Thursday, July 31, 2008

One More Day

God willing, I am going to take a fucking vacation and try to get my shit together after tomorrow.
More of a "Staycation", Kudos to the broke motherfucker that came up with that one.
Too many folks are doing it without a choice.
Do yerself a favor and start paying a bit of attention to the shit storm that is playing out in the world of High Finance, We Be Fucked.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smarter Than The Government Somebody Else Voted For.

What the Hell is it with these idiots?
Apparently they are so rich they have never had to deal with getting their asses kicked by someone that is just a little bit smaller and ten times as vicious as they are.
Never had a mosquito bite?
There seems to be a bully syndrome to end all Bully syndromes with these sadistic , bug squashing, cat torturing and frog blasting sociopaths. Wait, I almost forgot Abu Graib and Guantanamo, and let's not forget the fun they had in New Orleans .
OK, I guess they are the masters of the sucker punch and the age old trick of pushing someone backwards over one of their friends, down on all fours right behind the knees.
Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck, have some quail wings and get over it.

Lick me where I pee, I lost my sense of humor with these weasels a long time ago.

It's quite obvious, they never had a punch in the face that caused them to suck on their teeth for a few weeks,or a curb stomp, just a few Atomic Wedgies to remind them there were some bigger fish in the pond, fifty damn years ago, and Boy Howdy, did they never forget.

Now that they have had the Shock Troops at their disposal for the last eight years, it seems that it is old hat to throw some over grown sunglass festooned enforcers into the public space to make sure there is no "unpleasantness" while they have to appear anywhere near the unwashed masses. The abuse of power this administration has perpetrated on the people who inhabit the same Biosphere has been breath taking, especially with all of the gutless protoplasmic enablers continually claiming to be the opposition party prostrating themselves like a dog that has been beaten, rolling on it's back, pissing on it's stomach, begging to be given a chance to prove it's loyalty.

Once again, the whisperings of an enhanced state of concern about a "Heightened State Of Awareness" over nebulous potential security concerns have been surreptitiously been forwarded to the correct sources of disinformation, just like the last election, at the exact time, before any election was even started.
This time they have restrained themselves from blatantly raising the ridiculous Homeland Security " Threat Level" to "Orange", they are just , at least for once, showing that even overzealous monkeys can learn from their mistakes.

I am sick and tired of idiots trying to lead me around like I have a ring in my nose.

Anyone who is not aware of what the hell is going on in the media and on the official government channel at this point in the Neocon bid to retain the Presidency ,and a majority in Congress, can come see me, I have a Bridge to No Where to sell, it seems Ted Stevens (Indicted Republican, Soon To Find Real Metal Toobz In His Future) won't have time to shove it down any one's throat like he thought he could.

I am quickly tiring of trying to play Chinese Checkers with idiots that can't shuffle cards.

More Fun With Numbers , BushCo Style

I swear, if it wasn't so sad it would be funny.
BushCo is famous for pulling numbers out of their ass but this is just surreal;

U.S. Reports Drop in Homeless Population

Published: July 30, 2008

WASHINGTON — The number of chronically homeless people living in the nation’s streets and shelters has dropped by about 30 percent — to 123,833 from 175,914 — between 2005 and 2007, Bush administration officials said on Tuesday.

Housing officials say the statistics, which the Department of Housing and Urban Development collects each year from more than 3,800 cities and counties, may reflect better data collection and reporting and some variation in the number of communities reporting on an annual basis. But the officials attribute much of the decline to the “housing first” strategy that has been promoted by the Bush administration and Congress and increasingly adopted across the country.

Oh Yeah, Housing First, what a side splitter.

How many millions of houses have already been foreclosed on?
How many people are sleeping in their fucking cars?

“We can all be encouraged that we’re making progress in reducing chronic street homelessness,” Housing Secretary Steven C. Preston said in a statement. “But we must also recognize that we have a long way to go to find a more lasting solution for those struggling with homelessness every day.”

These fucking people lie as easily as they breathe.
I think they are desperate as a cornered rat to find any tiny bit of good news they can, even if they have to pull numbers out of thin air.
I can't wait to see how rosy the economy is when they get done cherry picking the indicators.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Fuck Wordpress, I'm Back Here For Good

The Grand Experiment is over, I tried and tried to make that mother fucker work but I am done with that sonofabitch.
I'm a mechanic, not a Computer Scientist.
Update yer Blogrolls and RSS feeds, or don't,
right now I am so fucking pissed off I can't see straight.

The full rant is back there, behind me now.