Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Empathy, Look It Up

I have seen several people having to deal with end of life issues lately.
They Blog about it, they tell ya about it, all the horrible shit that goes on, and I can absolutely identify.

Someone once said, the only things that are guaranteed in life are death and taxes.
What that smart assed motherfucker forgot to mention was the thousands of fucking ways one can suffer before they finally say "Fuck It" and decide they have had enough and just let go, if they even get that choice.

I am not talking about the thousands of people who don't have that choice, the ones who get broad sided at an intersection or suddenly trip and fall over in the bath tub, have some asshole drop a bomb on their wedding party or decides that carpet bombing an entire county in some fucking foreign country will instantly take care of their immediate problems,

Not the ones who get hit by lightning, the ones who know it is coming.

The cancer patients, the little kids who have leukemia or the poor kids in third world countries that fucking die from malnutrition or diarhhea because the cows shit in their drinking water.

The ones when you are dead and there is no warning.

I am damn lucky to be alive because I have tempted fate many times.
Hey, Fate got in a few licks, believe me, I still walk with a limp.

My Granny fell down last night trying to get to the bathroom.
They think she had a stroke and is in the hospital,she is 96 and I don't doubt that for a minute, she has had several " Mini Strokes" already.

She is in good spirits and I helped to make her eat something and gave her a bit of dessert after I got off work. Airplane food sucks ass, these people have some grub goin' on!
Her eye sight is in question but I know she still has a sense of humor because when I kissed her goodnight, I told her she could have some more dessert after I left and she was laughing as I went out the door.
Hell, I am more worried about my Mother.My Mom has been there to the point of exhaustion and I have some damn fine relatives that have been helping and spreading the word. It's called Family.
Proud of 'em.

Ya never fucking know when bad shit is going to strike like lightning, live your life accordingly, I always have.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Better Watch It Nasty Girl

You could be next.

Jealous asshole neighbors, I'd say.


I am so evil.

I know the difference, trust me.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hey Obama, Kiss My Fucking Ass

Jesus fucking Christ, what, we have the memory of a flea?
Dude, I AM Labor.
I am a Union Member and I remember not so long ago that you turned that little troll bastard Rham Emmanuel and that eternal fucking asshole Schumer on us for not falling blindly into line behind some shit and now you are trying to woo us like a drunk fucking Co Ed?
Fuck the fuck off asshole and take your immigration plan with ya, ya punk assed motherfucker.

Asshole, if you think for one fucking second that the economic fucking disaster , the 17% unemployment rate and the gulf disaster can just be tossed aside and no one is paying attention and now you think that immigration is the most pressing thing on our national agenda, I have news for you.
You need to stand up and beat Congress about the head and shoulders to take care of the working man and woman who just got tossed under the bus by not extending the unemployment benefits.
Who, exactly, do you think " Labor" is?

I could give a rat's ass how many fucking Mexicans are coming across the border right now.
Send their narrow asses to the gulf, pay them top wages and let them help clean up the largest fucking man made disaster in history and then give them amnesty, they won't live long enough to enjoy it because you are letting those cunt motherfuckers at BP send real live Americans in there with no fucking Personal Protective Devices and get sick unto dieing and won't even allow the media, any watchdog agencies or ANYONE, to fly over and document just how fucking bad it is.
You are worried about Mexicans all of a sudden?
Hey, some of us aren't that fucking stupid.
Quit listening to those crazy cocksuckers whining about immigration and put 'em to work, for fucks sake.
Shit, they fucked 'em over after Katrina, you know damn good and well they will this time too.I notice no one got prosecuted for that, by the way.

Send the fucking OSHA people down there in droves and make sure EVERYONE has respirators, Rubber boots, rubber gloves, safety glasses and protective suits, lots of 'em.
Make sure BP pays for it too.

Quit being a pussy mother fucker and stand up to these crazy fucks and tell them you have a few other pressing things to take care of first.

It's called the Gulf of Mexico for a reason, moron, it will affect them too, soon enough.

You Will Want To Bookmark This Site

You won't see this info on television, read about it in the paper or hear about it on the radio.
Yer welcome.
This is why the internet rules.

Desdemona Despair.

Tell 'em Busted sent ya.
They will be on the Blogroll shortly.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Has Ya Some Allman Brothers Band

This is good shit mon.

OK, just because I kinda like some of ya's, here is a little treat from my secret heart throb, Susan Tedeschi.
Damn, that woman is hot and she can sing too.
Kinda reminds me of someone I know.....

The Futbol, it be over for us

Didn't watch one second of it. Sorry SpongeBobCrackWhore, maybe next time.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Extinction Event In South Africa

I originally had a different title but I couldn't help it when I read OBs last post.

Ghana 2 : 1 USA

I wonder if Landon Donovan will remind anyone that the US "can beat anybody at the World Cup" on the flight home?

I'll give 'em their due, though...just getting to the World Cup is an accomplishment. Out of some 190+ countries who try every four years only 32 make it. And then only half get out of their groups into the knockout round. It's a brutal competition with no margin for error. One mistake and you're done for another four years.

They've done well to get there, done well to make it out of their group and done the best they could after that. US football is inferior when compared to the best but it's getting incrementally better. I really don't think you can ask more of them than they delivered.

Except maybe having a bit more respect for the game than to boldly claim you can beat anyone.

Thank you very little for that, Landon Donovan, you fucking dickhead. The world could have cheered you when you went out, for a brave and valiant effort. But instead they cheered when you went out because you were just another trash-talking American who failed to make good on his boasts.

While the best players from the best countries...Lionel Messi from Argentina, Andres Iniesta and Xavi from Spain, Wayne Rooney from England, Christiano Ronaldo from Portugal, Robinho and Kaka from Brazil...are talking about how difficult it will be you're talking about how you can beat anybody.

Humility. Look it up, Mr. Donovan. You could do with a healthy dose of it. You might ask the flight crew if there's a dictionary on board.


The Second Extincion Event In The Gulf

That was the first one, sixty five meeeelion years ago, according to the experts, when a giant meteor came blazing through the atmosphere and pretty much atomized everything between Minnesota and Belize.
That's how we have a Gulf of Mexico.
Pretty much killed everything for a thousand miles instantly and then fucked up that climate thing for another thousand years or so.
Lucky us, there were not any fucking Republicans to deny it at the time.
Now we have another global kill event going on in the gulf.
Unfortunately, some asshole invented Republicans while we were still trying to figure out how to use the opposable thumb thingies.
Putting those thumbs to the neck of our current crop of asshole Republican representatives could result in some serious hilarity and the culling of some rotten cocksuckers at the same time.
Their policy of "no", just threw another few million American workers into abject poverty.

Because these corporate fucking whores do not seem to understand what comes next, let me explain this to ya.
The fucking Republicans block unemployment benefit extentions because they think they are going to win votes this coming November campaining that the Democrats have fucked up the economy

Just for shits and grins, let's forget about the entire Bush administration, OK?

Back to the iron clad Republican strategy of just saying no to anything, trying their damndest to kill off a Democratic majority, Tell me why in the fuck would any sane person vote for a fucking Republican?

This Depression can be laid right at their feet and they could give a rat fuck whether or not your children eat tomorrow morning, or ever again.

They are enemies of the state and are actively trying to kill the economy of this country for political gain at your expense.

Vote Republican so we can start the fuck over, after we have a serious chat.

When this oil gusher stops is any one's guess but I damn well know how to blame for this extinction event and that would be those same Republican cunt's who screamed for DeRegulation for thirty fucking years and said that private business could police it's self.

All I have to say to you cunt lick motherfuckers is to get your asses down to the gulf, bring yerself a "Freedom Bucket" and start scraping up all that free market crude oil you can carry. Sorry, no respirators or protective gear allowed,you will have to go head to head with the fucking real people who are trying to get their lives back and have not run out of Unemployment yet or got a fucking check from BP.

The entire Gulf of Mexico is a fucking Dead Zone and now, just like I said it would, there is going to be Hurricanes dumping hydrocarbons clear into Ohio.

There are already bullshit conspiracy theories going around about the entire Gulf region having to be evacuated.

My take? It's too fucking late now, there is going to be several extinctions happen simultaneously.
I am not just talking about the Wildlife, a whole lot of humans are going to find themselves extinct soon.
I didn't even mention the Methane .

Friday, June 25, 2010

Prediction Time

Jesus that Dick Cheney giving me a yellow card?

Well, it's the weekend and you know what that means. Won't be long before OB will be posting something about needing a doctor after his weekend with Nasty Girl. Seriously, dude...STFU and change the name of the place to "Lucky Bastard" already.

In the meantime, since the boss ain't around I get to do whatever the fuck I want and you also know what THAT, This is a foot, this is a ball and this is the World Cup. I come before you tonight to annoy you with my predictions.

Landon Donovan before the game: "The US can beat anyone".

Landon Donovan after the game: "Umm...except for FIFuh...I mean Ghana".

Ghana is the last African team in the tournament and they'll be playing with the pride of a continent and the covert backing of FIFA. I expect another disallowed US goal that should have stood or a missed penalty call or some shit like that. The officiating at this thing has been absolute garbage and the US won't get any favors in this one.

Won't matter anyway. On this side of the bracket the winner of the Netherlands/Brazil game (that'll happen in the next round) goes to the final. End of story.

The other side of the bracket is a king-hell-bastard to call...Germany/England, Argentina/Mexico, Spain/Portugal...that's gonna be a slug-fest and by far the best games to watch. I can't remember a World Cup with so many heavyweights on one side of the knockout bracket. Spain has the best team in the world right now but Argentina have the best player in Lionel Messi. Portugal has Christiano Ronaldo, who can turn a game if he can stop diving long enough to care and England have Wayne Rooney, who can do the same if he can keep from getting pissed off and red-carded.

Hand me another beer, it starts gettin' good from now on.

I'm predicting a Brazil/Argentina final with Lionel Messi stepping up big and getting that Diego Maradona monkey off his back once and for all.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

The King Of Wyoming

45% of CNN readers are idiots (well...53099 of 'em , anyway).

BUWAHAHAHA! The US can beat anybody? They needed a complete gift from Robert Green, who has since been demoted from goalkeeper to benchwarmer, to manage a tie with England. They tied Slovenia. And they barely managed to beat Algeria.

Landon Donovan didn't score against Algeria until injury time. For you non-football people, the referee keeps the official time and has two for the 90 minutes of official game time (that does not stop) and one for how much time it takes for injuries and substitutions and such. At the end of the 90 minutes he adds the second clock onto the game so it lasts as close to a real 90 as possible. By the laws of the game he can add anywhere from one to four minutes of extra time.

So Landon Donovan (if he's the best we can do then we're fucked, by the way) thinks that being gifted the group by England's suckage means they can beat anybody?

Really, Landon? Really? Dude...I want some of what YOU'RE smokin'. That's gotta be some gnarly shit. Being literally handed a tie and managing a last gasp score against a team ranked 30th in the world somehow translates into you being able to beat Brazil or Argentina or Germany or Spain or Portugal or the Netherlands?

Yeah, sure...okay Landon. Whatever you say. And I'm the King Of Wyoming.

They do have a relatively easy path to the semi-final and anything can happen but when you're playing Brazil (IF you get there) it won't.


p.s. - I actually am the King Of Wyoming. Every time I'm there we hold a vote and since I'm the only one around for miles I get re-elected every time.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby

Today is my Baby Girl's 19th Birthday, Happy Birthday Honey.

Yes, against my better judgement, I let her live.
Only because there is some dumb fucking bastard out there who needs to have his life ruined by another Daddies Girl.
Pay back is a bitch and I don't have a home phone, jack.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coming soon to a world near you

Check his thoughts, Joe.
I'm on it, Sarge.
You're under arrest citizen...we know what you're thinking.

Now scientists read your mind better than you can.

Sunscreen. What a benign way to begin.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Counting My Toes

Any one else paying attention?
On one hand, we have that corporate cum bucket, no good diseased asshole Joe the fuck corporate cumguzzler Lieberman calling for an "Off" switch for the internet and in the mean time elsewhere, the Pentagon announces they are ramping up a brand new version of the information gathering program that was ruled to be out of fucking bounds, except now it is New and Improved. The only problem is, it takes the data base from Talon and improves on it.

You remember Talon, that is the one where the fucktards at DHS targeted peaceful Quakers as being Enemies Of The State.

They were shut down by court order, for being Fucktards. Shut your pie hole citizen.
It is back and it still has the same fucking data base.I can certainly understand why that infected pustule from Connecticut would want to have a kill switch for the internet, we have been after his lying, traitorous ass since he had to have every cock gobbling , dirty sonfabitch high dollar politician from both sides of the aisle come save his turkey necked ass from being tossed out of office in 2006 because he was a little dicksucker corporate whore even then.

2012 baby, you are fucking toast, I don't give a rat fuck if you have those cunts from DieBold calling you every twenty seconds.
Lieberman, you can go rat fuck us from the Private Sector, which I have no doubt you will and have been, you will no longer be in a position to Rat Fuck us from any position of power and FUCK YOU, ya little rat bastard, seriously.

So, we have that cretin Joe Lieberman wanting to have a "shut down" button for the internet, the fucking government wanting to shut down dissent and now they are back to data mining us plebien's looking for domestic terrorists.
Like I have time to make terrorist plans against my own government?
Assholes, I am too fucking busy giving all my hard earned wages to those cocksuckers on Wall Street!

Damn, I really hate that fucking guy.

Back to my original point, you have Smegma wanting to shut down the internet and the government trolling for domestic subversives, which they deny, while gleefully calling Google to get your records, and then we have President Hopey Changey sitting back and playing Golf while that fucking bastard from BP goes sailing on his yacht.
Do you have a yacht? I don't even have a golf ball, if I did, I would have shipped it overnight, UPS, to stick it in a big gusher. Not the broken oil well honies, in the guy's ass that let these criminal fucks get away with world wide murder. on the cheap.
So much for brilliant technology, idiots.

Where have I seen this before? It rhymes with the guy who shot a lawyer in the face.
Dick something.

The over reach to contain my first amendment rights to free speech come every day lately.
Fuck that, Fuck you, Fuck off.

Nightmare Of A World Cup

No, I won't shut up about it. It's the World Cup, dammit. You'd have better luck tryin' to get me to say no to another shot than gettin' me to shut up about football.

Sepp Blatter should be keelhauled and then bathed in salted lemon juice. Right before he's thrown to pack of starving rats who have been Pavlov'd into a liking for lemon juice and salt.

Holding the biggest sports tournament on the planet in a third world country with ridiculously bad officiating is no way to be FIFA President, son.

Get out. GET THE FUCK OUT NOW! You're fucking up the game!

The clown who blew the call in the US-Slovenia game was from Mali. How many world class games do you think they play in fucking Mali for him to have any experience at handling them? The other clown, who incorrectly red carded a Brazilian player the other day, is from Egypt. How many world class games do you think they play in fucking Egypt for him to have any experience at handling them? It is a complete fucking joke to have African referees and assistants just because the thing is being played in Africa.

All sports officials make mistakes but this is the equivalent of having Little League umpires work the god-damned World Series! It's a crock of shit and it's caused by Sepp Blatter, who spends all his time these days on his knees in front of Africa and Asia just so he can keep getting re-elected. God knows he has no support in Europe or South America anymore. I can't wait for the day that the game I love more than all others sees his sorry ass in the rear view mirror.

The teams are complaining about being bored. Ya know why? They have to stay in their damned hotels, that's why. Would YOU want YOUR players going out at night in the country with the highest crime rate in the world? Not only no but fuck no! Who wants to lose players to a random stabbing or drive-by shooting? I knew it wouldn't go well eight motherfucking YEARS ago, when they awarded the tournament to South Africa. And I was right.

Apart from the pleasure of watching France fall completely apart this has been the worst World Cup I can remember.

I know for a fact that Sepp Blatter wants a team from somewhere other than Europe or South America to win the Cup, which has never happened before. He's on record as saying "it would be good for the game". No, dumbass...what's good for the game is making sure that the play was fair and just. I strongly suspect (as I wrote before the Cup even began) that the fix is in. No team from outside Europe or South America has ever even made the final before.

FIFA, with Sepp Blatter as captain of the ship, seems hell-bent on breaking that record...even if it costs them the integrity of the game.

Fucking assholes. The venue is a joke, the ball is a joke, the officiating is a joke. I'd like to shove a vuvuzela up Sepp Blatter's ass, wide end first, and then hook it up to an air compressor set to about 20,000 PSI.


Yay! It's Summertime

It has rained so much around here in the last month it broke the all time record for one month.
I am so sick of it, I still can hardly get into my garden to plant anything, it's a fuckin' swamp.
There is usually rain throughout June around here but it has been ridiculous.

Hopefully, it will start drying out and I can get with the program. Our Summer usually starts after the fourth of July and goes into October.
September and early October is gorgeous around here.
I can't wait for it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

You nasty bastards.

How do you think we all got here?

Dads doing the nasty.

Heh, you moms don't get off the hook either, nasty.

Hell, we're all nasty bastards now that I think of it, some of us are just way the hell nastier than others.

Guilty as charged.
So, if ya get the chance on this Fathers day, get yer nasty on.
Trust me, you'll feel a whole lot better.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Meh...muse this.

I got nothin' and I'm too drunk to care. Have a nice day.

The CEO of British Petroleum, who is captain of the ship and therefore responsible for the wreck, took a little time off this week to go yachting. Nice. Why in the fuck isn't somebody forcing this asshole into rubber boots and slapping his ass up and down the beach while making him lick the turtles clean? Every fucking last one of 'em.

President Obama pretended to be outraged but failed to do any kind of a decent acting job at it. Teleprompter must have malfunctioned or some such shit. Near as I can tell he's fucking lost without it.

Best part was that language guy who said that Obama's speech was written at a 10th grade level (9.8 to be exact) and it went over the heads of the audience. Ha! See how fucking stupid they think we are?

The US national team got absolutely fucking robbed in the World Cup via a somehow disallowed goal against Slovenia or Slovakia or Sofuckingwhatistan. Michael Bradley was being bear-hugged in the box and all the ref saw was a phantom foul by the goal scorer? WTF? That's what you get for taking the field in a US uniform overseas, I guess. Payback's a bitch.

Some Ornery Bastard I know always wants to buy "just one more" shot of Jameson before he heads off to boink Nasty Girl. I'm sorry...did I say that with my out loud voice? Say hi to her for me dude. Just not while your boinking her, okay? That'd be kinda creepy.

Some random guy knocked on my door tonight. Major WTF since I live in the boonies. Some guy, got a little girl with him about 4 or so. Says he needs water cause his van overheated and he just happened to pull over in my driveway. Nice. Yeah, hang on a sec and I'll bring ya some out. First thought, of course, was make sure the guns are loaded but then I remembered they always are. Second thought was dial 911 on the cell and be ready to push the button.

I'm a little too cynical sometimes. I took the guy out a pot o' water and chatted with him. Nice fella, it turned out. His kid was cute and showed me some daisies she picked so I pointed out some more for her and she toddled off. He got his van going and thanked me and that was that.

Be a better world if it worked that way more often.


Where The Fuck Is My Muse?

Bleh, I am pretty sure I have Blogger Burnout Syndrome, I just can't seem to get riled up about much of nuthin'.
As you can see, I haven't even posted since last Wednesday.
As a matter of fact, I am forcing myself to pound this out as I type.
What then hell, it happens to the best writers and I don't consider myself to be much of a writer, more of a psyco ranter but hey, it's symantics anyway.
It will come back, something will piss me off, these slumps don't normally last all that long.
Thanks fer stopping by and keep an eye out for something here shortly.


Friday, June 18, 2010

When religions clash

So this family in South Africa wants to watch the God Channel but dad wants to watch Germany play Australia in the World Cup.

That's a killin'.

His wife, son and daughter BEAT HIM TO DEATH.'s only the group stage. Save it for the final.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Twenty Billion Is Chump Change For BP

So, BP has agreed to put twenty Billion dollars in an escrow account to pay for the damage their fucking broken well that is still spewing oil like jizz outta a drunk sailor after six months at sea is still spewing.
How fucking generous.
Oh, they felt so bad they have broken the news to their stock holders, that they might have to wait three whole quarters before they can dispense with a barge load of money again.
Fucking cocksuckers.
Then we have the big gun telling us how bad he feels for the small people in the gulf.

Excuse the fuck out of me?
Just how many midgets live there?
Hey, any vertically challenged people that live in the gulf should get their money first, plus a goddamned life jacket and a bottle of degreaser

What a fucking asshole, small people.

Hey, dickhead, I am one of those small people and you had best not get within kicking distance with that fucking attitude, you just might wind up a bit lighter than you were before I got my fucking hands on ya, you arrogant fucking bastard.
Small people, what a fucking privileged fucking cunt.
20 billion dollars is a drop in the ocean you just killed.
I am beside myself with the arrogance this motherfucker has.
It's bad enough the President of the United States as a sack the size of a pygmy goat, get yer fucking head out of your ass Obama.
20 billion dollars is a slap in the face.
They made 35 billion dollars, PROFIT, just last year,that means they probably went through ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS in operating expense. On top of that they are gettin massive tax breaks and are being subsidized to the tune of millions of dollars a year by us, the US taxpayer.

Oh, fuck no, 20 billion is chump change to these cocksuckers.

Don't even try to cry poor to me ya sonofabitch and talking down to the US public is sure to have consequences, remember that at your next champaigne party, mother fucker.

The more info that comes out about the rate of flow, whether or not the sea floor is broken and there are multiple leaks that we are not hearing about, that are being covered up about, the worse it is going to be for you.

My advice to you, asshole, is to follow the lead of that murderous fucking bastard who owns Blackwater and get the fuck somewhere they don't have extradition treaties with us so you can hide the fuck out while this nightmare goes on for the next sixty fucking years.

The disaster your company has caused will be there long after both of us are dead, you have poisoned future generations to save a few bucks, someone have mercy on your worthless ass, I won't.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've Got A One Way Ticket

No need to comment,If you are reading this, your body parts are racing themselves to the floor if you are vertical and winning if you're not.
It's just a testament to the plastic surgery that our current culture is obsessed with to appear young.
Get The Fuck Off My Lawn!
I am quite comfortable in my old age, except for those damn mystery pains and all the arthritis that kicks my ass every fucking day. Piece of candy Nasty Girl?

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Great Look At The Mind Set Behind Corporate America's Value Of Life And Death Of It's Customers.

DistributorcapNY has an excellent post up anylizing how the murderous whores in Corporate America can come to the conclusion that it is cheaper for them to let you die a horrible death in a fire than it is to spend eleven fucking dollars.
Go read it and understand what we are up against.

There Are Times When A Good Head Butt To The Nose Is Necessary

This would be one of those times.

If I was that kid, I would have his ass in my hand and THEN, sue him.
He needs to press charges and the dick head needs to find a job, in this economy, at a fucking McDonalds.
This is a perfect example of how the people we elect to run this country for us have us in the highest contempt and we mean nothing to them.
The only way to turn that back around is to harras the fuck out of them at every opportunity and make their lives a living hell, waiting for the next constituant to ambush their fucking ass while walking down the street.

Apparently, these fuck wads need to be reminded 24/7 who the fuck they work for and that they are accountable for their actions.

Great news!

Huge new mineral deposits have been discovered in Afghanistan! A trillion dollars worth! Enough to transform the entire country from a complete hell-hole into an ordinary every day crap-hole like New Jersey. Woohoo!

Vast supplies of minerals such as iron, copper and gold, all with worldwide technological applications, are scattered over the country, according to the Defense Department.

But officials caution that they won't be easy to extricate and that it will take years to turn this new found mineral wealth into actual revenue.

Uh, yeah...the mineral potential of Afghanistan has been known about for decades. The Soviets identified it in the 70s. The Chinese would love to get their hands on it, too. Problem is there ain't no fucking infrastructure to get it out. Even if you could mine it you gotta get it to the sea for transport by ship. Good luck with that.

So lets start from the beginning...first you gotta build massive mining operations but that don't do ya no good without freeways and railways and bridges and airports. Then you'll need equally massive support facilities like train depots, chemical plants, power stations, truck stops, housing facilities, blah, blah, fucking blah-de-blah.

Okay, so lets say you DO somehow manage to pull all that off. The nearest sea port is in Pakistan. Not a problem! The Pakistani government has never wanted anything but a successful neighbor next door and I'm sure they'd be more than happy to negotiate the required international treaties at a fair and equitable price. Hell, it ain't like they ever supported the Taliban, now is it?

The terrain shouldn't be much of a problem when it comes to building roads and railways. The 10th Mountain might be having trouble but what do they know?

The educated workforce you'll need is almost a given...see that farmer over there? He speaks Pashtun AND goat.

The US Guv'mint just put time back on the clock in Afghanistan. And I, for one, have complete trust in the notion of bringing in legions of unicorns and magic faeries to fly the ore to safety and bring the most ungovernable place on the planet into the present.

Before you know it all our men and women can come home and the Afghan people will have more lithium-ion batteries than they can eat.

That'll be a good day, when our boys come home.


Granny Sitting

Both my parents are out of town for a few days, in two different places. Mom is working and Dad is playing, so they asked me if I would come over after work and keep an eye on one of my two, 96 year old Grannies. Not a problem, I love them both dearly.
They have my nieces little friend who I think is about eighteen with a fifteen month old baby girl and her boyfriend come over during the day while I am at work and also have some medical people drop by during the day to give her a bath and other things I do not want to think about.

I actually overbilled myself on Sunday, my Aunt and Uncle were going out of town too and wanted me to watch my other Granny.
There was some serious miscommunication, at least I was confused, I did not know Dad was going to be out of town until Saturday afternoon, after I had already told my Uncle I would come over.
That led to some last minute scrambling on their part but they got it handled at the last minute.
Man, did I feel bad for that but it couldn't be helped, all my other brothers had shit going on.

Seeings I am pretty much the only batchelor, (sorry ladies, I DO have an awesomely hot girlfriend)I have no problem pitching in. I had to bribe the drunken little bastard neighbor to take care of my fucking cats but thats OK, they bug his ass all day when I am at work anyway.
He bitches but I know the little shit likes them.

So, now I get to sit in a nice chair, watch the fucking boob tube, see yesterdays post about that, and take nice, long, hot showers and drink the old man's booze while I am at it.I just got done heating up some soup for Granny, got her some ice water and will get her some sweets for dessert in a few minutes.

They got a new dog, some kinda Shit-zoo, it's still pretty young and the little fucker woke me up at six thirty this morning and was still going strong at eleven last night.I say Shit-zoo because it is a fucking zoo around here between that little bastard, who ain't quite potty trained yet, the older Shitzu, Andy and their old cat who are all laying aroundlicking their asses, until that little bastard Herbie gets a burst of energy and decideds to start fucking with the cat, then all hell breaks loose until I can get within arms reach and grab one of the fuckers and throw them outside until peace and quiet returns and the cat has time to go hide again.
So there ya have it, another day in the life of an Ornery Bastard.
Thanks fer stopping by.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Against The Wall

I just saw a fucking commercial for a new car bragging about hand rubbed silver into the woodwork, inside a motherfucking car. I am so glad I don't own a fucking television.
Oh, By The Way, anyone looking for hand rubbed silver into the wood work of a fucking car needs to stay a LONG damn way away from me.
OMFG, Fuck this food versus guy shit and Toyota can take a GIANT suck outta my ass.

Oh, My Fucking God, Laugh My Fucking Ass Off, now I know why I gave away my tv.
This is what people do for entertainment?
Hand me that bottle.

Pay Attention To Kyrgyzstan.

Yeah, I can't spell it either but mark my word, it is coming here.
After their political coup a few months ago that brought rioting in the streets and their president to flee for his life, things have gone downhill and now there is complete anarchy.
The second largest city is being burned to the ground, insurgents are raiding armories for weapons and when they can't find those, are using metal pipes and anything else they can get their hands on and , Oh yeah, once again, the ethnic cleansing has begun.
Reports of women and children trying to flee the horror being gunned down have surfaced.
That tells me there are other atrocities being committed that haven't been reported yet.

Anyone over fifty should remember the fiery Watts riots in California and the riots after Rodney Kings beating at the hands of the police.
Think that shit can't happen here and I have a big bridge to sell ya.
We have just not seen that level of violence on a national scale.
My advice is to fucking get ready for just that.

Harden up your doors, get some food , water, ammo and band aids put away and quit watching the fucking idiots on Tee Vee for your news.

Bad shit is coming down the pike, a lot of people have been telling you that.
Greece just went nuts, so did Spain, now this. It is contagious and we are not immune.
The Gulf is dead and they are still playing fuckity fuck with the information they will allow you to have.
Get a FUCKING clue, they are lying to you.
They will not even allow a reporter to get near the gulf, even though the First amendment guarantees a free press.
They won't even allow anyone to fly over it to take a picture of this disaster.
Can you not fucking put two and two together?
It is out of control and is MASSIVE.

I predicted two months ago that when a hurricane hits that mess, it was going to be raining oil in Ohio, now the PTB are saying the same damn thing.
I ain't no genius but I can damn well tell ya when it starts raining oil, which it will, it is going to poison thousands of square miles of farm land and all the earth and people who live there too.

Wake the fuck up.

When that happens, TSHTF.

Ready, Aim, Fire

This is fucked up beyond comprehension.
Do NOT click on this link if you are squeamish.

I would have shot this sick fuck in the head immediately.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saudis Clear Air Space For Isreali Bombing Run To Iran

This can't be good.

It Figures

I have been dog tired all god damn week and have been looking forward to sleeping in since Monday.
Oh, fuck no, I woke up this morning earlier than I did every single day all week, ten after seven.
Fuck this noise, I am going back to sleep, I has the secret weapon.
See ya.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Hundred And Fifty Eight Bucks To Vent My Spleen.

That's two months plus the late fee for getting on the internet.
Hey, I like porn as much as the next guy but that is ridiculous.

I'm sorry, I can't afford to pay these motherfuckers that much just to vent my spleen.
As therapeutic as this is, that's a lot of stuff on sale at Bi Mart, and a whole lot of beer.
I still have two months left with these fuckers at Verizon, then I am going to find some cheap fucking internet provider because this shit is killing me.That's why I have not been posting, I was behind on my payment and they shut me down. I don't like having to use my computer at work. Right now, I just paid 'em off for one more month but I am done with that shit.Sixty five bucks a month just for internet access?

Kiss my narrow ass.
It ain't like I have any earth shattering thing to say.


Took my two male cats to the vet this morning to get fixed.


Sorry about that, boys...believe me when I say I feel for ya.

They were not happy to be there. Had to dig the younger one out of a cabinet and his daddy out from the smallest, darkest corner he could find. Behind the printer under a counter, thank you very much. And then got to do it again after I calmed him down but the vet came back in. like a shot to that small, dark place again. I got the scratches to prove it.

All went well in the end. Got 'em home and fed. They're going back and forth between pain-killer lounging and being way too needy. Way more than they were before.

I think it's like their kitty way of saying, "You bastard! You took me somewhere unknown and left me with people unknown and they CUT MY FUCKING BALLS OFF! Excuse me for thinking that you better pet me and you better do it RIGHT FUCKING NOW!"

Since I can't argue with that logic I've been petting them on demand.

It's the least I can do. And in the immortal words of Hawkeye Pierce on the TV show MASH, "Never let it be said that I didn't do the least I could do."


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Get A Rope

The head of the U.S Chamber of Commerce says that we need to bail out poor BP for the cost of the cleanup.

ABC News’ Teddy Davis reports:

The head of the United States Chamber of Commerce said Friday that his group is not yet lobbying against legislative efforts to raise BP’s liability cap, viewing the issue as not yet "ripe."

He signaled, however, that his group would figure out a way to get the government to share in the cost of cleaning up the Gulf Coast.

“It is generally not the practice of this country to change the laws after the game,” said Tom Donohue, the president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “. . . Everybody is going to contribute to this clean up. We are all going to have to do it. We are going to have to get the money from the government and from the companies and we will figure out a way to do that.”

My bold.

I have some news for you, peckerhead, we are fucking broke.
BP started this disaster by cutting corners and there is a criminal liability here because of that.
They can pay for the clean up. I could give a rats ass if it takes every god damn penny they have and have to sell every fucking piece of equipment they own and go completely out of buisiness, THEY are going to pay for this disaster, not us.

Just the fact that you opened your mouth to utter this profoundly fucked up attempt to bail out yet another giant corporation makes me want to grab you by the throat.
They broke it, they own it and you can shove your bailouts up your ass, we have had it with that shit.

Too Stupid To Believe

With nothing more pressing to worry about, like building a decent fucking car, the top brass at GM have decided to try and upgrade their image by forbidding their employees to call their cars, "Chevy".

Believe it or not, they can actually be fined for it.

This is so fucking retarded as to defy belief.
I don't even know where to start, except by stating the obvious. They have been called Chevy by multiple generations of people and that term is not going to ever, ever, go away, no matter how hard they may try to wish it so.
Cracks Heads, Eats Valves Yearly, Chevy.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Yer Pissing Me Off

Yeah, yeah, I know, no post for two whole days, what a jerk, eh?
I just don't have much to say right now, busy as hell at work,it's just me and the kid today and all hell has to break out, of course.
There is still millions of gallons of oil spurting into the Gulf and now Obama says he know who's ass to kick.
How about all of 'em, that would work for me, as a start.
Anyways, the collapse continues unabated and 90% of the sheeple are just really disappointed with the ending of 'Lost'.
A fucking television show.
Idiots, every fucking one of 'em. I don't even own a television.

I got into it with that asshole motherfucking neighbor about the fence line again last night, he is all butt hurt about my attitude towards him.


I went out to plant some shit in the garden and here is this nasty fucking tarp nailed to some rickety assed boards nailed from MY side of the goddamn fence.

Oh, fuck, no, you don't.
I cut that fucker down and tossed it over the fence, got out my portable skill saw, some nails and a hammer and put up new 2x4's that said asshole had broken while he was fucking around back there, pulled up the wire fencing he had trampled while he was at it, and nailed the fucker back together.
I told him in no uncertain terms to stay the fuck on his side of that goddamn fence or really bad things were going to start happening, real fast.
Fucking moron, what part of that do you not understand?

It is illegal to put up barbed wire in the little town I live in, otherwise I would have ten strands of electrified razor wire up.
Fucking asshole.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Pogue Mahone

Yeah, I spent three hundred bucks on whiskey the other what?

Bottle o' Jameson Gold Label for OB and a bottle o' Johnnie Walker Blue Label for meself.

Oh, and it WAS a big fucking boulder that I backed into. Huh...I thought the little retaining wall went all the way to the road. I was wrong, which hasn't happened since last time.

Pogue Mahone is Gaelic for kiss my ass, in case anyone was wondering.


Off The Charts Awesome

Looks harmless enough, no?
Just some pancakes with cream whip and strawberries.


There is a secret weapon hidden in the middle that will knock yer socks off.

My girlfriend came up with this and it is over the top.
That secret weapon would be a layer of cheesecake spread in between those two pancakes.


This is so damn rich that you might not be able to finish it but Oh My God, is this good!!

Ya GOTTA have a cup of hot coffee with this to wash it down.
My preference is to also have a shot of whisky to cut the sweetness at the end but I am here to tell ya, this is a very nice treat once in a while.

Damn, the girl is spoiling my narrow ass.
I fuckin' love it too.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

You'll Never Walk Alone

Okay, lets just get THIS out of the way right up front. Go ahead, click it. You know you want to.

Haha...OB is out of town so I get to bore y'all to death with a football post.

And nobody can stop me. BUWAHAHAHA.

Step 1: Buy the owner a bottle of fine whiskey.
Step 2: Take over the joint.
Step 3: Piss people off at your leisure.

Liverpool FC needs a new manager because they finally figured out (6 years, 70 players and 220,000,000 in cash later) that the last one talked a good game but that was about it. Don't let the door hit ya in the ass on way out. Goodbye and good riddance, Rafael Benitez.

Sven Goran Eriksson has thrown his hat in the ring. After he gets done wasting his time with Ivory Coast at the World Cup, that is. It pisses me off when these guys take jobs with no-hope countries just for the payday. Sven is a good manager but not a great one. He lacks the fiery passion that great managers like Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho have. Hell, even Arsene Wenger has more passion than Eriksson and he's about as dull as a brick unless he's claiming not to have seen a dive one of his players took.

I once knew a guy from Liverpool who told me his grandfathers last will and testament stated that he wanted his ashes sprinkled on the ground at Anfield, okay? The same guy would dress in his Sunday best and hit the pub if Liverpool won the Merseyside Derby...and stay in bed all day if Everton did. This is not just a game.

There are several names being bandied about as replacement for Rafa Benitez but the only one that stands out is Harry Redknapp. He is the best English manager around by a country mile. None of the available foreigners impress me much and I'm iffy on Roy Hodgson. He's done well with a small club at Fulham but Liverpool is a freaking HUGE and storied club with a trophy case to prove it.

Harry Redknapp is a great judge of talent. He was smart enough to off-load that wanker Robbie Keane on loan to Celtic, wasn't he? Captain of Ireland and their all time leading scorer...yawn. A goal every three games is weak and Redknapp knew he had better strikers in Pavyluchenko (who Redknapp goaded into proving himself with some time on the bench) and Jermaine Defoe. Keane has busted (at Inter Milan, Tottenham and Liverpool) far more often than he has done well (at lower division Coventry and in two-team Scotland). He runs a tight ship, which the Kop needs after Beenitez (spelled incorrectly on purpose).

Tottenham Hotspur were a big club on hard times when Redknapp took on the job. They'll be playing in the Europe next year, which is a major accomplishment...almost as big as guiding little Portsmouth to an FA Cup.

Liverpool is Liverpool...18 English championships, 5 European Cups, 7 FA Cups, 15 Charity Shields, 3 UEFA Cups, 3 UEFA Super Cups, 8 Doubles (2 trophies in one year) and 2 Trebles (3 trophies in one year). Very few teams can come close to THAT history. Only Manchester United, AC Milan and Real Madrid are bigger than Liverpool.

Harry Redknapp is a cockney, not a scouser, so that might put the supporters off a bit but I don't think there's a better man for the job. His son Jamie played for Liverpool and was a fan favorite so they'll welcome him, I think. They're gonna lose Fernando Torres and Pepe Reina (the Spanish players who were really only there because of the Spanish manager who's gone now) and they need a man like Redknapp to fill in the gaps with fresh faces and get Steven Gerrard the championship he deserves.

For you Americans: Steven Gerrard, local boy, is to Liverpool what Dan Marino was to the Miami Dolphins, a great player on an almost-but-not-quite-good-enough team.

If anyone can bring glory back to Anfield it's Harry Redknapp.


"We'll always treasure those three historic victories over Germany: 1918, 1945, and 1966."

"Football is a simple game. 22 men run around for 120 minutes then the Germans win on penalties."


Ya know what that means, don't ya?

Best Friends Forever.

I has three.

That is no joke and it is so fucking rare I am going to revel in it.
I have three friends that I know if I need a hand, they will be there.
How many you got?
I know hundreds of people, I am a gregarious sonofabitch, I get along with almost everyone. I'm just that kind of guy.
If ya got tits, I love you before I know yer name!

My buddy Steve, I fucking love that guy.
He is smarter than I am by about a half a mile, he takes care of my narrow ass on a regular basis, he is ALWAYS looking out for me.Serious this guy goes out of his way sometimes.
Dude, if ya read this, I fuckin' love ya.

I have a very dear friend that I have known for over twenty five years, my buddy Goofy Danny.
This guy kept me from starving to death when I was laid up with a serious case of lower back fusion at 25 years old.
We go back a long ways.. Crazy? that fucking guy kicked the living shit, literally, out of three guys at a stop light one time, Not one of those assholes ever even got out of the car.One of them flipped us off at a stoplight and took off, We were in a fucking Volkswagon bus and I wound that bitch up and kept right next to them until we got to the next light. I slammed on the brakes and Danny jumped out with the jack in his hand, He literally jumped over and slammed that jack into the rear quarter of the POS they were in three fucking times before they even knew what the fuck was going on and then all hell broke loose.
He did a round house kick THROUGH the drivers window and caught the asshole that started the fraccass right in the mouth, then he reached around that guy and punched the guy in the back seat right in the cocksucker and took him out with one punch.
Now, if I had not been there and saw this with my own eyes I would not believe it but Danny slid across the hood of the car like Starsky and Hutch and while the third dickhead was trying to get out of the car, started slamming the door on his leg repeatedly until said asshole decided it was better to get back in the car.
The best part?
We were in downtown San Jose and there was a fucking cop sitting at the same stop light on the other side watching the whole thing, I shit you not. Danny got back in the van and I said, "We are going to jail, look over there".
The light turned green and I turned right,from the left lane, right in front of three guys sitting in a car bleeding and the cop went through the light, hung a U turn and turned on the lights.
He pulled up behind the three guys and me and Danny drove away.
True story.
That is a true friend.
Last but not least is my pal Sponge Bob Crack Whore.

I have never met anyone in my life who is so much like me, physically and mentally.

People think we are brothers, we look so much alike.

Ornery? oh you fucking betcha.
A great guy?
Oh you double fucking betcha.
Both of us are nice guy's, I hate to admit that but my girlfriend keeps blowing my cover and tells everyone what a sweet guy I am, dammit.
Anyways, this is getting a bit long but I just wanted to give a shout out to my pals.

Sponge Bob?
Dude, thanks for the bottle of Jamesons Gold Reserve, I lied when I said I wasn't going to open it here at Nasty Girl's, it is awesome.
By the way dude, I think your bumper isn't that bad.
LOL! that was funny as hell watching you back up on that giant fucking boulder.
It was great to see ya again and we need to do that more often.


Thursday, June 03, 2010

There Is A Special Level Of Hell Awaiting Mechanical Design Engineers.

I have been dealing with these fucking idiots for over thirty years and to this day, I can say, just because it looks good on paper, does not mean it is a good design.
How many nightmares I have dealt with over the years runs into the thousands, I have spent a great deal of my professional time out smarting engineers who design one fucking component that goes into a car that is so fucked up trying to repair it in said car, requires disassembling half the motherfucker to get to one goddamn screw.

It's called serviceability.

I just witnessed this today watching them fuck around trying to plug that giant oil leak in the gulf.

Off and on, I was watching one of those remote robot things, twice, trying to remove fouled cables dangling all over the fucking pieces of equipment they had dangling down in the ocean, at a mile deep.

Hey, asshole. why are there fucking wild cables getting caught up in some REALLY expensive pieces of equipment during a global emergency?
Never heard of duct tape?
How about Zip Ties?
Jesus, what a fucking exasperating thing to watch as some poor fucking bastard is trying to use a remote vehicle with mechanical fingers try and untangle that shit while the whole mess is bobbing up and down due to wave action a mile up above and the whole mess is swinging back and forth like a fucking hypnotists watch.
One suggestion, pay the fuck attention to fucking cables and lanyards and shit like that that could get in the way BEFORE the fucking thing is a goddamn mile down in the drink.

I actually saw one remote get tangled up and while trying to get loose, some , I"m sure, critical piece got tore the fuck off and went to the bottom.
How do I know it was a critical piece?

Another clue was who ever was operating it kept using the camera to see what just went missing.

If these are the best engineers that BP can find, we are SO FUCKED!
no fucking wonder they can't fix this.

Hey, I have an idea, if you can find a decent crane operator, send down a fucking piece of pipe that is tapered to fit inside the broken one and gets big enough to get stuck in the fucker, a mile of pipe is pretty fucking heavy.
Slide it in and stick it until it stops and then start pumping oil.

Damn, I am just a red neck mechanic and I can figure this shit out.
That would give you assholes enough time to drill those other wells and I could get a Medal of Honor.

Fucking morons.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Surprise Surprise

I stopped after work and counted the measly amount of Alms that I had in my pocket to get a forty ouncer, two fifty nine.
Got it, came home, sat down and drank the damn thing while I went about my business rolling fucking cigarettes that now cost eight fucking dollars a pack, made something to eat, scrounged up just enough to go get another beer and am told the price went up a dollar in the hour that I was at home.
Being the proud, patriotic mother fucker I am, it's nice to know I pay more in taxes every fucking day than most big corporations do, ever.
Cock suckers drop more on stationary a month than I make in a year and yet here I am getting a goddamn reaming every fucking day.
Ain't life grand here in the United States of Amerika these days?

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

When Did Sarah Palin Take Over BP?

What The Fuck?
Sorry dudes, we'll be back sometime in three fucking months.
In the mean time, have a few million barrels of oil, on the house, every fucking day.
Oh, just to get your nipples hard, the teasing cocksuckers at the DOJ, are going to look into any possible criminal acts concerning this giant, fucking, disaster, that we already know was directly caused by malfeasance and cost cutting, just like they did with the war crimes of the Bush administration.


A Hat Tip To One Of My Betters.

Way the fuck overdue at that.

Good on ya dude.

My God Given Rights Are Null And Void Unless I Ask For Them

How the fuck does that work?
I can't speak in public at a demonstration unless I am standing in the rain a half fucking mile from what I am trying to address? What the fuck is this Free Speech Zone shit?
Where I am standing or sitting, is my God given right to say my piece and FUCK YOU and your Godddamn Free Speech Zones.
Taze me and charge me with Bullshit charges after ya drag my narrow ass back to the squad car, which happens to be where I should be able to voice my opposite opinion to anything that anyone says. Fuck ya. Bust my fucking head.
Now I have to actually tell some aggressive law enforcement officer that I have the right to shut the fuck up?
What kind of completely fucked up thought process actually came out of the Supreme Court, again?!
Some asshole from BP just claimed the Fifth.
Hey, if I get pulled over and am being arrested, I have the right to shut the fuck up so as not to have anything I say used against me in a court of law, until the other day. Now, If I even have a face to face chat with the local SWAT team. I have to inform them, that I have the right to be silent, if they don't just blow the door off and blast me with a tactical twelve gauge out of fear for their own lives, while I am asleep.
My local police officer, I have to remember to tell the guy, I have the right to remain silent, except I don't, because now I actually have to speak up and tell some mother fucker, I have the right to remain silent.
There is some convoluted, fucked up, right wing Goddamn activist cunt fucking asshole bastard judges, reinterpreting an earlier decision, by their predecessors.Miranda is a fucking precedent and they just went through the back door trying to repeal it, again.
I have to remind a trained , professional cop, I have the right to remain silent, before I can remain silent.
Hi, officer, I want to shut the fuck up and not say anything to you.Is that OK?
Is that OK? Can you hear me now? What a load of horse shit that keeps coming out of our so called Supreme court.I hope that prick Scalia gets pulled over for running a stop sign and they don't recognize his fucking ass. That would be VERY entertaining.

I thought we settled this back in the fucking 70's, but no, while the whole fucking country is in flames, these fucking assholes keep trying to send us all back to 1830.


Meet A Sheeple, One Census Worker

I got tired of the fucking threatening notes left on my door and finally called this chick, I will call her Tina, because the minute she opened her fucking mouth, I said, Oh God, it's another one.
They have been pestering me and now here it comes.
I apologized for calling at dinner time and she asked if she could call me back in a half hour.
I said, no problem, you are probably making dinner, and I quote, " we don't make dinner, we buy it".

These idiots are your fucking neighbors and sometimes they get off their dead asses and vote.

I am shaking my head because this brain dead little bitch has the full authority of the Federal Government to tell your landlord to open your front door so she can evaluate how many people live there.
This stupid fucking bitch can't even make dinner.
I have to stop now, I have to go make dinner and wait for this fucking Bimbo to call me back.
It makes me wonder what they had, Fruit Loops?

Jesus Fucking Christ, how much ya want to bet I have seen this dumb ass cutting me off on the way to get groceries so she could bring home a sack full of Happy Meals?
The best part?
We are paying her now.

Double fucking bonus round, my neighbor told her everything she needed to know to fill out the form.
Note to self, kick that mother fucker in the nuts the next time I see him, twice.

Another fucking dumb ass.


No, not the one that opened up in Guatemala...the one fucking SCOTUS opened up with this absolute bullshit ruling.

Miranda no longer applies unless you specifically tell the police up front that you are enforcing it for yourself. Which I guarantee they will promptly ignore while they attempt to interrogate your ass into an admission of guilt.

This decision is so blindingly stupid that SCOTUS ruled that the guy in question waived his Miranda rights by REMAINING SILENT. Let me just repeat that...he somehow waived his Miranda rights by failing to enunciate to the police that he was invoking them!

Yes, he was guilty and yes they trapped him into an admission. But this ruling bodes ill for the rest of us in ways that should be readily apparent.

The state will still recognize your rights under Miranda but it is no longer incumbent upon them to make sure that they are granted. You, not the state, will now be responsible for enforcing your civil rights under law.

I'm sure every police officer in America will kindly help you out with a friendly reminder. Not.

In that light, why have the fucking law at all any more? Might as well just say the hell with it and repeal it completely. If the state is no longer responsible for enforcement then it isn't even a law anymore, now is it? They just moved Miranda from the required reading list to the suggested section. Holy fucking shit.

This is a sinkhole of massive proportions and just one more example of the systematic erosion of our rights by the Federal government.

Pop quiz: name one totalitarian police state that DIDN'T get the ball rolling by stripping it's citizenry of previously held rights.

Day by day I recognize this country as the America I grew up in less and less.