Friday, November 04, 2011


Go read what that guy has to say right fucking now.

It isn't our imagination, we are truly fucked, by design.

That guy is all over it and has been screaming into the void for years now.

He pisses off the bankers and that fuck head  Bernanke which is enough to make me want to buy the guy a drink.

He is like Joe Friday from Dragnet back in the day.....

Just the facts ma'am, both of em.

The fact is, someone is geting fucked and it wasn't that rich bitch.

Too bad, she looked like she could use one,

The facts are out there and folks are getting seriously pissed off.

Found a Credit union yet?


  1. Uhm, I don't suggest buying Krugman a drink. Alcohol is a depressant, and if Krugman was any more depressing half his readership would walk behind the house and off themselves. Just sayin'.

    - Badtux the Krugman-admirin'-too Penguin

  2. He says what we've been saying all along, but with calmly presented facts instead of the profanity we tend to slip into. Calm is hard to come by.

    And yes, I've been using a credit union for years. Moved what little money I have to the local economy.

  3. I've never had a "big bank" account. Always a credit union or small local bank.

  4. PAGAN! People Against Goodness And Normalcy!

    Well, I remember that movie, but it shall always have failed to reach party in the pants status due to it's failure to include images of those ( . )( . )

  5. As one of them college-educated elites (with a master's degree, no less) I can tell you that I go to work every single day scared shitless that today will be the day they announce the job cuts and because I am a) over 50 and b) not the mother of an adorable newborn, I will be on the hit list. Or that today will be the announcement that we are being bought by Other Massive Company and we have eight months to train our replacements.

    Just because you have done OK so far doesn't mean you won't be out on the street tomorrow, and anyone who's still up-to-date on their mortgage and has a little money in their local community bank who doesn't realize that is delusional. Because as Prescient George said, "It's a big club...and you ain't in it."

  6. Personally, I would like to gift Dr. Paul a choice spliff of the best sativa I can muster. Nothing but the best for the man who put the lie to Bush/Cheney and their bullshit as well as the spotlight on the Cactus Colonoscopy that Wall Street put this country through. (and he got a Nobel Prize too!)

    What do the Thugs got? Ayn Rand fan-boy Paul Ryan, Grover Norquist or maybe AquaBuddah? Please. If honor was gasoline, the GOP wouldn't have enough to power a piss-ant's motor scooter around the inside rim of a Cheerio!