Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Trip Around The Sun

51 years old today and just as fucking ornery as ever.

See ya later.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Taking A Break

I'm at Nasty Girls, watching movies.

I have been kind of keeping an eye on the shit storm going on in the Middle East but not real close.

That is some fucked up shit and that nasty little trick of shutting off the internet pissed off a whole lot of people who had nothing to do with the protests.

Smooth move, fuck heads, now ya pissed off everyone.

Pay attention to what is going on over there and remember, they don't even have a Second Amendment. Of course, they don't really need it.
They can buy everything from an AK 47 to a fucking rocket launcher if they have the dough.

Entire governments are getting their asses handed to them.
It is not without blood shed and violence but it is not anything near what it could be.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Business As Usual

John Boehner To Give Keynote Address At Annual Insurance Lobbyists Summit

They don't even try to hide it anymore.
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has been booked to deliver the keynote address at the annual conference of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, a group that will hold powerful sway over lobbying efforts regarding health care and regulatory reform on Capitol Hill this year.

Like I said....

According to a press release from the IIABA:

Speaker Boehner will be a key note speaker at the legislative conference breakfast which occurs just prior to the association’s annual Big “I” Day on Capitol Hill. Every year more than a thousand agents and brokers visit Capitol Hill offices to lobby members of the House, Senate and their staffs on issues that directly impact independent agents and consumers.

“The Big ‘I’ is honored that during such a pivotal year, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) will be kicking off our annual agent pilgrimage to Capitol Hill,” says Robert A. Rusbuldt, Big “I” president and CEO. “We’re looking forward to hearing his insights on the implementation of the new health care law, tax and spending issues, financial services regulation and other important topics facing our members, their businesses and the American economy.”

"Speaker Boehner has been a longtime friend of our small business owners in his home state of Ohio and, as a former small business person himself, can provide an important perspective our members will appreciate," says Charles E. Symington, Jr., Big "I" senior vice president for government affairs. The Speaker's focused commitment to removing government barriers in order to create more jobs and economic growth go hand-in-hand with many of the Big 'I's' goals."

No word on whether he will be passing out checks on the floor of the House from lobbyists like he did with the Big tobacco racket years ago.

The IIABA has been a staunch opponent of President Obama's health reform law, and supports House Republicans' misguided attempt to repeal it. The group's PAC spent nearly $2 million in the 2010 election cycle alone, including a $10,000 donation to Boehner.

Emphasis mine.

Conflict of interest much?

Like I said, they don't even try to hide this shit anymore. Used to be it was done in smoke filled dark rooms where not every Tom, Dick And Alvin could see what was going on, now, it's a big middle finger and wink wink, in broad daylight.

Is it me, or isn't he supposed to be

on our side?


I just made a funny.

Fuck You Boehner.


This is your new Speaker of the House folks, you asked for it, you got it.

H/T Huffpo

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guess Who Blinked First

Thay's right, smooth talker, you be playing with fire at this point in history if you think fucking with Social Security is a good thing.

Someone finally convinced you to quit listening to those country raping bastards long enough to see what would be coming down the pike if you had.

We all know SS has absolutely nothing to do with the budget and in fact, would have a giant surplus if the politicians hadn't been able to steal buttloads of money from it in the past.

Look elsewhere young man, for your magic unicorn feed to fix the fucked up economy, this place be full of danger for you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Pushback Begins

Ya gotta love that crazy fucker Jesse Ventura.

Good on ya dude.

Oh, you SO want to click on that link, he is sueing the DHS and the TSA over their Pat Down bullshit.

I gotta say though, dude, lighten up on that Hair Care For Men shit. Christ, you are older than I am and I am pretty much all white haired, what I have left.

Of course, this ,on the other hand, is just symbolic at this point but it reinforces what we were screaming about back in the Bush administration, that they were politicizing every chance they got during business hours in Federal buildings.

Then we have the matter of those crooked fucking banksters who started this whole economic melt down. They are about to get their assholes examined up close and personal. Civil suits? Are you fucking kidding me? These people need to go to fucking jail and have every fucking dime they own returned back into the general fund, plus immense fines.

Then we have this, two of our citizens are in jail, facing fifteen years apiece for audio recording the police under illegal eavesdropping laws, I love this quote from some asshole,

"Mr. Donahue added that allowing the audio recording of police officers while performing their duty “can affect how an officer does his job on the street.”

That's right you fucking asshole. it might just make them just a little bit recalcitrant to whip out that tazer on some 75 year old lady, beat the snot out of some guy they decided they don't like or maybe think twice about breaking a mop handle up somebodies ass or fire seventy plus shots at unarmed men.

All of which have been documented, thank you.

Go back and read that link, it will piss ya off..

Hey, if it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander.
Why should the Government be able to violate the fourth amendment without some push back?
I can't think of anything, except that bullshit canard they always pull out of their ass about " National Security",
 which is still fucking bullshit.
That fourth amendment was put on paper and signed into law for a goddamn good reason, to prevent exactly what the fuck has been going on for the last ten fucking years.

Still reading my Emails boys?
 That's what I am talking about.

The one thing the poor lady has going on in her favor is this little blurb, buried at the end of the article;

The investigators discovered that she was recording them and she was arrested and charged with two counts of eavesdropping, Mr. Johnson said. But he added that the law contains a crucial exception. If citizens have “reasonable suspicion” that a crime is about to be committed against them, they may obtain evidence by recording it.

I hope she sues them into bankruptcy.

As they like to say, "make an example out of them".

Then we have this little matter, which should be settled law after all these years but the PTB just gotta keep pushing the boundaries.
In no way do I condone the perps alleged actions but this is a major case and will have far reaching implications down the road.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court will consider whether investigators must give a jail inmate his Miranda rights before questioning him on matters unrelated to what landed him behind bars.
The justices on Monday said they will hear Michigan's appeal of a court ruling in favor of Randall Fields, who acknowledged to sheriff's deputies that he had sexual contact with a minor. The admission took place during an interview in the same building where Fields was jailed on unrelated charges.
The deputies never advised Fields he could be silent or have a lawyer, hallmarks of the Miranda warning for criminal suspects. They did tell him he could leave when he wanted.

So, take heart fellow citizens, the government has it's hands full with people who are fed the fuck up with the over reach they have been pulling.

 I am not going to be any kind of Pollyana and tell you all is well, I am just pointing out that they are getting their hands slapped here and there, as it should be.

The Bush administration opened up Pandora's box after 9/11 and we are still trying to close the damn thing.

Never say die.

Rat Bastard Ruled Ineligible To Run


This made my fucking day!

That skeezeball Rahm Emmanuel has been found to be ineligible to run for Mayor of Chicago because he hasn't lived there for at least a year.,


Fucking bastard.

The people of Chicago have one less crooked politician to choose from.

Hey Rahm?

Fuck you very much, from a member of the Professional Left.



Sweet Jesus, I have a love hate relationship with computers.

After bringing this one back to life and all the bullshit I have dealt with the last 24 hours, my mind is just that little bit more fried than it was yesterday.

For the life of me, I could not figure out why the thing looked like it was in safe Mode.
You know, everything is grainy looking, the colors are all fucked up and pictures are almost so pixelated and fucked up you can't even recognize what the hell you are looking at kind of shit.

I have just spent HOURS trying to fix that.  Google this, Google that, Try "Help", try tools, fuck around and fuck around until I finally had a thought.

Sure as shit too.

Don't ask me how, I could not tell you why either.

Somehow, this fucker decided to go back to a basic 8 bit color scheme for the monitor, instead of the 32 bit.

Bingo, problem solved.

After six beers and a trip to the store for more smokes at four fucking thirty in the morning.

Ain't modern technology wonderful?

Great, now the batteries in my mouse are dying.



Double plus goodness and bonus rounds, I see every time I shut this fucking thing down and restart it, I get to go back in and change the color setting.

Dirty. fucking. son. of. a. bitch!

I did manage to stay awake long enough to go get some fucking batteries though, one less irritant.


I don't know how it happened but my normal computer took a major shit last night.
I surfed the web, checked my mail, everything was cool. I got off the web and decided I would do a computer scan while I snoozed. It takes a while and I figured it could do it's thing while I sawed logs.

Got up this morning and see a fucking warning about some fucking infected file. I clicked out of that and my monitor lit up like a fucking pinball machine with twenty extra games.

Can you say FUBAR?
 Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition?
It won't let me do a God Damn thing.
No restore, no internet, no Windows, Croaked.

I said Fuck it and turned it off, apparently there are several of the little nasties battling each other over control of my hard drive.

Dirty fucking sonsabitches.

In my eyes, if there was ever a reason for Capitol Punishment, hackers like these would be first up against the wall.
Pissed off? Oh, you fucking betcha I am pissed off.
So, I went to town and cooled my heels, made a few phone calls and I am still fucked.

I came home, unplugged the fucking thing, swapped it out for my old one, and it fucked me too!

Three mother fucking hours I have been dicking with this cocksucker.

I believe it is currently in Safe Mode because the colors are all fucked up and the borders are all the wrong color.

Can anyone tell me what the fuck System Idle Process is?
It locks this motherfucker up tighter than a drum. It has something to do with Windows and you can't kill it. It takes up 99% of my processor activity according to Task Manager but like I said, ya can't turn it off.

I had to reboot the fucker several times, delete and reinstall (SPIT!) Verizon twice and I just now got online at what. 2 o'clock in the fucking morning?

I have been fucking with this shit since 9 P.M..

My uncle seems to have too many computers laying around, I do believe I will ask him to donate one to the cause , at least until I can find an electronic sledge hammer to kill some fucking viruses with.

I think this pretty much sums up my feelings at this point.

Seek and Destroy.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Heart Bleeds

Sucks to be on the other side, eh boys?


Read it and weep for the Jack Booted thugs caught up in their own system.

One item of note that caught my eye was that good old Fitz is the guy that nailed all these fuckers.
 You might recall Patrick Fitzgerald as the prosecuting attorney in the Plame case who got fucked by Scooter Libbey lying his ass of protecting that living dead motherfucker Darth Cheney and was subsequently gifted out of prison by Stupie McFuckwit.

Oh yes,some of us don't forget about treason, you sonsabitches.

Been Quite Busy

This post deleted by the author as it was a bit too personal.
I had typed quite the cathartic missive but the only one it made feel better was me, and not by a whole lot.

TMI about family issues.

Granny is alive and well and went to an extended care facility this afternoon.

The damn truck started up and ran without missing a beat after crapping all over it's self the other night, I didn't even open the hood to look.

It must have sucked up a gulp of water.

I went to a benefit for Alzheimers that my brothers sweetheart of a girl friend busts her ass off for every year,

They went to the coast and got 150 Dungeoness crabs for a big feed and last I heard there were less than 30 left.


I could eat four of those bad boys by myself.
There isn't a crab out there that beats one of those, I don't give a shit what you bring, I have tried them all.
Snow crab, King crab, Blue crab, Rock crab, bring it, Dungeouness beats them all, claws down.

I am overdue to fall down and sleep. sorry, not much of a post.

I don't think I even cussed, must be tired.

I'll try again later.

Thanks fer stopping by.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Been Off My Feed The Past Few Days

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me.
My sleep schedule is down right schizophrenic. Three hours here, three hours there, I almost forgot what daylight is, I am up all damn night and sleep all day.

Don't want to eat, I had a bag of popcorn one day and a bag of Fritos the next day. I finally forced myself to get out of bed after three damn days and go out and get some breakfast. I brought it home and ate about half of it.
Put it in the fridge and then at midnight, I finally got hungry enough to grab the last half of chicken fried steak and just munch on it cold.

Drug my ass out of bed yesterday and went down to the club, had a couple of drinks and played some poker. My truck has been sitting since New Years, it started right up. After I got done playing poker, I got in it to go get beer and cat litter and it immediately started running like shit, spitting and sputtering, missing on a couple of cylinders. I babied the sonofabitch home, I have no idea what is going on there. Runs fine and then don't. I don't know if it is water in the gas, the distributor cap or what the fuck. It smelled like candle wax after I revved the shit out of it. Who knows, maybe I have an admirerer who decided to help me out.
Either way, it is pouring rain out and I ain't even going to open the hood.
I am going to get in it and go get something to eat.

I got some more bad news about my Granny yesterday too but I will spare ya that for now.

Thanks fer stopping by, have a nice day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Verizon Can Suck My Ass

Dirty motherfuckers.
They must have some of the most ignorant cocksuckers for call center help I have ever had the misfortune to deal with in my entire fucking life.
Ask them a question, I fucking DARE ya!

 "I'm sorry, I'll have to transfer you to another department for that".

This is after you have already been on hold for twenty fucking minutes to talk to the first moron.

THEN!, they have the nerve to give you an automatic robo call on your phone to take a survey of just how fucking awesome their staff is!

This is on top of their 59.95 a month "service" that just cost me a hundred and forty four mother fucking dollars, and, twenty one cents too!

Dirty, rotten, cum guzzling  ass lickers.

Fuck me, I hates me some Verizon with a hard on you could dull a Ginsu knife with.

Fucking bastards.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back Tuesday, Hopefully

I am borrowing a computer for just a second. Back later.

Thanks fer stopping by.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Biting My Tongue

I think it's bleeding.

Another One Bites the Dust

Fuck me.
 An old friend passed away yesterday.

I had known her for over fifteen years and was one of the first people she knew after she came to town. A little tiny woman, every one just knew her as Jomama.

She landed in the little town I live in with pretty much nothing.

I didn't have much but I gave her some pots and pans, some furniture and an old green terry cloth bathrobe that I had.

As far as I know, she still had that fucking thing.

She just loved that damn thing, it was as big as a tent on her but she used to wrap it around her and snuggle up in front of her television in it.

The old woman just loved me.

She couldn't have been four foot fucking nothing, maybe 4 foot three, just a tiny little old  Italian girl.

She had to have been in her seventies by now. Always had a different wig on. Some of them were pretty damn good ones too.

She worked as a waitress for the longest time at a joint that has a pretty damn good breakfast menu.

There is another sweetheart there in her seventies doing the same damn thing.

Loud and flirtacious, she was a hoot.

She used to get hammered and someone would have to take her home, she only lived two blocks away.
I carried her drunk little ass home many times.

She got hammered one night and tried to walk home by herself and fell down on the edge of a curb and broke both of her fucking wrists. In her late sixties, she would have someone prop her narrow little ass up on a bar stool and order another beer. They had to put steel plates in her arms and it barely slowed her down.

I am going to miss that little fireball.

 RIP honey.

One more funeral, again. Getting old really sucks.

FYI, she got lit up one night and left her little blonde wig in my truck after I took her home.

I woke up just as lit as she was, went down town and saw the damn thing sitting on the seat.
I went to where she worked, put the damn thing on and walked in. Everyone in the joint just busted a gut laughing,
Pretty soon, here she comes, hung over like a bastard to go to work and I told her I wanted a Bloody Mary. She just nodded at me and walked away until someone pointed out I had her wig on.
She had a  cow on the spot and grabbed it off my head and stuck it on hers, backwards and proceeded to go make my bloody mary.
God Damn, that was funny.

I still say it looked pretty damn good on me.

Quite the lady.

Happy Birthday Baby

My honey Nasty Girl has a birthday today.
I won't even try to say how old she is so I can have one myself in a couple of weeks.

She can be an ornery little fucker just like me but she is a real sweet heart and I love her dearly.

She is truly a  good woman who will fearlessly defend her kin.

I am one lucky sonofabitch that she kinda likes me too.

Happy Birthday sweetie.


We are off for a little Birthday celebration today and I will be off line for a couple of days, you lucky sonsabitches.

Remember, if ya can't be good, stay sanitary.

Thanks fer stopping by.

What Happened To Our Friend?

I have not heard a peep out of my pal Monkeyfister since the last of November and it is now January 13th.

I know he was having some serious health issues but it it not like him to go silent for two fucking months. I Emailed him last week and have not heard back from him.

If anyone knows what is going on, please email me at Bustednuckles AT Gmail Dot Com.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cats Can Be Real Assholes

Notice the little fucker glances up to see if anyone is paying attention while it is fucking with the little dog.

My All Time Favorite Far Side Cartoon

The first time I saw this I laughed until I had tears running down my face and it still just cracks my ass up

I know, I'm twisted.

A Toast To You, Sir

I never heard of this guy but I knew about his theory way back in the nineties.

Plate tectonics.

The notion that entire continents were floating around on a molten core of this planet and banging into each other over millions of years.

I salute you, Mr. Jack Oliver.

One very smart guy.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do I Have Any Clean Socks?

Ya wonder how we get out of bed alive some days.

Womens, ya gotta love 'em.

Smooches to every one that I know for not killing me in my sleep with a cast iron skillet

Yes, this poor guy sounds exactly like me, sometimes we outsmart our selves.

Patrice looked up from her book. "How are you going to get the truck out with all those drifts in the driveway?"

"I'm not. I'll use the tractor to bucket through the drifts, then borrow Tom's truck to pick up the plow, bring it back here, use the tractor to offload the snow plow at the end of the driveway and install it there. Then I'll finish clearing the driveway." I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and added, "That's called efficiency, honey."
Famous last words.

Bet me money she had dinner ready too.

Monday, January 10, 2011

See It With Your Own Eyes

So, I touched a nerve yesterday.
Mine have been getting stomped on for quite some time now. For all of you who want to deny my claims of the elimininationist narrative that has been spewing forth from our Right Wing friends for the last few years, go read it yourself, every last word of it.

They Own It, They Know It

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Watching The Old Right Wing

Fuckin' A folks, its a John Wayne weekend.

What can I say?

I'm at Nasty Girls again and she has tv.  Some channel has a weekend long John Wayne fest going on, notice the time stamp.
The old man is dead and long gone but he was one of my heroes.

Mother fucker was an ornery fucking bastard back in the day.

To this day, straight fucking whiskey and leave the bottle.

Hey, at least I ain't into Rap music.....

Friday, January 07, 2011

Reality Tee Vee I Can Get Behind

Enough of this Dancing with the Stars bullshit, no more Survivors either.

Now you can have your kids have a dose of reality, this is where your food comes from.

Just in case your meat guilt wasn't powerful enough, here comes Kill It, Cook It, Eat It, a BBC show premiering in America January 11th at 7 p.m. on Current TV. Each episode, volunteers will head out to the farm to meet, care for, and then slaughter and eat a wide variety of tasty creatures.

I don't know about anyone else but I sure as fuck don't have any " meat guilt".

I like tasty dead animal parts.

I used to laugh when I grossed out the poor little honey at the local mini mart when I would go in and order some dead chicken parts. (Hot wings)

People today are so removed from the actual processes of what it takes to put an order of hot Wings or Pork Chops on their dinner table. I think this is a great idea.

I saw a report a few months ago from Brittan that the kids over there couldn't even identify a fucking tomato, I was shocked. Dumbfounded.

How could a kid get to be eight fucking years old and not know what a fucking tomato looked like?

Somebody's Momma needs an ass beating.

Slaughtering animals for food is messy, stinks like hell and is not pretty by any means. It is also what humans have done for thousands of years.
They also taught their children , up until recently.

Plucking a wet chicken is enough to gag the strongest stomach but if you want fried chicken for Sunday dinner, you better get after it.

I remember my Granny going out back behind the house and randomly grabbing the nearest chicken and start swinging it around until the body flew off and she had the head in her hands. I think I was about six years old. The fucking chicken got up and ran under the shed. Granny told me to crawl under there and get that chicken if I wanted supper.

Let me tell ya, I had never seen anything like that and I haven't forgotten it forty five years later.

I was scared to death but Granny wasn't taking no for an answer.

Under the shed I went, crawling through chicken blood and spider webs.

I grabbed the sonofabitch and drug it out and handed it to Granny.

She just looked at me and said, Come with me boy.

Now you know how I can tell you plucking a wet chicken can make ya puke.

God, how I miss that woman.

So, it is going to come back to this here shortly, we are already well on our way.

Might as well get a head start and watch it on Tee Vee to get an idea if you don't already know, at least it won't stink.

Make sure yer kids watch it too, Hard scrabble old grannies who lived through the Depression are few and far between now and couldn't catch a chicken if they wanted to.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Null And Void

You get elected and go to a Fund Raiser  instead of Swearing The oath?

Fuck you.

Better yet, you avoid the Swearing In Ceremony so you can go to a fundraiser"?

You are not an official. Apparently it is illegal to suck corporate dick in front of people in the Capitol too, your bad, sluts.

Your new Speaker of the House got busted handing out checks from the tobacco lobby on the house  floor too, just so ya know.

They should be impeached immediately and barred from seeking office ever again.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Starving The Beast Works

You know when the bankers are whining about people using cash instead of plastic, you have hit a nerve.

H/T Cryptogon

Italian Banks Upset with Level of Cash Use; Underground Economy 22% of GDP

January 4th, 2011

Via: Reuters:

The Italian Banking Association has declared “war on cash” in a country where credit-card usage is less than half the European Union average, according to the Bank of Italy. The association, known by its Italian acronym ABI, says it costs banks and companies as much as 10 billion euros ($13.3 billion) a year to process cash payments, mainly in increased security and labor. Rome-based ABI aims to cut those expenses by promoting electronic payments with credit and debit cards and wire transfers in both the public and private sectors.

“Italy urgently needs these changes to catch up with other countries like France, which has allowed non-cash payments for public services for more than two decades,” said Rita Camporeale, head of payment systems and services at ABI.

Italy’s culture of cash is deeply rooted. Italians are the euro region’s least-indebted consumers and among its biggest savers, according to 2009 Eurostat data. Companies often pay salaries in banknotes to evade taxes, particularly in the country’s southern region, where organized crime is prevalent.
My heart bleeds for those scum sucking asshole bankers.


So, the underground economy over there is estimated at 22%?

That is surely putting a crimp in those sonsabitch money exchangers wallets.

This is what we need to do people, starve those motherfuckers, make them pay extra because using cash costs them money. Besides that, the PTB can't trace the stuff. They can't search your electronic trail to see what you have bought at Safeway or whether you paid the neighbor to fix your car under the table or bought a couple of bags of potatoes from the local Farmers market.
 Of course, they will try to find a way to get that money back, as we see here, by getting the government involved but hey, this little example of Fuck You, made my day.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Old Mechanics Unite!

I see the bitching about the lack of snow plowing back East and raise you a shot of whiskey and and an old fashioned blast of oil out of a squeeze can. Apparently some one in Sweden figured this shit out.

They dug out a bunch of old antique trains with snow plows on the front from museums and put them to work.
No one from Goldman Sahcs or GM, Ford or Chevy  was involved.  Nor some snobby rich fucker named Bloomberg or Christie.

Hey, ya get what ya ask for.

Neither was one stupid fucking bastard from our Congress.

Amazing, isn't it?
There be a reason us old farts are still around taking care of the old shit, it still works. I absolutely love old machinery for this very reason, it was built to last and it still fucking works if ya take care of it.

Notice the part about the ONE HUNDRED YEAR OLD SNOW PLOW!

Get the fuck out of the way  ya fuckin' whippersnappers.

Honda who?

Lol, just a dig at my buddy Gordon, I know damn good and well he feels the same way I do.

Rockin' Ya Old School

If ya don't like this then ya can kiss my ass. I see a lot of people don't even remember hearing this.

A very special bonus track courtesy of Nasty Girl, she spotted this while I was scrolling around.. This is fucking great;

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Light Posting Ahead

I will be in and out randomly for the next couple of weeks.
Check in once and a while.