Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Because this last one sucked monkey balls.

Thanks to all my readers and those who keep popping in looking for that fake picture of Sarah Palin I posted a few months ago, you would not believe how many hits I get over that thing and I swiped it from someone else!
Also, I would like to thank everybody who linked to my wee little blog of insanity, you know who ya are and so do I, Thanks.

Stay safe and party like there is no tomorrow, at the rate shit is happening lately, there might not be!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bread, Butter, Taters And The Things I Take For Granted

Pretty damn amazing the things I take for granted.
A two block drive and see how many quarters I have left over from doing laundry.

Two inches of snow tonight and the whole world went to hell, idiots.

Paper Towels?
A sack of onions for a buck?
The Dollar store is only good for so much.

Right now, Taters are dirt cheap.
Butter is cheaper than Margarine for some strange reason.

These staple items are something I need to figure out how to store in a God Damn trailer with no freezer.

Onions and Taters I might be able to do, Butter and Margarine are another story.

No Knead Bread is looking to be a can do thing.

Other than that, I see something addressed to U.R.Phooked, here shortly.
I ain't going to starve by any means, it is these little things that are going to be problematic, I see.
I need to find me a farmers market or better yet, a farmers daughter.

How's That For Family Values?

What happened to the sanctity of marriage Karl?

Hypocritic, treasonous , serial liar, Karl Rove just got divorced, again.
If I hear about the sanctity of marriage out of one more winger asshole within kicking distance, someone is going to be walking with a limp for a long time.

No mention of a restraining order.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Attention, Flight 253 Is Now Boarding.

Please line up on the right to show your papers.

This is not a bit funny and was not meant to be.

Apparently we have small children running the TSB who have absolutely no concept of airline traffic and passenger safety.

Get A Fucking Clue.

She Canna Take Anymore, Captain!

As the year winds down and I take a gander at all the shit we have been through, it is less than heartening to look forward to the gathering shit storm that is in our future.
Basically, the entire world is completely out of control.

On one hand, we have financial system that is rotten to the core and keeps rewarding criminal behavior handsomely.
Must be a nice gig if you can get it.
On another front, we have entire cities that are flat out dying, look no farther than Detroit as a prime example.

Unemployment is at a generational high, millions of people are getting foreclosed on and losing their homes.
One in eight people are on food stamps, forty states are projected to run out of unemployment money.

California, who has an annual budget larger than many countries, is flat assed broke and in the middle of an even larger water crisis.
The list goes on and on.

I started watching this perfect storm in November of 2007 and it just keeps getting worse.

Now, on top of it all, there is reportedly going to be an emerging food crisis with expected triple digit price increases and world wide shortages.

The USDA is talking out both sides of it's mouth, saying it is expecting bumper crops this year while at the same time it has declared the bread basket of the country to be a fucking disaster area.
Draw your own conclusions there, after all, it is a Federal agency and they are here to help.

Cough, cough.

Rice, again, is supposed to be in short supply again this next year.
On top of all that, I see where some crazy sonofabitch tried to blow up a plane and now the TSA is going to treat every passenger like an errant four year old and nobody can have any kind of electronic device on and must sit facing forward with their hands in their lap for the last hour of a flight.

If that wasn't so God Damn pathetic, it would be hysterical.

All I can say to that is take a fucking train, they have yet to fuck that completely up but rest assured that they are trying as hard as they can.

Commercial real estate continues to tank and Timmy the Great says we can expect to see an ease in unemployment come spring.
There is one dude who needs to experience unemployment for an extended period, asshole.

So, gentle readers and trolls alike, we are in for more of the same in the coming year, I actually expect it to get worse by next summer.

All I can do is try to hang on by my finger nails like everyone else, except I have been slowly building up enough grub and supplies so I can at least eat, whatever the fuck comes down the pipe.

I don't like what I am not seeing, what they are not saying, but I am watching and every two to three weeks the PTB try to slip a little something past us.
Pay attention and keep your wits about ya, there is a Bad Moon Rising.

Actually, the whole enchilada is on a fast track into a brick wall.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Get One

I kid you not, this is a serious piece of hardware. This was a decent picture, mine is a Lewis and Clark rememberative edition that you can cook buiscits on top too.

I bought a Pork roast that wouldn't fit in my little Crock Pot and dug out my Dutch Oven that I had never used.
I had seasoned it and put it away and DAMN! does that thing rock!

Holy Moley, it is now going into regular rotation.

I use cast iron to cook with almost exclusively, I can't believe my cabinets haven't fallen off the wall yet but I think I am in love with this damn thing.

Note to self,
get some frikkin' Pot Holders.

Somebody Make It Stop!

Heh, another gratuitous Christmas ass pic for ya.

Holy fucking Christ, I'm still half drunk.
Not only is my head pounding, some damn thing is banging away outside too.
The fucking wind is blowing and the whole damn trailer is rocking and swaying.
Good thing I don't get sea sick.
Happy Holidays.

Time for round two.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Ho Ho

And all that happy shit.

Fuck, I hate Christmas more and more every damn year.

I hope you all enjoy the company and the time you get to spend with them, safe travels and any random sex acts you get are a bonus.

I get to drive all over creation here in a bit and pretend to enjoy it.

Now bring me a beer and go away.

I just took a healthy crap, had a shot of rum, a beer and a cigarette.
I just may live.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas Motherfuckers

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Monday, December 21, 2009


WHOO HOO! The keyboard works now!

I don't have a fucking clue what finally fixed it. I been fucking with it for four goddamn hours.
Google this, get on a discussion thread, get the fuck out, I ain't fucking with this thing any more, I killed it once already.

My buddy was awesome enough to have some one build this damn thing for me for free and it fucked up, he took it home and fixed it on his own time but the damn keyboard wouldn't work so I have been using the virtual keyboard you can find under accessories, if ya can see the fucking thing.

Whatever happened, I was for damn sure not going into the operating system.
I was going to swallow my pride and take the damn thing back to him before I even tried to fuck it up again.

I was all over the internet doing specific searches, something happened. Now I will see if the other one works tomorrow when I plug it in at the shop.
Hey, use a known good part, Ford has that advice in their factory manuals and so does Micro fucking Soft I see.

Either way, WOOT!!

Now I gotta fix the screen resolution, I can't hardly see the fucking letters I am typing.

I think I can handle that.
As my buddy said, now I can get back to pissing people off.

Merry Christmas motherfuckers.

I Can Haz Second Amendment?

H/T Lol Cats.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

No Computer,Now No keyboard

Having to use the virtual fucking keyboard at three microns, at night.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Monsanto To Allow Farmers To Use Modified Soybean After Patent Expires

According to this NYT article, after 2014 Monsanto is going to allow farmers to continue to use it's first generation genetically modified Soybean after the patent expires, will let them save the seeds and will not force them to buy new seed every year.
Some snippets from the article,

In letters to seed companies and farm groups this week, Monsanto said that it would allow farmers to continue to grow its hugely popular Roundup Ready 1 soybeans even after the patent protecting the technology expires in 2014.


Because farmers and seed companies would no longer have to pay royalties to Monsanto on the gene after 2014, Roundup Ready soybeans would become agricultural biotechnology’s equivalent of a generic drug.


While Monsanto sells Roundup Ready seeds itself, it also licenses the technology to other seed companies. Some seed industry executives and academic soybean specialists say that Monsanto was not planning to renew licenses for that Roundup Ready 1 trait that expired before 2014, so that seed companies would have no choice but to move to Roundup Ready 2.

But in its letters this week, Monsanto said it would now extend all contracts for Roundup Ready 1 until the patent’s expiration date. It also said it would not enforce language in some contracts that would have required seed companies to destroy or return Roundup Ready seed when the patent expired.

And Monsanto said seed companies could continue to sell seeds containing the Roundup Ready 1 trait without jeopardizing their access to the successor technology.

Also the article mentions that Monsanto is currently under investigation for Anti trust violations by the Justice Department.

This is good news and bad news as explained in the next snippet.

Still, it is uncertain how long Roundup Ready 1 would survive in generic form. Some nations require licenses for the import of genetically engineered crops to be periodically renewed. Monsanto said it would maintain those licenses through 2017. But if they expired after that, American farmers would not be permitted to export the Roundup Ready 1 generic soybeans to certain countries, which would discourage them from growing those crops.

Go read the whole article by ANDREW POLLACK to get the whole story.

Get Many Comments Over There?

I got bad news fer you duckie if you use HalOscan.

More commonly known in these parts as Hell-O-scan.
According to Avedon Carol over at The Sideshow,some outfit called Echo has bought out Haloscan and will now be charging you ten bucks a year if you want to continue to have comments on your Blog show up.
Isn't that lovely?
Avedon's take,

I'm really not sure what to do about this. The new owners of Haloscan seem to have come up with a fool-proof plan to totally piss me off. Apparently, this is so I can have all the "exciting" features I hate in other commenting systems. They want me to pay them for the elimination of the things I liked about Haloscan. I mean, there isn't even a field for your homepage URL, which means I can't go look at a commenter's blog easily - I guess they want to reduce, rather than aid, communication It's not that they're asking for much money, true, but it's the principle: A sudden announcement that if I don't give them money it's all over between us. They say they are giving me a whole two weeks to make the decision, but they don't let me see anything but their announcement when I log into the management page to try do things (like delete spam). Or I can terminate my account and "export" all my comments to another system, but as near as I can tell from the discussion thread, that just means pulling it all out to save in a single document on my hard drive. And you can try using their exciting new commenting system right there on the blog, and it is apparently broken. I would think they'd have fixed that before inviting us to buy it from them.

Snerk. Emphasis is mine.

Anyways, you can investigate this at the link above or here

I am going to wait until I get some kind official announcement or start seeing zero comments like I did way back in the day when I started this Blog.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

STFU Lieberman

This made my day. Good on ya Franken, shut that whiny bitch up.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fuck 'Em All

After watching what has happened to the Health Care debate lately, I feel as though I have been watching a ping pong match between two meth crazed weasels.
I have come to the conclusion that even if it passes, it will ultimately be ruled as Unconstitutional on the basis it is taxation without representation.
As it currently stands, anyone who does not have insurance will be forced to purchase insurance or be fined by the Federal government, even as said insurance assholes can still deny coverage and put limits on the amount covered.

I call Bullshit right there.

Anything that is mandated by the Federal government and can still be denied by a private company is a tax without representation.
Fuck that shit.

I am completely disgusted with the Democratic party, the President and especially Joe Fucking Lieberman and the Republicans.

I have been pissed off at the Democrats for some time now and have come to the conclusion that they do not, in fact, represent my beliefs after all.
I do believe I have had plenty enough of the Kabuki theater that passes for governance in this country and am going to register as an Independent and I am not so sure that I will just quit voting for anything other than local offices from now until the day I fucking die.
This is certainly not representative government, I only need to point to the Bail out of Wall Street that ninety nine percent of the population was against and Congress bailed the dirty sonsabitches out with our money anyway to make my point.

The same damn thing is going on right now with the Health care issue.
Seventy percent of Americans, a clear majority, support a Public Option and that went bye bye.
Then the Medicare option was single handedly killed by Joe Lieberman.

Whatever abortion of a bill finally comes out of Congress at this point is going to be a financial disaster for many Americans, especially if it is signed into law requiring any uninsured individual HAS to buy insurance, from an industry that is exempt from anti monopoly laws and ,can and will, raise premiums at will.

No, that is not representative government, that is theft.

I'm Getting Old

Still having computer problems at home, god dammit.
Anyway's, I haven't forgotten y'all. Have a nice day and listen to this old classic.

BTW, I see I bear an uncanny resemblance to Pete Townsend.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Somebody Slap This Fucking Guy Part TWO

Fucking Lieberman, again.

Dirty no good sanctimonious pustule.

One fucking guy holding Congress hostage.
It is very telling when you look at it from here that the fucking Democrats are a bunch of fucking pussies.
Lieberman isn't even a Democrat, he is an Independent/Republican Light after he got his ass handed to him by Lamont.

Lieberman needs to be invited to a sack party, Stat.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Somebody Slap This Fucking Guy

Jesus Christ, I tell ya, if I could only get with in kicking distance of this asshole.

To Sir, With Love

Somebody got with the program and said fuck that shoe throwing business.

Wake the fuck up Congress critters,fashion trends come out of Italy, ya know?

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

Fucking bastards!
The weather dudes all said it was supposed to be in the forties today.
Instead, I woke up to freezing rain and it is STILL colder than hell.

Even the fucking cats are trying to snuggle.
MMMPH< Covering my head with a blanket.
I am afraid to take a piss, my hands are frozen.
Trying to keep the furnace down but fuck this noise, I ain't doing anyone any favors by being a fucking popsicle.

Bonus round, I can hear the rain hitting the roof, guess what that means.

Five Dead Meeces

Damn, have I been having technical difficulties or what?
Five fucking dead mouses in a week.
I finally got pissed off and pitched 'em, went to Radio Fucking Shack and bought a Goddamn wireless sumbitch, came home and.....

Duh, batteries not included, stupid.
Par for the course, we had a big blast of freezing rain, just for fun.
I finally got out of the fucking driveway at eleven o'clock this morning to drive three blocks, to get some fucking batteries.
Batteries I have, just not the tiny little needle dick bug fucker type.
Hopefully I can just motor along for a while without some major malfunction for fucks sake!

Oh Yes, They Are Watching

Went to the Dollar store yesterday. Spent One Hundred and Two dollars.
They had soup stacked up in flats, I bought two flats.
Went to check out and the weasel fucking manager was hovering over the check out girl, wringing his hands together, literally.
He counted the soup cans and was visibly relieved when it came out to twenty one. Twenty four is the magic number he said.
Just so ya know.

I almost laughed at the guy.
What the FUCK is this, Russia? East Germany? Jesus Christ, I coulda bought every fucking can they had, ever heard of a place called America? We buy shit by the tractor trailer load, idiot.

The fucking guy was worried that some skinny little motherfucker bought twenty four cans of soup in a country with Three Hundred Million citizens?

I am sitting here shaking my head.
It ain't like they are bullets, asshole.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sweet Dreams Baby

I lost a beautiful friend recently and went to the Memorial tonight.
Such a sad waste of a beautiful lady. She was absolutely full of life, you could hear her laugh half way around the block when she was having a good time.
I also heard that another friend that has no family is going to get the plug pulled today. That unfortunate decision was thrust upon my boss, who had known the old guy since he was sixteen. I knew the man well, he was my parts driver. What a character. His name was Fred but he he didn't like that, so ya had to call him by his middle name, Rodgers. Not Rodger, Rodgers, think that didn't fuck people up.
He was a collector, the last time I went to see him, he had over forty goddamn machete's laying on the floor and over fifty different bottles of Hot sauce sitting on the counter. He was so good at collecting weird shit, the boss gave him a damn container box to put his shit in. I have no idea what is going to happen to all that shit, maybe a giant garage sale to pay the medical bills.
The lady and I spent a lot of time together at times, she was a bartender in a bar with no customers.
I would go in and order an asshole in a glass, she knew what it was and we would have juke box wars. Lori loved the blues, especially Texas Blues, and we would go back and forth on the juke box. She would get bored and come next door and I would buy her a shot of tequila to keep her busy. Down to earth and tougher than nails, it is hard to imagine she is gone.
We were good friends and she would not even accept a ride to work when she was six blocks away, in the rain.

Sometimes, life and death comes and goes on the same day, the UPS guy isn't that predictable either.

I am greatly saddened today.
Rest in Peace, both of ya. You both deserve it, great friends.


Zappadan Continues

Here is my contribution, some wise advice here,

Don't Eat Yellow Snow!

I thought this to be appropriate as it has been below freezing here for a week now and the forecast is snow and freezing rain tonight.

Go see Mark over at Fried Green Al Quedas for more Zappadan goodness.

Damn near eleven minutes of classic Zappa here and now!


Degrees that is.
It's still frozen here. A bunch of the trucks at work are now in the shop defrosting. When it gets that kind of cold the air valves freeze up if there is one drop of moisture in the air system.
No rest fer the wicked. I am all kinds of busy this morning.
It is supposed to start warming up on Sunday.

My Buddy here has a friend who gave him some surplus Coast Guard insulated coveralls and one pair was too big for him.
Bright orange and very toasty, as a matter of fact I am sweating.
These things are the shit, I'm telling ya!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Colder Than A Well Diggers Ass

12 fucking degrees this morning and Winter is still two weeks away.

The water lines going to the Weasel Den have been frozen solid four four days now. Gotta love having some bottled water stashed away.Even the sixty gallon storage tank is frozen.
Miserable shit.
I see someone did finally cut down that dead tree behind my place last weekend. I could kiss whoever that was.
I have been worried about that thing coming down on top of me since I moved over there.
It happened to my neighbor, there was another one right next to it and it broke off in a windstorm and went through his trailer like a knife through butter and he was in it!

He got lucky and didn't get hurt but I saw first hand what the results were and it wasn't pretty.
I just happened to move into the exact same spot.
One less thing to worry about.
I am just hoping none of my water lines are burst, just waiting to spray water everywhere once they thaw out.
That could be very, ugly.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This Is Still Good

Gotta love that Suzie Q.
Joe Lieberman is still a dick though.

14 friggin degrees here in Vancouver this morning.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Miss Me Much?

Oh yeah, sure.
Anyways, a little something to keep you busy for a minute,
71 pictures of trashy little sluts with tattoos.

You know yer going to.

I'll find something else to rant about later when I have more time.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Kerosene Lanterns Suck Ass

I managed to pop a couple of fuses in the Weasel Den tonight and wound up getting the little kerosene lanterns out.
A fucking candle would have been just as effective.

These things are fucking dangerous.
Try filling one of these little bastards up by the light of another one some time.
When it gets full?
Yeah, shit flows all over the table, next to an open flame. Want some more light out of the damn thing? It can do that, if you are prepared to chew on a constant stream of black, nasty assed smoke that comes out of the chimney.
I now have a dish rag that I could lite up and send a distress signal half way across town. While I was messing around in the dark with these damn things, I managed to get the LITTLE, TINY, light over the stove to come on. This is the light in your fucking glove box. That sonofabitch put out more damn light than FOUR of the Hurricane lanterns I had lit up!

The Hurricane lanterns are about fucking useless, unless you hang them by your ankles to keep you from tripping on shit while you try to find a light.

It's no wonder people couldn't read back in the Nineteenth Century.

In an actual emergency, I would tell you that these things are more likely to start a house fire or kill you with the soot and Carbon Monoxide as they are to do ya a bit of good.

Just my opinion but it was a real eye opener.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

One More Thing Before Night Night

Fuck Newt Gingrich.
On a scale of One to Ten, the guy is a fucking FIFTEEN when it comes to being a sanctimonious fucking asshole.
Rush Limbaugh is a twenty five.

Glenn Beck is off the charts and Sarah Palin couldn't suck my dick if I was passed out with my pants around my ankles.

Limbaugh might try, from what I hear.Good luck with your FOURTH marriage, asshole.

Karl Rove wants to be the Maid of Dis Honor.

I lost ALL of my Bookmarks

This is a sorry state of affairs, I had about a hundred and fifty book marks in one category alone,if ya see this and recognize me from your comments, do me a favor and leave a link to your site in the comments. Some of ya know who I am talking to.

I'm Baaaack.

Huge thanks to my buddy and another guy who shall remain nameless.

You guy's rock.

I went through three meeces and two keyboards but I am back. It's gonna be four,but a mouse is cheap these days.

Ya gotta love friends.

Thank You guy's.
I currently have about a quarter mile of cables and shit spread across my bed, soon, a bunch of it will go away. Now I need to get one of those slim monitors. Christmas is coming, I'll get one for myself.

Oh. Fuck You ,Ben Dover,ya Right wing Cunt Wart.I ain't bending over for you or anyone else. I be a pitcher, not a catcher.
Thanks fer stopping by though. just remember, I can delete shit as fast as I find it.Fun is Fun and I have a sense of humor if ya can't tell.

Y'all have a nice day now.

Whoo Hoo! I don't have to wait twenty fucking minutes to get on line.

This is SO sweet.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Goldman Sachs Employees Arming Themselves Against The Masses

I read that and laughed out loud.
Here is the first paragraph of an article in Bloomberg by Alice Schroeder. Read the rest at the link.

Commentary by Alice Schroeder

Dec. 1 (Bloomberg) -- “I just wrote my first reference for a gun permit,” said a friend, who told me of swearing to the good character of a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. banker who applied to the local police for a permit to buy a pistol. The banker had told this friend of mine that senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms and are now equipped to defend themselves if there is a populist uprising against the bank.

I can tell those crooked motherfuckers one thing right off the bat,

If the masses literally got pissed off enough to come after you, there wouldn't be enough left of you to wipe off the soles of my boots.

You damn straight we are pissed off at you thieving cocksuckers,justifiably so.

Now go play tough guy with your butt buddies and start sweating.

You see, We The People are armed to the fucking teeth and no little pistol is going to save your asses if we decide we have had enough of your lying, cheating and outright stealing, take that to the bank, bitches.

What A Guy.

My buddy, who reads this blog, works with some high end computers and he asked a guy at work if he had one laying around. He said he needed a case and he would build me one. I just got off the phone with my friend, the guy brought in a case, is putting it together and hopefully by this time tomorrow, I will be cruising teh toobz again.
Dude, you know who you are,you fuckin' ROCK!!

Thank you from the bottom of my rotten little heart.