Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Time For "That" Talk

Ok, now that everyone is snuggled in their own little bunkers and I have seen the stories of the shelves in every store being empty, it is time to say, we told you so.

Not that I ever, ever wanted to see something like this happen but here it is and don't you feel just a tiny bit bad for chasing around looking for D batteries at the last second?
I can't begin to count the times I have seen people roll their eyes and look down their noses at "Preppers".

Not quite as stupid as you thought we were, are we?

I feel bad for folks that are staring at the weather event of their young lives with no fucking clue where to go or what to do.

I just had this conversation with my new wife, I have been dancing around the topic for quite a while now, she has a pretty good idea that at least some form of supplies are in her future.The first thing she asked me after I brought it up again was whether or not I have a dehydrator.
Told ya she is a keeper.

I love her dearly and before we got married her excuse was no where to store anything.


Even in an apartment, there are places to store some survival supplies.

Now every Tom Dick and Harriett on the East Coast just figured that out.

My heart goes out to those just figuring this out.

We still have no place to live together but just had a short conversation about this very subject.
As most of you know, I live in a 35 foot long Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer.

I had a guy build me a pantry out of a closet that I have no idea what the original intent was for. It is right next to the fridge in the kitchen area.
At one time, I had enough food stored to last me six months, easy.

Where I live, water is not that much of a problem in an emergency, The Columbia River is a mile wide and five blocks away with another, small tributary eight blocks the other way.

I saw another post today complaining about toilet paper. That is a biggie.

When you have ladies and young children with you, buy that by the truck load.

For those of you who are telling yourselves that I have never been through a Hurricane, let me tell you about the storms we get on the West Coast that qualify, they just don't get names.

I have been through storms with sustained winds of 125 mph before, tornadoes and Ice storms that shut down a city with a million people for days.

What I am trying to do is open up a dialogue with some folks who are getting a pounding and never thought it would happen to them.
It's only too late if you are dead.

I sure as shit wouldn't be ready for a major shit storm like what is happening back East right this second but I can guarantee you that I would be one thousand times better off than seventy percent of those who just sat on their hands, watching this blow right into their front yards.

Even without a major hurricane coming your way, just inflation and food shortages alone should make you look around and see if you can't find a way to put a little emergency stash away.

Take my word for it,come what may, it is a great feeling of security to know that if the lights go out, that you know you and yours are going to be safe, healthy and sound when the lights come back on.

You certainly don't have to be a full on Prepper but as they always say, the more the merrier.

These aren't weirdos, they are fellow Americans and they would love to talk to you.

They would love to show you how to throw a screw right back into your grocery store by using coupons and have a wealth of information gathered from friends and family, including the things our parents and Grandparents learned the hard way during the last Depression.
They still work folks.

God Bless ya and I am anxiously awaiting the safe return of some of my Blog buddies.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Buckle Up East Coasters!

Hurricane Irene is heading your way and I'm not talking about crazy uncle Charlies wife.

This is going to be ugly.

They are talking about a thirty foot storm surge hitting New York.

For those of you who have never lived by the ocean, imagine a three story wall of water trying to find a place to go in a hurry.

If you can get out, do it.
Trying to play He Man Super Guy will get you fucked up in a bad way if you are near that body of water.
Find some high ground.

In the mean time, get some supplies laid in.

Clean drinking water is going to be at a premium.

Non perishable food, light and a way to stay warm and comfortable while you sleep are hugely important also.

Please be safe.


Mayor Bloomberg just announced a mandatory evacuation for the first time in the cities history for anyone living in low lying areas by 5 P.M. tomorrow.That includes two major airports, the entire subway system and a few million residents.

Don't be a fucking dumbass, get out now.
And for those of you who have been snickering about preppers,your time has come.
They are shutting down all means of mass transit as of tomorrow.

Remember Katrina folks.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mission Accomplished

It's finally a done deal.
Let me introduce to you my lovely Bride, Mrs. Ornery Bastard.

Am I a lucky sumbitch or what?
Damn, she is beautiful.

She wanted to share a couple of pictures, sorry ladies, I am married now.

It was somewhere between ninety and ninety five on Sunday and us boys could sure feel it. Wearing black shirts, pants and shoes with a freakin' tie strangling us just for good measure.

The actual ceremony only lasted a little over ten minutes and went exceptionally well.
It was a very pretty setting and quite a few folks actually showed up.
I would like to say Thank You to each and every one of them, it meant a lot to us.

It was the fiasco of getting all the pictures taken that took another two hours, with me chasing people down, running around with my clown shoes on.

We had a short reception and then drove back to my town and the party was on at the local Eagles Fraternity.

Another couple of hours of that and off we went for our honeymoon, which, by the way, got crashed by a couple of my Aunts, my cousin and her two boys.You oughtta met my Aunt Peggy, she is the female version of me without the profanity.
She is quite the party girl and totally out going. She cracks me up. get a couple of drinks in her and no man is safe.I love her to death.
That is another Blog post by it's self. I am waiting for the photographic evidence before I go into that.
It was comedic and we all had a great day.

Anyways, the fucking Drama is over.

I are married now.

Damn, I didn't realize what a good looking bastard I am.


The best fucking toast I have ever heard.
" May all the ups and downs in your life be between the sheets".

Thank you Rae, her dad's toast to her.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Gettin' hitched tomorrow.
I would like to thank everyone for the well wishes.

As you can probably guess, I am going to be busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest here for the few days so I probably won't be posting anything untill some time next week.

In the mean time, hit the old Blogroll, there are lots and lots of talented people there.

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Best Wishes!

I would like to announce the marriage of two of the best I have the gratitude to have found on the internet.

Mr. Driftglass and Blue Gal tied the knot today.

I would be proud to meet these folks someday.

My sincerest congratulations to the both of them.

One of the proudest days in recent memory was finding out I was on Drifty's Blogroll.
It doesn't get much better than that in my book, the guy is a personal hero and Fran is legendary in her own right.
I don't know where she finds the time but she is all over the place.

Do me a favor and swing by and congratulate them, tell 'em Busted sent ya.

It looks like I am still on deck for Sunday.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not My Personal Best

Gotta give me credit for trying.
Today was not one of my best.
The truck I tried to fix fucked up less than twenty four hours after I shut the hood.
The guy had some tire store put a winch on the nose of an F-250 and they had to move the power steering cooler, which is what caused the problem with his A/C condenser, the PS tubes rubbed a hole in the side of it because where the winch went was where the cooler was originally and it has some seriously fucked up molded in brackets, which only fit where the winch went in.

They tried to jerry rig it with some tie straps and I tried to re rig it but the new condenser has screws going up both sides and I tried to do it in the truck.
I couldn't see the fucking screws and it kicked the damn thing off at an angle and rubbed a hole in the brand new condenser in less than twenty four hours.

So, after having a couple of smokes and a beer, I dove under the prick on the side of the road and spent two and a half hours and several bucks out of my own pocket , two trips back to the Weasel Den for tools and two trips to the hardware store to re rig it yet again just to get him by until after the wedding.

Nothing like laying on the side of the road in direct sunlight and eighty degree weather, with hot transmission fluid running down your arm, trying to figure out how to fuck some other mechanic to make ya hot, tired, pissed off and thirsty.
I made some changes, had to buy some tubing and clamps, rig up some rubber mounts and curse like a sailor but I am sure he will be able to drive the jacked up thing until after I get married and then I will fix the thing the way it should have been done the first, and second time.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I opened the hood because they have those cute little rubber covers over the front of the truck covering everything up.

I will make it right, at no charge to the guy.
I figure another six hours for a job that should have taken about one.

Live and learn when working on four wheel drives.

Ya can't say I have no morals, at least some anyway.

In the mean time, that whole not smoking thing went away at light speed and for fucks sake, at eighty degrees and already pissed off, you bet yer ass I had a couple of beers.
I had to wrap a towel around my bald assed head to keep the sweat from blinding me every twenty seconds.

I told The Wife I would be sober at the wedding, she had better fucking hope I don't have to work on any God damned rigs on the way there, we will both be late because I will walk first.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stay Outta Kickin' Distance If Ya Know What's Good For Ya.

It's been two fucking days since I had a cigarette and two fucking days since I had any alchohol.

Get just a little closer, I dare ya....

Christ I had forgotten how bad it was to quit smoking.

Drinkin' ain't that bad but the smokes,


I laid around yesterday going through withdrawals, looking at that pack of smokes sitting on the night stand.

I swear I never looked at Farah Fawcett with such longing, I would have kicked Cindy Crawford out of bed and onto her ass if she had blocked my view.

Today, of course, is worse yet.

I was working on a buddies truck and I always had a butt hanging out of my mouth when I was wrenching on my own time, AND a cold beer within reach.

I have been wanting to quit for a while but between the cheapest smokes and the cheapest beer I could find it was 13 bucks for one six pack and a pack of nasty tasting smokes so I bit the bullet.

All I can tell you is a mother moose with PMS would come out limping right now.
I have zero sense of humor.

Temporary Reprieve Update;

The Wife called me worried that I was suffering unduly and told me to go have a smoke, so I did.
It's amazing how the sky went from blood red to sunny so fast.

Be warned, I give it an hour and I am going to be like this again;

H/T to Carolyn in comments.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nanny Remembers You.

I ain't talking about that lousy gift you gave her on her last birthday, either.

Wanna go out and tear some shit up in Brittain?

How about burning a bunch of stuff while yer at it?

Police use facial recognition technology to nab rioters .

Don't think for a minute that isn't being used here, either.

It's just one more way we have been ass fucked by the Patriot Act.

Get a load of this,
Chief Constable Andy Trotter, who is helping London police in the wake of the riots, said the department's sophisticated software was being used to help find those suspected of being involved in the worst unrest London has seen in a generation.

But he cautioned that facial recognition makes up only a fraction of the police force's efforts, saying tips have mostly come from traditional sources, such as still images captured from closed circuit cameras, pictures gathered by officers, footage shot by police helicopters or images snapped by members of the public.

"There's a mass of evidence out there," Trotter said in a telephone interview. "The public are so enraged that people who wouldn't normally come forward are helping us — especially when they see their neighbors are coming back with brand new TVs."

Now, go back and reread that.

Remember, this is England, the Crown Prince of the Surveillance States.

You can't wear a hat in a bar, they replaced all the glasses in bars with plastic, you can't own a gun without an extremely byzantine reason, like hunting for rabbits, and you had better have a rabbit problem too.
You can't have a knife, etc., etc,.

The number one seller on Amazon over there has been Aluminum Bats.

No fucking shit, sales are up 6,000 percent. I am surprised that Ye Olde Slings and Arrows aren't far behind.

Now, we all know the shit our country has been pulling, they can track your location by your cell phone, and do.

The all of a sudden legal hijinks that violate our Fourth Amendment rights has lost count.

They are after the First one and several more are now completely defunct, ask a cop, he will tell ya to your face, you have no rights.
Habeus Corpus, Miranda warnings, you name it serf, you have NO fucking rights.

Witness for yourself in case you have been living under a rock since 1967,

Wasn't that pleasant?
If you watch the TV show Cops, you ain't seen nothing yet.

I know, I am kind of veering off the origins of this post, but then again, I'm not.
The violence happening in London is coming here, mark my fucking words.
The difference is going to be that the violence and blood letting that happens here is going to be Biblical in it's proportions compared to this little Picaddilly in England.

Stay away from it at all costs.

They have surveillance cameras the size of a pin head these days and they are every where.
They will use the same technology to hunt you down and disappear your ass.

Been into a bank lately?
The government can find you.

I am not saying this country doesn't need a revolution, it does on a serious scale.
What I am saying is if you think you can just go ape shit wild and still sleep at night, those days are over.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I Wasn't Talking To You

The following was shamelessly stolen from Joel over at The Ultimate Answer To Kings.

He's a crusty old fart with my kind of attitude. I get a kick out of him on a regular basis.

Feel free to swing by and tell him Busted sent ya.

He is right, it needs to go viral

Monday, August 08, 2011

Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Great Rice Heist V2.0

Remember a couple of years ago when there was a big run on rice? People were buying rice like they would never see it again and I would bet money, all this time later, some folks still have 50 pound bags of rice sitting around they will never use.

Get ready for it again.

I ain't immune, I bought a bunch too, just in those little one pound bags.

The Japanese public eats a LOT of rice, as does most of South
East Asia and their fears of radioactive contaminated rice from the fractured Fukashima plant has them buying up old stores of last years rice crop because they saw what happened when their government let contaminated beef onto the market and was slow to contain that.

Remind anyone of some Mad Cow Disease?

I read something about a tent city that sprang up in New Jersey today too.
Fucking around with the rice in Japan seems like something you wouldn't give a rats ass about, if a butterfly beats it's wings in Japan and a tidal wave hits here a few weeks later, what in the hell do you think is going to happen if the rice supply is fucked up?
Their car manufacturing took a hit and that has already affected our economy, if you are paying attention.

Yeah, our drought, Europe diving into the shitter headfirst and this absolutely infuriating horse shit on our part that just got our credit rating down gradeded and I , for the life of me, want to strangle some ignorant fucking elected, AND APPOINTED officials by the the throat.

There is no rainbow, it is going to continue to get worse finanancially, and stupid shit like the availability of the people halfway across the planet to buy uncontaminated rice is going to have an effect on you whether or not you like it.

This ain't Kansas anymore TOTO but it sure as shit matters what the fuck happens in Tokyo more now than it did in 1943.

Radio active rice goes a long ways to fucking up a population that depends on it for a staple and I would bet you ten bucks our fucking government has a study somewhere proving that, with another alternate plan on how to do it again surreptitiously.
Better yet, let us old enough to remember Vietnam, rice paddy's deforestation on a massive scale and the nasty fucking thing that is still killing people forty fucking years later, our old friend, Agent Orange.

I'm Still Kicking

Crikey, It's been damn near a week since I last posted.

I was out of town for two weeks trying to make some scratch.

The Wife To Be came down here and is going through the last of the lists for the Wedding.

Freaking out about ties.
God bless her heart.

I do believe the nerves are starting to show.

I have not had time to visit my favorite sites pretty much all week.
I didn't even turn this thing on for two days so I am uncomfortably ignorant of current events.
As such, no ranting today.

Lucky you.

Two weeks from today, the big day is barreling towards us.

Anyways, thanks fer stopping by, maybe I will have some time yet today to scan the headlines and work up a head of steam about something.
There seems to be a never ending supply of complete fucking assholes out there up to no fucking good.

Monday, August 01, 2011

What Double Dip Recession?

I don't know about you but I called Bullshit two fucking years ago when I saw some asshole declare the recession from 2007 was over in 2009 and I still do.

They tried desperately to not call it another Depression and they lied through their perfect teeth fucking again.

Now I am seeing same said asshole economic professionals calling the current cluster fuck a "Double Dip Recession".

I have some news for you cocksuckers, it is a fucking Depression, has been since the shit hit the fan in November of 2007 and hasn't let up a lick since then.
Noticed housing prices, GDP and the Unemployment rate that hasn't changed in two fucking years?

Just because we were obligated to mortgage our Great Grandchildren to bail out the upper criminal class, more than once, does not mean that the majority of us is all of a sudden eating steak and lobster three times a week.

Now pay attention to this infuriating deal with the Credit limit horseshit.

I told you they would come up with some fucked up deal.
72% say raise taxes on those making over 250,00 dollars.

Listen to me laugh.

I sure as shit do.
Too big to fail.

Now they are after your retirement that you paid for, claiming it is part of the budget.

I don't know about you but those one dollar McChickens have become a staple food in my life and I would like to punch John Boehner and his ilk in the face so motherfucking hard I break a couple more knuckles.