Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can Blue Dogs Lick Their Own Balls?

Oh, I am SO fucking done with these motherfuckers.

In case nobody has noticed, these Bluedog assholes are trying to carve out a little power base of their own after the Dems getting a fucking overwhelming majority in the last Mass Circus Cycle.

You dirty fucking nut lickers.
What? Ya think you are going to be the Third party?

Some people think I just go after the Ignorant Racist, Old White Man Party, oh Hell no, they are all fair game.

There ain't no Two Party System, they are all the Big Dollar Party.
I just really dislike the racism and Dog Whistle bullshit politics that I can't seem to escape that comes out of the MSM and those who enable that shit.
Witness the current flap that won't go away over Obama's fucking birth certificate.
You stupid assholes. Can anyone, ever, get on a national ballot, ever, without documentation?
Can I seriously sit here and listen to every one of you ignorant fucks trying to tell me that any Goddamn candidate for the office of President in this country has not had only his fucking Birth Certificate certified but every Goddamn aspect and instance of his existence since his mother was born that you have not paid some little fucking GOP operative thousands of dollars to try and find some dirt on this guy and that is the best you can do? If you Political piranha's have nothing to eat except shit, then Shut The Fuck Up!

Maybe aligning yerselfs with the fucking Republicans is going to put you in the CatBird Seat?

Bad news for you assholes.
Trying to fuck us over on the Health Care reform is going to put a giant fucking target on yer back.
This is 2009, the age of the internet?

Y'all stupid fuckers are going to be exposed as to who in the Hell is giving you money.

That would be the Insurance lobbyists, what part of 72% of every day American citizens that want a Public Option and serious fucking reform to the Health Care System don't you fucking understand?

Apparently all of that.

Y'all gonna fuck around thinking it's business as usual and wake the fuck up with yer dick in yer hand after yer crazy boy/girl friend thought you was cheating on him/her,going to the Emergency Room to get it reattached, only to find out you ain't covered and they could give a fuck, you ain't been shot. Oh wait, y'all got some killer heath care we ain't subject to and couldn't fucking afford anyways.
I'm telling ya, Yer Pissing Me The Fuck Off.

What the Hell, you might even get to wait six fucking hours because there were some children in a major car wreck right the fuck in front of you and your Goddamn Dick is not that important to anyone.
It certainly ain't of concern to me, ya fucking bastards.

Maybe you are not getting my point, some of yer fucking arrogant Cant, Understand, Normal, Thinking, contemporaries have never had to wait for Triage in an Emergency Room while dripping blood all over the floor for two fucking hours.

I have, they didn't even ask if I had insurance, they didn't fucking care.
Fuck You sonsabitches.
I had to listen to little children screaming in agony and watch anxious mothers cry the whole time.

This is NOT a war zone,this is the United States of America and you selfish cock bites are munching on quail wings and caviar and telling 72% of the rest of us to suck it up and pay your cerebraly abscessed donors more than we ever have before.
The fucking insurance companies profits have gone up over fifty percent in the last seven years and I am being nice to those fuckers because we all know it is way the fuck over that.

Call me a Socialist, I fucking dare ya.

Trillions of so called dollars to bail out the most corrupt motherfuckers this Earth has ever seen and we can't afford to make a tummy ache go away for a little girl that was born two years ago without Bankrupting a mother who is working forty hours a fucking week?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Oh Seven

No, that ain't a fucking call sign, that was the high temperature today.
More of the same tomorrow and on and on until Sunday.
As of twenty minutes ago, it was still a hunnerd motherfucking degrees in here.

The cats are outside, they have multiple sources of water and food and now I am going to finish melting into a little puddle.

Wait, Beer Me first, I drank over a gallon of Gatoraid type shit today, I can has beer now.
One more cold shower first, I am just fucking oozing sweat.
This in the Pacific NorthWest....

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Too Hot To Blog


It was a hundred and one in the shop this afternoon, it was a hundred and ten when I got home and opened the door to the blast furnace.
One of my stupid cats literally fell out onto the steps panting like a sonofabitch.
I finally corralled her and got her cooled off.
I gotta make sure they are out fucking side tomorrow, it is supposed to be a hundred and three fucking seven and Wednesday is supposed to be a hundred and five. That will make this trailer into a goddamn blowtorch.
It is now nine o'clock, it is STILL ninety fucking seven degrees in here with both doors, all the windows I can get to wide open and the fans going full blast.
I have been dunking myself in the shower which works for about ten seconds.
Fuck, my balls are sweating just sitting here, which ain't pretty, it's my bald fucking head that is pouring and blinding my ass.

The damn A/C works for about three minutes and blows the circuit breaker so I gave up on that sonofabitch.

I got shit for sleep last night, I might as well forget sleep.
Sweet, sweet unconsciousness is going to be my only relief.

Don't expect to hear much outta me until this heat wave subsides, I am going to find a bar with A/C that works and stay there until they drag me kicking and screaming out the fucking door at closing time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yes, I fell down, no, I didn't spill my beer.

Fucking rookies.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Send In The Troops!

Ya know damn good and well Cheney wanted to send in the troops on American soil, cocksucker.
John Yoo must have been busy polishing his knob that day.

What a very large group of fucking pussies, Jesus Christ.

Why are these fuckers not in jail? Why? Someone please explain to me why every fucking one of these dirty sonsabitches ain't in jail right fucking now!
Holy shit, I have seen and heard enough to convict these bastards of treason several times over and the mother fuckers have only been out of office seven months!

They violated Posse Comitatus eventually anyway, we now have troops on the ground for the express reason of "Domestic Security".
Yeah, I am sleeping better at night, maybe not, seeings as it is four O'clock in the fucking morning.

I did notice Obama didn't recall that force, I think I saw something about it being increased, actually.

Yeah, about that Freedom thing..... We need to have a little chat.

I found a VERY informative article regarding the actual status of Posse Comitatus titled "The Myth Of Posse Comitatus".
It's a must read. Very well done.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Double Score!

I don't know what the cycle is but I am very thankful.
I seem to be following Treesong in my good fortunes lately.

Good for her and her sweetie.

I got a double dose of goodness tonight after I finally got home to the little varmints.

If you are a regular, you might recall me bitching about the unofficial Home Owners Association mother fuckers who were making my life miserable lately, bitching about crap like my garbage wasn't in teh Glad Bags and my "Yard" and just generally being whiny assed bitches with nothing better to do.

Fuck me.
Anyways, I dropped off the neighbor in between us from work and kind of went, WTF is going on over there?

They are moving.

Even better, the jerk is moving a forty gallon propane tank with my handcart, which I could care less about, that is what they are for, just bring it back when yer done.

I asked him what was up and he told me that they had bought a Park Model down the street for 2500 bucks and he was moving the propane tank he just had filled but didn't need anymore.

I asked him what he wanted for it and he said Fifty bucks.

I offered him Thirty, he accepted, I gave him Twenty that I just won in a Poker Game and will give him the other ten tomorrow.

Double, maybe Triple score, they are moving to torture someone else, I got a forty gallon propane tank that is full for thirty bucks, I get to keep the tank.

Th garden is starting to really take off, I wasn't going to pay $3.95 for a hundred feet feet of string for the beans and the peas from the local rip off ACE Hardware, I got 275 feet for $2.75 while at work getting four fucking screws for something else.

In the mean time, where I live is about to come unnuted with crazy MotoCross fans,the cops are even going to shut down the little intersection I get off at to get home to keep traffic from getting out of hand. It takes eight hours for all these people to get the fuck out of here down a two lane river road onto a two lane highway. Something like Twenty Thousand fucking rigs as big as tractor trailers, motor homes and little SUV's full of idiots wanting to pass everyone.
Oh Yeah, lot's of Rice Rockets too.

Hell, I grew up with that shit, my Dad used to race a 250 Yammer Hammer back in the 70's.

The track is back in the sticks and is one of THE premier dirt tracks in the U.S. .

You won't catch me within ten miles of that joint.

It is supposed to get over a hundred degrees here this weekend.

Have a nice day, they won't let ya bring in beer anymore, Fuck That.

Thanks Mike!

Wow....just, wow!
I swung by here yesterday and was checking in and notice something whacko with the Stat counter numbers.
So, I click on the thing and my freaking jaw hits the desk.

It seems Mike Finnigan over at Crooks and Liars linked to me in his Mikes Blog Round Up column that he does and I went from the average of anywhere between a hundred and fifty-Two hundred hits to Twenty Five Hundred hits in one day!

Thanks dude!
I mean, this is a tiny little blog and those numbers are crazy!
Hell, I was flat out shocked.

Anyway, I just want to thank everyone who stopped by , that was pretty humbling.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now Find Cheney

This is fucking priceless.

Part one.

Part two.

Part three.

It's kind of anti climactic but you can damn well know Ivan heard about it from his fucking neighbor.



Of course, it's Farking news and Thank You Zug.


Welcome to all the folks coming over from Crooks and Liars!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Taking A Break

Just a little time out, be aware that these fucking assholes from the Retardlican Party who are trying to derail health care just for bragging rights are not going unnoticed.

Dirty fucking sonsabitches.

I also bagged my first squash and some pickle sized cucumbers.

What the fuck am I supposed to do with a small squash?

As Mayberry pointed out, the Blue Dogs are also very much to blame here, wouldn't want to leave those pricks out either.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Night Irene

I'll be back.

Grandpa's Dead

I took great pride in the fact he spoke out against the Bush administrations policies and I will always remember his narrative of the moon landing and the Viet Nam war.

The Most Trusted Man In America Is Gone.

God Speed Mr. Cronkite, I hope you trained someone.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Finally, A Country Song I Can Relate To!

Pretty much sums up my feelings perfectly.

H/T, My brother Chris.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Damn,Stand On It!

Meh, I could go on and on about the complete idiocy of the Sotemeyer hearings with the Retardlicans pulling the same old tired bullshit out of their bag of tricks but no, Fuck Them, they are pedal to the metal, hundred miles an hour , screaming towards the cliff and oblivion all by their fucking selves.

You go boys!

Fucking racist, backwards mother fuckers have absolutely no clue .
From what I have seen, this is a great big game of Grab Ass, Gotcha if you will.

I would be fucking embarrassed to be seen in a historical light acting like these childish motherfuckers.

This ain't the Third Grade boys.

Who keeps voting these socially retarded fucking bastards back in term after term?

I wouldn't even let assholes like Lindsey Graham, Jon Kyl and any other dick head like that to come on my property!
Inhofe would be a fucking hood ornament if I ever got so lucky.

The tank is empty,the cliff approaches and I am going to sit back and watch Thelma and Louise and the entire Republican party go sailing off into the wild blue yonder knowing that they share the same fate as Wyle E Coyote, with a cold fucking beer in my hand and a shit eating grin on my face.

I couldn't wish for a happier ending.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two Condiment Dip Recipes Not For The Weak.

A half of a cup of Horseradish,a half cup of salsa according to your tolerance for heat and a dash or two of yer favorite Louisiana Hot Sauce. To tame it down just a bit, add a table spoon of Mayo.
This is an awesome dip , especially for Sea Foods like Shrimp or Salmon.

This next one takes a bit of tolerance for color and texture but it is an awesome chip dip, it's just ugly to look at.

Half and half, Salsa,again, according to your heat preference, Cottage Cheese and a whole Avacado, mixed together well and served chilled, don't forget a couple of shots of Louisiana Hotsauce.

It ain't purty but once ya get a taste of it, it will disappear fast.Corn chips seem to work well with this, ya want something that scoops up a bunch at one time.

Of course, you can add whatever ya like to these, these are basic recipe's but I love both of 'em!

Hint, diced onion, black olives, etc, etc.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Gawker Can Suck My Ass,GASP! Marcy Wheeler Said BlowJob On TV!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Happy Blogiversary To My Blog Father, Skippy!

Seven years the man has been at it, that is like, from the Mesozoic Age in Blog years!

Congratulations Skippy The Bush Kangaroo

Skippy is without question, one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet and his Blogroll is testament to that.
He was the first big name Blogger to link my little rant hole and if you take some time and go check out his Blogroll, I ain't the only one who can say that, it is chock full of little peepers like me.

Thanks Skippy!

Seven freaking years.... WOW!

You GO bud!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Take A Break

It's not always Gonzo around here.
Please take a minute and enjoy a little noticed Pink Floyd gem.

Just fer shits and grins, a shout out to The Earth Bound Misfit, I hope you are having a good time .

Speaking of Shits and Grins, if you are still around, here is a bit of trivia I bet ya didn't know, the lead guitar portion of One Of These Days, a huge Pink Floyd hit from back in the day, was played by David Gilmour on an electric slide guitar.
The guy is amazing.

RIP Richard Wright.

The Fact That Dick Cheney Is Not In Jail Right Now Is A Tragedy

The Rule Of Law my fucking ass.

Where do I start?
Cheney is without a doubt, the most corrupt motherfucker that this country has ever had the misfortune to elect into the second highest office in the land.

My mind is flat fucking boggled trying to find a reason this treasonous fucking prick is not sitting in a jail cell right this fucking second.
Jesus Christ on a Slip-N- Slide.

He managed to slink away from a certain treason conviction for outing Valerie Plame, that pisses me clear the fuck off, the fucking bastard has stacked hundreds of his little minions all through our government to this day that fuck us over and now we see that he directed the CIA to lie to our Congress trying to hide a very shady little pet project.

I started this Blog because I was incensed at the shit Bush and his little butt buddies were up to and Cheney has always been Number One on my list of traitorous motherfuckers.
In my heart, I knew they were breaking every damn covenant that this country ever stood for and I was absolutely right.

Now I am incensed that the Obama administration will not hold these fuckers accountable.

That is Bullshit.

Apparently the Rule of Law only counts if you make less than a million bucks a year, then ya can do what ever the fuck ya want.

Horse. Fucking. Shit.

Cheney has been shown without a doubt to have subverted the Constitution, several fucking times.

If ya don't have the fucking balls to prosecute the old bastard, unplug him and let him die in his sleep.He is a danger to this countries safety, even though his claims of killing anyone who isn't a Republican donor seems to be Gospel to the Right Wing Tards.

Yeah, Fuck You Dude.

History has shown me, the farther out they are in time from their time in office, the more nasty shit gets to see the light of day. Hell, we are still finding out about shit from Nixon. I can't fucking wait to see what these bastards were up to behind our backs.

How much more is it going to take to prosecute this fucking guy?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Have A Nice Day

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Doctor, Doctor, Please

I went and got the stitches yanked out of the back of my neck today.
No muss, no fuss.
The Old Hippy Doc told me that my body wasn't liking them and was trying to grow over them.
Nice to know that even at my age I still heal fairly fast, lotsa practice, I guess.

Anyway, the cyst he dug out of my neck wasn't anything to get real excited about, a cyst had formed around a hair follicle, got to be about as big as a pea.
Another nice thing to know. Now to see the fucking bill, this oughtta be good.

So anyways, enjoy one of my favorite tunes from back in the day, Doctor, Doctor, by UFO.
I literally wore this double album out twice.

Because my blood pressure was way down today compared to the last time I went and seen the guy, here is another good one from the same album.

Thanks fer stopping by.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Spew Alert

I'm serious, beer squirted out of my nose when I saw this;

I am still shaking my head in amazement.

H/T FailBlog.

Playing In The Dirt

My buddy gave me some corn plants he culled so I was out making room for them yesterday.
I went up to his place to get them and gave him some advice on how to thin his plants, he was complaining about his onions and radishes not doing so well.
Dude, they can't be right next to each other in a big bunch.
He thinned them out and now wants to replant them.
He has time for the radishes, I don't know about the onions.
Speaking of onions, my white ones are doing great but the red ones I put in at the same time aren't doing worth a shit, weird.

I found a cucumber I didn't know was there, snagged a yellow wax pepper to go with dinner and made a huge mistake by putting in pole beans instead of bush beans.
Live and learn.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day My Ass

We are supposedly celebrating our demand to be free of tyranny today, tyranny from a king in a foreign land.

We should be pointing out that we have a new form of tyranny that is so pervasive that it can read your emails and listen to your phone calls.

My fellow Americans, why should I be afraid that I might be tazered to death because of a common traffic stop?
Because it happens.
Over two hundred people were tazered to death last year.

Why should I have to take my shoes off in an airport and not on a train that carries the same amount of passengers?
Because the TSA is full of fucking ignorant mini tyrants who have the power to yank you out of the boarding line because they don't like the way you look and strip search you, complete with a body cavity search.

The banking industry is absolutely out of control, the government decided to throw the sum of several countries Gross Domestic Product at them to keep them solvent, against 90% of the public saying no, don't do that.
They did it anyway.

There is no accountability in government anymore, they do whatever the fuck they want and to hell with you ignorant voting kind of people.
They fix the elections, the Supreme Court is a fucking joke anymore and here we are, on July Fourth, Two Thousand and Nine, as bass ackwards as we were forty fucking years ago, except now they have the means to really, truly put the screws to you if you open your mouth in protest of what is basically the plundering of our nations wealth and prosperity.

The treasury is empty, the barn is on fire, the horses are gone and we get to listen to idiotic drivel from the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly.

Does anyone who actually listen to these fucking blowhards think for one second they have any kind of positive input into our system?

Does Rush Limbaugh have any advice to you that will help put food on your table?

How about Ann Coulter, surely she has a recipe for parboiled sewer rat?

No, these people have nothing to offer that could possibly help you to take care of yourself or your family, only incindiary political partisan bullshit and not a fucking thing that adds to our national discourse.

Things are not all peaches and cream in the land of milk and honey, things are bad.

The economy is fucked, we are fucked and real quickly, the food supply in this country is going to be fucked because they break the damn laws that were passed to insure there was enough food stockpiled to keep a famine at bay.

Try to look for folks who have no hidden agenda, people that want the best for humanity.
They are out there, keep looking.

I know I am hardly one to talk when it comes to partisan politics but I had enough of the Bullshit coming out of the conservative side of the aisle years ago and decided I wasn't taking that shit anymore. Fuck those assholes, I don't care for authoritarian morons with class warfare agendas.
As many assaults on my so called guaranteed Constitutional Rights as I have seen in the past thirty years, I called Bullshit, I am still calling Bullshit and I am going to CONTINUE to call Bullshit.

You can have my keyboard when you pry it from my cold, dead, fingers, motherfuckers.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Have a Happy Fourth and don't forget your duties as a citizen of this country.

Your rights to free speech and freedom from tyranny must be guarded constantly.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust And It Is A Big One

I have no idea what I did to get so lucky but I ain't asking.
A buddy of mine called and asked me if I had heard the news about my favorite Republican governor resigning.
I said no, I have been out and about all day.
I asked if it was The Governator, he said no, yer other favorite Republican governor.

I told him there must be a major scandal about to break and hung up.

Low and behold, the Thrilla from Wasilla,

is reportedly going to announce her resignation as Governess of Alaska.

Someone suggested that this might play out as a way for Little Jebbie to run as the frontman in the next presidential election.

After picking myself up off the floor after a spasmatic bout of laughter, I suggested that he bring it on.

Day after day, we see the results of the Republican/ Neocon/ conservative raping of our country.

I take no great pleasure in seeing these people being exposed,
wait, I'm lying.

Fucking bastards should have been in jail six years ago and Sarah Fucking Palin is just behind the curve.

What the fuck?

Time wounds all heels.

Either way, good fucking riddance bitch, ya fucked around and finally got caught.

Damn well know, she is corrupt as all get out, I have seen the myriad links to people sounding the alarm.

Someone finally looked.

Bye Bye Caribou Barbie.

Thanks for saving me the torture of you trying to run for the highest office in the land.

By the way, Fuck You idiots who supported her in her last run,
and I do mean idiots.
Can I just throw in a hearty Fuck You to that other idiot, Joe the fucking Moron?

Sure I can, it's my fucking Blog.


94 yesterday, 95 today.
I haz the day off and am going to fuck off all day.

Beer me.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tits And Fireworks Are As American As Apple Pie And Tits.

Why yes, I would like a box of Glow worms.

Tight assed motherfuckers are bitching because some brilliant enterpreneuor decided that tits sell everything else, why not fireworks?
Fer Chrissakes, get a life.

They even haz bikini's on.
Why yes. I would like the one on the bottom shelf,

Get a fucking life you whiny ass Terrorist Sympathizers.

"“We have lots of young families with young children who are walking past that every day to go to the park,” said Claeys, who has three children under 16. “I just don’t think it’s appropriate by a grade school or a park. It’s just tacky.”"

Three kids, under sixteen, every one of 'em bottle fed?

Never seen a girl in a Bikini?

Sure ya have.

OK, some are better than others,and I am an Ornery Bastard.
No chocolate and cinnamon around here.

What the hell, my sparkler has a short fuse anymore.

Washington State has some pockets of serious Republican retards and I stay the Hell away from them.

Give me a fucking break, it is in the 90's around here, somebody is going to make money selling fireworks.
A Hottie in a skimpy Bikini selling Fireworks?
Sold, get the fuck outta my way kid.Go ask yer Ma how ya got here in the first place and call Bullshit if she starts out with the Birds and the Bees,I have seen them in action and they don't have tits, tell her to explain that one.

FaceBook Can Still Lick My Ass


They say they are going to give users a choice of what they want certain people to see.

Now then, they are going to give that choice to forty thousand users, then later, maybe eighty but no word on when EVERY fucking Facebook user will be able to selectively decide who sees what.

Ya Know what?

Kiss My Fucking Ass.

The fucking government and local police departments troll Facebook and MySpace like a trout fisherman with a vengeance and I see almost daily where some stupid fuck posts something that gets them arrested for being Stupid Online.

What I REALLY WANT TO KNOW, is when the fuckers that run Facebook will put up a button that says DELETE MY MOTHERFUCKING ACCOUNT!

Whatta ya know, they finally got around to that.

They can still kiss my ass.

Fuckers, as they say, the Internet is forever.
Two weeks of me not logging in?!, Gone forever?
LMAO Bitches, see ya.