Friday, November 30, 2007

I Know What I Call It.


I have been trying to beat this game off and on for 3 days.
Here I thought I was above average for strategy games.
Just when I get one particular element figured out, another comes along and Kicks, My, Ass.
It is kind of addictive though there are no fancy graphics or anything.
Supposedly you can query You Tube with the name of the game and there is a demo on how to do it.
Fuck that, I'm a stubborn bastard.
Wave after wave they come,get ready to play Desktop Tower Defense.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trex Has Escaped!

Get yer goggles on and I'll show you where he's at!
Visit soon and often, Trex is not to be missed!

The Tree House is this way.

Apparently Ann Coulter Is Harrassed By Aliens, Dick Cheney.

Actual headline at The Smoking Gun;

Ann Coulter Addresses Space Invaders

The bitch is getting hard up for audiences I'm thinking,but no,her PRIVATE space is being invaded it seems. WATB.

The she devil has successfully petitioned Palm Beach authorities to remove her address from county property records according to the article.

Question, how do they collect property taxes from her then?
Question 2, Is this the home she is registered to vote from?
As I recall, the skank got her narrow ass in trouble for voting at the wrong precinct last year.
Anyway, here comes the fun part,

As first reported by the Palm Beach Post, Coulter contacted police in March to report that a vulgar greeting card was left in her mailbox and, on another occasion, she heard someone screaming "Ann Coulter is a big asshole" from a vacant lot near her house. The pink and white card, which had "Go fuck yourself" printed on its face, included several denigrating handwritten statements, including, "The only things left after a nuclear war are you and cockroaches,"

Heh, heh, Dick, you shouldn't have. Next time send flowers, preferably Hemlock.

original link at Fark,

the rest of the article at The Smoking Gun.

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Secret Wonder

I stumbled on this over at Fark.

This is fabulous beyond my ability to describe.

The word stunning is used in the description and I couldn't agree more.
It seems this gentleman in Italy and some colleagues have created an underground grotto carved out of solid rock that was kept secret for over twenty years and only recently revealed to the public.
I am going to give you a teaser picture, just so you can get an idea of just how beautiful this is, then I want you to follow the link to see the rest for yourself.
I wish I had come across this for Thanksgiving, it would have been perfect.
Please go take a look and spread the word, this is on a par with the Sistine Chapel, seriously.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What In The World Are You Doing Here Today?

Go back for seconds and take a nap.

We can go after BushCo Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And The MotherFucker Is STILL Lyin'!

Scott McClellan, you sonofabitch!
Get a load of this bullshit;

The most powerful leader in the world had called upon me to speak on his behalf and help restore credibility he lost amid the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So I stood at the White house briefing room podium in front of the glare of the klieg lights for the better part of two weeks and publicly exonerated two of the senior-most aides in the White House: Karl Rove and Scooter Libby.

There was one problem. It was not true.

I had unknowingly passed along false information. And five of the highest ranking officials in the administration were involved in my doing so: Rove, Libby, the vice President, the President's chief of staff, and the president himself.

Yeah Scottie, we know, asshole.
Having one Goddamn iota of integrity could have saved this country and the Wilsons untold amounts of grief.
You had the opportunity to stop this criminal cabal in its tracks and pussed out.
History will not be kind to you, for good reason.

Trying to weasel out of any fucking responsibility with that lame-assed Mea Culpa don't wash, prick.
Especially when you are trying to cash in by writing a book at the expense of Americas dignity.
That alone should shame you in your own eyes except you are a spineless cretin,afraid to speak truth to power when it was YOUR FUCKING JOB as Whitehouse spokesman to deliver the truth to the American public.But no, foist the spin out there, cover for that bunch of criminals who are still pulling the levers of power, decimating our good name and bankrupting this country for NO GOOD REASON, other than to fill their pockets and stroke their egos.
You sir, are an acompliss to every crime these jackals have committed, and no amount of groveling at this point is going to cut it.
Just the wording of your statement would cause any mother on the planet to see right through the lame disclaimer and send you packing to your room.

I am actually not able to articulate my utter contempt for you.
Your picture should go right next to Benedict Arnold for the disservice you have done to this country.
Go now, and lie down with the dogs you have chosen as your master.
May their fleas and feces fill your nose forever.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

Homeland Security Adviser Resigns

Published: November 19, 2007

WASHINGTON, Nov. 19 — Frances Fragos Townsend, the White House adviser on terrorism and homeland security, whose tough and aggressive approach had made her one of President George W. Bush’s most trusted aides, has resigned.

Fran Townsend, the White House homeland security advisor, in July.

In a statement issued this morning by the White House, the president said that Ms. Townsend “has played an integral role in the formation of the key strategies and policies my administration has used to combat terror and protect Americans.”

“We are safer today because of her leadership,” he said.

The statement did not say why Ms. Townsend, who is 45, was resigning. But later, the White House spokeswoman, Dana Perino, said that for several months Ms. Townsend had been weighing whether to stay in government or “pursue some private-sector options.”

Ms. Perino said the president hoped to name a successor soon, to allow some overlap before Ms. Townsend leaves the post in January.

NY Times

What to do, what to do?

Hire another flack, of course.

This lady did a lot of talking in her time at DHS.
Not only job wise, she was constantly propping her the miserable failure of a boss too.
She would go on talk shows and tell us all what a wonderful guy Bush is and lie, her, ass, off.
Of course, she gave no official reason for leaving other than she had been talking about going back to the private sector for about nine months.Unlike Tony Snow, who said he was leaving to grift make more money, she just hinted at it.
None of that spend more time with the family horseshit.
Townsend oversaw the FBI and the CIA and the loss of liberty and rights for millions of Americans on her watch.
If anyone thinks I'm grateful for this bitches service, they can think again.
Come January, we'll see who Stupie McFuckwit tries to jam down our throats as an interim appointee.
I can't fucking wait.
Some knob gobbler out there who don't have a fucking clue and will spend six months trying to catch up, the whole time doing the purge thing to get his crony buddies a cush job.
It's a sad fucking fact that we can all bet money this is exactly what will happen.
Arrivaderci and don't forget the Rolodex with all of your future employers in it.
We wouldn't want you to have to rely on Right Wing Welfare like so many of the Republicans who couldn't get a real fucking job if they had to.

There Must Be Some Kind Of Award......

Pastor's Wife: Church Is a Divorce Asset

Nov 16, 11:43 AM EST

MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) -- The estranged wife of a pastor claims her husband blended his professional and personal finances so thoroughly that his church should be counted as an asset in their divorce.

A judge agreed in a decision published this week to hear arguments on the claim, and he ordered a financial appraisal of the church. Lawyers said it could represent the first time anyone in New York state has tried to treat a religious institution as a marital asset.

The wife argues that her husband of 31 years used his Brooklyn church as a "personal piggy bank," setting his own income, spending the congregation's tithes as he pleased and running a catering business from the building, according to the decision by state Supreme Court Judge Arthur M. Diamond. The couple's names were redacted from the decision.

The wife said $50,000 of the couple's money went into starting the church, and that the church property is partly hers.

"That church is no different than any other business he might have opened," said the wife's lawyer, Robert Pollack.

Only in America.

No mention of the dog.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What In The Hell Is That Smell?

Why, it's KKKKKarl!
Skeezebag extrordinaire,two faced gutless wimp, treasonous bastard, Karl Rove is slated to be the Rightwing counterpoint to Markos Moulitsas of The Great Orange Satan ,Daily Kos ,at Newsweek.
Damn, the guy won't stay down long enough to tie an anchor to.
It is not supposed to be a head to head match up, rather they will both put pen to paper ( Who does that anymore?) and write occasional political columns for the near dead magazine.
For starters, I wouldn't pay for a copy of Newsweek to save my life, thats what doctors offices are for, to read year old shit that doesn't make a damn bit of difference whether it's current or not.
Rove is known for his political hatchet jobs and not his literary skills.
Kos is not going to have to break much of a sweat making his points, Rove might as well be tagging churches in Fargo at night for all the skewered drivel he is going to regurgitate.
Oh well, something to look forward to is the comments, they at least ought to be entertaining, those that make it past the moderators, anyway.

Thank You Darkblack

In case you have never heard of the good fellow, Darkblack is a whiz at Photoshopping images to make political and societal statements.
His work can be found all over the web.
He created the little Minor League Blogging Icon over on the left that I have been eyeballing since I first saw it.
I finally told him it was all I could do to keep from lifting it outright and he told me ,I ,and anyone else that wanted could use it.
Being a Raiders fan ( I was born in Oakland, gimme a break) It reminds me of their logo and fits right in with me being a cardholding Marshfield Pirate.
Anyways, go visit Darkblack and check out his mad skillz.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Must Read

Get over to Castle Driftglass and feast your eyes on a masterpiece.
Recommend it to everyone.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Let The Screetching Begin!

Oh, this is just priceless, every right wing Fucktard in the nation is about to come completely unnutted.

Newsweek taps Kos as ‘08 contributor.

Newsweek has announced that DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas “will become a Newsweek contributor for the 2008 presidential campaign, offering occasional opinion pieces to the pages of the magazine and to” Kos also reports that Newsweek plans to “balance” his contributions with a conservative.

Let the guessing game commence!
Just who will "balance" Kos?
Ye gads, the wingers are going to count this as one of the signs of the apocalypse.

The Winter Of Our Discontent

No small favors: Saudis say no oil production hike ahead

Posted Nov 13th 2007 11:35AM by Joseph Lazzaro
Filed under: Bad news, Exxon Mobil (XOM), Middle East, Chevron Corp (CVX), ConocoPhillips (COP), BP p.l.c. ADS (BP), Commodities, Oil
A day after word spread through the oil markets suggesting that Saudi Arabia was set to press for a 500,000-barrel OPEC oil output increase, Saudi Arabia's oil minister said Tuesday that OPEC members will not announce an increase in oil production at an oil producers summit this weekend.

"There will be absolutely no discussion" of a production increase when the meeting convenes in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, Saudi Oil Minister Ali Naimi said, the Financial Times reported.

The markets had factored-in an OPEC production hike, a fact that helped oil prices pull-back more than $4 from recent highs. Oil continued to drift lower Tuesday, falling $1.00 to $93.62 in morning trading.

No small favors

OPEC's decision, if it holds, will force oil traders to reassess their calculations regarding overall oil market supply and demand, according to Jim Dietz, an independent energy trader.

"Well, as the saying goes, 'So much for small favors.' The oil market needed that supply increase. The market wanted that supply increase. But as of now, it doesn't look like it's in the cards," Dietz told BloggingStocks. "If the no-increase decision holds at the weekend meeting, this puts the oil market back to the old consensus, which is a very small safety cushion between supply and demand."

Dietz said he now expects oil to re-test its 2007 highs, and once again march toward $100 per barrel, and probably beyond.
Link to article.

Get ready for it if you live in the North East of the US.
Home heating oil prices are going to be crippling this winter.
The price of gas is probably going to hit 4 bucks a gallon by spring.

There is no reason for OPEC to increase production, they are making money by the boatload as it is.
Chalk up one more reason why we need a fucking President who can see past the end of his dick when it comes to shaping any kind of energy policy that does not involve gargling the balls of Big Oil.

The Darwin Awards Has A New Applicant

Posted without further comment;

Fleeing Robbery Suspect Eaten By Alligator

Investigators said officers responded to reports of car break-ins at a Miccosukee Indian Reservation parking lot located at 500 S.W. 177th Ave. in Miami.

One of the men was quickly captured by officers during the incident last week but the other robbery suspect tried to elude officer by jumping into a large pond behind the facility, according to a WJXT-TV report.

During the swim, police said, an alligator attacked and killed the man. He was apparently bitten on the head several times.

The victim's body was recovered at the bottom of the pond about a day after the reported break-ins.

The men were not identified in the report.


The alligator is being kept in storage until the medical examiner's office can inspect the reptile, a trapper said.

Miccosukee employees said the alligator was well-known on the reservation and was given the nickname "Poncho."

"Anytime an alligator digests or even kills a person, it is a state law through the Florida Fish and Game that the gator be destroyed," Woods said.

Link to article.

H/T Fark for original link.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Fuck You Karl

Rove Decries ‘Nutty’ ‘Vitriolic’ Bloggers Who Spew ‘Bad Words’
Yesterday, ThinkProgress attended a Yahoo-sponsored Citizen 2.0 event in Washington, DC, at which Karl Rove discussed the intersection of politics and the Internet. Rove lamented the loss of civility in politics on the web, but then proceeded to use his speech as a partisan bashing of the netroots. According to Rove, bloggers are “nutty,” “vitriolic,” and “kooks.” The Washington Times reported on his remarks:

“The Web has given angry and vitriolic people more of a voice in public discourse,” said Mr. Rove, who served as one of President Bush’s top strategists until he resigned this past summer, and is a noted technology nut.

“People in the past who have been on the nutty fringe of political life, who were more or less voiceless, have now been given an inexpensive and easily accessible soapbox, a blog,” Mr. Rove said during a speech about politics and the Web at the Willard InterContinental, a hotel just blocks from his former place of employment.

“I’m a fan of many blogs. I visit them frequently and I learn a lot from them,” Mr. Rove said. “But there also blogs written by angry kooks.”

He also claimed that liberals use more “bad words,” comparing sites like DailyKos and Democratic Underground to Townhall and FreeRepublic. The “netroots often argue from anger rather than reason, and too often, their object is personal release, not political persuasion,” said Rove.

The Internets is not the reason hyperpartisan politics have been elevated; people like Karl Rove are. A look at some of Rove’s contributions to anger and vitriol in public discourse:

– When Bush ran against Democratic Texas governor Ann Richards in 1994, Rove was connected to a rumor that Richards was a lesbian.

– A former Rove staffer said that during the 1996 Alabama Supreme Court race, the campaign of Harold See — run by Rove — “initiated a whisper campaign” that See’s opponent “was a pedophile.”

– “Political operatives” have charged that Rove orchestrated a “widely disseminated rumor that John McCain, tortured as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, had betrayed his country under interrogation and been rendered mentally unfit for office.”

During the Q & A session, Rove admitted that despite the coarseness of the political debate, he hopes the netroots “keep at it” because it helps Republicans. If only the blogosphere were as civil as Karl Rove.

UPDATE: Looks like Rove took some time out to get his picture taken with some of those crazy netroots activists.

UPDATE II: Atrios highlights one of Rove’s oh-so-civil quotes: “We will fuck him. Do you hear me? We will fuck him. We will ruin him. Like no one has ever fucked him!”

Catch that last one?
Take a big suck outta my ass.

The Top 5 Google Search Terms That Lead Here

I saw this over at Just An Earth Bound Misfits place and decided it looked interesting.
It takes a little imagination and some research into the weird and wacky search results I find at Sitemeter that people used to wind up here.
Here is what I found;

1. Semantic Horseshit.

2.The cannibals are restless.

3. What I am going to be when I grow up.

4. Feeling like shit.

And of course, my favorite,

5. Ornery Bastard.

A Message To Bill O'Reiley

Your War On Christmas schtick was old last year, give it a rest.
Shut The Fuck Up,
Stick the old Buzzmaster 5,000 up your ass,
Stick your tongue in a light socket,
and GO AWAY.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Smart Ass Or Just Smart?

I found the newest addition to the blog on the left over there at
Just An Earth Bound Misfit.
It is a kick ass site and the Lady In Charge most definitely has her head screwed on right.
I love the allusion to the Pink Floyd lyrics in the name and true to it, she likes airplanes, and handguns.
Nobody to fuck with, I assure you.
She has some great insights and I don't think she will mind me swiping the reading level sign, she swiped liberated it too!

Head on over to her site and say hello, I read it every day, now that I found it.
I added it to the Blogroll too.

The Stupidity Lingers Too.

From Think Progress;

FEMA protects itself — not evacuees — from toxic trailers.

Last year, a report found that 94 percent of emergency housing trailers for Katrina victims contained “hazardous levels of formaldehyde.” CBS News reports that while “50,000 families along the Gulf Coast” are still forced to live in these trailers, FEMA has prohibited “its own staff from even briefly stepping inside trailers once residents have moved out” because of safety concerns:

In an Oct 19 email, a worker asks if there is “any safety reason you know of that says we can’t go into a [deactivated or previously used] trailer quickly to shut a vent.”

The response from the director of the Baton Rouge office, Jon Byrd, said, “the issue is formaldehyde.”

Then, on Oct. 22, this final answer from FEMA’s head of safety in Washington, David Chawaga: “Please reinforce … FEMA employees do not enter stored TTs until further notice…”

Instead of opening all the vents and letting them air out naturally. Fucking Idiots!
You have all heard of that "NEW CAR SMELL"?
Guess what?
That is some seriously noxious shit you are enjoying there.Much like the fomaldehyde stink, that new car smell is residual adhesive, plastic, vinyl, and other materials venting off.You know what else?
It goes away after a while.
Same fucking thing should happen to these trailers unless it is some ungodly amount used in the production process.
If that is the case, they should sue the fuck out of the manufacturers for replacement units and damages.
Your government at work.
Stupid bastards probably pull the covers up and sniff their own farts at night.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Practice Run.

Been watching the events in Pakistan unfold?
I have.
You want to bet some one else has too?
You think maybe Cheney hasn't got his dick in his hand and Addington there to dribble more lube for him?
You know damn good and well as I do BushCo is straining at the bit watching Musharreff
drop kick their constitution into the sewer and declare he is going to hold on to power.
He probably dropped a load in a dead puppy when they beat and arrested all those lawyers.
The deadpan from Perino telling them to behave should garner her a nomination for best supporting actress, she didn't even crack a smile.
This is the best thing that has happened for the unitary executive bunch since waterboarding, they couldn't have in their wildest dreams expected to see a working model of what they would love to pull in 08.
Make no mistake, they have put all of the machinations in place to do just that.
The Decider Guy only has to declare some sort of National Emergency and he alone will be the Federal Government by Royal Decree.

I don't know about anyone else but I have already started stocking up for our forthcoming Anarchy Festival.
I still have a long ways to go but I still have some time, they don't dare try pulling that shit off too far in advance.
That reminds me, I need to stockpile a lot more fuel, that shit could get hard to come by.
We'll see, they haven't really tried to keep their aims all that much of a secret,it seems most people are too fucking stupid to see what is in front of their face.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Boiled Down To The Base?

75 percent:

Number of Americans who are “eager for a change in direction from the agenda and priorities of President Bush,” according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll. With just 24 percent of the public believing the Bush administration is leading the nation on the right track, it is the “lowest public assessment of the direction of the country in more than a decade.”

November 4, 2007 11:01 am

Thats how many Lizard Brains and Die Hard Ignorant people Bush has left backing his sorry vision.
Not counting Barney.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Semantic Horseshit

What is with the stubborn sonsabitches in the Whitehouse?
Do they think we are all six year olds?
Gimme a fuckin' break here, we know there is no Santa Clause, no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy, yet they persist in trying to convince us that Waterboarding isn't torture!
Jesus Christ!
And this chuckle head they want for AG, MuKasey, says he isn't sure if it is or isn't?
Waterboarding is torture, period.
It is against the Geneva Conventions, it was used by the North Vietnamese against our own soldiers and it is and should be abhorrent.
Why they keep kicking this dead horse has got me fit to be tied.
Now Stupie has thrown another temper tantrum and threatens to not have an Attorny General at all if his boy doesn't go through.
You know what?
Fuck you Bush.
Do it.
I triple dog dare ya, punk.
No AG is a hell of a lot better than any fucking crony, subservient, yes man you can come up with.
We are fucking sick and tired of your bullying and cryin' like a bitch when you don't get your way.
Take yer fucking ball and go home.