Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pulling My Pud

Not literally, just mental masturbation.


I fucking ran.
I fucking rack

Central Africa.
Central America.
Central Park.

Wait, Occupy some fucking place.

Damn, I really can't keep up with all the shit going on.

I damn well can't give an opinion on anything because I have been so busy lately.

I did manage to finally put new tubes in the boy's bike rims.
It took a little doing and then my tiny little dick air compressor gave me a bit of Fuck You but I made it happen.

Anyone know how many " Terrorists" we killed today?

It is Saturday, we must have bagged at least one # 2 Al Fucking Queada dude before the newspapers came out.


  1. TMI, dude. Especially at this hour of the morning.

  2. Sorry honey, I didn't mean actually pulling my pud!
    I see why you would take it literally so I re phrased it.