Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh Yay

I have to drive by Best Buy going back and forth to work so I swung in there to see if my little what the fuck they call it note pad or something was fixed.
 The hard drive took a shit.

Lost everything, which I ain't too worried about.

The bad news, the sonsabitches at Best Buy had to replace the hard drive.

Worse news, when I bought it , it had Windows 7 on the fucker and they tell me I gotta call Toshiba and order some "Recovery Discs".

Even better, that little fucker doesn't have a disc drive, so I have to wait a fucking week to get them, pay 25 fucking dollars and then take it back to best Buy to have them installed.

I told the young lady the fucker had Windows on it when I bought it from ya and why in the fuck doesn't it have it now?

Oh no,.
Then I says , you guys have Windows here don't ya?
Yes, but it is two hundred fucking dollars, my words, not hers.
So, get home and spend a half fucking hour with some dude from India, I gotta admit, his accent was Scotty next door until the numbers started getting sent back and forth, then it was obvious.

Now, I get to wait 3 to 5 days for shipping and have to take the fucker back to Best Buy to have the discs transfered to some kind of flash drive and have them get the cocksucker up and running again.

Jesus H. Fucking Christ.

The folks are headed out next week, have some carpet cleaning outfit coming on Thursday and I have to go deal with residual shit at the Weasel Den.

I had to go over there last night and dump off a ten pound bag of cat food.

The dude has moved in, it is completely different inside and he is happy.

BTW, Blogger changed their shit again and can suck my dick and Gaddafi is still dead.

I'm glad someone is....


  1. Busted, put on Ubuntu....cross my heart, you will be happier

  2. The computer companies got us by the nuts, don't they?

  3. That is what you get for going to Worst Buy. Go to and see if there is a cheaper way. They pretty well hate Worst Buy, well, at least some of them do. I would dig in my heels and never pay a dime not specified in the warranty. Nice to see you at my blog. The Year Without a Summer is pretty chilling! No pun intended. Your guns might come in handy!