Saturday, October 22, 2011

Speak Up

Fer fucks sake, if ya take the time to stop by, you can tell me to shut the fuck up or at least leave a good recipe.

On average I get between two to three hundred hits a day and get two responses.
Don't make me downgrade to pictures of naked women, I will, gladly.

That would keep me too busy though.

Just fer shits and giggles, have some of this, I am done whining now .


  1. I know how you feel. I am about to start whiing for comments, bribing people for love, and generally soundin needy. Put on naked women and you lose Folks, talk to Busted.

  2. ..whining for comments...sounding. It is hard to type lying down.

  3. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Are you just needing some recognition Busted? I hit your site at least once a month.
    I notice that your attitude has changed over time.
    By that I mean you have gone from a screaming pissed off person who linked to survivalist sites within your own site to just a really intelligent pissed off person. Which I can relate to.
    The OWS occupation is real. It just isn't covered much. I think that movement will change things. I remember a couple of years back on this site that we need to pack our bags and head for the hills and now you are backing the protesters.
    I would say that there is safety and danger in numbers eh?
    TJ Creed

  4. y'never comment on mine! but then maybe you don't stop by... I have seen that you have and got a giggle knowing you were reading my nonsense. ;)

    I still don't know how to read statistics well... I know by a comment that someone has stopped by but it doesn't show in my stat thing... I give up.

    I just post for myself and if anyone reads it... I'm always amazed! ANd, according to page hits... they do but it doesn't show up who ... I dunno

    I do pretty silly stuff... I've only been blogging for 4 months on the 20th! I enjoy it... gets the need to say whatever I want to say out.

    I just posted a couple of videos for Andy Kaufman doing his Mighty Mouse sketch.. HAHAaaaa

    and Jerry Van Dyke's Lone Ranger sketch on Carson...

    Husband is downtown at the Clinton Library protesting ... OccupyLR - been there for two days... camping out in tents...

    Getting some coverage - all positive.

    I enjoy reading whatever it is you have to say... it's fun, serious and sincere.

    How's Mrs. Busted?

  5. I know, it sounded a bit needy but thanks to ya all.I should be grateful I even get one comment, even if it is some fucker from Nigeria...

  6. I'd like the world to sing along, in perfect harmony...
    That fuckin ain't never gonna happen!
    Way too many assholes to thinkers.
    Proof is that the Tea Baggers aren't cheering the OWS crowd. They want basically the same frickin things for christs sake.
    Difference being the baggers only want freedom if it's their way only.
    Screw them !
    It's my right to be whatever I wanna be. Not their right to tell me, to be them.
    Go back ta England ya pricks. WE settled that fight over two hundred years ago...

    Dat's my comment for today lol

  7. My daughter mentioned boobs on her site for breast cancer awareness month and her hits tripled.

    We all have a front row seat on the fall of industrial civilization and we'd might as well enjoy the show.

  8. Jesus, a little whiney today aren't we?

    Don't worry bud, we still love you, but for this little rant you get to buy the booze next time.

  9. For what it's worth, I come by often but rarely comment. Guilty as charged, I guess. We could all use some daily affirmation, just to let us know someone's out there.

    Great song, by the way, even if I can't understand what Winwood is singing...

  10. But...what if I haven't anything intelligent to say? I get tired of typing "Huh?"

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  11. Okay, I'm here, dammit! I'm reading your blog for the first time and cracking up. The world needs more people like you.