof enough that you all know what happened is a travesty of justice and you are all trying to cover each others posterior.

In no uncertain terms, even if the current Justice system allows these horrific acts to slide under the bar of prosecution, history has a very long memory and twenty twenty vision.

Monday, May 11, 2009

For The Regulars

Something a little mellow.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Ya gotta love 'em.
I really don't get that many but the ones I do are generally scolds.
Too much cussin' and I'm always pissed off.

What The Fuck, Ever.

I never understood the logic of going to someones site and bitching because you didn't like what was being said, repeatedly.
Get the fuck out, eh?
If I go somewhere on the internet and don't care for the content, I use my mouse and I click it and go somewhere else.
I don't feel the need to tell the author what a jerk I think they are.


Anyway, if ya stop by and ya find ya don't like what I have to say,


Fucking morons.


Happy Mothers Day

I'm off to spend some time with the family.
I hope you can do the same,sadly, many are unable.

It is gorgeous outside, I may just cut my visit short a bit and come home and plant some stuff.

Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Why Do I Need A "Club Card"?

What the fuck is up with this shit?
I go to Safeway, I get some food, I go to the cutest check out lady and she does the scanner thing and then I get a shocker of a total to pay.

She asks me if I have a Club Card.

Oh Hell yes I have a Club Card because if I don't. you motherfuckers are going to make a 110% profit on my ass.

Ya know, I don't mind someone making a bit of profit but you sonsabitches make a goddamn killing if some poor schmuck don't have that fucking card. I learned that the hard way.
I spent less than forty bucks and "SAVED" thirteen and change because I had the fucking card. THIRTEEN FUCKING DOLLARS!

How much do you make an hour?
Thirteen bucks an hour?
Twenty five bucks an hour?
Independently rich and stupid?

How about Minimum Wage?
Food Stamps?

The Banking scandal is enough that some humanoids ought to be reduced to worm food but this insidious loan sharking of food stuffs is criminal.

I ain't holding my breath for any Congressional investigations and wouldn't trust their conclusion anyway.

I have found a local farmers market but they they certainly don't have frozen pizza's.

Safeway ain't the only one, either. Albertson's and Fred Meyer are all over that shit too.
It seems that if ya gotta buy groceries, ya have to be black mailed into getting some kind of card so the sonsabitches can keep track of what ya buy or you are an idiot and give them two bucks for a fifty cent item.
If ya can find a Mom and Pop store, you are going to pay out the nose because that is the only way they can stay in business.
I'm all for that shit though.
Someone needs to keep these big box bastards at bay.

Safeway has a strangle hold around here unless ya want to drive ten fucking miles to go grocery shopping, only to find out some other fucker wants ya to have some kind of fucking card.

Someone needs a good Cock Punch.

I ain't got a choice but to deal with these fuckers and I ain't liking it.

Does anyone else seem to have the same damn problem getting vittles around their town?

Check It Out

My buddy Joe has some serious talent.
Go wander around his site and marvel at his creations.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I Have Been Remiss

Dang it.
I just got reminded that as big a mouth I have and my propensity to run it, I have not been commenting as much as usual on the sites I visit every damn day.
Sorry about that, sometimes I have a very limited amount of time to cram in as many sites as I can, gleaning bits and pieces here and there.

Hell, I almost quit going to all the news and political favorites because it didn't do me a whole lot of good if I couldn't use the info, plus I was getting wound a little too tight.

In the spirit of Blogroll Amnesty, let me turn you onto one of my daily reads,
Be A Survivor.
Flea is the shit.
Go give him some love, he does a yeoman's job of keeping us on our toes with damn good articles and lessons to be learned.
You can now find a handy link to him on the Blogroll.

Look for more of these kinds of links on my Blogroll, the economy is in the shitter and Ben Bernanke can kiss my fucking ass.
Read and learn how to take care of yourself and your family with these links, it is a damn good feeling when things go to hell that you have food, water, first aid, lighting and cooking abilities when the fucking lights go out.

While yer at it , go give Monkeyfister a hug, that guy is my hero.

WHOO HOO!!!!!!!

I has TUNEAGE!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how fucking awesome that is.

I am so sick of listening to the same damn tunes on the radio they have been playing since 1968 around here.

It makes a Metal Head like me crazy.
Nothing but talk shows in the morning or some crappy station stuck in the 70's.

Oh yeah baby!

My most excellent buddy Steve gave me a couple of car stereos he had laying around that have CD capabilities.

It took me quite a while to figure out how this Kenwood fucker operates but I am sitting here banging my fucking head to Disturbed as I type.

It looks like shit because there are are wires hanging all over because I had to do some experimenting to make it work but once I get some decent light and get a few things straightened out, I am on my way to turning this joint into my very own personal concert hall.

I took a subwoofer amp to work and had another good buddy show me how to hook that damn thing up and very soon the stereo wars will be on.

I am also going to pitch some POS 1980's little five inch door speakers out the door and get some serious shit going on in here.
I just happen to know where a donor is sitting right outside the door that has some brand new 6X9's in it and I still have the kick ass tower speakers sitting behind the fridge.
Not to mention a Fifteen inch subwoofer and a twelve incher to boot.

Take my word for it, I am so damn tickled to hear some decent music, I am going to turn the Weasel Den into one GIANT speaker.


My only real bitch is all this stereo stuff is clear the fuck on the other end of the trailer.
I will run some new wires right up here to the headboard and make it oh so convenient to rock out while laying in bed, like it should be, I haz the technology, the tools and the wires.
Just a matter of it quit raining like a mother fucker for a couple of days.

Just so ya know, I once had the cops called on me three times one night long ago because I had my stereo cranked during a party, it was so loud the neighbors two blocks away were bitching and I could smell the speaker wires getting hot.
The last time they showed up they had to kick the door open because no one could hear them banging on the door and they threatened to take me AND my stereo to jail.

Time for a new personal best.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tuesdays Gone

My all time favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd tune, this has brought me to tears more than a few times.

God Bless ya all, thanks fer stopping by.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Does Crazy Come In Blue?

I sure hope it does , it brings out the color of my eyes.

If you are of a mind, get ya a drink and a snack and watch what happens from here, even I don't know what is coming but I can guarantee it will be disjointed.

Let's start out with the Andouille sausage.
Many thanks for the ideas, I went with a variation of Taters Au Grautin.
Layers of sliced potatoes, some onion, sharp cheddar cheese , sausage in the middle.
My sister in law used to make this with Kilbausa.

Greasy as hell and a real comfort food.

Anyway, use a glass pan because there is major soaking and scraping at the end.

What next?
Oh, I was so proud of myself for getting some things done around here Saturday.
I put the fold up table back in, moved my refrigerator over and shoved the four drawer supposedly built in cabinet that I brought with me next to the sink so I would have a bit more counter space, another cutting board and some extra drawers.
All good, I did the dishes and filled the water tank, cleaned out a giant mouse nest next to the 12 volt water pump and generally had the joint looking like a human lives here.

All gone.
Now it looks like a mechanic lives here.
My bedroom is an absolute disaster.

My buddy gave me a couple of car stereo's with CD capability, I dumped out a box of miscellaneous screws, nuts, bolts, plumbing fixtures, clamps, extra light bulbs and who knows what the fuck else because I needed the box so I could fill it up with grub for my neighbor who is starting out with absolutely nothing.
Now all that crap is all over the couch I couldn't even see on Friday.

I went through and gave him some cookware, one of my favorite cast iron pans, I have more, a toaster and silverware, shit like that Saturday.
A bunch of things that I had for back up.
Spatulas, a can opener,pots and pans kind of thing.
He needs 'em and it was just extra that is now not in my way.

I drug him over tonight and loaded his ass up with basics, two trips with the canned goods, even some beer and smokes.
He is a great guy and I have been where he is many times.
He works where I do and is buying the fifth wheel from the neighbors that I was looking at, except they have him on an accelerated payment plan because they want to move out of state and the poor guy is busting his balls trying to do that but it leaves him broke every payday.
I ain't the only one helping him and we will damn sure make certain he has enough to live, even if we have to drag him around every night and day to make sure he has enough to eat.
In a couple of weeks he will be able to take care of himself.

That is what friends are for and I have sure as hell been there.



My cats crack my ass up.

I went and spent what I could on groceries tonight and had a weak moment and got the varmints a can of wet cat food.

I came home and dealt with the buddy and cracked open the can, yelled "Here Kitty Kitty" and it sounded like a train was going by, both of the little shits come a runnin'.
I was nice and split it in half and put it on paper plates for the ungrateful little shits.

I stepped back and cracked a beer and leaned on the fridge and just let them go at it.

Cats are exactly like small children when they think no one is watching.

Baby, the brat, would take a few bites and then sit back and watch the old woman eat and you could read that little shits mind.

"I dunno what she has but it has to be better than mine", then she would go back to eating.
The old woman would then repeat this behavior exactly.

Back and forth, one would take a few bites and the other would be looking hard at what the other one was eating.
It was all I could do to keep from cracking up because I knew exactly what was going to happen after one or the other finally had enough.

Sure as shit, Baby finally got tired of pushing her food across the plate and jumping across to push it back.

She moved two damned feet and started in with the Cat Bath crap.

I waited.

Sure enough, when she saw Baby was done,
the old woman snuck over and started eating the food she left, even though there was still a half a can on her own plate.

Kids, who'd have 'em?

That's enough of the fun I have been having.

Thanks for stopping by, I have about fifteen empty beer cans to get ready for the neighbor from this weekend.
Hey, I never left home and I haven't been in a bar in over a week.

Progress is sometimes hard to discern.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


I haven't done a dang thing today.
I went outside once, to change the propane tanks and that was it.
It was nice earlier and then we got another thunderstorm and torrential rain. It did the same thing last night, it was so bad they broke into the local media with the emergency system about it.
It flat out poured last night.

I have just been sitting here on my behind playing computer games all day.
I needed a day off.
I got quite a bit done around here yesterday.

Oh, there is still plenty to do, too.

Sometimes ya just gotta kick back and relax.
Today was one of those days.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good evening.

Standing On Chair, Clapping And Cheering

Good on ya Joe.

There Be A New Blogger On The Block

I Am Prepared has put his shingle out.
If you are of a mind, go give ScareCrow some love.

A little encouragement goes a long way in this endeavor.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Piddle Fartin'

I am just dinkin' around tonight, looking for things to fix in the Weasel Den, a never ending source of entertainment.

Screw it, it's been a long week.

I am now dealing with the Trailer Park Queen.

Have a nice day bitch, there is a reason everyone here is afraid to knock on the fucking door.

I went and got some real live Andouille sausage fer dinner and seeings how I am in a mellow mood, have some KILLER Joe Cocker to help ya settle down for the coming weekend.

Who loves ya?

Thanks for stopping by.