Thursday, December 08, 2011

What's That, Ya Say?

I went and had a hearing test done today after work, part of the process of being hired permanently after my 90 day double secret probation is over, hope hope.

It came out just like I thought it would.

I told the nice lady I was deaf in one ear and can't hear out of the other.

I was close.

Turns out I do have some issues, she was quite concerned.
I told ya, nice lady. Cute too.

It seems I really don't hear so good out the right side but the left is considerably worse.

She told me if and when I get medical to go see a doctor.

Like that is going to happen anytime soon.

She asked me if that when someone is talking to me and their is background noise if it sounded like they were mumbling.

Bingo, hit that right on the head.

It's especially bad at work because their is tons of background noise and I have to wear ear plugs to boot.

I can't hear shit when people talk to me.

This has been an ongoing problem for me for several years and I have to admit, I do a lot of lip reading.

I just have to lean in and tell them to speak up.

That and saying "What" to the point it is embarassing.

I'm pretty sure it isn't going to affect my employment though, it is mainly a benchmark to compare with later.

They seem to like me pretty good, I had coveralls ordered the second week I was there and another guy had been there four months and hadn't.
Pissed him off.

Now, he has been there five months and he has seen the sheet with his name on it for the same hearing test on the bosses desk for a week and they haven't given it to him yet.

I'm liking my odds here.

I have never missed a day or been late, thank the good lord.

I came close this morning.
I went out to get in The Beast and it was iced up good.
Being an old Ford truck, it has a heater core the size of a postage stamp and those old bastards were notorious for being cold blooded.
I finally dug in my ass pocket and dug out my debit card to scrape the windshield with.
Then I had to stop for gas (a whopping nine MPG) and watch for ice to get there.

It finally started defrosting the windshield after about four miles and never did really get warm.

That was my day, how was yours?


  1. Drove up to Pueblo and tried to buy some used tires. Only had three. 275 out the door with 85% of tread instead of 550 and way up for new. These different odd to me tire sizes only increased the price of tires. I will be back when they get me a good set.

    Stopped at the zoo. Hadn't been there before. 8 to get in - 35 for the year. Small but hear it's pretty cool. Sun was not out. I will be back here as well.

    Took a failed floor jack back to Harbor Freight. I believe the cold caused a seal to fail on the other. Picked up another set of jack stands or they did and gave me the 6tonners instead of the el cheepos.

    Came home got my Astro camper van the rest of the way in the air and took the tail shaft off the tranny and replace the bushing and seal. I understand this bushing thing is critical and it didn't seem that bad. Put it back together tomorrow-service the front wheel bearings and I hope they don't need packing at least right away-put the plates on and I can start putting a few things in it for a test run and camp.

    Going in to cook my lo-mien get in the easy chair and watch an episode of Next Generation Star Trek - get loaded again fiddle fuck around - shit like that.

    It was a pretty good day. I'm fucking lucky right now in life. Real lucky considering everything.

  2. I'm surprised I can hear anything at all after my years in the Fire service. Nothing like a siren mounted right over your head.

    3 inches of frozen slush on the car. Trees down in the road, but someone made a hole to go through.

    Spent the day wiring in an unheated room. Actually enjoy wiring, so it was Okay. They kept me in hot coffee and sandwiches, plus I'd head downstairs next to the woodstove to thaw out now and then.

    Those Fords do have tiny heater cores. Even worse with a cold blooded diesel.

  3. Glad to hear from both of ya's, you get the cold I have nightmares about.

    Keep after it One Fly and you to Six Bears.

  4. Spent the day trout fishing for work in a 20 MPH icy north wind (NOT what was forecast!) getting my kidneys pounded and hosed down with salt spray. The water was shitty due to the wind, and to top it off, it's near a full moon (which always makes fishing a bitch). Put in at 8:30 this morning and got not a fucking nibble 'till 12:45, the fish of a thousand casts. Got ten of the slimy little fuckers before we headed back at 3:00. BOO-YAH! And yes, I loved every frigid minute of it : ) Well, it did reach a high in the mid 50s after a morning frost. But that's fuckin' COLD down here!

  5. Can't hear too good either, left ear's the worst, no teeth, retired, no job to worry about, cold out, snow almost melted off, full moon's real pretty.

    Life is good.

  6. Odd hearing is perfect, my husband has same issues you do.
    Do ya think it's the sound of a wife's voice, or all the years below deck as a diesel mechanic?
    I'm thinking maybe he's sick of hearing me rant about's been 29 years.

  7. Skip, you may be on to something there. I can hear most things reasonably well, except my wife (38 years) from five feet away. 40 years as a motorcycle mechanic.

  8. On the bright side, I've learned several new cuss words from listening to her rant about Repugs. :-)

  9. worked around jets from age 18 to 25. Hated to wear hearing protection, starting at about age 35 I have been paying for it. Have been wearing 2 hearing aids now for the last 25 years. And god damn are they expensive. So, very lucky that I am getting 100% disability from VA as they pay for the hearing aids. Now working on the 3rd pair. Have to give the nod to the current VA. Handing out really good hearing aids, current pair cost out at $3,000 each at local hearing aid place.
    And after 23 years I finally got a pair that really work. They cut out background noise when it get really loud and amplify the words that people are saying.
    Busted, you get a chance to get some, then do it. They will change your life(I can hear paper and leaves rustle now and can even hear lots of natural sounds that I had never noticed that I could not hear. The results were fantastic.
    By not hearing what is going on around you you miss a tremendous amount. When I remove the hearing aids, sounds becomes muffled and many low sounds just disappear.
    For gods sake get some soon. Or you just might not hear the ambulance that is going to T bone you because you never heard it coming.