Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wanting to go see The Wall

I just found out Roger Waters is coming to Portland in May and the tickets go on sale Monday.

FUUUck me, I always wanted to see Pink Floyd,even though the key boardist died last year and they have been broke up for years anyway.

Tickets can go clear up over a grand apiece for front row, my budget is quite a bit more modest and this could be my christmas present but the wife says no, she wants to go too.

A couple of hundred apiece to get the back of the venue with a straight shot at the stage, we will make that work.

For those of you who like Floyd, there is a tribute band from Australia that I have actually seen and they play Floyd note for note, have extremely awesome back up singers and a wicked light show.
Some of the members of Pink Floyd actually went and saw them am said it was the best concert they ever went to and gave them a couple of the big inflateable props from their own show.
I saw the big rat myself.

Think I'm kidding these guys are good?

Oh, hell no.

Sorry, it's the best of the crappy videos I could find on Youtube but just listen and you will get the idea.
Just fer shits and grins, here is the European version, pretty good too;

Now, for the real deal,

If Aussie Floyd gets any where near you and you can afford it, go see this show, it's awesome.

I ain't fucking kidding.


  1. It should be grand, sweetie.

    Enjoy it for me.

    (I ran their music a few days ago at my blog. They did "Occupy" for the OWS movement.)

    Love the Floyd!


  2. Roger waters is well worth the money. I saw him a few years ago. Amazing, and I'm not even a big fan. Ticket prices have gotten out of hand.