Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

It's been a tough year with some really special moments.
I married a beautiful woman who I think may be brain damaged, she loves me and takes good care of my narrow ass.

I was fortunate enough to give a little to someone else this year and I would like to thank those who did that for me when I really needed it, you have no idea what that did for me and what it did for me when I really needed it.

I have had several personal friends and relatives who have given me moments that damn near brought me to tears also, you know who you are.

Thank you so much.

There are quite a few folks out there on the ragged edge who are smart, articulate and are doing their damndest just to keep a roof over their heads and have something to eat maybe once a day.
That is just fucked up.
The best thing I can say is that we show the best of our humanity and give when it hurts and give what we can, even when it does hurt.

Take a bow folks.

The shit storm of Christmas is already here and it is going to be ugly.

So be it. It is what it is.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much for stopping by.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I feel the same way about Christmas.

    Never hurts to give thanks for the good things that come into one's life.

  2. Have a great day with your brand new wife! Christmas is going to be interesting, I wonder how many people will go into a buttload of debt just to keep up appearances? Then we can listen to all the BS reports about how the consumers are consuming. If your lucky you can get a seasonal job as an elf! Here's to the red and green machine!

  3. Have a great day, Busted. Then post all your recipes.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! May the only turkeys you encounter be cooked.

  5. Nice sentiment Dood .... You ain't ALWAYS so Ornery ... are ya'? Hope yer Thanksgiving was a good'ern Knucks'! Wishing you and the Mrs. a Happy Holiday Season from all us over here to Johnsonville ....

  6. I hope you and yours have a calm and joyous holiday season. The nice part about it is that you can define what that means.

    Thanks for the good wishes!