Monday, December 31, 2012

Someone Owes Me A New Hypocrisy Meter

I'd tell them to kiss my ass but I don't know who's cock they just spit out.
Shameless fucking whores.

And yes, they can go Fuck Themselves.

It Be Toe Tappin' Time Again

Warren Haynes is one under appreciated motherfucker is all I can say. The man touches my soul with his musical renditions like few others ever have in my entire life.
Pair him up with another master guitarist like Derek Trucks and magic happens.

I can listen to this one tune on a loop for an hour it is so good.

Have some Soulshine folks.

If you act now, I will double down on the good stuff.

I have always liked a good Slackjaw Jezebel too ya know. This is one of my personal favorite tunes.

This one is off the charts awesome.
Beautifully Broken

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Somebody Needs A Swift Kick In The Crotch

Of all the irresponsible,stupidly dangerous things a fucking news outlet could do, this has to be number one on the list.
I still can't believe it.
Some asshole back East thought it would be clever to post a FUCKING MAP of all the people who have a concealed carry permit in Westchester County, New York, just to the North of New York City.
Yes, you can click on one of the highlighted icons and see the NAME and ADDRESS of the permit holder!
They got the information through a Freedom of Information request.
Not only did they post a map of an entire county, they have plans to add even more counties as they get their hands on the information.
Let me explain something to you fucking idiots.
You just possibly put every single person on that list at risk.
What, the fuck, were you thinking?
Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should, you dumb cocksuckers.
I could link to the map, I have it open in another tab but I really don't think it is a good idea to spread that information around.
I know I would be incensed if I was on that fucking thing.
You see,now that it is out there, it is like the genie in the bottle and you can't make it go away.
Some crazy motherfucker can now randomly zoom in and pick a name and an address like a fucking grocery list and God only knows what can happen then.
I won't link to it but here is a screen grab, so it isn't interactive anymore.
Gun permitsAs usual, click it to make it bigger.
Why don't you just use the default supposition that everyone in that county has a concealed carry permit, has a .44 Desert Eagle in their underwear and just not fuck with people?
I still can't get over how fucking irresponsible  that was.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Fucking Unions Didn't Kill Hostess, Bad Management Did, More Than Once

But you will never hear that from the MSM.
No, when Hostess went tits up finally, all the Very Serious People dutifully lined up and lied their asses off right to your fucking faces and  to a man swore that unions were the sole reason that Hostess had to close up shop.
For a typical example, George Fucking Will from the Washington Post;
Hostess, which had 18,500 employees making and distributing more than 30 brands made in 36 plants, had been in and out of bankruptcy several times since 2004. Its terminal crisis began Nov. 9, when thousands of members of the bakers union went out on strike to protest wage, health-care and pension cuts imposed by a court. The bakers objected to a 17 percent increase in their contribution for their health-care benefits.
That's it, that is all he had to say factually.
Not a fucking word about the management voting themselves huge fucking pay raises right before they filed for bankruptcy or the outrageous bonuses they were getting.
Not one fucking word about that shit, it was all on the unions.
Now we find out that Hostess had been diverting union pension payments to use for day to day operations.
Hostess Brands acknowledged for the first time in a news report Monday that the company diverted workers' pension money for other company uses.
The bankrupt baker told The Wall Street Journal that money taken out of workers' paychecks, intended for their retirement funds, was used for company operations instead. Hostess, which was under different management at the time the diversions began in August 2011, said it does not know how much money it took.
"It's not a good situation to have," Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn told the WSJ.
"Whatever the circumstances were, whatever those decisions were, I wasn't there," Rayburn added. As the founder and owner of Kobi Partners, a restructuring advisory firm, Rayburn was appointed acting CEO in March 2012.
Hostess Brands, which filed for bankruptcy for a second time in January, started liquidating its operations in November after the bakers' union refused to take another pay cut and went on strike. The liquidation will leave about 18,000 workers without jobs.
In November, a judge approved Hostess' plan to pay $1.8 million in bonuses to 19 executives, according to CNBC. Rayburn declined to take a bonus but also avoided a company-wide pay cut that he imposed, Hostess told HuffPost.
Boy those no good fucking union fellers must be some real mean motherfuckers to make them do that too.
Uh huh.
I smell a lawsuit and what is that word I am looking for, embezzlement?