Sunday, October 23, 2011


I fucking woke up at three fucking thirty in the morning last night, for no damn good reason and didn't go back to bed until seven, after several shots of whiskey.

Now I am up again at Oh Dark Thirty because some fucking ankle biter of a dog was barking it's fucking head off and I had to get up twice and open the back door to yell at the fucker to shut up.

The sonofabitch ain't in range for a good sling shot to the head either.
 A couple of doors away behind two fucking fences or it would be unconscience like I want to be right the fuck now.
 Apparently the cocksucker got the message finally.

Little motherfucker.

Of course, my dad is completely oblivious and I can hear him snoring away through the wall, God bless his heart.

Where is a fucking Ninja when ya need one?


  1. I was also up waaaayyy tooo early -4 AM. When I decided to go on with my day, guess what? My battery had died in the night.

    Funny thing about that. It worked fine, without a cough until this morning.

    It's not a good day here either.

    Think there's something bad in the air?


    Love ya,


  2. I think Die Hard wasn't just a movie honey.
    I just got rid of a rig that would start every time until ya left the lights on for a few minutes.

    Easier to trade rigs than batteries until the bill from the junk yard got added up.....

    Fifteen dollars for a used license plate light lens.


  3. My old man used to yell at the neighbors dog and then took to shooting at it with a bbgun..till the nieghbor saw him and gave him a ultimatum of ass whip or???
    I saw then that the old man was kinda a wimp...oh well
    It would be a pain in the ass to have a barker within earshot

  4. Do you have noise ordinances? We do. They voted them in after the police got so many calls about loud music and barking dogs. Start complaining and ask about noise ordinances while you are at it.

    Every night I run a white noise machine, or dehumidifier, or an ac. That way, I am not up all night calling the police! We do have a noise ordinance!

    Go down the street and yell into the yard. Maybe the people will be disturbed by your yelling and bring their dog inside from now on.

  5. Believe me dear, they heard me and if they do have such a thing it would be me standing there with a ticket in my hand after I got done telling at that dog....