Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty (Updated)

Bring it on.

It's late, it's my birthday, I have been out and about and now I having a bit of trouble with this fucking computer loading up and freezing.

I am going to finish the evening off and come back to this tomorrow. This is the post to link to for Blogroll Amnesty Day.

Bring 'em on.


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Happy Birthday!

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See ya's laters ,Gators.
I has some things to take care of today.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Nicely said.

I could fill this in with several descriptive four letter adjectives but I can appreciate some straight forward advice.

Someone just got Blogrolled.

Liberal Whackaloons Turning Into Survivalists?

Even Rawles is seeing it. Hey, I am a left winger and I have been working on it about a year now!
All politics is off the table when it comes down to who is left living and breathing after the SHTF as far as I am concerned.

"The movement's definitely growing," Rawles, manager of the site, told AFP by telephone from what he described as a survival-ready ranch "somewhere west of the Rocky Mountains."

Survivalists have a long history in the United States. But what used to be the preserve of anti-establishment loners, cultists and gun nuts has gone mainstream.

Government agencies are encouraging citizens to prepare evacuation plans and food supplies in case of myriad disasters.

Firearms, gold pieces, and long-storage food are reportedly flying off the shelves, and the Internet is flooded with sites like, where the like-minded exchange tips on everything from marksmanship to cheese making.

"We're seeing three times the number of readers we had just nine months ago," Rawles said.

"The cross section of the readership is changing too. Before, most of my readership was conservative Christians. We're seeing a lot more left of center."


The more radical survivalists are getting ready for what they call EOTWAA, the End-Of-The-World-Armageddon-Apocalypse, or the niftier SHTF, as in Shit Hits The Fan.


Big government bureaucracies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security want people to prepare for trouble, even if there is no official mention of EOTWAA and SHTF.

The website urges citizens to store at least three days' worth of water and food, to prepare an escape plan from their city, and to have means of filtering out contaminated air.

"Practice earthquake and tornado drills at home, school and work," says, also warning that pets will not be allowed into public evacuation centers.

New York-based specialist Aton Edwards says the government's stand proves survivalists were right all along.

"People ran away from it at first, saying it was alarmist and fearmongering. They didn't realize that the government is saying much the same thing," he said.

Yet Rawles estimates that not more than five percent of Americans are ready -- at least by his high standards.

"I'm surrounded by national forest. A river runs through the back end of the property, so there's no shortage of water and no shortage of fish or game to shoot," he told AFP.

"If Western civilization were to collapse tomorrow, I'd have to read about it on the Internet. I just wouldn't notice."

Click Here to read the whole article at Raw Story.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Billy Powell died.

I don't care who ya are, you have heard Billy Powell play the piano for Lynyrd Skynyrd.

My sincere condolences.

RIP Dude.

H/T Skippy

Bye Bye Blago

The now Ex Governor of Illinois was successfully impeached and banned for life from holding public office today.
The next thing he gets to look forward to is finding a place to live and moving out of the Governors digs.
After that, I see criminal indictments in that guys future.
Patrick Fitzgerald is going to nail his hide to the wall.

One less crooked politician is always a good thing.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Is The New Leader Of The Republican Party?

Bring that shit on right the fuck now!

I have to stop watching the television.
BTW, Dick Armey is a fucking idiot and Chris Mathews makes me want to put a push bumper on my truck.

Obstructionists Let Their Votes Speak For Them

The Republican party just voted against the Obama plan for an economic stimulus plan En Masse.

Not one fucking Republican voted for it in The House vote.
As a matter of fact, several Democrats followed suit.

Here is the deal, assholes.
You are no longer the majority and the fucking thing passed without you.
Are you paying any attention here?

It Don't Matter What The Fuck You Like.

Ignorant fucking bastards.

The current bunch of Republican legislators makes me embarrassed to be a fucking American.

Let me put it to you this way, Your family is starving to death and they don't like macaroni and cheese so nobody is going to eat anything.

That's it. The most petulant, self centered,spoiled rotten and self serving bunch of Representatives in the history of this country.

This guy we have for a President would be well advised to start kicking these fuckers in the shrunken nutsack they have and tell them to Shut The Fuck Up and start looking out for their fucking constituents instead of trying to show the world that they all have access to the same phony "Obstructionism For Dummies" handbook.

You Republicans are going to get hunted down if the economy goes completely Tits Up and people start starving to death.
As it is, if I was you, I would look at what is already happening, the citizens of this country are already dying because they can't pay the fucking heat bill.


When more and more people keep dying by freezing to death, they still have relatives left behind and your fucking phone number and address are very much, public information.
If the party line is all that matters to you to prove a fucking point, look out.

Reagonomics has been proven to be as effective as the rhythm method.
Do the right thing and start looking out for the people you represent and tell Rush Limbaugh to take a vacation around some small towns with folks that don't quite have the pocket change he has.

Otherwise, remember this, the Dodo was fucking delicious with a bit of mustard sauce.

Seen one of those lately?

Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor,Hey This Just Costs Too Much!

The Postmaster General is asking for permission to cut one day a week for postal deliveries due to the economy sucking a turd.

I guess that beats raising the price of a stamp to five bucks.

Postmaster Proposes a Cutback in Mail Delivery

Saying the U.S. Postal Service "is in a severe financial crisis," Postmaster General John E. Potter is asking Congress to allow him to cut mail delivery from six days to five days a week.

In testimony prepared for a Senate hearing this afternoon, Potter said he needs "flexibility in the number of days we deliver mail."

"The ability to suspend delivery on the lightest delivery days, for example, could save dollars in both our delivery and our processing and distribution networks, he said. "I do not make this request lightly, but I am forced to consider every option given the severity of our challenge."

He said the cut in mail delivery would be at least one day a week. Currently, the postal system delivers mail Mondays through Saturdays.

"First, it is possible that the cost of six-day delivery may simply prove to be unaffordable," he said in his statement. " If that should occur, it could become necessary to temporarily reduce mail delivery to only five days a week. We would do this by suspending delivery on the lightest volume days."

Although Potter's prepared testimony referred to a temporary reduction to five days, in response to questions he indicated that the continuing decline in mail volume could require the reduction in service to be open-ended.

Potter also wants congressional approval to change the way the agency's funds its retiree health benefit.

The whole article can be found here.

It wouldn't bother me any, just that much less junkmail to throw away.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Coming soon, to a Blog near you,
Blogroll Amnesty Day!

Next weekend;

b.a.d. days ahead
get ready, blogonauts! this upcoming weekend we will be celebrating the second anniversary of blogroll amnesty & blogroll bloodbath anniversary remembrance day!

as you may remember, the modus operandus of blogroll amnesty day is to link to 5 blogs smaller than your own, thus introducing your readers to new voices.

and may we stop all the stupid jokes right here, right now: yes, there are blogs smaller than yours, no matter who you are.

this year our partner in this endeavor, jon swift, will join us in celebrating this blogtopian-wide holiday all next weekend beginning on Saturday.

Umm, next Saturday , I am going to be a bit busy, I am supposed to move the Rat Hole and it is my Birthday, so you KNOW I am going to be out partying!

So, here's the deal. anytime Saturday or there after, If ya care to be added to the Ornery Bastard's Blogroll, just leave a link in the comments of the current post and I WILL get ya on, as long as ya aren't some kind of creep.
That's all there is to it.

I have some victims I am going to hit up so don't be bashful!

Skippy was THE FIRST big name Blog to put me on his Blogroll and he has done that for scads of other folks, he is the Grand Daddy of Blogtopia! (he coined the phrase,BTW) I am eternally in his and Jon's debt. Thanks Guys!
He and Jon Swift started this thing and God Bless both of 'em.

This is a once in a year opportunity to spread the word about yer very own blog and I am here to tell ya, it makes a HUGE difference!

So, Bring It On!

Blago Is A Fucking Idiot

I can't believe this guy.
He has been getting his face on every fucking television show who will put him on the air trying to run a counter information program.
Dude, yer gone.

All he is doing is digging a deeper hole.

It seems that the Illinois Prison is going to have it's very own , Governors Wing.

Wake the fuck up over there.
Chicago Politics is fucking legendary, for all the wrong reasons.

Sorry Drifty, you know how it is better than the rest of us.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nice Parting Shot GW.

Ya fucking cocksucker.

Is it just me, or do I not hear any Millionares suddenly complaining that the tax breaks they have been getting suddenly qualify as Earned Income, and they have to pay taxes on that generous gesture from Asshole Inc.?

It's not just me?
Guess what?
That little Economic Stimulous Check we got last year is.

Taxable Income.
Just like that dead fucking bastard Reagan, all of a sudden Unemployment benefits are taxable income, never mind that you are getting taxed on money you already earned and payed into a fund managed by the fucking government!

My fucking Tax rebate just went down almost dollar for dollar compared to his most generous give back of the money I already put into the system.

I file Single with ZERO dependents, the highest fucking amount possible being yanked out of my check without me authorizing any extra to be pulled out of my total income, as far as I know, gets pulled out every fucking payday.
Lots and lots.
I generally look forward to getting my fucking taxes back, I can't spend it if I don't have it.

But No.

Georgie just stuck one more up my ass.
Fucking Cocksucker.

Beware if Obama tries to pull the same shit.

The motherfuckers who just got BILLIONS of dollars, I will bet my fucking ass, will not have to pay a fucking dime in Earned Income taxes because it was basically a fucking GIFT from US!

Either way, they have all these Off Shore accounts they run this money through.

Oh Yeah, I am NOT a happy camper right now.

Who do I have to grab by the throat to get one of those fucking FEMA trailers that we are paying millions of dollars to sit in a farmers field so that the government can pay them to scrap?

Sorry, I have a serious tude right now.
Dirty fucking bastards.

As Demeur in comments points out, the stimulus check from last year does NOT count as earned income as I was so pissed off about last night and was apparently screaming conspiracy theories out of my ass. Kudos to you sir, I was incorrect.
That still does not explain why, after making almost the exact same amount of money as I did the year before, my rebate this year is almost dollar for dollar lower than last year by the amount of that stimulus check.
Quite the fucking coincidence.
Oh, and FUCK BUSH anyway.

Geithner Confirmed Secretary Of Treasury

Tim Geithner was confirmed as Treasury secretary moments ago by the Senate by a vote of 60 to 34, making him the successor to Hank Paulson and the man charged with leading the United States out of a global recession.

H/T The Ticker.

The news is coming fast this afternoon.

Turdblossom Subpoenaed By Conyers

They would once again, like to chat with the fucking scumbag about the Politicization of the Justice Department and about his alleged involvement in the political prosecution of an Alabama governor and the firings of nine US Attorneys.

Chairman subpoenas Rove.

John Byrne H/T Raw Story

Published: Monday January 26, 2009

Invoking President Barack Obama, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) has subpoenaed former Bush Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove about his alleged involved in the political prosecution of an Alabama governor and the firings of nine US Attorneys.

The subpoena, approved by an earlier vote of the House, was issued pursuant to "authority granted in H.R. 5 (111th Congress), and calls for Mr. Rove to appear at deposition on Monday, February 2, 2009."

Specifically, it enjoins Rove "to testify regarding his role in the Bush Administration’s politicization of the Department of Justice, including the US Attorney firings and the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman."

I wonder how fast Rove is going to get the fuck out of the country as a dodge just like he did last time?
Rove doesn't have Bush to cover his ass anymore and a judge and President Obama have said the prick isn't covered by executive privilege so this ought to be some prime popcorn shoveling times ahead.

"Mr. Rove has previously refused to appear in response to a Judiciary Committee subpoena, claiming that even former presidential advisers cannot be compelled to testify before Congress," Conyers' office wrote in a release. "That 'absolute immunity' position was supported by then-President Bush, but it has been rejected by U.S. District Judge John Bates and President Obama has previously dismissed the claim as 'completely misguided.'"

Here is a copy of the subpoena.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bustedus Domesticus: Laundry Day

When I went and started mucking out the Rat Hole the other night, I completely filled the back of a short bed pickup up with clothes and bedding and any thing else I could get my hands on.

I have been doing laundry for two freakin' days!

I wanted every thing out of the way so the next time I head over there, it's going to about picking up miscellaneous shit and scrubbing and securing shit so it won't go flying around when I have to move it.
With any luck, that will be next weekend.

I was wayyyyyy overdue to clean the place up anyway, this just gives me a kick in the ass to get it done.

It's amazing what a fucking disaster a damn trailer can turn into when you are a lazy fucking slob like I am, jayzus, what a mess.

I am waiting to hear from my ex about what I can reasonably expect for a tax return.
If it is enough, I am going to be on Craig's List like stink on shit looking for a new and improved Rat Hole.

This one has served it's purpose but it is a real junker and I would like to get something maybe a little newer than a 1981 model and that everything is actually in it and works.

We shall see.

Sometimes I see some real steals .

Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Caturday, Busted Style.

The first detonation caused ears to perk and eyes to get wide.

The crackle that followed causes the weak to flee.

Unsurprisingly, the ignorant were content to lay about as they did not see an immediate threat, until the gas started spreading.
Pandemonium reigns supreme, every varmint for themselves!

Looks of recrimination were hurled from the corners, who could possibly be so inhumane as to start such uncalled for civil strife?

I had two cats laying on me until I cut a giant fart and then cracked another beer.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Doing The Public A Favor

I went and started mucking out the Rat Hole tonight,

I need a bigger truck, a bigger dumpster and about three hired hands

What a fucking disaster, I are going to be busy.

As they say, stay tuned.

BTW, I am shutting off every fucking electronic device within twenty feet and calling it a week.
The cats can go play Who's Yer Daddy outside the bedroom.


Because it has been a long week and I am lazy.

I always liked this tune by UFO,

Out In The Street.

Because I am such a nice guy, here is one of my all time UFO favorites, Love To Love.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Jayzus fucking Christ, I cannot believe what I just witnessed.
Tweety, (Chris Mathews), was just interviewing some completely retarded fucking moron who is currently a motherfucking Senator from Missouri and is the Vice Chair for the Intelligence Committee and was asked what we should do with the prisoners currently held in Guantanamo because it has now been slated to be closed and this completely ignorant fuck, Kit Bond, said he thinks we should send them to ALCATRAZ!!

Somebody needs to be smacked upside the head with a Two By Four Of Enlightenment!

How fucking far out of current events can you possibly be?

Holy Shit!
How long has Alcatraz been closed now?
Forty? Fifty fucking years?

By the way, you did figure out this brain dead mother fucker is a Republican, didn't you?

Gee, I took it out of context. SOP for these fucking pricks.
There is your talking point.

A Lot Going On

There are huge changes going on in our government and so far, I am glad to see them because they are reversing some hideous fucking policy. Even two days after BushCo is gone, I am fucking amazed at how rapidly this country went backwards to the twelfth century..
The illegal wiretapping that has been going on could damn well be the straw that breaks the camels back and some motherfuckers should be getting real nervous, unless there is some kind of agreement that us fucking plebians are not allowed to be privy to.

I woke up two days ago with my head all plugged up and then it kind of went away, I woke up a few times in the middle of the night last night and knew I have a cold.
This afternoon my throat started getting raw and then it started down my wind pipe, I haz a fucking chest cold coming like a freight train.

Keep paying attention to what the fuck is going on, shit is happening.
I am going to bed.

Bonus round, Granny is having a fit about the lady they have that cleans the house, that had a fucking baby three weeks ago. The only reason this girl would be here is that she needs the money, I can relate.
Granny thinks she paid for more than the services provided and this has pretty much been the topic since last night, on and on and on.

I told her to tell the lady to fucking take it easy, fer chrissakes.
I'll take care of the cat box and other heavy shit, told her not to fuck around making the bed I can't get any rest in it anyway and Granny is going off.
Unfortunately fer Granny, I stopped and got a bottle and have been hitting that bastard hard because I want to fucking sleep.She got her nose out of joint after I finally told her to rag on somebody that gives a shit because I don't.After fourteen times, I heard ya.
Someone is going to get a phone call tomorrow and it better not be me.

She finally figured out I have other things to deal with.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Former NSA analyst Russell Tice just dropped a bomb in the middle of Bushco on Keith Olbermanns show.

The fucking bastards listened to EVERY phone call, from EVERYONE, tapped into EVERY Email, EVERY Blog post, any kind of electronic communications and lied their fucking asses off about the whole thing, to their own people!

It is even worse than we imagined.

They targeted the media first.

You have to know the motherfuckers targeted the Democratic opposition especially.
How much do you want to bet they showed that to Reid and Pelosi to keep them docile?

That would explain some, but not all of their lack of vertebrae.

All that would have done to me would have been to piss me off to the point of end game, do or die .

The Bush administration first told the NSA operators that they wanted to identify certain groups so that they could be eliminated from further scrutiny, only to find out later that this was untrue and were actually making a list for targets.

This is only the first story to come out and you can bet your fucking ass there is going to be a line a mile long with people who's faces have turned purple trying to hold their tongue until Bush and Cheney were out the fucking door!

Hold on, this is going to piss EVERYONE off!

It is every fucking bit as bad as we were screaming about and undoubtedly worse than we could ever imagine.

Stick around boys, we will be wanting to talk to you in depth, shortly.

See for yourselves;

The Upside Of A Downturn

According to this article by Elena Conis in the LA Times, it seems people are eating at home more and eating more wholesome foods as a side effect of the current recession.

Nutrition experts predict that most Americans may be slightly more concerned with the economy than, say, their antioxidant consumption in the months ahead.

If that's the case, the quest for a healthful and cost-conscious diet suggests Americans will be eating more meals cooked at home, upping their produce and whole-grain intake and eschewing sodium. "It's the back-to-basics bailout diet," says Shelley McGuire, professor of nutrition at Washington State University in Pullman.


More and more people are realizing the health benefits of whole grains, says Joan Salge Blake, clinical assistant professor of nutrition at Boston University, who predicts that the year ahead could be a good one for popcorn (which is, in fact, a whole grain). Studies have shown that a diet rich in whole grains -- barley, oats, brown rice and newly trendy quinoa are other examples -- can help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

The high-fiber content of whole grains, which confers many of their health benefits, also means that "they fill you up but don't fill you out," Blake adds.

Whole grains also lend themselves to hearty, home-cooked meals, Blake says.


There is more at the link.

It goes on to point out that a lot of people will still be eating out because they don't know how to cook.

Y'all need to fix that.

Cooking isn't rocket science, it can be as full on technical as you want it to be but it is essentially about paying attention to what you are doing.
Cookbooks are cheap and there are scads of cooking shows on television.

Get out there and start boiling some water!

Start small, make a simple breakfast and work your way up.

I helped my Grandmothers cook when I was just a little shaver and could feed myself and my brother at nine years old, all by myself, and did quite often.
It isn't that hard to make basic food,especially forty years later, they have so many convenience foods that all you have to do is add water or some other basic ingredients and heat it up.

As they say, practice makes perfect.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guess What?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! , Thud.


It's going to be a long day tomorrow.

H/T Larue and Rehctaw.

Holy Shit.

Done Deal

Barack Obama is now officially the 44th President of the United States of America.

Stay tuned.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Darth Cheney Needs To Be Interrogated Immediately

It seems he just found out what being debilitated feels like, he strained his back trying to haul boxes out at the last minute in his getaway move.
Now he needs a wheelchair to watch the new President get sworn in.

Karma? Is that you?

I hope it hurts like a motherfucker.

After having lived with major low back pain for twenty five years, all I can say , it would probably not feel good if he happened to accidentally make a wrong turn at the top of a long set of stairs in that fucking wheel chair.


At the very least, it seems the fucking bastard ain't walking away from the disaster he worked so hard at to leave the rest of us.

Are Ya Watching Any Of This Shit?

Pretty fucking mind blowing what I am seeing going on in DC, even that Dickhead Tweety just said
he has never seen anything like it.

The Heat Is On

Obama is going to be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America at noon Eastern time tomorrow.
Right this minute, the cries for investigations and prosecution for War Crimes is all over the television.

Basically, the Bush administration has flat out admitted that they have crossed the line and have actually tortured people.

Keith Olbermann just went off on it and now Rachel Maddow has just interviewed Constitutional expert Jonathan Turley and it seems President Obama is not going to get to sweep this criminal shit under the rug like has intimated that he would prefer to do.


Just as there is no statute of limitations on treason, so also, there are none for war crimes.

This needs to be investigated and prosecuted.
We prosecuted and executed Japanese and German prisoners of war for doing exactly the same fucking thing to our soldiers after the end of World War II.

Why is it now so fucking OK for us to do it to someone else?

Goodbye Bush


Zero days left in his term.
The only thing I am waiting for now are the last minute pardons and I have a feeling the Rat Weasel Bastard isn't going to disappoint me.

Good riddance you fucking asshole.

Good riddance to the even bigger scumbag, Cheney, also.

You two have managed to crash and burn the greatest country the world has ever seen, you must be so proud.

I have a feeling we have not seen the last of your pasty asses though.

Why don't you two take an extended vacation on a whirlwind tour of the world?

I would love to see how long it takes for someone to throw your asses in the slammer for War Crimes.

Hasta La Vista, motherfuckers.


Ya might as well turn the fucking television off, ya aren't going to get any fucking kind of news, it is all Obama, all the time, 24/7.
It has been since yesterday.

They went to the trouble of tracking down George Washingtons descendant to point out if we had been a monarchy instead of a democracy, he would have been King.
It was George's brothers descendant, to be exact, he and Martha never had children.

That is the kind of shit they are blathering about.

By this time tomorrow, who knows what they will be rattling on about.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Policy On Comments.

I elevated this from the comments so that there will be NO DOUBT about my attitudes towards commenters who voice their opinions here.

As far as I can tell, the First amendment is still somewhat in effect, especially that freedom of speech thing.

I try not to deny anyone their say.

I usually will clean up repeat comments that are unintended and Spammers are outta here the minute I see one.
Other than that, have at it.

I have no problem voicing my opinion on any Blog I feel the urge to say something about.

If the Blog owner decides to delete my comment because they disagree with my statements then I feel that that is a very negative light on that person.

Once again, thank you very much for reading what I have to say and feel free to say whatever you want, that goes for everyone.

The only thing I have to add to this is that I will not tolerate threats or intimations of violence, other than that, I welcome a spirited discourse and the use of the peoples english is encouraged.

H/T Lolcats fer the pic..


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why I Hate The Media, V.248.

Stupid fucking bastards.
They spent all damn day fucking the dog and flapping their gums trying to fill in the time while Obama and his entourage went 136 fucking miles on a train.


Now , CN fucking N is having a hissy fit that the President elect is going to rip out the bowling alley that Richard Fucking Nixon had installed in the Whitehouse and put in a Basketball court.

Yeah, like I could give a rats ass.

STFU and start doing some investigation into the criminal activities of the Bush administration and leave the National Enquirer to do the heavy lifting, OK?

Media Overload

I am sitting on my ass today, it was a long week and I am tired.

So as I sit here, sipping a tall cold one, I am flipping through the channels and reading the local fish wrapper, some interesting bits here and there but by far the media is focusing on Obamas train ride to Washington DC.

The inanity of the talking heads has reached new lows.

My God what fucking drivel they come up with to fill in air time.

In the local Rag, I see a local bank just went tits up and got handed to another bank,anyone with accounts having over 250,000 just got hosed unless the FDIC feels some pity on them.

The air quality sucks ass around here too.
They just issued a Level 2 air quality warning and have instructed the sheeple that there is no burning to be done, inside or out.

Unless your sole source of heat is a woodstove, you are FORBIDDEN to light a fire due to the amount of particulate in the air already which is because we are experiencing a thermal inversion and there isn't a lick of wind in the area to carry our pollution somewhere else for other folks to enjoy.

That is unusual.
The wind constantly blows around here.

Washington state has some extremely strict regulations on woodstoves, it is fucking ridiculous .
I wanted to put in a woodstove about fifteen years ago when I was married and when I finally deciphered all the fucking regulations, it was apparent that the fucking thing would be sitting in the middle of the room surrounded by heat shields.

Fucking idiots.
The ironic part is that Washington state is known as the Evergreen State because of all the fucking trees.

In other news, Israel decided to quit murdering the neighbors long enough to reload.
Right after they shelled another U.N. safehaven, killing a couple more innocent children.


North Korea has "Militarized" some Plutonium.

Heck Of A Job Bushie.

The Axis of Evil just got case hardened.

I certainly see this as one of the first dishes to be served our new Lord and Master right after his elevation to the highest office in the land, along with a fucking litany of other
most pressing items.
The man is going to be busy.

Anyway, enough navel gazing.
I have a cold beer calling, nay, screaming my name.

Have a good weekend folks.

Friday, January 16, 2009

3 Days, 13 Hours and 55 minutes

I am going to kind of miss my little countdown clock over there on the left.
I can't believe it is almost over.

The Worst President this country has ever seen is about to step off the stage and start fucking up whatever he gets a hold of next.

Good riddance, asshole.

Hi is an asshole too, rude, arrogant,vindictive and no class to boot.

It just goes to show that money can't buy everything.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Breaking News!

Stupie McFuckwit is running his yap again on the Tee Vee.

Five more days before I do not have to listen to this retarded motherfucker, ever again.

His speaking style should be outlawed.


He is running the standard BE AFRAID!!!!!! speech.

Shut The Fuck Up An Go AWAY!!

"I made the tough decisions"
They are determined to strike again.
We must ....

I do not ever want to have to listen to this mother fucking, worthless mouth breather, ever again.

Oh MORE BONUS! The Good and Evil speech too!

Sorry, after eight fucking years of this simpleton and the same fucking shit over and over and over again,

Get The Fuck OUT!

This is the same recycled BULLSHIT that I have heard until I want to puke blood.

Goodnight Gracie.

I am no good at real time Live blogging, they talk way too fast for a two fingered typer.

Go pound sand and get ready for a different view, behind bars.
I highly recommend you do not watch this, it will make 8 years of disaster policy come right to the front of your mind, I can't believe I tuned into Fox News.

OK, Bill OReilly , I am done.

There is no amount of turd polishing that is going to make a bit of difference.
I am,

A Bush Hater.

Update, After watching several news shows defending that ridiculous idiot, I finally blew a thirty amp fuse.

I can see Anne Coulter on a window in a window and I am all done.
The Right Wing are all swapping spit and desperately trying to keep the citizens of this country from seeing what their lying eyes are telling them.

Fuck me, my head is going to explode.
The Supreme Court just gutted the Fourth Amendment, Illegal wire tapping is just way OK.

Scrape the bottom of my cat box and kick my fucking cat and you will get the same result, it smells like cat shit, just like the entire Bush administration.

I have to shut this Horseshit off.

One more, my hat is off to the master pilots that dumped that jet in the middle of the Hudson river today with zero casualties,

That was some serious skillz,I would have to think these guys aren't going to have to buy a drink for ten years.

Good on ya .

Is It Just Me?

Or is Mickey Dees out of their fucking mind?

It's been a long week.
Moving into my folks with a bunch of clothes baskets and a couple of cats, one of which is a long haired black cat, into a fucking house with white carpets and a cranky old woman has kicked my ass.
The worst part is my folks have a slab of concrete for a mattress.
Fuck me, I wake up five or six times a night hurting like I got run over and to top it all off, Moms fucking 1972 alarm clock is fucked up, what a surprise.

I know you are going to read this, I am just venting, I will get over it folks, enjoy your vacation.

So I drive another ten miles past this joint to The Rat Hole so I can check my mail and go have a couple with the gang.

I get here and I have bills and junk mail and I look and here is McDonalds hustling this new Espresso shit with a butt load of coupons.

I ain't the quickest guy around, but I did raise a couple of kids and my jaw dropped open when I saw one of the Free Espresso coupons was if ya bought a Kiddy meal.

I hope there were no Hot Chocolates in that order.
There will be a little kid bouncing around the inside of your car like a Bumblebee in a jar.

Nicely done .


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Listen Closely

This is so fucking cool I can't hardly stand it!

Neil Young has a new album coming out but he threw this up on Youtube for everyone and it is FUCKING AWESOME!!

Before I put this up, I have to thank a very great guy and someone I consider a friend, Eureka Springs, who put this up at Firedoglake earlier tonight. Eureka Springs is the shit and he is into music and politics and is a very cool guy.

Thanks dude, I told ya was going to swipe this!

Neil Young was famous when I was still knee high to a chopping block for his anti war stance and is absolutely legendary.
This is fucking great.

Pay attention, this is something he just threw together.

Bonus, here are the lyrics, posted at HuffPo.

Lyrics to "Fork in the Road"

Got a pot belly. 
It's not too big. 
Gets in my way 
when I'm driving my rig.
 Driving this country
 in a big old rig, 
things I see
 mean a lot.

My friend has a pickup.
 Drives his kid to school.
 Then he takes his wife
to beauty school.

 Now she's doin' nails.
 Gonna get a job.
 Got a good teacher.

There's a fork in the road ahead.
 I don't know which way I'm gonna turn.
 There's a fork in the road ahead.

Forgot this year, 
to salute the troops. 
They're all still there
 in a fucking war. It's no good.
 Whose idea was that?

I've got hope,
 but you can't eat hope. 
I'm not done. 
Not giving up. 
Not cashing in.
 Too late.

There's a bailout coming but it's not for me. 
It's for all those creeps watching tickers on TV. 
There's a bailout coming but it's not for me.

I'm a big rock star.
 My sales have tanked,
 but I still got you.
 Download this.
 Sounds like shit.

Keep on bloggin' 'til the power goes out,
 and your battery's dead.

Twist and Shout. 
On the radio.
 Those were the days.
 Bring 'em back.

There's a bailout coming but it's not for you.
 It's for all those creeps hiding what they do.
 There's a bailout coming but it's not for you.
 Bailout coming but it's not for you.

Got my new flat-screen.
 Got it repo'd now. 
They picked it up.
 Left a hole in the wall.
 Last Saturday.
 Missed the Raiders game.

There's a bailout coming but it's not for you.
 There's a bailout coming but it's not for you.
 It's for all those creeps hiding what they do.

Always The Last To Know

I read somewhere the otherday that there is some serious speculation that up to a full dozen Dead Tree newspapers might go tits up here in the coming year, looks like we have our first candidate for extinction right here in rainy Washington state.

Here is the current front page of the Seattle Post Intelligencer,(What kind of goofy fucking name is that, anyway?) as of three minutes ago.

Here is the word on the street from Google news, also as of three minutes ago;

"Hearst Puts 'Seattle Post-Intelligencer' On Block".

Ruh Roh copy boy.

Just because I am such a nice guy, I just spent ten fucking minutes creating an account I will probably never use to get the rest of this story from Media Post Publications.

Just for you guys.

Anyways, here is the gist of this,

The Hearst Corp. put the Seattle Post-Intelligencer up for sale on Friday, saying it will close the newspaper if it can't find a buyer in the next two months. As print ad revenues tumble and the recession deepens, it's likely that the final outcome will be closure rather than divestment. Thus, the Seattle P-I, founded in 1863, joins several other big newspapers threatened with extinction.


In making the announcement on Friday, the president of Hearst Corp.'s newspaper unit, Steven Swartz, told employees that "at the end of the sale process, we do not see ourselves publishing in print," adding that the newspaper lost $14 million last year. Hearst has held out the possibility of switching to an online-only publication if no buyer emerges, but this is small consolation for the newspaper's staff of 170.


The prospects for a sale are slim.

No shit?

In fact, big newspaper companies themselves face bankruptcy and dissolution in the worsening economic climate. In December, the Tribune Co. filed for bankruptcy protection, indicating that it is unable to service its $13 billion debt under the terms originally agreed with lenders. Philadelphia Media Holdings, the publisher of The Philadelphia Inquirer, defaulted in June, followed by The Journal Register Co. in July.

A December report from Fitch Ratings warned that "more newspapers and newspaper groups will default, be shut down and be liquidated in 2009 and several cities could go without a daily print newspaper by 2010."

And so it goes.

The Whitehouse finally acknowleged we have been in a recession for a fucking year,

last month.

This is the tip of the iceberg but I will go out on a limb and predict the LA Times is on this list.

Advertising revenue went and jumped off a cliff because all these papers thought their shit didn't stink and were charging a ton of money but what killed these guys is the little guy advertising, the Want Ads, Cars for sale, Help Wanted, etc., etc.
I read one guy bitching that it cost him more to advertise by the month than it did to advertise at the weekly rate.

Nice move, Einsteins.

I used to read the paper, honestly. I like the fucking comics.

The trouble with Dead Tree news is that it is AT LEAST a day old, that don't cut it in the digital age my friends, I want my fucking news NOW!

I still read the paper occasionally, it is good for local news, who died, who got married,who had a baby, who is getting divorced and things like local bond measures and local projects.
All well and good.

Most newspapers get a great deal of THEIR news from outfits like The Associated Press.I no fucking linky to those assholes after they declared war on Bloggers last year, Fuck Them.

Right, I had it coming. Lick me where I pee.
As my personal philosophy, I try not to copy and paste anyone's complete work directly unless it is very short. I do not do the research or the legwork to publish the original content and I do not feel it is fair to just copy someone else's work. I try to provide a snippet of whatever it is I am commenting on and at the very least give a link to the original source and if I can, to the actual author.

Anyway,look for the trend of newspapers going belly up to continue and expand into a lot of small towns across America, which is actually a shame because that is how a great deal of Americans have gotten any news at all since Benjamin Franklin was printing it out, one letter at a time.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Don't Be Caught Unawares

Get yer ass to the liquor store now to get your Goodbye Bush Bottle!

There is going to be a worldwide party when that asshole is gone on the 20th.

I know I am going to get hammered and that is going to be a sweet hangover.

Monday, January 12, 2009

More Government TWICS To Tickle My Funny Bone.

Ha, Ha, I ain't laughing, motherfuckers.

TWICS is the Latest and Greatest way for the government to track my ass.

First I had to give up smoking weed because what I do is considered to be Safety Related in the Transportation Industry,I am subject to Random Piss Tests,that alone pissed me clear the fuck off, now this.

I am NOT a Happy Camper right now.

From the Website;

What laws govern TWIC?

In accordance with the requirements of the Maritime Transportation Security Act, or MTSA, the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) will serve as an identification card for all personnel requiring unescorted access to secure areas of MTSA-regulated facilities and vessels and all mariners holding Coast Guard issued credentials or qualification documents. Controlling access to secure areas is a critical component of DHS’ efforts to enhance port security. Additionally, TWIC implementation will comply with the schedule established in the SAFE Port Act.


Who must get a TWIC?

An estimated 750,000 individuals will be required to obtain a TWIC. This includes Coast Guard-credentialed merchant mariners, port facility employees, longshoremen, truck drivers, and others requiring unescorted access to secure areas of maritime facilities and vessels regulated by the Maritime Transportation Security Act.

Here comes the fun part, besides my employer taking $132.50 out of my fucking paycheck in increments because they won't pay for this horseshit, even though , other than work, I have absolutely no fucking reason to be wandering around any of the places covered under this, I have to subject myself to a FEDERAL Threat Assessment investigation and background check, give up my fingerprints and a photo that is now in a National Security Database!!
Go figure.

More from the Gestapo,

Security Threat Assessment

What does the security threat assessment consist of?

The assessment includes checks against criminal history records, terrorist watch lists, and immigration status. If no adverse information is disclosed, TSA typically completes a security threat assessment in less than 10 days. However, processing time increases for an applicant with a criminal history or other disqualifying information, and is further lengthened if the applicant initiates an appeal or waiver. This security threat assessment is the same for those applying for, transferring, or renewing a HAZMAT endorsement (HME) on their state-issued commercial drivers licenses (CDLs).

Will the results of my threat assessment be shared with my employer?

If TSA determines that an applicant poses an imminent threat to transportation or national security, TSA may notify the applicant’s employer. Generally, TSA will not provide the reasons for a disqualification to an employer. However, if TSA has reliable information concerning an imminent threat posed by an applicant and providing limited threat information to an employer, facility, vessel owner, or Coast Guard Captain of the Port would minimize the risk, then TSA would provide such information.

It will take six to eight weeks to find out whether or not I pass their fucking idea of 'Safe", then they will notify me by cellphone,(!!!!!!) if I have qualified.

They then issue you a fucking card with an RFID chip in it, that is instantly connected to all of my personal information and fingerprints!


Ignorant motherfucking paranoid dog dick sucking bastards!!

Ya ever heard of "Hackers"?


Even I have seen plans on the internet on how to build a portable RFID chip scanner that you can build for next to fucking nothing. This is absolutely insecure, my personal fucking information is hanging out there for any sonofabitch in line behind me at Safeway who has one of these things!

Oh, they do tell you not to carry it in your wallet, you might break their little antennae and then the card won't work..

Boy Howdy, would I like to break some idiots little antennae.

I am seriously pissed off about this and the best part is that this shit has been in the pipeline for a couple of years and my employer put up a flyer in the lunch room two weeks ago and that was it, I had no fucking clue what TWICS was until I asked one of the truck drivers.

I guess I could have said no, you want something fixed, you call a fucking tow truck and drag it out on the street and I will look at it, but it doesn't fucking matter anymore, I am already in the fucking system anyway, guaranteed. The ironic part of that is that the fucking Tow Truck Driver has to have a TWICS Card!

Dirty fucking bastards.

Well, they can STILL kiss my ass because if I actually get one of those fucking things I am going to triple wrap it in tin foil and they can just fucking wait for me to unwrap it every mother fucking time they want to verify my info.
Two can play at this asshole game, assholes.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Good Resource

If ya been reading any length of time, you will see a small pattern where I like to exhort folks to start putting some things away for hard times.
I am absolutely glad I had after the two weeks of blizzard conditions we just had here in the Pacific Northwest.

It doesn't have to be the end of the world, everyday life is more than capable enough to throw a slider down the outside of the plate when you are expecting a curveball.

Having a ton of preps and canned goods and all these things that are good to store for long term use won't do you a bit of good if you do not know what to do with them.

Let me introduce someone who can help you out with that, Survival Cooking.

Stop by and be sure to check back, this isn't play time, it is past time to be prepared for even small emergencies.

A New Resource For Pinching Pennies

A very nice lady that I have been reading at Firedoglake for years as a commenter has just fired up a brand new Blog that has great information and is infused with lots and lots of plain old good common sense .
Aunt Toby has great tips for saving money and living more simply, I am just tickled to be able to point you her way.

Kitchen Counter Economics
is sure to be bookmarked and added to the rest of the great sites that you refer to again and again.

It is a Wordpress powered site so you will have to go through the short process of registering if you want to leave a comment but it is well worth it.

Go take a look and tell her Busted sent ya!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Single Digit Countdown.

Eight more days for these criminal motherfuckers to finish wreaking maximum damage on our United States of America.

I feel fortunate to have survived these fucking bastards so far.

Eight fucking years I have been pissed off and watched in horror the backwards decent into fascism that the Bush administration went all out to turn into official policy, now the end is in sight.

Reversing the cancer that has invaded this country is going to take decades but you cannot start to heal until you have eliminated the pathogens causing the entropy.

Ideally, I want to see Crimes Against Humanity prosecuted to the fullest, there is no question that some of the most heinous crimes have been committed, they have been admitted to on National Television with unmasked hubris.

The crisis of the economic meltdown that is currently roaring around the globe originated under the current regime and their response has been to steal every last nickle in circulation to give to the originators of this disaster and then go on fucking vacation until the term expires.

Oh yeah, someone needs to have a little time spent worrying whether or not they are going to be facing life in prison,, not where they are going to go retire in luxury for the rest of their life.

Keep in mind this economic crisis is about to get a shot of nitrous, a whole new round of adjustable rate mortgages are due to be readjusted and the commercial real estate bubble is still getting inflated as big as a Zeppelin.

Eight more days and I am going to look at this country in a whole new light, and it ain't Rose colored, either.

Winter Vehicle Maintenance

Winter is here, we just got blasted for two weeks with snow and ice and now flooding.
The ice on your windshield can shred your windshield wipers.
If you have not changed your wiper blades in a while, now would be an excellent time to do so.
Get GOOD ones. Cheap wiper blades are a waste of time to change.

Check the protection level of your antifreeze. You can't believe what can happen to an engine block that freezes with water in it.
I have seen it a few times and it is ugly. The block literally splits wide open.
I actually drove a truck one time about a mile round trip that had frozen and I did not realize it until I parked almost exactly in the same spot when I got back.
I noticed a bunch of little metal disks laying on the ground, they were the freeze plugs that had been pushed out of the engine when the ice expanded.
I opened the hood and could not believe that that thing had even run!
The intake manifold had split, the heads had split and the block had split down both sides!

Yeah, check your antifreeze.

Top off the washer fluid, check the oil, belts and hoses.
Check all of your lights and just how soon are you going to be needing new tires?

Now is the time to get on top of the maintenance of your vehicle so it doesn't unexpectedly strand you in the middle of a snowstorm, at night.

Also make sure you have a blanket, some food and water just for emergencies.
A flashlight is a must have also.

A little preventive maintenance goes a long way.

WTF? Best Individual Blogger is Driftglass, Hands Down

If you don't read Driftglass, you are seriously missing out on this generations most brilliant voice.

Get off your ass and click for him here.

I am not kidding.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Frontal Assault Complete

Never the subtle one, I pulled in the driveway here at Gentry Way with enough throttle to have a bunch of porch lights get turned on, I'm Baaaaack!
What a fucking week.
I am wiped out.
After I got home,I grabbed my second amendment , one of the fucking cats, a buttload of dirty clothes and a half a bottle of whiskey and tight assed it over here in The Beast to my folks's place in time to give my Granny a chance to vent for a few minutes and then I went out and got THE most important piece of baggage, the fucking Heating Pad.
I ain't purty but I ain't stupid either.That fucking rib is being stubborn and won't pop in and I don't have the dough to go see a bone cracker just this minute.

That other stupid fucking cat decided it needed to get back to nature and dived out the door between my legs and disappeared while I was falling out the door, loaded down with essential shit.
I tried to call it and it was all about soyanara motherfucka, so I returned the sentiment and left a bowl of food out.

I have to go back in the morning for another truckload of shit and I shall see if there is a Catsickle on the doorstep.

I am sure the neighbors saw the folks pull out this morning, it's kind of hard to miss a 38 foot motorhome backing out of the driveway, so they know what is going on.
They are all pretty nice people, even though we would all be just as happy to wave at each other while taking out the garbage and not ever actually have to talk to one another.

I bought one of those cat scratch post things with the multiple levels covered in carpet when I was here last year to keep my cat from shredding my mothers couches and left it here because I have no room for it.

Baby has been here less than an hour and is going apeshit playing on the damn thing.

She has already made herself at home!

It is time for a cocktail and I am fixing to turn this heating pad up a notch and then get real adventurous and see if I can figure out how to turn on the television.

I am going to take an extravagantly long hot shower,then go start hauling more shit out of the Rat Hole.

Have a nice weekend, I will tune ya up with a progress report later.

Oh, by the way, Nine More days asshole,hurry up and get the fuck out.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

As The Stomach Churns, So Are The Days Of Our Lives

Or something like that.
Change is gonna come, for me sooner than thee, I hope.

Yep, I fucked around and here it is.

My folks are leaving tomorrow for parts unknown until they get there, I am heading over to their place to wreak my own special kind of havoc.

Unlike a great deal of my fellow countrymen and women, I am actually going to upgrade.
I dunno how many channels of shit on the new TV, I don't even know how the fucking remote works. I did see where the sonofabitch lets ya know who is calling ya on the phone, that's a new one on me.

I am going to head over there tomorrow after work with the first load of dirty laundry and the first stupid cat that sticks it's head out for me to grab.
After that, it is going to be piecemeal but I am going to find the bottom of this Rat Hole and clean it out completely.
I haz a plan but it is too early to let on.

God Bless ya and I hope all is well with ya during this transition.
Don't worry if ya don't hear from me every day, I have a giant bottle of Aleve with my name on it and my newest bestest friend, the Heating Pad, not to mention the usual adult beverages.

A Change Is Gonna Come,
This is fucking excellent.

Not So Fast There, Ya Weasels.

Oh yeah, I just love these slimy fucking bastards who have fucked up everything under the sun and are now trying to distance themselves from any blame.
Take for example Uber Neocon Richard Perle, the biggest cheerleader for the invasion of Iraq there ever was, now trying to claim neither he or the rest of his Neocon buddies had anything to do with Iraq.

Nice try asshole.

Then we also have Darth Cheney trying to deny he has had his hand up Bushes ass for eight years.

Stop, yer making coffee spurt out my nose here!

It's like these criminal bastards think everyone has Attention Deficit Disorder or something.
Why no, I don't remember what happened last Tuesday, why do you ask?


Nope, sorry, you broke it motherfuckers, you own it, just like Colin Powell tried to tell you and he is just as fucking guilty as any of the rest of these bastards.

The only difference is that he actually recognized his mistake and took it on the chin and came clean.
You won't see that with any of the rest of these scumbag bullies.

Perle especially makes me sick, I wouldn't piss on that guy if he was on fire.

I expect to see more and more of this ass covering and history revision in the coming months.
It doesn't matter, they know we know the truth.

And the truth is, all of us who were being called traitors for calling bullshit on these people and their actions were right.


My thanks to Mike Finnigan at Crooks and Liars for linking to my wee little Blog!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Goodnight Anne

I woke up this morning to see that fucking Snuntch Anne Coulter whining that she had been banned for life off of some major network.
At first I started cheering until I saw she was actually there to be interviewed.

Dry up and go away bitch.

She is about to find out she is as welcome as an inflamed hair follicle on the inside of a bikini line.

She isn't even intelligent.

Quit wasting my time Snuntch.

I Ain't Dead Yet.

Thanks fer covering my ass One Fly.

It is awesome to have a friend who will take an interest in your welfare, too bad our elected officials don't.

I am still working on getting better enough to vent my spleen again. it might be awhile.

I have a cat that ain't real happy right now too, but it seriously needed a fucking bath.

I have a ton of shit I need to get a pry bar after but today ain't the day.

I still have some healing to do.

Nice to see the pussy mother fuckers in the new Congress are all over repeating their ways.

Harry Reid needs to be put to pasture like a three legged goat with a Hard On.

Get Well Busted

Busted must be pretty damn sick. In his abscence I'm throwing up a post from my place about the soldier who died after a fight in Steamboat Springs. You may have seen reference to this other places. The title is a link to the post at Outta the Cornfield as the comments provide a bit more.

Take care of yourself Busted and get back here soon. One Fly

This is a followup to the previous post concerning the beating resulting in death of a soldier over a goddamn song playing on a jukebox here in Steamboat Springs,Co.

Sgt. 1st Class Richard Lopez was a member of U.S. special forces in Iraq and Afghanistan who was badly wounded in Afghanistan, his relatives said today.

Here is the link to the latest article from the local fish wrapper that contains quite a bit more information.

Needless to say I am saddened and also super pissed off about this for more than one reason.

This soldier was able to survive those two hell holes plus being severely wounded but unable to survive the streets of Steamboat Springs having been murdered in the middle of downtown. Murder isn't quite correct because he died later of severe head trauma but this is a killing without question.

It happened right outside of this business where the problems started right in the center of downtown about a ten block stretch.

This town because of the way it has been developed now depends on tourists to drive the economy. Realtors and the Chamber of Commerce are the main players with the family aspect a large part of the marketing plan. In past history population doubles several times during the year. That has not happened this ski season so far.

To my way of thinking there are far too many reports of intoxicated people in public along with the fights. Few arrests or charges because it's my opinion that costs people in business money. Ironically there are many DUI arrests.

There has been no mention of alcohol with the five men involved but you can bet your life it's part of this tragedy. This country's relationship with alcohol is and has been an extreme negative for our society. Much of the negative is the result of the way it's marketed.

Want to offer sincere condolences to Mr. Lopez's son, his family and friends and say to them that even in disagreement with the wars does not mean this man's service to our country is not respected or appreciated. It's the opposite.

I'm so sorry this happened.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Still Out Of It

OK, the deal with the back was from me trying to roll a twenty foot gate closed by myself in the snow, I pulled from the gate to the post with my arms outstretched and strained my back and popped a rib out.I left work early because I couldn't hold my head up from lack of sleep and the pain was kicking my ass.
I went and bought a big bottle of Aleve, a big bottle of Sprite and a heating pad.

I slept most of the day on that heating pad and it did wonders.
Of course, then I didn't sleep all fucking night again. I woke up at least six times last night and finally said screw it and stayed up at five o'clock.
About seven, I started having intestinal cramps real bad and did my business and then went to work again this morning.
By ten o'clock, I had been in the bathroom four times and I was doubled over just standing there, dog tired again.
I said fuck it and came home, hit the bathroom again, turned on the heating pad for my shoulder and I just now woke up because I had to go to the bathroom again.
I feel better but I am still exhausted, so I am slamming out this post to let you know I will be alright after I get a decent nights sleep and this stomach thing goes away.
Maybe tomorrow I will feel human again. In the mean time it is back to the heating pad and sleep.

Thanks for the thoughts and I especially had to laugh when someone suggested I get my prostate checked. It looks fine, thank you, now I will pull my head out of my ass and go back to sleep.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Not One Hundred Percent Yet

I have been flat on my back all weekend with wicked muscle spasms, some miserable shit, let me tell ya.

I did finally knock myself out a couple of times so I could sleep and that has helped tremendously.
I am going to go into work but I am going to take it real easy so as not to cause that shit to flare up again.

The joys of aging, my right shoulder and shoulder blade area are still giving me a lot of pain if I try to pick up anything heavier than a coffee cup so I can see I will be fairly useless except for pointing at things that need to get done, which is fine with me. That's what being a Supervisor is for anyway.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Down For The Count

Sorry for the lack of posting but all the stress I have been under for the last month has apparently caught up to me.
Like many people, I tend to carry my stress in my upper back and neck.
For the last week and a half my neck and upper back has literally been like a bag of walnuts.One big bag of knots.
My vertebrae are all out of place, I have had wicked muscle cramps and vicious aches and pain and no freaking rest.

Time out it says.
I went out Friday and ended up walking home about a half mile and the next day, it was all I could do to get out of bed.

I finally got up about noon and got on my bike and retrieved my truck, got a propane tank and asked the neighbor if he needed any. We both got in the truck, went down and had the tanks filled, I stopped and grabbed a few packs of smokes, I came home and hooked mine up and have basically been in bed ever since.

I had a couple of shots of vodka to wash down a muscle relaxer and crashed.
I woke up several hours later, went to the bathroom and then knocked myself out again.

Every once in a while I will half way wake up and stretch and twist, trying to pop my back back into place.
So far I have cracked damn near every vertebrae in my back back in, some I have had to do several times.The neck has been cracked five or six times, working the knots out.

I have one that is just killing me, it is probably a rib popped out but it is right under my shoulder blades on the right side.
I can't hardly move my arm or head it is so painful.

Anyway, round three is coming up. I have been so tired I can't hold my head up or focus to read or type so I am going to get unconscious again.
Sorry about the light posting, goodnight.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Fur Is Going To Fly

Shit happens, life ain't static, even though I have been laying on my ass all fucking day.

I have more shit coming down the tube pointed right at me than a mere rain slicker is going to handle.

My parents are getting ready to head down South to Yuma Arizona or some fucking place where it ain't currently raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock, like it has been here all day.

That means I basically have to move, in a limited sense.

While they are gone, I got elected, again, to go house sit for them and keep an eye out on one of my 95 year old Grannies.

It got a little tense last year, after three months, I needed to get the fuck out of there before I went nutso.
This year is going to be different.
I have other family around who are going to be getting phone calls once in a while so they can come spell me for a weekend.

In other news,my neighbor, who has been telling me he is going to move since September now announces that he will be pulling out on the 8th.

I want to move this piece of shit trailer over where he is because he has a ready made raised bed garden I want to go crazy in.

All fine and dandy.
Except he still has his original trailer parked behind the newer fifth wheel he is moving into and he has no fucking title to the sonofabitch and is going to have to demolish it before I can move mine, in January.


We shall see.
I am not looking forward to moving my portable Rat Hole, even if it is only twenty feet sideways.
This fucking thing is packed solid because it is only twenty six feet long.
Hook it up to a truck and give it a jerk and listen to the shit hit the floor.

Then I will have to hook everything back up after disconnecting it in the first place, clean up and throw away any broken shit and THEN, have to move all my shit out of the storage shed over to the one he has.


In the rain, in January, while trying to keep my job and looking after Granny.
This place is a complete disaster inside right now as it is, I guess a good shuffle won't hurt anything.

I also get to look forward to having to snag and bag a couple of fucking cats to haul over to my parents.

At least this time I have a cat carrier, I might not have to lose a cat for two fucking months again, maybe, we shall see.
God has a wicked sense of humor and I am on speed dial when he gets bored.

So, look forward to some world class sniveling here in the future and count your fucking blessings.

Now then, back to that bottle of Gatorade I mentioned earlier.

Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz, My Ass

Here we go again, another epic fuckin' hangover, ya gotta love it.

People have been trying to come up with strange shit to cure a hangover for hundreds of years.
News Flash, they don't work.
There are two ways to get rid of a hangover, either start in again and drink through it and postpone the inevitable, or suffer and wait it out, period.

Mostly hangovers are caused from dehydration, as long as you are not actually suffering from alchohol poisoning.

Yer best bet is to get a big jug of something like Gator Aid and pour half of it out and fill that motherfucker back up with vodka and get with the fucking program.

We don't deal with candy asses around here

Happy New Year.