Sunday, August 31, 2008

No Rest Fer The Wicked

So much for my three day weekend, I get to go to work today and tomorrow too!

Go until dark today and be at the shop at five thirty in the morning and work until it gets dark again.
Then, hopefully, back to my normal forty hour week.

I need the bucks though, so I suppose I shouldn't snivel and be thankful I actually HAVE a job.

See ya's later.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

Hurricane Gustav has just been upgraded to Category Four with sustained winds over 145 MPH.
If you live anywher close to where it is predicted to land,


This thing still has TWO DAYS to gather more energy over the Gulf before it hits landfall.

WTNT62 KNHC 301718
120 PM EDT SAT AUG 30 2008



Monitor the NOAA Hurricane site for more and updated information.

A Labor Day Weekend Must Read

My Buddy One Fly has a post up that every working man and women in this country should read and remember this Labor Day Weekend.

While certain things have changed, much remains the same even though .

Friday, August 29, 2008

WTF Is McStain Thinking?

The Republican's apparent nominee has decided to give the VP nod to the lady Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.
She is a 44 year old mother of five who is also currently under investigation for abuse of power.

Under investigation for firing
But Palin’s seemingly bright future was clouded in late July when the state legislature voted to hire an independent investigator to find out whether she tried to have a state official fire her ex-brother-in-law from his job as a state trooper.

Snipped from MSNBC.

Although this might be a problem. we shall see if they can't get this squashed.

In picking Palin I have some questions here,
After hammering Obama on his youth and inexperience, explain to me how a soccer mom has the experience to step into the role of Commander In Chief of our Armed Services?

If she is already under investigation for abuse of power as a Governor, do we get to look forward to the young, attractive version of Dick Cheney?

By giving the nod to Palin, is the Republican strategy to try and continue wooing the PUMA vote?
Do they really take it to heart there are enough women in that demographic to make it worth while?

These are just off the top of my head.

Even though many of the speculated early choices were, in my opinion, not really viable, I would have to think they could have come up with someone with a bit more experience.

I think McCain just shit and stepped back in it.

This is going to be a hard sell to the base and he desperately needs that bunch of crazy motherfuckers permission to do anything anymore.

This could lead to a blood letting between factions in the Republican party who are already afraid of the Tsunami headed their way come election day.

I love it.

Popcorn anyone?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Poor Little Bastard, I know How Ya Feel !

At least ya didn't have to buy a bunch of drinks!

Of course, if that was my cat, that sonofabitch would have been outfuckingside long before I ever got to sit and watch that happen, let alone film it.

I was teasing the one who gave me the link but I will be nice tonight.

This Shit Is NOT Normal!

I think I would be getting some Kitty tranquilizers out.
Sumbich acts like it's posessed or something!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just What I Needed

Something to cheer me up and remind me that it ain't all gloom and doom all the time.
What the hell,never a dull moment, right?
At least I can say I know how to take care of shit myself and don't have to rely on anybody to hold my fuckin' hand when all Hell breaks loose.

Here, have some Floyd;

Sunday, August 24, 2008

No Rest Fer The Wicked, Round Three.

This is the third installment of a long post about my weekend, scroll down for parts one and two.

So I wake up this morning, sore as hell, tired and GRUMPY!

After the night from Hell last night, I am hungry because I never did eat anything all day.
I get dressed, go outside and remember what a fucking nightmare awaits my attention.
Fuck it, it will wait.
I went and had a nice breakfast and came home to start in.
The water leak had been coming from under the bed.
Remember, I live in the Rat Hole, a travel trailer.
Under the bed is where the fresh water tank is and shares a wall with the bathroom.

I tore off the temporary bedding, threw it outside too and then had to take the plywood off to see what was going on.
Fuck. Me.
After getting things stripped down so I could see, I find an electric water pump, the fresh water tank, a couple of hard vinyl water lines and the hard plastic drain pipe from the bath tub, all within about a foot from the outside wall.
The water and drain lines then disappear under the wall into the bathroom, UNDER the bath tub.
Not good.
I grabbed a flash light, went outside and turned the water on and then ran back in to see if I could find the leak.
Of course, it is squirting out of the 'T' that goes up to the shower and then on to the toilet.
Right smack dab under neat the wall separating the bathroom and the bedroom, UNDER the drain for the bathtub.
MAJOR surgery is called for, I can barely see it but can't in any way get to it.
I start yanking the panel off on the side of the tub to get a better look. No dice, I can't get to it from there either.
I now have a choice.
Either rip the mother fucking bath tub out, or cut an access hole through the wall, under the bed, next to the water tank and all the water lines, with a Sawzall.
You get one guess.

Of course, today is muggy as hell and I am now kneeling on the plastic water tank, trying not to cut clear through every damn water line running through the wall, about a foot underneath where my knees are, one handed.
I get the wall opened up and the sweat is running into my eyes, my glasses keep sliding off my face and I STILL can't get to the one I am after.

I ended up sawing the fucking bastard out by hand with the tiny little saw on a Leatherman multi tool!
I finally get the sonofabith out and now it is off to the hardware store.
Yeah, try finding vinyl water pipe fittings.
I finally had to buy a bunch of shit that would work to piece it back together, with one small detail to be worked out.
The clamps that hold all this shit together are crimped.
Oh, they can rent you the tool, fuck that I says, I'll figure something out.
I have a pair of pliers I got somewhere years ago that are a marvel too look at.
They are wire fencing pliers, the original multi tool.
About eight inches long, one leg of the pliers is a tiny nail puller, one is a flat bladed screw driver, it has a tiny hatchet blade on one side, round serrated jaws for grabbing small pipe and rounded snippers at the tip.This thing is older than I am.
The snipper part fits just perfect around the clamp where it needs to be squeezed together and the whole thing is just small enough to fit in the hole I am working on.
After an hour of grunting and squeezing for all I was worth, I had it back together.
I ran outside and turned on the water and came back inside and got soaked!
The pliers didn't quite crimp the clamps enough and water was squirting all over the fucking place!
Off goes the water and off I go to another hardware store to get a bigger set of snippers.
I originally went to the first one because I knew the closer one wouldn't have the fittings I needed, from past experience.
Twenty bucks later, Back to squeezing.
I ended up cutting off and replacing two out of the three but I WIN!

Oh, now I have to put all this shit back together, in the mean time all of my clean clothes and every stitch of bedding I have are still outside, and it starts raining.

I can't fucking believe it.
I threw the fuck plywood down and started piling clothes on it!

It's going to be a bit damp sleeping tonight but I will manage.
I still have a shit load of clothes to put away too.

I won't bother telling you about the propane leaks I had to deal with getting the hot water heater going again after I had to change bottles, it would just scare ya.

My Guardian Angel works over time a lot, let's just put it that way.

Sorry for the long, three part post but now you get an idea of the kind of shit I deal with on a regular basis.

I must be real wicked because I am freaking exhausted.

No Rest Fer The Wicked, Round Two

Saturday morning, I wake up way too early and decide to go back to sleep after getting up to take a leak.
I finally drag my ass out of bed about nine o'clock and I am still wore out from yesterdays marathon.
I get dressed, after realizing that the fucking clothes I took to the folks to dry are still siting there in the basket other than what I wore down there.
I get moving and go down to the club and have a cup of coffee because they aren't serving breakfast today.
Two cups later, I am shaking like a dog shitting peach pits, I just can't drink coffee like I used to, it tears me up.
So, fuck it, time for an adult beverage.
Or two, OK, maybe three.

After a couple hours of sitting there bullshitting, I realize that I am not getting a damn thing done so I head home.
I open the door and sigh.
Lots of it, is waiting.
So I start packing the shit out to the truck, basket after basket. You would think I would do this on a more regular basis but I ain't that smart, I have too many clothes so I just keep piling them up.
Anyways, I go down to the laundry mat and start in.
It took a whole row of washers, plus one of the industrial sized MOFO's because I took some bedding too.

Of course, there just happens to be a bar next door, how conveeeeeenient.
Five hours and thirty dollars worth of quarters later, I am feeling no pain and have a TRUCK LOAD of clean clothes to get home, about six blocks and it is getting dark.

I unlock the door and HOLY SHIT, I have a catastrophe on my hands, a water line let go and there is fucking water everywhere!

Forget bringing any clothes in, there is no place to put them down because the water had been coming from underneath my bed and the bed spread hanging down had gotten soaked and siphoned the water off the floor and soaked every fucking inch of bedding too!

I ran out and turned the fucking water off and proceeded to clean up what I could so I could start stripping all the bedding off and threw it outside on my little car sitting there and wipe off the plywood under all of it as best I could.

Fortunately, I had some plastic sheeting and a sleeping bag to throw down, along with the bedding I had just washed so I could fall down and go to sleep!

This is day two, I still have today to survive, coming on the next post.

No Rest Fer The Wicked

I need to clean my ears out or something, someone is trying to tell me something and I ain't listening.
This is going to be long, just like my weekend.
There is also going to be sniveling involved.

Last I wrote, I was scheduled to take Friday off and travel to Coos Bay for a friend of the families memorial service, that is where I am going to start.

My Dad told me to be at his place at 7 AM so we could get down there in time for the One O'clock service.

Thursday night after several adult beverages, I realize I don't have shit to wear.
At Midnite, I am washing clothes at my neighbors place, he has a washer and dryer in a shed out back he lets me use.
The washer gets done and I throw my stuff in the dryer and go to bed.
I get up at six fifteen, still somewhat muddled from the night before and go over to get my clothes out of the dryer, they are soaking wet, the dryer took a shit.
So I start racing around and throw everything in the truck and haul ass over to my folks so I can throw these clothes in the dryer, fully expecting to hear my old man pitch a fit about us going to be late.
Lo and behold, my folks are barely out of bed and still have to take showers etc. , etc., etc.

Cool. Eventually we get out the door and then there is the usual fuck around getting out of town ritual, get gas, beer, smokes,breakfast, the paper, you get the idea.
At about 8 O:clock we hit the road and still have to drive 250 miles.

Time goes by and we are still pretty much OK until we get off the Interstate about thirty miles.
Me and Pop are yakking it up, I am sipping on a beer because I ain't driving and we aren't paying real close attention to what is going on. We get into this construction zone and go around a corner and there sits a State Cop.
I look over and Pops is doing 67 in a 55, in a construction zone where the fines double for things just like that.
I said , "Shit, you are getting pulled over, right now".
Dad is still yakking away so I said it again, this time he hears me and says, 'Yeah".
I look back and sure as shit here he comes so I start stuffing the newspaper into the sack, covering up the beer.
This is a narrow, two lane, twisty river road, Dad puts on the turn signal but there is nowhere to pull over.
We come around a corner and traffic is stopped in front of a tunnel.
We stop, the cop gets out and tells Dad he was going 67 in a construction zone, Dad say's, "You are exactly right" and hands him his license, etc.After a couple of minutes of looking things over,
the cop tells him he is going to let him off with a warning and I almost fell out of the car!
That would have been a Four Hundred dollar ticket!!!
Long story short, we were about fifteen minutes late to the service because we hit three more bridges being repaired and had to sit and wait.
We got there, it was a very nice service and there were a lot of people there that I hadn't seen in twenty years, a lot of them were my Dad's friend's from High School, just like the fellow who the service was for.
We had a very good time talking to old friends.

We decided to take a different route home to avoid the construction, I drove because Pops is getting up there and has a bad eye and can't see when it gets dark.

Taking the different route turned out to be a mistake.
We went up the coast about fifty miles and turned in on another route we know, went twenty five miles up another twisty river road to where the road splits off to get to Eugene, Oregon, and the State Police have the road closed!
We never did find out what for either.
We wound up on this narrow, crooked assed river road with about a hundred ,twenty mile an hour corners.
We wound up way the hell and gone out of our way getting back to the freeway and ran into more fucking construction zones than we did coming down!

We finally got home at 10:30 that night.
Five hundred and some miles round trip.
We were beat and I jumped in the truck and came home and fell down.

I am going to stop here and break this up, there is more to come from this long weekend, this is just from one day.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Hard Part Of Life.

I am going out of town to a memorial service for a man that was in my life ever since I was dragged out of Oakland California at the tender age of Ten months old.
Leonard was my Granny's back yard neighbor for over Fifty years.

The last of a breed, the guy was a truck driver and had a heart attack on the road clear back when I was in High school.He was told by the medical establishment that he was going to die twenty five years ago, tells ya how much they know.
The man was an Ornery Bastard in Spades,I am going to pay my respects. Although I came by it naturally, I had some excellent fucking examples of how it should be done as ya get older. Environmental shaping and all that crap.
I grew up in a major lumber and logging town, Cowboys wouldn't last long enough to finish a beer.
I am the last of the Old School.
Thank yer lucky stars.

I also have to go to another service next Friday.
My Uncle died last Sunday.

That guy gave the label Ornery Bastard it's own spot in history.
We shared the same Birthday and a penchant fer likker too.

Part of the fun of living is learning how to deal with the dying and the dead.
It ain't a bit of fun and the older ya get, the more ya get to practice.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic Diving

Normally the only thing I use my TV for is an alarm clock.
As I was trying to set the thing to wake me up tomorrow, I happened upon some ladies diving.

I hate to say this out loud but this ain't my first time of watching the Olympics.
As I watched these young ladies (little girls to this old bastard), all I could do was root for them to do the best that they could, they have amazing talent!

I wasn't looking at what country they were from, I was watching and rooting for the individual young person who had busted their ass to finally get where they were at, in front of the world, doing the best they could do. What else could anyone see except for one young individual up there beating down their personal insecurities long enough to shine at what they do for the amount of time as a sunrise looked at through a microscope?

My hat is off to every one of the contestants in these world watched games. I don't give a shit where they are from, I am personally rooting them on as individuals ,
just being there to compete is enough to make them one out of millions.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wet Cats Suck

What the hell is it that it goes from 104 to 102 to 69 and raining like a motherfucker?
I guess the old saying here in the Pacific Northwest is true, " If ya don't like the weather, wait ten minutes".
Gnarly thunderstorms at 7 am yesterday , today, overcast all day with showers and now pouring rain. Meh, at least I don't have to water the garden.
In other news,
My fucking cat has learned to knock on the door when it wants in, I shit you not.
I have not seen it but I have heard it, it sounds just like someone rapping their knuckles on the door.
I ask "who is it", and no answer, so I get up and slam the door open and Baby comes flying through the door, ain't no one else out there.
Tricky little shit!

Of course today she is soaking ass wet and immediately wants to jump up on my lap and rub chins.
Sorry cat, get the fuck off me and go, wait, it is already happening, lick yer ass.

I guess she got tired of scratching and pulling at the bottom of the door while meowing in an obnoxious voice, now it's all about wanting to sell me something long enough to get her head in the door.

The next guy who tries to tell me how smart his dog is, is going to get a smart assed cat thrown at him, it will keep them both busy so I can relax in peace.

I can tell this cat to go lay down and it sulks off and starts licking itself and finally crashes out.
It doesn't bother me anymore after I tell it to lay down.
Try that with a girlfriend sometime.

Monday, August 18, 2008

In The Peoples English, We Are SO Fucked.

Hi. Bad news, the Good News Fairy's body was found under a parked bus this morning.

Don't bother changing the channel, any where else you go is going to feature State Sponsored Propaganda.

Let's take a look at what our government isn't telling us today;

Ilargi: A lot of media attention these days for an article in Barron’s about the demise of Fannie and Freddie (which is at the bottom of this Debt Rattle).

Shares in both companies have fallen 15% so far this morning. Their combined market cap is now approaching a mere $10 billion, and that is supposed to support $5.3 trillion in debts and obligations.

The shares will keep falling, they’re beyond redemption; Barron’s includes the statement -which I’ve made here for ages- that common shareholders will be ceremoniously sacrificed. So will management. But they get to keep their pirated casino bonuses.

Since Barron’s estimates that Fannie and Freddie’s real value is negative $50 billion -each-, look for the Treasury and the Fed to figure out a way to pump $100 billion past the receding event horizon that envelops these companies.

And that will by no means be the last we hear of this. After all, $100 billion is still a far cry away from $5.3 trillion. If -make that when- US housing continues to falter, a lot more money will be needed. Long before Christmas.

The upcoming resets in Alt-A mortgages over the next few years provide an ironclad guarantee that US real estate, and hence Fan and Fred, will be hit hard. And the resets are but one in a long range of factors.

That makes all this not a financial, but a political issue. Whatever money will be used to buy out the two, will come from public coffers. And people will increasingly demand to know why the money should be used the way it is, especially as the whole economy starts contracting painfully later this year.

But it will be too late by then: the debts of the gambling community on Wall Street will have been transferred to your pockets, and you’ll be powerless to do anything about it. Fannie and Freddie will be nationalized in one form or another, so they will belong to you soon, debts included.

Both parties in Washington strongly support the biggest financial crime in world history, and there’s nobody else you can vote for. Really, it’s a closed system, it’s been thoroughly tested for leaks.

A good way to get an idea of what lies ahead for all countries comes from UK real estate: Asking prices for houses in London fell 5.3% in August, a $40,000 drop in value per home, in a single month.

I still see numbers floating around of a 30-40% drop in US real estate prices, peak to trough, and I’m starting to get annoyed at these numbers. They're wild guesses based on nothing much at all. Please someone explain what exactly it is that is going to stop the decline once it’s past 30%.

I don’t see anything that could do that. There is a fast and furious contraction of available credit going on, and no lender will be left to finance home purchases on any workable scale.

The only possibility left in that climate is this: Prices will keep on falling, and lose 80% or more. It’s a complete freefall, with no brakes, no safety net and no parachute.

All bolds and italics are mine.

My apologies to Ilargi, I don't think taking part of this message would do the whole justice and I have given attribution and links.

The whole financial meltdown is getting stuck in our ass pockets at the same time we are all struggling to afford groceries, rents and gas to get to our jobs that are paying stagnant wages , while the fucking criminals who brought this to market and are running away from an absolute business disaster get to walk away scott free.
This is ON TOP OF, the ten to twelve BILLION fucking dollars Bush is borrowing from the Chinese EVERY MONTH, to finance his war of choice.

Get a fucking clue folks, we have been set up for failure and the bastards are going to walk away with our money while we starve.

My Message To The Democratic Party

Wipe Your Ass On A Wagon Wheel.

Not only am I done with you, I am done with you with Prejudice. Go Fuck yerselves.
Thirty years I have had your back and thirty years I have gotten the shaft.
You gutless motherfuckers.
I have called, written and contributed.
Kiss My Ass.
No more.
Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Reid should be thrown out on the street in their under clothes.
Business as usual is going to rip the guts out of this country and because you all seem to think your shit don't stink I have news for you, BushCo has you right where they want you.

It takes quite a bit to piss me off anymore, I am not the Hot Head I was Twenty years ago but when I get enough, I am done and I am SO done.
Sell outs.

Have a nice day and enjoy the quail wings.

Worthless motherfuckers are as bad as Lieberman and that boy had better not get within kicking distance.

You have sat back and allowed this country to be brutally raped six ways from Sunday, smiled into the camera, said you were going to stop it, and then poured the lube out from a drum.

I can't believe you fuckers, at least Pakistan figured it out, finally.

By the way, in case you think I am being irrational, my 71 year old Father told me two months ago that he is going Independent, he has been voting a straight Democratic ticket since he was eighteen , so have I, and he used to work on The Hill in DC.
He used to lobby hard for you guys when you were still an opposition party.
Now neither of us can see a difference between ya except for the donor's dollar amounts.

I guess ya fucked up somewhere along the line.
Actually, ya did it on purpose.

Like an abusive spouse, it is way past time for a restraining order.

Here is your notice;

From this day forward, You shall have no contact under penalty of law.

Oh, I forget, you are all above the law.

The law is just for little people, like me.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

High Heat, High Humidity ,A Furball Revolt And Some Good Luck

I just came in from outside, talking to one of my neighbors, I couldn't take it anymore.
Yesterday it was 102, Friday it was 104, today, I don't know what the hell the temperature is but I can tell you the humidity is off the charts.

Just standing there talking, I had sweat pouring off of my pointy little bald head so bad it was running in my eyes and blinding me.
I am freaking drenched in sweat right now.
There is supposed to be a front come in off the ocean tonight and bring thunderstorms, I can tell you without hesitation that they are coming.
It was so hot Friday my little A/C unit was crying it's eyes out trying to do it's part.
It has been on since Wednesday.
I got off of work and came home to qather up a couple of furballs and toss them inside to ease their suffering.
I don't like cat hair all over but I'm not a heartless motherfucker either.
Baby Girl had a fit.
She was having none of that. I guess because she doesn't have any front claws, she has been an inside cat for ten years and when I threw her shedding ass outside she decided she liked that very much, thank you.
I was trying to bring some things inside and every time I would open the door she was in escape mode, I would have to grab her and throw her on the bed so I could get inside the door.
I finally got inside the Rat Hole, what a disaster this place is, it's embarassing.

Anyway, I cracked open a cold one and while waiting for the sweat to stop, read some news. The whole time, Baby Girl is yowling like a Banshee.
Baby on the other hand just made herself at home and kicked back on the end of the bed and started licking her ass, as cats are wont to do for hours on end.
I finally couldn't take the caterwauling and opened the door, gave her a parting gift on her way out and told her she was on her own in this heat wave, stupid cat.

She has taken up a post right under the front of my work truck, she comes up and rubs against my leg when I come or go and Follows me out to the garden and generally makes a nuisance of herself.
I caught her mauling my catnip plant the other day, rolling all over it like a dog, higher than a kite. That was hilarious.

As fer my little dose of good luck I am very thankful.
I spent all day yesterday hiding out at the club, playing Hold 'Em Poker.
I pretty much broke even, including all the drinks and lunch, so I can't complain.
I have a buddy down there who is Retired Navy. We have an agreement not to talk politics. He is a fervent Bush supporter.
Anyway, the guy makes WICKED GOOD biscuits and gravy sometimes on Sundays and today was one of those days.
So as I am waiting for my breakfast and sucking on a cold one at eleven in the morning, I decide that I have too much money in my pocket ( I am allergic to money, if it is within reach, it has to go away)and throw ten bucks into a pull tab bowl that has 102 dollars as the top winner.
Bigger than shit, I hit it.
Then I hit it again, all on the same ten dollars.

Normally I ain't this smart but for once I didn't throw a bunch of money back into any other bowls, I tip my other buddy, the bartender, twenty bucks , then
I wolfed down my biscuits and gravy and got the hell out of there!

I decided to go down to Bi Mart to get a few things for stocking up on and lo and behold, I hit the mother load.
They had 23 quart pressure canner's on sale for 87 dollars!
That is way cheap, WAY cheap!
I snagged one of those, a new rack for my hot water canner, some new jars with lids and rings, some wax, pectin, and can grabbers and lid grabbers.I also snagged some extra lids too.
I am determined to start canning some things, especially what is coming up in the back yard.
I remember helping my Granny can during the summer when I was just a little Ornery Bastard. I am certain I can do this, I do want to get the Ball Home Canning and Preserving book though. It's called the Blue Book but I didn't feel like typing The Blue Ball Book, LOL.
Then I went over to sporting Goods and bought some ammo for the guns I haven't shot in years.
That is coming, since I have to wear glasses to keep from falling off the edge of the earth anymore, I need to go re sight every thing.
All in all, a very good day. If this humidity would let up, I might acually decide to do something.

Here is another link to help preparing some food storage, this lady flat out amazes me, she reminds me of my dear departed Granny SO much!
If you have a question about canning and preserving your own food that she can't answer, it can't be done!
Meet Jackie Clay!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Covering Yer Six

A nice way of saying Cover Yer Ass.
I'm sure everyone still has the images of the aftermath of Katrina and what happened to the people of New Orleans still burned into their minds.
Don't let that happen to you.
Everywhere I look I see a disaster waiting to happen to this country and not a word is said about it on the main stream news.
There is currently a global financial meltdown in progress, right this minute, that is going to make the stock market crash and following Depression that hit this country back in the 1930's look like a childs birthday party.

There is not a damn thing that can stop it, either, it is out of control and the bankers are trying desperately to hid it but it is a fact.

The Federal Government started advising people to start stock piling enough food and water to last two weeks a short while ago.
What's that? First you've heard of that?
It's a fact.
It used to be the standard was three days, now it is Officially Two Weeks worth.

The government can't and won't be there when this hits, they are out of money and manpower already and could really care less whether you live or die.
We have seen that first hand already.
It's up to you to take care of yourself and any loved ones unable to fend for themselves.

I am going to start putting up links to websites of people who have been working their asses off, getting prepared for disasters, natural and man made.

It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, start small but start NOW!

This first link is a great one. It shows you how you can start stock piling extra food for just ten dollars a week.
I will tell you now, I started seeing things going South way back in November of last year and I started in then.
I am certainly no expert, but there is a ton of information out there.
You may have evn seen an article here or there about the new Survivalists.
Of course, the first thing that just flashed through your mind just now was the image of some loner, back up in the hills with case after case of rifle ammunition and canned food.
Not so anymore, this is going mainstream in a hurry, as people are seeing the writing on the wall and are doing what they can to be more self sufficient.
Hell, I even planted a small garden this year for the first time in twenty five years and next year it is going to be at least twice as big.
It is not nearly as difficult as you might assume and only requires a minimal amount of time and effort after you get it in.

So buck up kids, you can do this easily enough and I am going to help you get started.

Now that I am not at work and cramped for time, here is another good post with suggestions. More to come later.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Too Late.

The motherfuckers won while I was passed out back in the eighties.
At this point I highly recommend placing your head between your knees and kissing yer ass goodbye.
In case you weren't paying attention, ya need to start reading this guy every fucking day.
Just for fun, here is an article that should make yer ass pucker.
I have lots more, one at a fucking time.

Oh, by the way, the current flap going on with Russia?
Yeah, SHINY, ain't it?
Ask yer neighbors how they are doing.
The foreclosure rate in California,ALONE, is ONE THOUSAND, THEE HUNDRED, PER DAY.
Georgia, SHINY.

I am going to start linking to some sites that are going to make you think about taking some preemptive steps to get ahead of the coming shit storm.
Take a minute to think bout what you have immediately on hand to weather out a short term emergency. Then take a long look around at what the fuck is coming our way. I do believe that we all need to start looking down the road to some serious instability, in other words.
Wise the fuck up, this country is Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.
It is right on schedule, but it is out of the control of the wise assed motherfuckers that gamed the system. The first clue you should have got was when we got volunteered to bail out Bear Stearns.
Fannie and Freddy Mac was the death blow.
Whoo Hoo.I love getting blinded by tinfoil in the morning, especially when it was used to wipe someones ass.
Read the fucking links.
The whole fucking world is about to get punked.
Have a nice day and don't forget to vote.
It gives them something to do, changing the propaganda to fit the latest polls.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It Just Gets Better!

My friend VG is having a blast, she didn't realize how much fun it can be to CatBlog!

Every day is Caturday over at Teh kitteh antidote/ anecdote !
Go cheer her on!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Attorny General Of The United States Of America CoversUp Illegal Acts

Yeah, Fuck You Mukasey, you ass covering sonofabitch.
Mukasey has already stymied efforts at making the Bush administration accountable, not enforcing Congressional subpoenas, squashing investigations and now this latest outrage;

Mukasey Won’t Pursue Charges in Hiring Inquiry


Published: August 12, 2008

Attorney General Michael Mukasey on Tuesday rejected the idea of criminally prosecuting former Justice Department employees who improperly used political litmus tests in hiring decisions, saying he had already taken strong internal steps in response to a “painful” episode.

Read on,

“Where there is enough evidence to charge someone with a crime, we vigorously prosecute,” he said. “But not every wrong, or even every violation of the law, is a crime,” he said. As the inspector general’s report acknowledged, the hiring violations were such a case, because the wrongdoing violated federal civil service law, but not criminal law, he said.

Let me get this straight, you can break a law but not break it.
How the fuck does that work Einstein?
It gets better here;

“That does not mean, as some people have suggested, that those officials who were found by the joint reports to have committed misconduct have suffered no consequences,” Mr. Mukasey said. “Far from it. The officials most directly implicated in the misconduct left the Department to the accompaniment of substantial negative publicity.

“Their misconduct has now been laid bare by the Justice Department for all to see,” he continued. “As a general matter in such cases, where disciplinary referrals are appropriate, they are made. To put it in concrete terms, I doubt that anyone in this room would want to trade places with any of those people.”

My bold.

Ouch, the pain, the humiliation, THE FUCKING CONSEQUENCES OF BREAKING THE LAW,

"substantial negative publicity"

Kiss my ass.

There should be severe penalties from these actions and the bastard is sweeping it under the rug, all the while Miers, Bolten and Rove are ignoring Congressional subpoenas demanding further testimony into the investigation of just who in the fuck gave the OK for this illegal activity in the first place!

That weasel Gonzales is still out there too, hiding behind his faulty memory excuse.

This is pure horseshit, obstruction of justice by the biggest attorney in our country, who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution.

You can bet your ass we haven't heard the end of this shit and Mukasey should be cooling his heels in jail for obstruction and dereliction of duty, not to mention conspiracy.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Off To The Races

I am currently in the little town of Castle Rock Washington with my parental units in their beautiful motorhome, using my trusty air card, to watch the First Annual Dick Andrea Grand National Flat Track motorcycle races and I am having a blast!
My Dad used to come here in the Seventies, back when he did motorcross, to watch the Flat Track races and there are some of his buddies here from way back when still running teams.I used to live nearby and have partied here several times.

I haven't been to a flat track race since I got dragged out of the San Jose Mile back in the Eighties in an arm bar by the local police for telling one to Fuck Off, after getting drunk on Tequila at nine in the morning.
Ahh, the good old days, that was a long, painful walk, over an eighth of a mile, getting my arm twisted out of the socket.
No sense of humor assholes.
Anyway. I had a blast last night and they are just now starting to practice for the even better show tonight.

This is a small track, kinda in the middle of nowhere and ya kinda have to know about it but there are a lot of people here and they are all friendly as hell.

Imagine trying this at a sporting event, walking up to the gate drinking a can of beer, several times, and just tossing the empty into a can and heading on in to yer seat.
The security guy's just smile and nod at ya, as long as ya ain't being a dick or are obviously impaired.
My kinda place.
I love it!

I have Dads digital camera and have been taking lots of pictures of some beautiful old bikes, Triumphs, Nortons, Harleys, oh, and a trio of the hottest young ladies, I won't go there, my, my, my.

As soon as I badger him into downloading and Emailing them to me, I will post them over at Fixer and Gordon's.
Ol' Gord would be in heaven here and I have been thinking about him constantly.

Ta ta, I have many more beers calling my name before the evening is over.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hey, I'm On Vacation, Remember?

So anyway, I have been sleeping like a bear in winter,I fucking love naps and I am going to take another one in a minute here.
In the meantime, I keep forgetting to tell you about a couple of new sites, Dammit!
Get yer asses over to Al the Spook and Tex Betsy's new joint, Spook and Muffin's Relaxed Politics.

It's nice and laid back, there aren't any flame wars and Tex Betsy is the shit when it comes to yummy goodies.
Al the Spook, if you have never heard of him you are missing the fuck out, the guy is a genius.

Now then, I know from personal experience there are a ton of you crazy people that like cats.
I know, I know, don't point fingers.
A friend of mine has started a brand new site devoted to the little furballs and she blames me for starting it.
'Scuse me?

Anyway, Go see my good friend VG and catch some entertaining cat videos, tell her Busted sent ya.

Seriously, I think this one haz potential, think Lolcats!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Where's My Cable?

This is off the charts! What a classic, I was laughing at loud!
It SO reminds me of my Father, one time years ago when we lived way the hell out of town, on Super Bowl Sunday, when the cable went out;

Found at The Consumerist, by a link from Fark.

Oh yeah, I am sending him this, count on it!
It's just as fuckin' funny the tenth time as it is the first.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Please Excuse Me For A Minute

I was right in the middle of a scathing post about that glans licking, brown eye polisher Joe Fucking Lieberman when I got interrupted by a phone call from some family.
Nothing to get too worked up over, just some really fucked up scheduling issues.
Really fucked up.
Oh well, I have a week of getting plastered before it comes up again, I work well under pressure.
Back to your regularly scheduled Lieberman bashing.

One of the many people I would relish having a face to face with, right up until I got arrested.
Weasel Motherfucker.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Gettin' Tuned Up

I have a feeling I just might have something to say a bit later.


Woo HOO!
I done knocked my silly ass out, twice!
I love being on vacation.
I did have an interesting encounter with a pretty cute lady that I met earlier tonight. I have seen her before but couldn't place her. My ex introduced me,they are roomies now. I owed the Ex a dinner for doing my taxes and I didn't feel like eating so I sent them both out for Prime Rib and the cute one actually came back to thank me and gave me a hug.
I kept warning her I am crazy but I'm thinking the Ex had some thing to do with that.
Crap, I just might have to get cleaned up and try to pass myself off as a member of productive society!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Blogger Done Went And Gone All Censorship And Shit!

It seems Blogger has decided a whole slew of popular websites are "Spammer" sites and has locked them down, not allowing the the proprietors to post!
This is just crazy.
Somebody had better pull their head out of their ass, pronto. So far, the list includes;

Skippy, the Godfather of this humble place, he was the first big name Blog to link to me, that just pisses me off.
Skippy has a temporary place up until this horseshit gets straightened out.

Another Blog Buddy, Steve Audio, that pisses me off some more.
The Guys From Area 51, crimony! I am on their Blogroll too!
Others locked down

sinfonian of blast off, link goes to a temporary site.

Libby of the impolitic.

Fourlegs at plush life.

Dr. dawg at dawg's blawg

That's just Fucked Up!