Wednesday, October 05, 2016

How Ya Like That?

I had a gentleman on the Blogroll at one of my other Blogs who hadn't posted in quite a while when all of a sudden I see a new post up.
I click on it and it is in some foreign language now with some Indonesian looking woman hawking skin care crap.
He had a Blogger account and it got hijacked!
I had no idea that shit was possible but bigger than shit, if it popped up as a new post on my Blogroll it happened.
That fucking bitch is in for a rude surprise when she sees the comment I left for her.
No translation will be necessary I'm thinking.
Since he had been dormant for a while I figured I had better mosey the fuck on over here and throw up a post just to keep the joint active.
Since this is just a filler type post, here is a cute little Indonesian chick to look at for your trouble.