Sunday, December 04, 2011


Three days.
That's how long it took Quest to fix their internet connection.

I figure somebody did the old Backhoe through the cable trick.

In other internet news, those dirty cocksucking mother fucking no good sonsabitches at Verizon struck again.

I swear and I do swear, someone is testing my limits.

After all the bullshit I have put up with those fuckers,after expressly asking them if there were ANY MORE FUCKING CHARGES, I paid those sonsabitches off and told them to go fuck themselves, but no.

No, they had to break one off in my ass as a parting gift.

I got a bill in the mail for 18.99 for two fucking days in their billing period after calling them, paying them and NOT USING their fucking service.

Pissed off?

Oh fuck yes I was pissed off.

Why am I paying for something I didn't use?

I argued with some young lady until I was blue in the face and my wife was telling me to just pay them so we wouldn't have it sent to a collection agency.

I am still livid with those motherfuckers but I finally gave them their blood money and told that girl I wanted a certified letter from those motherfuckers that there would be no further contact.
No letters, no texts, no phone calls, nothing.

Of course, as soon as I hung up, I got a text message thanking me for my payment.
Head, desk, repeat until dizzy.

I never want to hear a god damn thing from Verizon again.

That's when Quest decided to take a shit....

Thank you sir, may I have another...

Christ almighty.


  1. It's a Zappadan miracle!

  2. Busted,
    You should not let them get away with that! Collections? Write a letter and keep writing letters. Or, do as I do and get my way with a phone call. ATT apologizes as they give me refunds. My daughter has me to call and pretend I am her and fix mistakes. Last time I did that with ATT, her bill went from something like $160.00 to $0.01. I asked him if wanted a credit card, check, certified check, cash, etc. we both laughed. I asked the guy if he would throw that penny in the till. We laughed the whole time he gave me that refund and kicked in the one-cent.

    I am just very nice, sad, disappointed, and frustrated and need help. It works.