Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Want To See Some Crab Bait

Thirty years after Natalie Woods death by drowning, the LA detectives office want to reopen the case because of some comments made by the skipper of the boat she allegedly fell overboard made recently.

I have to admit my interest in this;

I called bullshit on this back when it happened and that woman was the most beautiful lady I had ever seen in my life.

To this day, she had the most gorgeous eyes and a perfect body,I have never forgotten her.

I can point a finger where I figure some one had a hand helping her overboard
but It's just a gut feeling.
I do tend to trust my gut feelings though.

Looking at you, Robert Wagner.

Wagner said the evidence suggests "she had slipped and rolled into the water, which makes a lot of sense because the boat — when they found it, it hadn't been started and the oars were all in the same position. There was no evidence that she tried to get in it."

I wonder why.
Maybe she really didn't want to get in the damn thing in the first place?

I would love to see some closure in this.
She was a nice lady and gorgeous beyond belief.

I think I was only six or seven when I first saw her and I was instantly smitten.

Told ya I am a pervert, I just have exceptional taste.

She was a very beautiful lady and got more so as she aged,She might have been in her seventies now but she would still be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

What a waste.


  1. TOTAL Agreement! I loved this woman from the first time I saw her as the little girl in "Miracle"..... I was a little kid at the time .... started making plans to marry her then. Without question (in my mind anyways) the most beautiful woman to have ever walked the face of this earth. I was pissed 30 years ago when she passed .... I'm even MORE pissed now. EVERYBODY Who Was There that night should do time! Have you ever heard Walken make a comment on this? I haven't ...

  2. 'Smatter of fact, that did go through my mind.
    I don't recall Walken saying a damn thing and the fact that he and Wagner were drunk and arguing just makes the whole damn thing look like a cover up.

  3. I always thought their was something beyond "fishy' about her murder. No pun intended. It never looked like he was a "grieving widower" to me, and his subsequent hook up w/ Jill St. John. Being a widow myself, from a sudden death. I am not drinking Haterade, but he just seemed a little too happy go lucky. When you lose someone like that, believe me, it takes along time to get over it. Still trying. Just sayin'. But you are right on!

  4. I thought that Wagner had something to do with it back then. Yes, she was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. LOL...this is coming from a woman who is a committed heterosexual. She was striking.

  5. Problem is, of course, unless Wagner confesses (which is about as likely as Dick Cheney confessing that he really tried to kill that lawyer dude), nothing's going to happen.

    (Does anyone not believe that Robert Blake capped his wife?)