Sunday, February 28, 2010

You Didn't Think I Was Done Yet?

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Zombies And Metal, What's Not To Like?

I bet these guys throw a mean party. Seether again, they are out of South Africa and know how to fucking get it done right.
Enjoy , my zombie hunting friends.


Like She Said

If you have been gone from the Blog, they probably know what you are doing and who you are doing it with.....

Back later after I do some recuperatin'.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm sorry but this is some funny shit right here...

Your WTF moment of the day, courtesy of

For some reason, this Tinkerbell keychain from yesterday's Recall Roundup caught people's attention and they keep pointing it out to us. Please stop.


A Good Day

Well nothing can piss me off today. I played golf this morning and my driver was on-song all game. I didn't score particularly well (51/54) but the course was soggy and I haven't played for 6 months. I'll take it.

The important part is that my driver was on all game. Par 73 course, 5765 yards, tight and tree-lined and I hit 13 of 14 fairways. That's freakin' unheard of for me, since I usually somehow manage to buy golf balls with fuckin' tree magnets inside 'em. My best day with the driver ever.

It's gonna be a good day. I'm gonna have a few beers, take a nap and dream about the authorities getting everybody safely evacuated from the tsunami headed for Hawaii (and then returning to the beach at the last minute to bury Dick Cheney up to his neck in the sand).

A good day, indeed.


Friday, February 26, 2010

One Guy

This is how fucked up our country is...ONE GUY can shut things down.

It's okay, though...he's a Hall Of Fame pitcher.

Pissed Off Since 1961TM

Cuss Free Week? Not around here!

Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me? The state of California is almost bankrupt and the stupid bastards who run it got nothing better to do than pass a resolution for "Cuss Free Week"?

God damn sonofabitch...what kind of bullshit stupidity is this? Every one of those fucking idiots needs to be beaten on the kidneys with a tree branch until they piss blood or get the fuck back to work, whichever comes first. How in the hell do you justify wasting time on something so obviously fucking ridiculous in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the great depresssion?

What these ass-clowns oughta be doing is sitting down and going over every penny of their budget to find out where it's being wasted...which, since they are a government, I'm absolutely certain is in plenty of fucking places. What a complete crock of shit...Cuss Free Week, my ass!

Hey, and me better stay the hell out of California during the first week of March. I'd only get life but I'm pretty sure you'd get the gas chamber. Ha!

Pissin' People Off Since 1961TM,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

OK. This Is Off The Fucking Charts

Right up front, I am going to tell you my feelings about abortion. I was raised as a Catholic but I am a man, I do not have to deal with the biological repercussions of pregnancy and so I have no say in what any woman has in what goes on in her body.
That is entirely up to the lady as it is her body.

I can hardly stand it when I get a turd stuck sideways.
I can only say that I hope that any lady who has an abortion has done some serious soul searching before she comes to the conclusion that she decides that it is the best course of action in her own situation.

I am not some crazy nutter who thinks that anyone who has an abortion should be buried up to their neck and be stoned to death but I do think that that it bothers me on a gut level. That is just my opinion, I am not pontificating one way or another.
On the other hand, I think that TWEETING other people while you are actually having an abortion is a new low.
What. The. Fuck. makes you think anyone wants to hear the details and Why in the fuck do you feel the need to share such a personal experience?
Maybe because it was chemically induced instead of being in the stirrups with someone actually scraping the insides of your uterus like in the old days?
I had a colonoscopy,complete with a couple of samples clipped out of me amidship, tell me I don't know what it is like.
I do know that it is an extremely intense emotional decision and as a man, I will never understand the thought process behind such a decision.Hell, I have never understood what a big deal it is to drop the toilet lid after a good piss, I always figured I'd be back soon enough it was a wasted effort.

Instant communication can be a wonderful thing.

Like I said, I'm a guy but sometimes TMI is just that, too much fucking information.

Hey, Ref...are you fucking blind?

The biggest sporting event on the planet is being played this summer so it's time to start edumacatin' people. I got yer "Super" Bowl right here...TV audience about 150 million world wide. The TV audience for the 2006 World Cup Final was about 720 million and they're projecting a billion this time.

This is a foot, this is a ball. FOOTBALL.

Meet Thiery Henry...Captain of the French National Team. Winner of the World Cup, UEFA European Championship, UEFA Champions League, French Ligue 1, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and a host of other awards.

Thiery Henry...cheatin' motherfucker! This is him INTENTIONALLY handling the ball in a one game playoff against Ireland. France scored because of it and is going to the World Cup. Ireland is staying home. The powers that be said they can't do anything because the referee didn't call it.

It's football, not handball. I got no time for fucking cheaters. Thiery Henry can kiss my ass.

Pissin' People Off Since 1961TM

Guitar Like You Ain't Never Heard Before

Ladies and germs...Andy McKee on the acoustic guitar. This guy is light years beyond fucking awesome!

Careless Whisper

I like Seether's cover way better than the original.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Sure, Where Is The New Guy When Ya Need Him?

I certainly hope you all have welcomed my buddy with open arms and MGD in a fucking bottle.

If not, then you certainly know what I have to say to ya.
He ain't going away.

I think he is a perfect compliment to this joint and now ya know why we are friends.

He is just as fucking Ornery as I am.


Just to be fair, Lolcats also has a puppy section.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Thought We Were Kidding

In the wake of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, the government agency that insures bank deposits announced today that 702 banks are on the brink of failure, the most in the last 17 years.

I saw people predicting this two years ago. You can damn well bet this is a very low estimate.At one point, I saw people predicting over two thousand.


It Never Stopped

Since the dawn of man, people have suffered, it is now apparent that the Middle Class in Amerika is finding this out.
Welcome to reality ya spoiled fucking assholes.

Sorrow is your name.

Put the headphones on if ya got 'em.
This is Pink Floyd at the apogee of their career.

By the way, that one percent that has swiped all of the money their Fed Gov buddies can print?
Yeah, look back into history as what happens to fucks like you.
I ain't currently eating any cake, ya fucking assholes.
Google Tar and Feathers and Torches and Pitchforks fer starters, then look for Bastille , then look to Revolutionary war. Just for shits and grins, Google Tax rates in 1944.
94%, assholes, just so ya know, it can happen. By the way, those greedy fucking assholes you bought in Congress briefly toyed with the idea of taxing some of those huge bonuses you gave yourself with our money at 95%., until you sent your flying monkey lobbyists on 'em to remind them where their fucking gravy comes from. There is a precedent, you dirty fucking bastards and Congress can be voted out, even with your Supreme Court Butt Buddies.

My take on Sarah Palin

I've been asked if I'm a Sarah Palin hater and the answer is complicated so bear with me.

When she first came to my attention I thought to myself, "Hey...why not? It's about time this country had a Vice-President I'd like to fuck."

But then she opened her mouth and not for the reasons I would have enjoyed. I was absolutely stunned that anyone so obviously fucking stupid could be placed on a podium in consideration of the role of understudy for the most important actor in the world.

I knew instantly that I did NOT want this person a heartbeat away from The Presidency of The United States of America. Nor anywhere near it.

Can I have her on her hands and knees instead of in the Whitehouse? Bathe her and bring her to me. She won't have to look at her hand to remember to moan...


Pawlenty Fucking Stupid

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-etard) thinks it'd be a good idea to let hospital emergency rooms turn away patients to cut costs. He says the federal law that mandates ER treatment should be repealed.

Jesus fucking Christ...ass-clowns like this guy make it hard to say you're a conservative with a straight face. Which I don't anymore, by the way. I used to but now I'm fiercely independent. Good ideas are good ideas and bad ones are bad ones no matter which side they come from. The trouble with politics is that good ideas from either side are about as fucking common as contact with alien civilizations.

I'm not gonna get into the whole health care debate except to say that if universal health care is run by the government it'll be a cluster-fuck just like everything else they stick their damned noses into.

True, a lot of people go to the ER when they don't really have an emergency (except not having health insurance, which means nowhere else to go). But a lot also go with minor things that turn out to be big.

Note to the heart attack gods: will you pleeeease stop getting my hopes up and give Dick Cheney a fatal one next time? Stop messing around and take that fucker out, will ya?

Anyway, so back to the idiot Governor of Minnesota who has no actual plan for how his plan would work. Who gets to decide who gets turned away? A doctor? A nurse? A pencil pushing receptionist who doesn't know jack shit about medicine? How about a red carpet out front and a snooty door man keeping the riff-raff away from the fancy hotel like in a 1930s movie?

Is he just getting his name in the news or what? He has already announced that he won't be seeking re-election. Smells like another dumbass lining up for a run at his party's nomination next time around. Yay! Just what we need...a male version of Sarah Palin. On the other hand maybe they'll cancel each other out like matter and anti-matter in a perfect vortex of stupid.

You want to cut health care costs? Or, more accurately, make health care affordable? I got a about we start by making it illegal for hospitals to charge $100 or more for a single fucking Tylenol?


Monday, February 22, 2010

Have Some

Here ya thought I pussed out.

Kiss my ass.
I outlasted that fucking bastard Alexander Haig, I am still waiting for Kissinger and GHW Bush to kick off too.Actually, my money is on Babs the Impaler to drop dead first. She looks like she doesn't quite know she quit breathing last year.

Bonus, that treasonous fucking prick Cheney is resting comfortably in a hospital that not one of us will ever see the inside of after having chest pains.

Die Hard Bitch.Yer snuntch fucking daughter is going to find that defending you is a dead end job soon.
I am also waiting for Rumsfield to get some kind of fatal tumor, if nothing else, a damn good case of Prostate Cancer is in order.
Every fucking one of them should be behind bars and eating rehydrated scrambled eggs and moldy toast for breakfast until the last breath they take.

Dirty fucking class war sonsabitches forgot that everyone kicks the fucking bucket eventually and those who are still scratching shit with the chickens will tend to cheer the news of their deaths greatly. Thanks fer nothing ya fucking assholes.

See ya in Hell, where I can demonstrate the true meaning of Tea Bagging to ya, in person.


You poor sonsabitches, now their are TWO of us!

I tried to warn ya.

Price gouging sonsabitches

My buddy OB is kinda burned out on blogging (or so he says, anyway...I seriously doubt he'll last long without some place to vent about this, that or the other thing) so I'm gonna be filling in here and there.

Near as I can figure it, people come here for his rants and spiels, whether they agree with him or not. I got some big shoes to fill so I might as well get started. I hope to have a troll of my own someday.

So here ya go. My very first rant as an Ornery Bastard in training. I stopped on the way home today to pick up some beer at a store I ain't been to in awhile. The price gouging sonsabitches wanted $16.99 for an 18 pack of MGD bottles. Keep your snobby beer opinions to yourself. You drink what you like and I'll damn well drink what I like. $16-fucking-99 for the exact same thing I could get 2 blocks down the road for 3 bucks cheaper!

Now, unlike that fat ass whiney liberal bastard Michael Moore (who made a so called documentary about the very thing that made HIM a fucking millionaire) I ain't got a problem with capitalism. It's a free market and they can charge what they want. They stay open so they must get enough brain-dead idiots who pay it. Fortunately, it's also a free country and I'm a man who votes with his feet. Walked out the door, got in my truck, drove 2 blocks and saved 3 bucks. Stupid greedy fuckers. If it was just a buck more I might have paid up for the sake of expediency. But 3 bucks? Oh, no fuck no. 3 bucks is a gallon of gas that'll get me to work tomorrow so fuck 'em.

What the fuck is wrong with people these days that they can't make a modest profit and call it good? The store 2 blocks down the road manages to keep reasonable and competitive prices so why in the hell can't the one I originally walked into? I'll tell ya why: it's the difference between honest capitalism and pure unadulterated fucking greed. When I saw the price ring up I had to look around to make sure I had actually walked into a local convenience store and not somehow stumbled onto the floor of the god-damned US Congress!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives.


Letter of Introduction

I feel humbled and honored to, wait....that's just a hangover. Never mind.

Anybody remember that Farside cartoon by Gary Larson where God drops the jar of humans and goes "Oops" as they all go scurrying wildly off? As the Ornery Bastard himself likes to say...BUWAHAHAHAHA!

Him and I might not be of the same political persuasion but all that really means is that we come at things from different angles. The truth is that we generally agree on a lot of things. Like Jameson on the rocks being good, Dick Cheney being a treasonous sonofabitch who has The Constitution printed on his toilet paper and both of us being WAY too fucking old for the mosh pit anymore (which we learned the hard way, thank you very much).

Anyway, I'll be guest writing from time to time so get over it.


p.s. - Here, have some good music for a change...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just A Warning

I handed the keys to this joint to a friend of mine, Sponge Bob Crack Whore.

Get ready for it.

I ain't going anywhere, as a matter of fact, I can't fucking wait to see what this guy has to say.
We are definitely not of the same political persuasion.

You have been warned.

Apparently I Am Burnt Out On Blogging

Shit happens, it's been four fucking years next month that I have been screaming into the void.
Bitching and moaning about the fucking cocksuckers who are supposedly qualified to run this country has gotten me exactly nothing.
It doesn't matter what their political leanings are, they are all fucking power hungry whores and every mother fucking one of 'em can kiss my fucking ass.

My buddy just made breakfast.
That is what matters, having something to eat so I have enough energy to get up and do it again tomorrow.
I'm tired.
Not that kind, I can sleep all fucking day and still be tired.
I am tired of the talking heads, the asshole politicians and the whole rotten fucking mess this country has turned into at the hands of Corporate America.

Those sonsabitches are getting exactly what they paid for at our expense.
I ain't going to quit Blogging either. Fuck them, they haven't won anything yet.
I might be tired but I am a fucking American and just when they think they have me right where they want me, I am going to turn left and throw a fuck right back into them.

Thanks fer stopping by,I'll be back.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vitamin C Overload

As in in too many Screwdrivers last night.
Back soon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Take A Break

Enjoy this while yer at it.

Someone Has Been Watching Too Many Godzilla Movies

Give me a fuckin' break, will ya?

Move the fence North a few states, it's getting way too weird around here.

Update; my buddy sent me this, too funny.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jesus Fucking Christ, You Birthers Are Killing Me

Jeezus, let me put this on the record for you ignorant fucking cocksuckers.
Do you have a motherfucking Drivers License?
Did you have your Fucking Mumps,Polio,Measels, Chicken Pox vaccinations that were mandated by the Government way the fuck back in the 1960's?

Got a Social Security number?

Did you happen to register to vote as some Dumb Fuck Republican in the last fifty fucking years?
If so, somewhere along the line, you had to cough up a MOTHER FUCKING BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

Holy shit.
I am sick of this lily white fucking back yard pool party joke.

Listen up you societally retarded inbred fucks,
I am older than Barack Hussein Obama, OK?
I was born in Oakland California at Two Ten in the fucking morning on January Thirty First, Nineteen Hundred and Fucking Sixty.
I am a die hard Raiders fan and you can suck my dick for that alone.

I am surrounded by fucking idiots.

Take for example, the entire state of Utah, they want to eliminate twelfth Grade in their High Schools.

Imagine that, the Dumbing Down of America's children, accelerated.

Oh, I can see their twisted logic, after all guy's, where the Hell are ya going to get a date for the Senior prom?
One of your Uncles is going to cut loose with that hot little knocked up fourteen year old sixth wife, that is your cousin ?

Spare me.

Then we have stupid fucks like "Senator" Inhofe and that ever present twat Palin.

Y'all can do me a favor and shut yer fucking pie holes and get to digging in your back yards for proof that Jayzus rode a fucking BrontoSaurus to breakfast last week and was lucky enough to win at Bingo.

If ignorance is bliss, you all must be multi orgasmic.

I'm fucking sick of ya.

Your ignorance and blind stubbornness is enough to make me want to scream.
It doesn't seem to make one bit of difference how many times you idiots get empirical evidence shoved in your nose like a puppy that refuses to quit shitting on the carpet, you are just stupid fucking mutts that need to get a one way trip to the pound.

Oh! It's snowing again!
Global warming is a hoax perpetrated by that eeeeeevil Al Gore!

I am shaking my head in complete disgust at you people. Hell yes it's snowing it's called Winter.
Nobody knows what the hell is going on with the climate right now, we have had a major lack of Sun spot activity, El Fucking Nino is back and without a doubt, shit is changing.
Climate is a decades long phenomenon, not one year with record snow.
Shit, some of you are so damn ignorant, you would ignore the record drought that is plaguing half the fucking world and just point to a snow bank in your back yard as proof everything is one damn guy's fault and everything is going to be normal next week, when Jayzus comes back for Bingo again, riding on the back of giant flying fish.

Monday, February 15, 2010

When Property Values Get Ya Upside Down

Which is going to happen to ya, one fucking way or another, go take some advice from some of these other Ornery Bastards, they can show ya a thing or two, pay the fuck attention. Laugh now and look down your nose at us living in trailers, I ain't paying fourteen hundred bucks a month for rent, or a damn house payment anymore, neither are these guys.

Mickey at The Survivalist Blog,seems to get by just fine on his own and likes it.He also has a WEALTH of info on how to do it right.I kinda like this guy.

All I can say about this next guy, James Dakin at Bison Survival is how to do it so fucking cheap, he makes his own copper wire out of pennies he finds in a parking lot and will tell you how to use it to keep the Barbarians at the gate.
I'm serious.
Kind of a one off dude but he will show you where the bear shits in the desert, somewhere behind his trailer, in a five gallon bucket with a toilet lid seat bolted to it and a plastic bag full of sawdust inside.
You think I'm kidding, right?

Another guy I pay attention to, I think may just be orneyer than I am, maybe, some cranky ol' guy that calls himself SunFighter.
I do believe we could sit and have a beer some afternoon, right before he called me a pussy.
So be it, ya gotta give props to those that do, instead of talk about it and here ya fucking go dude,
Down In The Ozark Hills.
All I can say is ya better click on that link now, Cranky Bastard keeps deleting his blogs, this is number three.
He has been to Grandma's house before.

These are just three guys who actually do it, they live on a small footprint as cheap as they can and I can see a lot of foreclosed motherfuckers that can use the info these guy's have to offer. It's not like an apartment but beats the shit out of living out of your car, been there, done that, this beats the SHIT out of that.
There is a learning curve but I am telling anyone upside down on their mortgage, get a fucking trailer while they are still cheap, they are not going to stay that way very long.
The big thing after ya get one is where the fuck to put it.
All three of these guys found a way to find a piece of dirt to put it on, cheap. Go find out how they did that, all three have a different story. Myself, I got lucky and found a trailer park that accepted me, they are all getting real picky about how old the trailer is and most now, will tell ya to keep going if it is over ten years old, so beware.

I say get one, even as a back up, ya never know when the Mother in Law is coming and you need a little space to scratch yerself real good while drinking a beer and watching the game, No, not for her, moron, for you! Lock the damn door behind ya!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

I am having a GREAT one!
Hope you do the same.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Making A Point Here

I keep seeing naysayers saying that storing up things to get by in hard times is a waste of time in the event of a total collapse of society as there will be no more fuel, trade goods, food, etc., etc,.

My rebuttal to that is,
If I still have the things that I stored, I will be around long enough to find a way to survive longer than you will and still be strong enough to pull a trigger on yer ass when you come and try to take my things.
Then, what ever you had, is mine, thus ensuring I get to see one more sunrise.

Even if it is just your liver.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Get One!

I am on an email list for Lehmans, they send me special offers all the time. Most of the time I look and delete but this time I found something I really want to get,except it is currently on back order.

I am putting this way up on the list of things to get, even if it is just for a power outage, I can see where this little unit would be a very valuable addition to my preps.

It comes with the special grill you use after pulling the top off, a base so it won't tip over and a 12 ounce cup.

I bet there are thousands of folks that wish they had one or two of these little buggers, what with all the snow and freezing temperatures that have been slamming the Mid West and the East Coast.

They are only thirty bucks when they are in stock.

I am going to find one of these, pronto.

Click on the link above for more info.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Four Blankets

It ain't even freezing around here.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Big Fuck You And A Thank You

You will notice that the Echo commenting system is history, bye bye , adios mother fucker.
Thank you BadTux, The Snarky Penguin, for pointing me to Disqus, which is free.

I got this strange Email from PayPal telling me that my subscription to Echo Live Pack subscription has been cancelled by JS-Kit.

So I emailed JS Kit and basically said just that, WTF?
When I didn't hear anything back right away, I said fuck it and deleted Echo and installed Disqus.
While I am in the process of that, I get an Email in reply. to wit;

When you paid for the first year of Echo or for JS-Kit Comments, we also set an automated annual recurring payment on Paypal. this is also known as a subscription.

Based on the feedback of many customers, we have decided to cancel this auto-renewal option on Paypal that is being set during your first payment.

This doesn't affect the first payment that you have made, and your Echo is still fully functional on your domain, and will remain active for a period of one year after the date of first payment that you already made.

To which I replied,

Yeah, well, you could have sent me an email explaining that. Instead, I got one from Pay Pal.
So, Thinking that I had mysteriously been canceled, I have removed Echo from my Blog and installed Disqus.
Have a nice day.
Keep the twelve bucks too.

I didn't like that Echo shit anyway, so now they can just take a huge suck right outta my ass.

Comment away me Bucko's.



One of my all time favorites.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Bad Things Are Gonna Happen

Right after I walked in the door,my buddy told me the sewer line kept coming off the connection to the pipe going onto the ground and put it back three fucking times, then he tells me the Land Lady showed up and put Lime down to keep the stink down, I went around the side of the Weasel Den in the dark and found a hole full of sewer that went up past my ankle right where my fresh water comes out of the ground. Yeah baby, Over the top of my work boots and that is where my fresh water comes from.The fucking Manager chick knew about it and shined it on and so did the Park Manager, I got a boot full of someones turds, found a couple of fucking condoms laying around, that I don't use and had to take my fucking boots off, dump bleach in 'em and go buy some fucking new shoes.
Squish Squish, I am not a happy fucking camper, yet I am very polite to the people I am dealing with, it ain't their fault at Bi Mart.
Double fucking bonus round, I was out of propane and had to throw an empty bottle in the back of the fucking truck, drive down the road, talk to a very nice older lady who GAVE ME THE FUCKING KEYS and told me to find some little asshole so he could fill my measely little tank.
I finally found the little asshole, who was next door at the car wash, cleaning his fucking Toyota. I finally got his attention by walking around the parking lot, waving around a set of keys, he should have had.
I has Propane for heat and cooking.
Not quite, I still haz no heat or water, can't piss or take a dump, because
I would have to wade through a sewer break just to change the tank, which means no heat, no cooking and no hot water. Just for fun, imagine standing ankle deep in raw sewage while trying to light a pilot light, Can you say BOOM? One thing I lied about, I pretty much piss where ever I want to, the beauty of out door plumbing.

Oh yes, Two fucking phone calls later, if it ain't fixed by the time I get home tomorrow, there is going to be HELL to pay.

Just so ya know, This hit me out of the Blue and yes, I have water stored, which I used to rinse out my boots after I dumped a butt load of bleach into.
I have a propane stove with several bottles of propane to cook with and right fucking now, I have several layers of sleeping blankets , so I can lay here and be warm and bitch .It was one of those Oh Shit things. I can certainly take and survive one night, fer Chrissakes, it is just one of those reminders that shit can hit the fucking fan in more than one way, right when all ya want is a cold fucking beer.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

CongratsTo The Saints

I always root for the Underdog and in this case, the winner is those poor sonsabitches in New Orleans who now have to put a bunch of party food away and are not busy marching the streets celebrating a fucking foot ball game win.
I guess I can give them a bit of slack as it is the best thing that has happened to them since Heck of a Job Brown left town.
Without a doubt, this win will do more to put money back into that town than any fucking thing the Federal Government has done since Hurricane Katrina.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

This, Is Why We Prepare

If you lived in the Washington DC area right now, this is what you would see at your local Safeway.
They are forecast to get between twenty and twenty eight inches of snow shortly and everybody and their dog panicked and cleaned out the store.
Imagine not only not having food and lights and such already stored but being broke to boot?

This is a recurrent problem in this country and it seems a lot of people have the memory of a fucking gnat.

Just tonight, I went to get some beer, as I was leaving, there is a discount store next door and I got in the truck and started to drive off but that damn discount store started calling me. I didn't ignore it, either. I parked and locked the truck and went inside, not having a clue what it was I was going to find.
I went up and down five aisles before I found it,Quart jars of Prego Mushroom spaghetti sauce for a buck and boxes and boxes of different kinds of pasta for seventy five cents apiece.
Twelve dollars and fifty cents later, I hauled out enough to eat on for a week straight, easily.
I also got three packets of Country gravy mix, some Hamburger Helper, a bag of rice and a bag of pinto beans. For twelve fifty, I bought enough food to eat on for three freakin' weeks. Who cannot justify that?

Call me crazy all you want, I'll just fart in your eye and pick my teeth when there isn't a damn thing on the shelves.

H/T Gawker for the pics and the article I swiped 'em from.

One Down, 27.99% Of The Population To Go

Domestic Battery.

I predict some anger management classes in your future, dickhead. Ya don't be slappin' on the womenfolk asshole.

Yes, it is a gratuitous swipe at Republicans, they absolutely deserve every fucking one they get, too.
Take for example this rotten motherfucker,

Richard Shelby (R)otten Cunt (A) for asshole.
This piece of fucked up Legislator is almost single handedly holding up the confirmations of over SEVENTY nominations for positions such as THE DIRECTOR OF HOMELAND SECURITY because he isn't happy that one of his major donors is not getting the contract to build air tankers.
If I remember right, this is the same contract that John McCain got all pissy about and so did my Senator, Maria Can'twell.
I say almost single handedly because that fucking cunt Mitch McConnell is being point man on this egregious bit of extortion on a National scale.
The major donor for Shelby that he wants the contract for isn't even an American company. Why does Senator Shelby hate America? You traitorous self serving anal wart.
His actions have garnered him the dubious distinction of his very own knick name for his treacherous actions, via the Daily Intel,

When Democratic senator Ben Nelson made a deal for the federal government to forever pay for Nebraska's expanded Medicaid program in exchange for his vote on health-care reform, Republicans gleefully referred to the agreement as the "Cornhusker Kickback." When Democratic senator Mary Landrieu secured $300 million in Medicaid payments for Louisiana in exchange for her support for the bill, it was deemed the "Louisiana Purchase." Now Republican senator Richard Shelby of Alabama has single-handedly held up the confirmations of 70 federal nominees with something called a "blanket hold." It's a move we humbly propose become forever known as ... the Cotton State Cockblock.

Seventy nominations blocked by one fucking jerk from Banjo Land.

Just a note to you stupid fucking pussies in the Senate, you remind me of that young man all too much. You can play like hell but when someone actually tries to inter act with you on a sincere basis, you turn yer fucking heads and ignore the hand stretched out in good faith.
Fuck you Shelby, I hope to Hell this gets enough attention that the rules of the Senate are changed so this kind of outrageous bullshit can never fucking happen again and I also hope you get Cock Blocked if you run again, bitch.

Friday, February 05, 2010

No Rest For The Wicked

I swear to God, I was Ghengis Kahn in a previous life.
No Sleep Till Death or damn well Killed By Death. Have a nice fucking day, I am still fucked by a Cold Bug, little motherfucker.

About Those Comments....

Yes, I switched the comments over to Echo, no I didn't want to and no, I don't like it.
I pretty much had no choice and had to pay twelve bucks for the privilege.
Halo Scan is shutting down Feb 19th for good. If your blog is on Blogger, you will have to switch to Echo or something or else you will lose all of your previous comments and not have the ability for anyone to leave any. I had just shy of 4,000 comments and I have put way too much time and effort in this place to lose them over twelve lousy bucks.

Like anything else, in time we will all figure out how to use this new system.

God dammit.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

So It Begins

I got a bonus present for my birthday, another fucking cold.
I felt it coming on Sunday night and true to form, I am in bed today, hacking and coughing, tickle in the throat, my head is completely plugged up and I have a sinus headache just for fun.
I hit the Nyquil after I woke up this morning with all the above, plus my eyes were glued shut with crusty shit.


I got up at noon and started to drive to work and stopped at the nearest convenience store to get some kind of cold remedy, oh fuck no.
By the time I got out of there, my head was pounding and I was sneezing and hacking constantly.

I am so sick of being sick!

I finally had some relief about an hour ago.
I spent some time on line looking at seed outfits, the garden bug is biting me too. I tried to order some on line but fer some damn reason, it wouldn't take my card even though there is enough mony to cover it easily. The damn thing has been giving me fits lately when I try to swipe it too. Fuck that noise.

I dragged my narrow ass out of bed and went three blocks down the road to the Feed Store and collected quite a variety of seeds for this coming Spring.

I also got a wild hair up my ass and bought 50 fucking pounds of something that I am going to have to get my shit together to process and store but hey,I got it out of the way at least.

While I was online earlier, I also surfed around a site called LocalHarvest Dot Org that you can use to look around anywhere in the country to find local farms and farmers markets and actually found a lady less than a mile from me who sells fresh eggs, the occasional chicken and manure to compost. Quite the score if she emails me back.
Check it out.

Anyway another round of uncontrollable hacking is upon me and I can feel a fever too. I am going to see if I can't burn this off.

Got seeds?
If not, they are forecasting shortages for some seed types, food shortages in general and who knows what the fuck else here in the near future. I don't need a tin foil hat, I don't trust these motherfuckers anyway.
Get off yer ass, I did.

Well, That Was Fun

Another succesfull BAD.
Check out the last post, I added a couple more sites and then head to Skippy's place for a more in depth round up.

Jesus Christ, even Driftglass participated. I almost wet my pants when he put me on his Blogroll a couple of years ago.

Many thanks to all that participated, those I already mentioned and a special thanks to Blue Gal
for being our den mother and a real heart felt shout out to Mike Finnigan at Crooks and Liars who shines the light on us little folks every day and has exposed Ornery Bastard to a huge amount of people, kinda like I did that one night after too many shots of tequila except for a lot nicer results.

Thanks to all that participated. There are millions of voices out there and we need to hear as many as we can.
Change is gonna come and the more voices we hear, the faster that is going to happen.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Blogroll Amnesty Day

Yes, it is that time of year again when us B to Z list bloggers open our hearts and Blog rolls to the rest of Blogtopia. (Y! SCTP!).February 3rd is Blogroll Amnesty Day.
Skippy The Bush Kangaroo and John Swift initiated this tradition a few years ago when The Great Orange Satan and several other big name blogs decided to purge their Blogrolls of us pesky smaller sites and ironically called it an amnesty.
So, now the big sites all link to each other and fuck the rest of us unruly peons.

So, here is the deal, if you would like to be added to my Blogroll, drop me a line in the comments to this post and I will add you to mine, if you will reciprocate the favor.

Feel free to swipe the image above and put up a BAD post of your own.Skippy was the very first big blogger to put me on his Blogroll and I will never, ever forget that act of kindness.

Look up, link down, you must put up a link to another blog or ten, however many you want that you think doesn't have as many readers as you do.

Claiming no one could possibly have fewer readers than you is strictly VERBOTTEN!

Without further ado, here are a couple of worthy sites that I read fairly regularly;

The Illiterate Electorate and Left Edge North.

Go check 'em out.

While I am at it, go check out the duo of The Hand Maidens Kitchen, this lady will show you how to walk around the neighborhood and see for the first time, how to find, pick, fix, turn into medicine, the things everyone ignores as weeds.

She is a wonderful lady.

Her Husband, Michael, is very persuasive and also deserves a look at every damn day at Staying Alive, someone has to tell ya where the bear shits in the woods and exhorts ya to get yer shit together.

Of course, the guy I get the most damn traffic from, some crazy fucking bastard named Mayberry.
I kid you not, I can't believe the traffic I get from this crazy fucking Texan,

Heh, if we ever get to meet, you are going to be divorced the next fucking day dude.Right after we wake up from a once in a lifetime drunk.
Best wishes to ya in the mean time, seriously and good luck with the project.

God Dammit, I forgot two! Go see 43 Ideas Per minute and Survival Chic.

Monday, February 01, 2010

This Is Brilliant

A New Emancipation Proclamation.

By the President of the United States of America:

A Proclamation.

I, Barack Obama, President of the United States, by virtue of the power in me vested as Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States in time of war, declare that all corporations within the confines of the United States are legally not persons and have no rights granted them by virtue of their alleged personhood. The rights of corporations are those specified by law and not any of those specified in the US Constitution.

All corporations shall mean each and every corporate entity which meets at least one of the following criteria:

* is headquartered within the territory of the United States;
* does business within the territory of the United States;
* has bank accounts of any kind at any banking institution with a branch within the territory of the United States;
* contributes to any political organization, PAC, political campaign, or other organization which spends money to influence elections or voting within the territory of the United States or of any corporation specified herein;
* owns any real or intellectual property within the territory of the United States or registered with the US Government offices tasked with registering intellectual property;
* owns any portion of any corporate entity described above

By virtue of their incorporeality, all corporations are not persons within the definitions of the Constitution and US Federal Law, and the rights of such corporations shall be limited to those specified by law explicitly describing their effect upon corporate entities and not physical human entities. Constitutional rights do not apply to corporations.

Upon this act, sincerely believed to be an act of justice, warranted by the Constitution, upon military necessity and in defense of our democratic form of government, I invoke the considerate judgment of mankind, and the gracious favor of Almighty God.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the City of Washington, this first day of February, in the year of our Lord two thousand and ten, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred thirty-fourth.

By the President: BARACK OBAMA

Brazenly stolen and copied Ver Batem from Evan at Group News Blog.

Awesome and very doable as far as I can see after all the fucking Presidential signing statements Bush threw out.

Oh. My. Goodness.

The only Goodness is that so far I survived one hell of a weekend, I think.

Jesus Christ Almighty, , I am still fucked up and I can barely walk, for a good reason.

I just called work and told them I ain't coming, just like I told them I was going to do on Friday.
Holy Moly, Whoo Hoo, THUD!!!

I'm going back to sleep. Getting old is harder than it used to be.
Thanks fer stopping by.