Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Politics Can Wait One More Day

Fuck them sonsabitches for one day.
Today is my Birthday and I don't feel like gettin' pissed off, yet.
It's the beginning of a new work day, so that could be subject to change in milliseconds .

Y'all have a nice day out there, y'hear?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We The People Lose Our Champion

I woke up a little early this morning before the alarm.
While I was lying there, scratching myself, the alarm went off.
It is set to the local liberal station in Portland and Peter DeFazio was being interviewed.
I like DeFazio,I grew up and lived in Oregon most of my life.
Peter an announced that John Edwards is dropping out of the bid for President.

I almost turned off the alarm and called in sick.

We have lost our Champion because of a corrupt and complicit media.
This pisses me off, severely and I don't have time to go off because I have to get my ass is gear and go to That Place.
Edwards was too much of a threat to Corporate America and could not be allowed to get near that big of a selection of the levers of Power.

I sincerely hope that if one of the Remaining candidates takes back the Whitehouse that they find a spot for him so he can go hunting down these sonsabitches that have raped our country and stuck the money in a bag and strutted off.

We have lost a giant opportunity today.

Monday, January 28, 2008

3 Minutes Flat

Thats how long it took for the talking heads to go from talking about Bush's last STFU speech to talking about Obama and Clinton.
If that doesn't scream Lame Duck, I don't know what does.
They're laughing at ya, asshole.

Ya Might Wanna Watch This One

Stupie McFuckwit is going on the tee Vee tonight for his last (Thank God!) State of the Union Address.

Seeings how them fucking republicans just had their asses handed to them in their attempts to invoke cloture over discussion on amendments to FISA, Stupie is going to be in rare form tonight.
I hope he fuckin chokes on his phony rage.
Those bastards have been screaming bloody murder for months about how they gotta have this or the terr'ists is gunna kill us in our beds, but when Bush and Cheney decide THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is retroactive immunity for them and their pals, well, now all of a sudden the extension isn't that important.

Lying, no good, law breaking son of a bitch!
I'm gonna watch that fucking bastard whine and snivel and throw his goddamn fit!
And I am going to keep reminding myself the whole time that this is the last motherfucking time I will ever have to watch that lying cocksucker give a STOTU, ever.
And when he starts in on how peachy keen the economy is, I'm gonna laugh.
When he starts in telling us how fucking wonderful Iraq is?
I am going to curse him to hell, because out of everything that he has completely fucked up, it all starts there.

Popcorn anyone?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Face Of Willful Ignorance

Megan McArdle

I was surfing the net last night when I came across one of the most jaw dropping screeds of obscene arrogance that I have ever, in my life, had the misfortune to have to scrape off the bottom of my shoe.
It was apparently not just randomly arranged from a bag of Scrabble letters, but actually deliberately scrawled out in eyeliner on the back of a sanitary napkin wrapper and later interpreted by an insane howler monkey and finally transcribed by someone fluent in parsing people speaking in tongues enough to wind up in the pages of the Atlantic.
Before I have an aneurysm trying to wrap my head around who in their right mind would even consider putting the drippings of an infected lubrication gland into print in the first place, let me show you what I am talking about;

Why not food stamps?

24 Jan 2008 05:52 pm

1) The poor don't need more food. Obesity is a problem for the poor in America; except for people who are too screwed up to get food stamps (because they don't have an address), food insufficiency is not.

( This is where my jaw hit the floor.)

2) Food stamps only imperfectly translate into increased cash income, meaning that the poor will spend . . . more money on food.

(My bold, editors note: this is a good point to get some Kleenex to dab up the blood starting to drip out of your ears.)

3) If the increase in food stamps takes the form of expanded eligibility, rather than larger grants, the administrative issues and public outreach will delay your stimulus until well after it is no longer needed.

(Again, the Kleenex, this is where the Republican spin starts, belt up.)

4) The limits on the type of goods available to food stamp consumers, and the growing season, mean that some (it's hard to say how much) of the food stamp spending will simply draw down perishable stocks rather than generating new economic activity. Eventually this will probably generate more economic activity, but probably well after your stimulus is needed.

Holy Shit! I might not be able to buy that fucking crate of imported strawberries those nasty illegal immigrants just picked!)

5) The economy doesn't need a food sector more distorted by daft government programs than it already is. If you want to give money to the poor, give it to them. Even if they spend it all on drugs, it will hardly be much worse than spending it all on increasing their already astronomical obesity rates.

Thankfully, the eyeliner apparently ran out here, I was beginning to desperately start searching for something big and blunt to bang my head against.

This is so over the top that I am struggling to keep my fucking sanity trying to delve the depths of arrogance and misinformation, coupled with the cheerleaders cadence of "Go Team!".

My second instinct, ( I can't print the first one), is that there immediately needs to be a barrel of bleach poured into the shallow end of the gene pool.
God forbid this vile creature has already reproduced.

You need to quit breathing my air,yer wasting it on perfectly good metabolic functions that absolutely have no need to be taking place.

What you need is a little perception adjustment,I think maybe you having to decide whether you are going to eat or have heat or electricity might be a little time better spent than wasting all that eyeliner.
Why don't you do a living research project and try living like the millions of real human beings, AMERICANS, that have to survive on this excess government largess you lament as being unnecessary?
Why not?
You could invite your friends over, make a fucking game out of planning a months worth of meals and still stay in that extravagant lifestyle you claim is right there, available except for the bad choices of these splurging refugees from upper crust society.
See who can come up with the Hors Dourves at the end of the month?

You make me sick lady.
I have been there and done that.
Hunger in this country or anywhere else isn't funny.

Your trying to justify these ridiculous assertions to spin the asinine economic policies of THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER are less than pitiful and fully deserving of brutal and permanent public ridicule.

Buy a clue instead of that next latte.

H/T to TBogg for giving me the severe case of heartburn.

Oh, and Fuck the Atlantic, I ain't linking to that piece of shit if this is what passes for journalism in their jaundiced eyes.

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I See I Pissed Someone Off

It seems my blog now only exists out on the fringes when trying to get here from Google .
There is no direct link anymore.
HMmmm, must have been that little grenade of a Google Bomb I rolled at Doughy Pantload a little while back.
I knew damn good and well that Google doesn't like those when I did it, but I just couldn't resist.
Jonah Goldberg is a waste of skin,it is worth it.
He could choke on a donut tomorrow and I wouldn't miss a lick,'smatter of fact, I wouldn't even publicly acknowledge his demise.
That piece of shit book that he wrote is just a cry for attention as Mommy has more important duties shilling for BushCo.

No matter,things have a way with working themselves out, ,I don't have to look too far,I know where this fucking Blog is.

Friday, January 25, 2008

A Master

David Gilmour from Pink Floyd plays Marooned from The Division Bell.
The sound he can make with his hands is something to behold.

Another Fly By

I am just too busy for my own good , here lately.
I did find a bit of good news in this fucked up country we call home;

In 2007, “U.S. unions increased their share of membership among workers” for the “first time in the past quarter of a century,” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) annual union membership report released today. In the past year, “unions added about 310,000 members, raising the unionized share of the workforce to 12.1 percent from 12.0 percent in 2006.” (HT: Ezra Klein)

From Think Progress, I ain't had time to do much in the way of doing any meaningful web surfing to see what is up in the world.

To me, this uptick in union membership is very welcome news. It means that people are tired of getting the short end of the stick under Bush and are joining for the collective bargaining that helps wages and benefits keep up with inflation at least.
Welcome my brothers and sisters.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kucinich Drops Out

Citing the media being complete fucking assholes, need to spend more time climbing hot Red Head wife like a horny monkey on a jungle gym with boobz.
I am busy as hell right now, maybe more later.

Side note;

FISA wrangling to continue Monday.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bush Is A Liar ,Bush Is A Liar, Bush Is A Liar, Bush Is A Liar

Just in case you didn't already know that.
If I knew how to make that header flash neon red and blink like a strobe light, I would.It has now been officially documented, cataloged and added to the long list of crimes committed in the Hard On For Iraq chronicles;

WASHINGTON - A study by two nonprofit journalism organizations found that PresidentBush and top administration officials issued hundreds of false statements about the national security threat from Iraq in the two years following the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The study concluded that the statements "were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses."

The study was posted Tuesday on the Web site of the Center for Public Integrity, which worked with the Fund for Independence in Journalism.

White House spokesman Scott Stanzel did not comment on the merits of the study Tuesday night but reiterated the administration's position that the world community viewed Iraq's leader, Saddam Hussein, as a threat.
snip, my bold.


Jesus Fucking Christ!
Someone slap that stupid sonofabitch and get him some fucking therapy.

They fucking lied through their teeth, we knew they were lying through their fucking teeth and THEY KNEW WE KNEW they were lying through their fucking teeth!
Fer Fucks Sake!
All this did was count how many goddamn lies were told and when for the record.
The cocksuckers should be on trial for war crimes yesterday, or the year before yesterday, or the fucking year before that!
No one has the big , hairy , bulging ,ball sack for that though.
Nope, we can't even get the Speaker of the God Damn House of Representatives to put it on the fucking table!
You don't want it on the table?

Rice Quashes Dissenting Remarks On North Korea

Whoa Nelly, someone just found out you don't make the propaganda machine work overtime.
This administration has a strangle hold on the media and the media keeps asking for more.
If there were investigating journalists instead of official stenographers, the following story might not be squashed and buried so easily.
The secret sauce in the DC cocktail weenies must have some kind of heavy phsycotropic effects,either that, or a lot of journalists in this country are the ass kissing narcisstic Prima Donna's we think they are.

Bush administration scrubs transcript on North Korea.

Last week, Jay Lefkowitz, President Bush’s special envoy on North Korean human rights, told AEI that North Korea will probably still have nuclear weapons when the next president takes office. Yesterday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice “sharply rebuked” Lefkowitz for undermining the administration’s claims of success in the six-party talks. The official transcript of his comments on the State Department’s website has also disappeared, although they can still be found at AEI’s site here.

My bold.
Article originally at Think Progress

God forbid someone "Undermine The Administrations Claims Of Success"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Creature Returns To The Lagoon

Fred Thompson drops out of the race.

See ya McSnoozie.
Dude never had a snowballs chance in hell.
The Goopers were in fantasy land thinking he was the new Raygun.

Martin Luther King III Endorses Edwards

Good for him.
He supports John's efforts in fighting poverty and wishes the rest of the candidates would follow his example more.

Thats gotta sting, doesn't it Obama, Hillary?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Looks Like We Aren't The Only Ones

Not to harp on a single subject here but just in case you haven't been listening, I submit the following headlines;

Stocks Plunge Worldwide on Fears of a U.S. Recession

Markets from Frankfurt to Bombay went into a tailspin, puncturing the hopes of many investors that Europe and Asia will be able to sidestep an American downturn.
NY Times

Stock Markets Plunge Across the Globe

Investors worldwide fear that problems from massive losses on loans made to U.S. home buyers will cascade through the world financial system.

By Neil Irwin and Zachary Goldfarb
Washington Post

Global stocks tumble on growing recession fears
By Walter Hamilton
Stocks fall sharply worldwide following declines on Wall Street last week and spreading uncertainty.
LA Times

Global shares tumble on US fears
World stock indexes, including the UK's FTSE 100, post their biggest falls since 11 September 2001.

There's a shitstorm coming.

We Are So Screwed

Would you like a real dose of reality?
One that is not sugar coated,not utter horseshit served to you on a steaming platter by the media?
Go here;

Clusterfuck Nation

All I can say is, I paid cash for the little trailer I live in, I learned the hard way in the late nineties,right at the beginning of the housing bubble.
I think I am going to be having lot's of new neighbors in the not too distant future, if they're lucky.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dead Tree Newspaper Has Big Problem

LA Times editor fired in budget dispute

By JOHN ROGERS, Associated Press Writer 24 minutes ago

LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles Times fired its top editor after he rejected a management order to cut $4 million from the newsroom budget, 14 months after his predecessor was also ousted in a budget dispute, the newspaper said Sunday.

James O'Shea was fired following a confrontation with Publisher David D. Hiller, the Times reported on its Web site. The story didn't say when the confrontation took place.

Times spokeswoman Nancy Sullivan said the newspaper would have no comment.

O'Shea's departure comes just a month after the Times' parent, Chicago-based Tribune Co., was taken private in an $8.2 billion buyout by real estate magnate Sam Zell.

The departure also follows that of his predecessor, Dean Baquet, who was forced to resign after he opposed further cuts to the newsroom budget in 2006.

O'Shea, then the Chicago Tribune's managing editor, was brought in to replace him.

At the time, he asked the news staff not to see him as "the hatchet man from Chicago" and promised to fight to ensure the Times would "remain a major force in American journalism."

"If I think there is too much staff I will say so," O'Shea told the paper's editors and reporters in 2006. "And if I think there is not enough I will say that, too."


I remember seeing a television program on this very subject last year.
Let me first say to MR.O'Shea, Good For You! The guy has principles and he ain't afraid to stick by them.Very rare these days, especially in the MSM.
The man told them up front the way he was going to run it, knowing full well they were going to come in slashing,and he stuck to his guns.
The L.A. Times is no lightweight endeavor, it has a huge circulation.The fact that they fired him tells me he told them where the bear goes in the woods and if they wanted to cut staff, they were doing so to the detriment of the business.
You can't make a newspaper without people who know how to make newspapers. Apparently this small detail has escaped some bean counters, who are about to find that out the hard way.
It never fails to amaze me, that someone would go through all the trouble and BILLIONS of dollars, and think that they can just do fine and dandy without the very people who made the place worth anything to begin with.

I guess thats why I am just a lowly mechanic.
I will tell you what I do know, there are a whole lot of parts in a high performance engine, and I have yet to see anyone make one go fast without ANY of them.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


There it is,to stay.
That counter has been at the bottom of the page for a long time,through a lot hair pulling,desk pounding and screaming about the atrocities of the Bush administration.
The end is now in sight.
365 days from tomorrow,one year,on January 20th,that dirty motherfucker will officially be history.
Him, Cheney, Rice, all of 'em will get pink slipped and shown the door.Torture boy's Addington and Yoo will have by then, found a cozy little hole to hide in, waiting to see if someone comes knocking on the door with a piece of paper and cuffs in their hands.
Not that a single one of them deserves any less.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Remember The Movie 300?

Yeah, The Cat Version:


I Keep Tellin Ya

Yes, this is going to be a recession.

Think Progress

Indicating the “depth of subprime losses and housing woes,” the “Dow Jones industrial average lost more than 300 points” today, “bringing its decline to 15 percent since its peak in October.” “Basically every day now, you have more and more investors leaning toward the camp that yes, this is going to be a recession, and it could be a severe one,” said David Kovacs, a quantitative investment strategist at Turner Investment Partners in Pennsylvania.

The questions are , how bad and how long?
Stupie McFuckwit is going out of his way apparently to leave a scorched earth economy for his Republican fluff boys to crow about.
All this can be left directly at his feet and no amount of spin by his laughing hyena apologists is going to put it anywhere else.

One of the very first things the next administration should do, if they're smart, is to come up with a realistic energy policy with heavy incentives to get as many fucking cars off the road as possible that run on gasoline and get with the many alternatives.
We have got to wean off of as much imported oil as this country can stand to do.

I know the cognitive dissonance that it causes when you hear some old school gear head like me say that, but it's true.We have the fucking technology, it's the incentives that are sorely lacking and you ain't gonna get any from Bush.
We have on the shelf technology that would bump average MPG up ten miles per gallon, minimum. You will see it, it just has to get so fucking expensive to drive what we have now that the public starts wanting it badly enough.
I have a clue you can keep an eye on as a barometer.
When you quit seeing so many of these goddamn Hummers on the road because the ignorant fucks can't afford to fuel them up, yer gettin' close.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scruggs Update

Folo is reporting an update to the Scruggs case that appears to me to cast the net a bit wider;

Documents allege Hinds judge e-mailed proposed order to Scruggs’ attorneys

By Jerry Mitchell • • January 17, 2008

Hinds County Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter e-mailed a proposed order involving attorney Dickie Scruggs to one-time District Attorney Ed Peters, who in turn shared it with Scruggs’ lawyers, according to federal court documents.

Scruggs is facing a federal indictment in a separate case involving alleged judicial bribery.

Booneville lawyers Joey Langston and Timothy Balducci — who have both pleaded guilty to giving bribes — were representing Scruggs in 2006 in a Hinds County lawsuit in which one of Scruggs’ former law partners was seeking about $15 million in attorney fees he said he was owed.

“In at least one instance, Judge DeLaughter e-mailed a rough draft of an opinion he planned to enter to Peters so that Langston and Balducci would be able to see it before any final version was filed,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Dawson told U.S. District Judge Michael Mills.

Contacted for comment, DeLaughter would not comment. He previously has denied any wrongdoing, saying he never took a bribe.

Legal experts say a judge sharing such an opinion is contrary to ethical rules.


If you start taking a serious interest in this case, let me warn you;
You are going to need lot's of popcorn.
This is nepotism on steroids.
A real life, five star soap opera complete with lawyers, Congressmen,and ALLEGEDLY crooked politicians and judges.

Gotta throw that allegedly in there. you ought to see my sitemeter stats!
There have been more lawyers and courts flying through here today than you can shake a warrant at.
I just hope all this internet surfing time gets written down as billable hours for the defendants.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Flowah!

In case you weren't aware, there is a very BIG trial going on down South that has some very serious allegations of bribing a judge, scamming insurance claims from Katrina and a whole host of nefarious activity that allegedly runs the spectrum all the way from Dickie Scruggs,Trent Lott's brother in law, to some senior Mississippi office holders, to even Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Fred Thompson.
This is an enormous web to unravel and it is going to be very interesting to see who and what shakes out in the end.
It's pretty complicated but my 'Ol Pal, Lotus, has got the skinny.

Of course you remember a certain skeevy politician named Trent Lott?
Yeah, that guy, his brother in law is eyeball deep in it and it is starting to appear our 'recently retired from Congress to become a lobbyist all of a sudden', Mr. Lott may have some 'esplainin' to do as to the timing and reasons for his sudden departure.

Ones that don't jibe with his version, anyway, are starting to come to light,such as his claiming that his brand spanking new lobbying partnership really hadn't been thought out that much at the time.

Such as this, from Think Progress,

Lott Contradicts Story About Leaving Senate To Lobby With Breaux: ‘Seemed Like It Was Time’

When former Mississippi senator Trent Lott announced last November that he was retiring from the Senate, he was asked if he had registered with the Senate Ethics Committee because of “a rule” requiring registration “if you’re negotiating with a future employer.” Lott said that he had “not” because he said he had not made any formal plans:

LOTT: Well, I have not yet, but I’m not really involved in negotiation. I’ve tried to stay away from that. There are some opportunities out there that I want to be able to consider, but I have nothing that we’ve agreed to or lined up.


Since the day Lott announced his resignation, he and Breaux have been denying that they had any “formal” plans to work together, claiming that they had only “joked about the prospect of working together.”

But their story has always been hard to believe. Six weeks before Lott announced his retirement, his son, Chet, “secured the rights to the domain name” Days after the announcement, Breaux resigned from lobbying powerhouse Patton Boggs.

Take my word for it, this is a tiny side note to the goings on that FOLO has been detailing out.
Another thing;
The commenter's at FOLO are as much as involved in tracking down legal documents and parsing the legal morass as the proprietor.
It is something else to see.

I only have a rudimentary idea of what is happening but Lotus and crew are busy distilling it down far enough that a rednecked mechanic like myself can follow it.
My hat is off to this bunch, there is a great big story brewing in all this and they know it, they are doing their best to make sure it gets lots of sunshine too.

Good on ya.

Skeletor Stuff s DHS With Career Cronies

First off, go buy some teef you goofy looking motherfucker.

Think Progress is reporting that Chertoff (Jerkoff, whatever)
has replaced a lot of political appointees at The Department of Nazi Names with THREE HUNDRED FIFTY career staff pukes.
He says he wants the transition into the next administration to go smoothly.

I say, he is pulling a Cheney and weaseling a bunch of moles into place .
That fucking department needs to be disbanded, not just renamed.
The Kool Aid colored reasoning behind it in the first place was that there was too much bureaucratic red tape and no communication between security apparatus elements.
Sooo, lets make one GIANT fucking ball of red tape and lump them all together.

Good idea, on paper.

Just off the top of my head we have the;
Coast Guard
Secret Service
The Parks Department and many, many others.
Oh, yeah, and Immigration.

A quick trip over to their propaganda site tells us more.
Then we have the State, and local branches, private sector,this must be where Blackwater is hidden away,and of course, THIS;

(Click to make sense)

Yeppers, it alllll makes sense now.
Can you say CLUSTERFUCK?
Sure ya can.
I don't think it would be the least bit difficult to hide 350, shit, 600 loyal apparatchki's in that fucking straw pile.

The problem is going to be rooting them back out.
It's emblematic of what is going to have to happen to THE WHOLE GOVERNMENT.

Whoever gets elected to be the next President is going to have to hire a team of bloodhounds to sniff out and eradicate all the loyal little Bushies that have burrowed into our system and made themselves nice, cozy little den's to replicate in.
It's going to be a long process and hopefully there will be a few criminal trials along the way just to remind us of the cesspool that our government has become.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bush And The Royal Treatment

Bush Prods Saudi Arabia on Oil Prices
New York Times

Published: January 16, 2008

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia —
President Bush urged the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries on Tuesday to take into account the toll that high oil prices are having on the American economy, gingerly touching on an issue that has begun to color the last year of his presidency and dominate the presidential election campaign.

Speaking to a group of Saudi entrepreneurs and later in an interview with reporters, Mr. Bush expressed his concern about the economy in some of his starkest language yet, saying that rising oil and gasoline prices are causing hardship for American families.

“It’s affected our families,” Mr. Bush told reporters, adding that he would raise the issue with the Saudi leader, King Abdullah, during a meeting on Tuesday evening at the king’s lush horse farm in the desert outside Riyadh. “Paying more for gasoline hurts some of the American families.”

As Mr. Bush himself acknowledged, it was not clear that his entreaties could have any significant effect on oil prices. He said the demand for oil, especially from expanding markets in China and India, as well as from the United States, was rising faster than supplies.

Saudi Arabia’s oil minister, Ali al-Naimi, appeared to rebuff the president’s appeal, though he did so gently. “We will raise production when the market justifies it,” he said at a press conference after Mr. Bush’s remarks.

And then they both started laughing and proceeded to gorge themselves on fresh monkey brains.

How pathetic can this guy get?
He knows as well as I do that OPEC is going to do what is good for OPEC.
Bush is over there making people pretend that he is still relevant.
No one wants his ass there, especially those unfortunate enough to have to entertain the dangerous idiot and
trying to pretend he gives a rats ass about the average American family is the most insulting thing of all.
Everybody in the whole world is waiting for this guy to exit, stage left and are holding their breath until they see him stagger off into the sunset,one year and five , very long, days from now.
Give it up George, they don't like you either, maybe not for being a murderous ass clown, but for being the incompetent, swaggering spoiled brat that you are that makes rich folks everywhere cringe and hide the liquor.

Posted By Bustednuckles

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Just For Shits And Grins

It seems that the opinions of my almost invisible post at the very bottom of the page are running 2 to 1 one in favor of that being a piss poor place to put a poll at in the first place.

Who'd a thunk it?

Wearing The Spots Off The Fear Card

These fucking people have nothing left.
Cower under your beds in fear and we will protect you, by the way, we will just take those civil liberties you left next to that puddle of piss.

You do know, that your odds of getting hit by lightning look pretty fucking good compared to being offed by a terrorist in this country, don't you?

Not if you listen to the professional bed wetters in the Whitehouse.
From Think Progress;

Fratto’s FISA Fearmongering: In 3 Weeks, Terrorists ‘Can Be Free’ To Make Calls Without Surveillance

“We’re exactly three weeks away,” he said, “from the date when terrorists can be free to make phone calls without fear of being surveilled by U.S. intelligence agencies”.

Fratto’s contention is flat-out misleading. As CQ’s Keith Perine notes, “intelligence agents would not be instantly hobbled if the law were to expire Feb. 1.” In fact, surveillance authorizations would still “remain in effect until a year after they were issued”:

The existing law allows the National Intelligence director and the attorney general to authorize surveillance aimed at people outside the United States — even if they are communicating with people inside the country — for up to one year, subject to some conditions.

Even after Feb. 1, any such surveillance authorizations would remain in effect until a year after they were issued.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT), who favors denying retroactive immunity, says the White House is creating a “false choice” by claiming that “if you want to give all the power to the president, you’re in favor of America” and if not, you’re “in favor of the terrorists.”

There's that underlying Traitor theme again.
I am so fucking sick and tired of these bullshit games they are so fond of.
I hope to hell Dodd breaks one off in their asses.
This was bad lawmaking in the first place, it was so fucked up they can't even agree on extending it.
Let the son of a bitch expire , and while your waiting on that, get rid of that ridiculous fucking Patriot Act too.

Monday, January 14, 2008

New candidate enters race

This is so damn funny I pasted the whole fucking thing right here. But here's the Link from The Onion.

I Got What America Needs Right Here

By Jimmy Carter

Sometimes I'm a little stupid, maybe, a little slow in the head, so I'm wondering if you can help me get something straight. Maybe you can help me understand one fucking thing right now, America, and explain to me what in the Christ is going on here. 'Cause, unless I'm missing something, this country is in the middle of a motherfucking shitstorm, and I have no fucking idea what you're gonna do to get out of it. I mean, are you seriously considering voting for one of these shitbags you got here in '08? Fat fucking chance.

Way I see it, America needs a president who's gonna somehow un-royally screw up the Middle East, do some serious cleaning up after you dropped your pants and took a steaming dump all over the fucking environment, and—boom!—restore dignity, honor, and all that shit to these United States.

See, I got solutions to all your problems—I got 'em right here in my big, hairy ballsack.

You better get down on your hands and knees and kiss Jimmy Carter's rosy-red Georgia-peach-picking ass and beg me to run your fucking country again, because there's no way I'm ever gonna come to you fuck-knobs and politely ask you if I might please be a presidential candidate in your precious fuckin' election. So you can just bite my cock. I've had it with you jerkoffs and your jerkoff candidates.

You actually seem to think one a' these assholes is gonna prance in and wave a magic wand and make everything all nice again. Look at you, sitting there like a common fucking schnook and eating all their bull about bi-fucking-partisanship, and how they have all the goddamn answers. Let me tell you something: These fags are dogshit compared to Jimmy fucking Carter, all right? I was arbitrating Mideast crises when this bunch was still sucking on their mamas' titties.

But who comes to me, huh? Fucking nobody. Why ask old Jimmy anything? What the fuck could he know about peace in the Middle East? It's not like he fucking won the Nobel Peace Prize for that shit. You myopic pricks. Back in '79, I sat Sadat and Begin right down and made those two dicklicks shake hands. It was beautiful—I had all the pieces lined up and I smiled and waved in my best fucking suit and tie right there on TV. And what do you do, you pieces of shit? You screw the whole goddamn pooch.


Oh, what's that I hear? The weather's all screwy? You got a global warming problem? Boo-fucking-hoo! I was telling you morons to turn off your lights and unplug all your shit at night to conserve energy in 19-fuckin'-75, for chrissake. Gee, I wonder what woulda happened if we'd all switched to solar power like I fucking did back when we had a fucking chance to do something about it. Think we'd still be sucking Saudi Arabia's dick like a five-dollar whore? I sure as fuck didn't get no fancy Oscar for that little spiel, though, did I? No. But Al Gore, that cum-sucking pig, steals the shit from me and now he's the greatest thing since Jesus Christ made a fucking sandwich.

Well, he can lick my asshole right after George W. Bush, that fuck.

You want compassion? Somebody who's looking out for the little guy? Why don't you take a look at Jimmy Carter, 'cause unlike, oh, every motherfucking candidate out there, he spent the last fucking quarter-century building houses for the homeless. And what does he get for it? A fucking hernia. Some fucking gratitude, you selfish twats. You talk to me about compassion? I'll shove a crucifix so far up the Democrats' asses they'll be asking me to buy them dinner and kiss them good night.

Funny thing about me: I actually fucking know shit! Not like these goombas trying to weasel their way into the White House. I practically wrote the book on collapsing bridges, inflation, and the working poor, fuck-o. I even got a degree in nuclear engineering or some shit. You know how easy I could swoop down right now like a guardian angel and solve all your fucking problems? Snap. Bam. Do it in my fucking sleep. Just fucking try me.

So you want me to run for president again? Yeah, sure, absolutely, I'll do it. I'd be honored to do it—with my fucking dick in your mouth, you worthless scumbags.

You had your chance with Jimmy Carter, and you fucking blew it. So get fucked. Fucking country.

3 out Of 4

75 percent: Americans who think the country is off on the wrong track, matching the highest number ever recorded in the CBS News/New York Times poll.

Junior beats Daddy at something else.

If you, me and Joe Sixpack think we need to hang a Louie, that leaves just who, exactly?

Uh huh.

Swiped from Think Progress

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Backlash Has Begun

If you have followed the recent political kabuki that has been making my eyes water lately, you will keep hearing a theme being repeated over and over, Change.
Some of the current crop of politicians represent actual change, while most are just lip synching the Top 40 version.
I ran into not just one, but two very accurate opinion pieces that point out the bare bones of why change is needed, and they both are laser point accurate in pointing out that a lot of our problems currently stem from not only idealogical differences with conservatives and Republicans, but the very real cultural differences that have been in place since before this country even existed, in fact the reason this country DOES exist! The first piece , I ran into at two thirty in the morning and was so impressed I bookmarked it so I would remember it today. I found it at Last Left Turn Before Hooterville.
Alicia over there is pretty sharp and she found a piece by David Frum that ought to have some of these elitist sonsabitches
quaking in their high dollar boots.
The second piece is from someone I recently told you to keep an eye on because good things are going to start happening, boy howdy, was I right!
PhysioProf slams another line drive and hits on another angle of the same theme.

I am very glad to be one of the heartless bastards that helped convince him to open his own shop,( Read the post AND the comments.) although I am pretty sure This Giant Blogger Dude and This Very Persuasive Lady had much more to do with it than I did.

There are so many great thinkers on our side that the line up is getting top heavy.
More of this please.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Something Way The Hell Overdue

That would be adding Maru and crew to the Blogroll.
WTF Is It Now has been one of my must stops for a long time.
Heaping portions of snark and wit with a side of irreverance , topped by a Take No Prisoners attitude.
I have to keep a bottle of window cleaner close by whenever I go to visit, my screen usually winds up a little blurry from the spew.
Every Saturday is Caturday, so swing by and say meow.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Papers Please

Nice start PhysioProf.

I like your take on bipartisanship. Healing this country needs to start with cutting out the fetid rotting wound that is the Republican Party.

The so called party of states’ rights and limited government is pushing forward with the National Id database. The plan is take everyone's picture that even applies for a driver's and track us in a national database. The national id will be part of your driver's license so everyone can be easily tracked.,8599,1702559,00.html?cnn=yes

The fucking fear mongering scabs grab power at any opportunity without any thought to their own ideals. National Id to track our every move? … Gotta have it … National healthcare? God no, we’d only fuck it up.

What makes anyone think the political hacks put in charge of the FBI would do any better with national id’s? They’ll fuck us all over in a pathetic attempt to cover their asses.

The FBI has all they need to do the job. Remember Colleen Rowley the FBI whistleblower whose field office busted the first terrorist.,8599,249997,00.html

We're not really free if the government even has the power to fuck with you, even if you think it’s unlikely.

This makes me sing the blues.

Thats What I'm Talkin' About

Eric Clapton
Groaning The Blues.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Word To The Wise

Watch this space, good things are gonna happen.
You won't be disappointed.

Welcome aboard, PhysioPro


Looks like we are going to have to wait a spell as it is still under construction.
Dammit, I had the very first comment, too.

Update to the Update.
He is up and running and I have fixed the link at the top.
Go say howdy, and take him some cookies or something.

Missed It By That Much.

Apparently the local yacht club is no more. We had a fucking tornado go through here today and I missed it!Right down the street!
I heard a shitload of real loud thunder, and we lost power and the toobz at lunch time, then it POURED rain, hard , for a bit.
I guess thats when Dorothy and Toto came to visit.
I'll have to check the local news and update later.


Literally, right down the road, about one mile, to be exact.
I came home and caught the local bobble heads in a feeding frenzy over the first tornado around here in 30 years.
Funny,I don't remember that one, but I remember the one before that,I was about ten
This one first touched down in a lake just out of downtown and then skipped up the hill into another town, then skipped yet again further East.
It tore some shit up I'm here to tell ya!
Over 200 hundred trees down, one of them 50 inches in diameter! Thats a big tree.
Ripped several roofs off and threw some cars around. Miraculously, no one was hurt.
Here I was, eating lunch, listening to what I thought was just a real good thunder storm.
Right place at the right time I guess.

More Good News!

Rep. Doolittle to retire from Congress

Rep. Doolittle to Announce Retirement From Congress Amid Lobbying Scandal Investigation



The official spoke on condition of anonymity pending a public announcement in Doolittle's Northern California district.

The development comes as Doolittle, in his ninth term, faced growing political pressure from fellow Republicans who viewed him as a liability because of his involvement, along with his wife, Julie, in the Jack Abramoff influence-peddling investigation. House Republicans, still smarting from losing control of Congress in 2006, are eager to put that ethics taint behind them.

Taint gonna happen.
The Jack Abramoff fiasco is still causing certain crooked Repub politicians to loose sleep at night, like I feel sorry for the sonsabitches.
The Pukes can try and try all they want to put all the fucking scandals back in the bottle. last count there was well OVER two hundred.As a matter of fact, Two Hundred Ninety Nine as of this last Tuesday.
There is a real handy spot where a guy is keeping track of all this fuckery;
Hugh's List.
One guy from Alaska printed out that list on paper and it was OVER SIXTY FEET LONG!
Don't believe me?

See for yourself!

Thats just the shit we know about.
And people wonder why we are so god damn mad. Half of the current and former officials from the Bush administration belong behind bars, and Bush and Cheney belong at the head of THAT list.

You want change?
I sure as fuck do!


Suzanne was nice enough to let me know Hugh has just added installment number THREE HUNDRED to his list.
How he keeps up is beyond me.
Here it is.

Hugh just added the 300th item to his list:

300. On January 10, 2008, the Justice Department released an Inspector General's report showing that the FBI was incredibly sloppy in paying its bills on wiretaps. In a sampling of 990 payments from 5 field offices, over half were not paid on time. The study went on to note, "We also found that late payments have resulted in telecommunications carriers actually disconnecting phone lines established to deliver surveillance results to the FBI, resulting in lost evidence including an instance where delivery of intercept information required by a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) order was halted due to untimely payment." One field office was behind $66,000 in its payments to a single carrier. The reason for this is that the FBI has no clear accounting system to process, track, and make payments. This allowed one FBI employee to steal $25,000 in such funds. She pled guilty in June 2006. This case raises two issues. The first is how much to trust an organization often engaged in secret and intrusive investigations that can't even pay its phone bills. The second is just how "patriotic" are the telecoms for whom immunity is being sought with regard to the NSA warrantless wiretapping program when they are willing to cut off a wiretap for nonpayment of service.

I guess thats one way to stop illegal wire tapping.
Don't that just make ya feel all warm inside?

Kerry Endorses Obama

I'm not so sure that would work for me, after what happened in 04.
Edwards and Kerry had a falling out after Edwards basically called Kerry a pussy for not doing more to counter the swift boating.
I too, feel that Kerry rolled over in 04.
Running for President is some serious shit an' if you aren't ready to pull out a tire iron and start knocking assholes like the swift boaters around then you ain't got the balls to deal with the serious assholes throughout the world, of which there are many.
The big question now seems to be who that drunk old bastard Kennedy is going to throw his considerable weight behind.
Clinton has been putting the screws to him, wanting his clout.
It's looking to me like Edwards is only there now to fuck one of the other two in the end. Not an enviable position.On one hand, he can help crown either the first black president, on the other, the first woman president, either way, there are going to be a lot of pissed off people, whatever he does.

In other news,
The Republicans still suck.
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Crowd Thins

Governor Bill Richardson has dropped out.
Plans to announce it tomorrow.

H/T Think Progress.

Get Out The Band Aids And The Mercurochrome

The Pukes are taking a beating just like I had hoped.
I think they have shit the bed, finally.
The vote share they are getting shows me that folks have finally had enough of the thieving, lying, issue baiting sonsabitches.I keep hearing that people that normally consider themselves Republican are voting Dem because they see that the Party has staggered so far to the right that they do not identify with it anymore and the Dems represent a more moderate choice.
Good.It's way past time to marginalize these freaks and drive them back under the rocks where they came from.

And for anyone fortunate enough not to remember Mercurochrome,thank your lucky stars. They finally outlawed that shit a while back. I remember it well, we used to call it Merthiolate. The reason I call for it to be used on the wounds being inflicted on the Pukes? It stings like a motherfucker!
That and the color it stains the skin, RED! Let the burn and the stain speak to their crimes.
The more they take a beating and the more they attack each other, the more I am liking it.
Bush and his merry band of profiteers and torture junkies are going down, stay gone assholes.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire Results

Hillary Squeaks past Obama, 39% to 36% At 8:00 PM Left Coast time.
Edwards at 17%.
McCain gets the nod for the R team.
The rest of the republicans got...
Who am I kidding, I could give a Fuck what the rest of 'em got.

Hang On

A lot of folks, including me, have been warning of a looming recession.
The Whitehouse, of course, has been denying it out of hand. They can't have any negative scenario's leave a stain on Stupie's tie.
Well it's here.

Recession in the US 'has arrived'

Workers erect scaffolding in Albany, New York
Merrill said Friday's employment figures confirmed the recession
The feared recession in the US economy has already arrived, according to a report from Merrill Lynch.
Significant decline'

An official ruling on whether the US is in recession is made by the National Bureau of Economic Research, but this decision may not come for two years.

The NBER defines a recession as "a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months".

It bases its assessment on final figures on employment, personal income, industrial production and sales activity in the manufacturing and retail sectors.

Merrill Lynch said that the figures showing the jobless rate hitting 5% in December were the final piece in that puzzle.

"According to our analysis, this isn't even a forecast any more but is a present day reality," the report said.

Get this, this article is from the BBC.
The shit is going to hit the fan during Stupies death throes of a Presidency and they are going to deny it like a condemned man at midnight on execution day.
The Bush legacies last words?
"Don't kill me, please".


Monday, January 07, 2008

Battle Royal for Alternative Fuel

Corn and Sugar lobbies battle it out for ethanol fuel.

Yet it’s not an issue in Iowa even though big business and major campaign donors are jumping into alternative fuels. Bill Gates invests in ethanol refineries and Paul Allen in ethanol powered space ships.

This is an excellent article on it from a year ago:

Turns out sugar based ethanol is 7 times more efficient than corn, which produces little more power than it does to refine, a big reason why Richard Branson may invest in sugar and general cellulose based ethanol.

Too bad the media let the candidates stick to their message instead pushing them on a real issue for Iowa. Currently, the US government imposes a 54 cent / gallon tax on sugar based ethanol to keep corn competitive. Brazil has already proven a sugar based ethanol industry is viable.

It’s not simple though. Any organic waste can be efficiently turned into either ethanol or oil. There’s a huge race to develop these technologies. Why haven’t the gas and auto industries developed this yet? Not enough profit in it yet.

More in the tried and true department.

All the experiment in electronic voting machines is a wasted effort and frankly too big a risk. Simple optical scan technology and the equivalent of scan-tron forms to count paper votes are tried and true. It has over a 99% accuracy rate and anonymous paper trails using simple technology that’s been around for 30 years. And is used in well run elections in some Florida counties.

This is an excellent review of the whole mess. Our states need to get it together and adopt something that works instead of throwing contracts to campaign donors.

It goes to show you that nothing is sacred in our democracy not even holding fair elections and counting every vote. Ion Sancho who runs elections in Florida knows what he’s doing.

This Is Exciting, I Just Punked Myself!

No batteries, gas, oil or coolant.
You could use this thing to power your house, barn, whatever.
A regenerating super efficient electric motor with an automatic behind it.

H/T to my buddy Dale, my dad's oldest friend.

Cross posted at Fixer and Gordon's.

I've had Bullshit called so take it at face value until I can look into it.
I put it up right after getting it.

Update two
OHHHKAY, I see where I screwed up now. A nice gentleman pointed out the way I said regenerating violates the second law of thermodynamics.
Gotta love Google, I didn't have a clue.

Second Law of Thermodynamics - Increased Entropy
The Second Law of Thermodynamics is commonly known as the Law of Increased Entropy. While quantity remains the same (First Law), the quality of matter/energy deteriorates gradually over time. How so? Usable energy is inevitably used for productivity, growth and repair. In the process, usable energy is converted into unusable energy. Thus, usable energy is irretrievably lost in the form of unusable energy.

Thus the word regenerative would imply something along the lines of a perpetual motion machine, my bad.
I did find a reference to Mr. Reed and his remarkable engine here;
Conspiracy Central.
It concludes that attempts to locate Mr. Reed were unsuccessful.

Update 3.

Turns out he never did have a self sustaining motor and the video is bogus.
Thats what I get for getting excited and putting it up without thinking critically.

My sincere apologies.

Go here for what happened and where it stands as of right now.

H/T One Fly for pointing me to the error of my ways.
Thanks bud.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tal's Take

My ornery ass cousin cracks me up. We usually talk politics and rant when we get together. The ornery grease monkey is a hell of a ranter. Pretty observant too and better versed than he lets on. It's just more fun to rant. We generally agree on our view of how this country is run so he's letting me rant too.

Judging by the results of the last two primaries we're not the only ones.

Edwards is ignored again in the Post. The major media basically ignored him after Iowa and did so again today after the debates. Totally ignored here today too

The lame ass, so called, journalists and corporations still want to pick our candidates too. Total control of the conversation. Screw them. Edwards is only one wanting to stick it to them. Let's keep him in the news.

I read a Wall Street Journal editorial on the crapper at work. I work in places where people read it. It's good to know your enemy. He's explaining that Edwards has a problem with those who create wealth and wants to redistribute it. I thought about this before wiping my ass with his lame argument.

Who creates wealth? The investor? The ceo who the investor hires to outsource labor or layoff works to increase profits then parachutes out with a nice severance? Are these risk takers making it possible for all of us?

I worked for a startup and saw this happen. Maybe though the creator of wealth is the guy who built the product in the first place, not the investor. And the people who excel at customer service to keep the customer happy. The managers and engineers who follow their passion to create a product and service that has value. The sales guys who builds relationships with your customers and partners.

All people the investor wants to pay a market wage in INDIA. This is who's represented in Washington and is what we're up against. In the spirit of knowing your enemy from time to time I'm going to check out a few of their favorites and compare their views to reality

Curiously, the Nation isn't in the list, The more I read the more I think Edwards has a point. We need to lean on the pendulum and start it swinging the other way.

Impeach Stupie. He'll think its cobbler.

Many think he's worse than Nixon. He hired the same fucks that ran Nixon's administration and they learned nothing.

Another example of his incompetence is the inflation devaluing the dollar and raising oil and gold prices. This doesn't affect the ultra rich and multi nationals 'cuz they can just move their money around. We get screwed.

The bitch is they all knew this back in '04.

It was reported in China and elsewhere but not in the US during an election year. Kerry and the democrats are incompetent too because they're not even talking about it now.

I guess it's better to screw the economy and pay Halliburton for 4 years than help the common man.

Batten the hatches everyone we're headed for a rerun of the '70's . I'm looking for energy independence. Self –reliant is only way to go. I'm not waiting for populist politicians to help out. That guy may not even get heard.

Let me know what you think.


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Clear The Decks!

I have the distinct pleasure of springing a surprise that I have been keeping to myself.
I have invited someone to Blog here, someone who is ;
a. Far more observant than I am.
b. Far FAR less likely to lose his cool than I am.
c.Got a hell of a sense of humor.
d.Is a Democrat, just like I am
e. Is willing to work for free.

This being America, (e.) is the clincher.

Anyway, please give a warm welcome to my cousin Talman..
I forgot to mention, he's my cousin, huh?
Free is still the operative word here.

He will magically appear here whenever he has the time and/or inclination, I left the back door unlocked.

No pressure bud.

We Are The Frogs In The Pot

It's a very good argument for immediate change.Global Climate Change is happening as you read,the weather on the West Coast alone so far is argument enough for me!
I'd like to give credit for sharing this to Just An Earth Bound Misfit.
Someday I'd like to meet that lady, she sounds just as ornery as I am,(Hint, go read her house rules) except smarter, with better taste, and better looking, did I mention smart?Go check out some of her archives.

Anyway, the video is about nine minutes long. Watch it and play it forward if you have a Blog.

In all seriousness, this is a problem that too may people are dragging their feet on.
On a less serious note, why does this guy remind me of Alton Brown?

Friday, January 04, 2008

It's Blowin' Outside

If we are getting 40 mph steady winds up here out of Portland Or, Cali is takin' a beatin'.
Hold on tight folks and batten down the hatches.

Be safe.

Why Does This Seem True?

I swear, I have seen more damn women be attracted to complete jerks in my life that I could count.
What the fuck is up with that?

I got this from My Damn Channel.
Head over there for a whole bunch of comedy!

Bagpipes Anyone?

Dropkick Murphy's:
Workers Song.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Results

Obama takes Iowa,Edwards barely edges out Clinton and The Scab* has lots of sympathizers for the R team.

* That would be Huckabee.

Ron Paul (R) (Crazy) gets 10%, beating Ghouliani.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.
Bye Rudy.

Update 2
Dodd pulls out .
Dodd is a good man, he is going to focus on fucking the FISA shit up and fillibuster retroactive immunity for the Telco's.
Right on.

Update 3
Biden is out too.

Huckabee Is A Scab.

Unions asked Huckabee not to cross picket line.

Before former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee appeared yesterday on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, officials from the Writers Guild of America contacted his staff to “clear up any ‘confusion’” by making “it crystal clear that he was indeed crossing a picket line.” The Machinists (IAM) union, which has endorsed Huckabee, also implored him not to cross the picket line, saying “he risks losing the support his jobs and economic policies have won for him among trade unionists.”
My bold.
Article from Think Progress

That does it for me.
Mr. Huckabee has crossed a line that can't be uncrossed.

I am Pro Union. I was raised in a union household, broken though it was, and taught that you never, ever cross a picket line, EVER.
I have walked picket lines, I have supported strikes and strikers. I will always support strikers, because I have been there and done that,it is something you never forget.
Now a Presidential candidate seeking the highest office in the land has crossed a picket line in order to get his face on the network television shows.

Democrat, Republican or Independent, he just gave you an unmistakable message,
decent, hardworking Americans do not matter to him.The only thing that matters to him is power, the power of high office.
I would like for everyone that reads this to spread this message;
Mike Huckabee is a Scab.
Scabs do not belong in the Whitehouse.


Cross posted at The Daily Kos

I Have A Question For Ya

Why is there a defense attorney within a hundred mile radius of Washington D. C. that has an opening in their appointment book for the next ten years?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Here We Go Again

Mukasey: Criminal inquiry begins into CIA tapes
CIA said last month it had destroyed recordings of harsh interrogations


updated 34 minutes ago
(Link to article) MSNBC

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Justice Department opened a criminal investigation into the destruction of CIA interrogation videotapes, and Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey said Wednesday that he appointed an outside prosecutor to oversee the case.

That outside prosecutor is a guy who investigate the fucking FBI!
I guess he has big balls, he's gonna need 'em going after the folks at CIA.
They are going to fight tooth and nail trying to cover their fucking asses.

Mukasey named John Durham, a federal prosecutor, to oversee the case. Durham has a reputation as one of the most relentless U.S. prosecutors. He served as an outside prosecutor overseeing an investigation into the FBI's use of mob informants in Boston and helped send several Connecticut public officials to prison.

The 911 commission repeatedly asked the CIA for all relevant information and the CIA basically ignored anything that had to do with interrogation of suspects.

If you want to see some real tea leaf reading, head over to Firedoglake and check out LooseHeadProp's prognostication.
She is a NY lawyer and followed Convicted Felon Scooter Libby's trial.
She knows the ins and outs and most of the sideways too.

Shall I get designer popcorn for this one?

The Magic Number

Oil prices jump to record $100 a barrel,

reports MSNBC. Oil prices closed out 2007 57 percent higher than they were at the beginning of the year.
Via Think Progress

Wet and sticky crotches of all the oil exec's followed immediately after.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy first birthday to Slobber and Spittle one of The Pacific Northwests own.

Cujoe359 started building his Blog one year ago and he has come a long way.
Just in case you hadn't noticed, S&S is down to the left on the Blogroll and has been for a spell now.Cujo is a sharp dude and he puts out some damn fine stuff that really needs to be exposed to more folks.
Observant and eloquent, he makes you shake your head and say, your right.
Go give him some love .

My bad,I damned near missed this milestone,I just happened to stop by and see my Ol Pal Lotus and there it was.