Friday, November 18, 2011

Fuck You Newt Gingrich

My thoughts exactly.

Shamelessly stolen from a guy I really like, who swiped it from another guy I really like and half assed aspire to be.

This needs to get around a bit because it's fucking true, Newt Gingrich is a fucking asshole and if I ever get the chance, I will tell him that to both of his faces.



If you like Newt Gingrich, you are so stupid I can't believe you can remember to breathe.


  1. Agreed. Fuck Newt Gingrich. And Romney. And Perry. And Cain. And Bauchman. And Santorum... Oh yeah, and Obama. They're all a bunch of self serving cocksuckers at best, fucking criminals is more like. Don't want 'em, don't need 'em. Never have, never will...

  2. Fer shure he's one of the werst of the werst of that buncha werst ones! It's his pompous give a shit attitude that tweaks me the most ... as if he's saying ... "Yeah .... I'm a lyin' cheatin', stealin' asshole. So What?" then that Nooty shit eatin' grin ....
    thanks fer the nod, m'friend .....

  3. Once an asshole, always an asshole. Thank god kids today are so damn smart!Like my friend says "someone needs to poke his eyes out and pour battery acid into his skull!" Fuck you Newt and all your lying thieving friends.

  4. Lotsa that "stupid" going around these days...