Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Go Read Marcy

The bullshit propaganda our fucking government tries to pull will make ya puke when you read it and then analyze it for what it is.

I will save my comment to her after I give you a taste of what our government prints out on Flash Cards for our soldiers to use on the civilians in other countries and is our "Official Position",until after I go puke in the sink.

I will tell ya now, if you don't read what Marcy Wheeler has to say at Empty Wheel, you are missing one of our national treasures muck raking on the shit our government tries to hide from us on a daily fucking basis.
She is so damn good, and digs in the legal weeds so far, she has trumped The New York Fucking Times before.

So, here is the short version of what our political and war mongering overlords think are the most admirable qualities of Amerika;

Here’s how the cards describe “the characteristics of American Culture”:
  • Fast-paced.
  • Punctuality.
  • Women’s rights.
  • Egalitarian, belief in equal opportunity; not outcomes.
  • Goal-oriented.
  • Individualism.
  • Pragmatism.
  • Tolerance.
  • Separation of church and state.
  • Value work and personal success.
  • Love of technology.
and this is the comment I left for her, God bless the woman;

Hmm, nothing about it being OK to murder abortion providers, shoot peaceful protesters in the face with a skull breaking bean bag, alright for giant corporations to secretly deliver untold millions of dollars to influence national elections, let war criminals run at large or let entire financial industries to defraud millions of citizens.
Create an entirely new national security department out of thin air with the power to strip search citizens on a whim, including young children, seize their electronic devices at the border without a warrant and not have to give them back for six months or longer, can seize a persons money at the border and not have to give it back, ever?
Are we talking about the same country who thinks it is just peachy to use SWAT teams to deliver a summons to court,after they blow the door off a person who is three blocks away from the address on the summons and shoot to death that person for trying to defend their loved ones from a perceived home invasion?
You talking about THAT Amerika?
Because I am.
Are you sure they weren’t talking about Pakistan,Iran or some other autocratic state instead of Amerika?

Go give it a read and  leave your thoughts.

I give her two thumbs up.


  1. Mz. Wheeler is pure proggy gold, from the time if first heard of her and FDL and Mz. Hamsher at Libbygate, live blogging with video. Bless her, n you, too, for posting this. *G*


    (I use my toes)

  2. Well I'll be damned, if it ain't Mr. Larue.

    Thanks fer stopping by, paying attention and loving folks who are trying to make a difference.

    Good to see ya dude.

  3. govt are just big bidness and bankster employees