Tuesday, December 06, 2011

What Gordon Said

If ya been around here for any length of time, you will know that I have several internet buddies.

Several as in many.

There are some damn decent folks out there who pay attention to the shit we get fed on a regular basis.

The joint I go to first every Day when I can is my buds at Alternate Brain.

They are all over the latest news and I agree with their assessment of said news, especially the news of a political nature.

I do believe my pal Gord just knocked one out of the park and into a windshield.

Good on ya bud.

I would love to see Nancy Pelosi yank up her skirt, show everyone her balls and throw that dirty motherfucker Newt Gingrich under a convoy of busses.

I ain't overly enamored of Pelosi but seeing her drop a depth charge in the middle of Newt's lying ass would give me a serious chubby.


  1. Not going to happen, sorry. Yes, Pelosi was on the Ethics Committee (like any of them have ethics) investigating Gingrich, but the evidence was sealed. Breaking that would give the Republicans carte blanche to do the same to a number of Democrats still in the House.
    The Clintons have blackmail material on Newt from the 90's, that should be good enough to take him down (again).

  2. Newt is a God damned fucking douchebag that should do the world a favor and hang himself on national TV. And so should Pelousy, just so we don't have to look at her Skeletor looking ass anymore, much less listen to the lying bitch. Fuck all of 'em! They are not my "government". They're all a pack of cheats, thieves, and liars. FUCK 'EM ALL!!!

  3. Craig, 2012,
    That's all I gotta say.

  4. Thanks, Nucks. Yer OK yerself.

    I say this every election year, but we gotta pick what we figure to be the least lousy government we can.

  5. I am John Galt...

  6. Thanks for the link, bro, and the good words of course. Gord hit it on the head all right!

  7. The entire government dog and pony is infested with lice, filth and open sores. No amount of medication, bathing or medical care will relieve them of their ailments nor us of our slow death.