Friday, August 31, 2007

Turdblossom Has Left The Building.

Where yet another lying, scheming ,treasonous piece of shit slinks off into the sunset,
today is Karl Rove's last day at the Whitehouse.
I can say I truly mean it when I say Good Riddance and Stay Gone.
'Leaving to spend more time with his family"
ROTFLMAO, sure, whatever.
More like trying to stay one step ahead of being thrown in jail if ya ask me.
Leave the keys asshole.


Bonus Round, Tony Snow, another lying sonofabitch, has announced his resignation effective September 14th. Now the question begging to be asked, who is going to be the next spinmeister for Stupie McFuckwit ?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Required Reading For Every American

I just got this as an email and am reprinting it as is.
This should be put on the front page of every paper in the world.
Please steal it and pass this around to every one you know.

>> Burning the Law in a Riot of Treason
>> By William Rivers Pitt
>> Monday 27 August 2007
>> As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both
>> instances, there's a twilight where everything remains seemingly
>> unchanged,
>> and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air,
>> however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.
>> - Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas
>> The departure of Alberto Gonzales from the Attorney General's Office
>> brings America to a place of definitions, and hanging in the balance is
>> the
>> very idea of the nation itself. The basic concepts and fundamental
>> principles of our republic now stand as the only legitimate
>> considerations
>> going forward, for they have been tested almost to annihilation already,
>> and
>> will not endure much longer if we continue on this path.
>> It is the mythology within the Declaration of Independence we speak
>> of,
>> the fiction that tells us we are endowed with rights, and that those
>> rights
>> are unalienable. This falsehood has been vividly exposed in the last
>> several
>> years, and it has been a harsh lesson indeed. All the rights we hold dear
>> and believe to be our greatest strength are, in fact, only words on old
>> paper with neither force nor power. The next line - "That to secure these
>> rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers
>> from the consent of the governed" - is the muscle behind the myth, the
>> core
>> that has endured a withering assault.
>> Matters are so much worse than our national political dialogue lets
>> on.
>> The resignation of Gonzales has unleashed a torrent of hard words and
>> harsh
>> criticisms aimed at the deplorable nature of his tenure, but the truth of
>> it
>> continues to elude mention. They call Gonzales an incompetent, a crony, a
>> loyalist, a disgrace, leaving off the one word necessary to fully explain
>> who he is, and what he was engaged in before he stepped down.
>> Alberto Gonzales is a traitor. That is the only word to explain it.
>> He is not the only one; there are many more traitors like him in the
>> Bush administration, criminals joined in an act of treason so vast and
>> comprehensive that it beggars comparison. Nothing quite like this has
>> ever
>> before been attempted in America, and if they are allowed to succeed,
>> there
>> will be nothing of what defines America left to be seen.
>> Gonzales and his Bush administration collaborators have committed
>> their
>> treason against the rule of law itself, a crime so absolute that it is
>> technically not illegal. There is no code, ordinance or law specifically
>> forbidding the total ruination of all our rights and protections; the act
>> is
>> neither felony nor misdemeanor, because nobody ever considered the
>> black-letter necessity of making it illegal to destroy the rule of law.
>> But there is no America without that rule of law - no rights, no
>> protections, no Constitution; there is nothing, and if you destroy the
>> rule
>> of law, you destroy the idea that is America itself. The only word for a
>> crime like that is treason, and those who would dare commit it are
>> traitors.
>> Gonzales and his Bush administration collaborators have done more than
>> dare.
>> They have been pursuing it, with deliberation and intent, throughout each
>> moment of their tenure.
>> Their treason is not in the actual crimes they have committed, but in
>> the way they have chosen to avoid accountability for them. Their treason
>> is
>> not their refusal to obey the Freedom of Information Act, but in their
>> insistence that they are above the application of that law. Their treason
>> is
>> not in their refusal to obey subpoenas from Congress, but in their claim
>> that they are above the laws behind those subpoenas. Their treason is not
>> that they fired United States attorneys and then refused to come clean
>> about
>> it, but that they decimated the impartiality of the Department of Justice
>> and turned the rule of law into another partisan weapon. Their treason is
>> not the NSA surveillance of Americans, but their steadfast refusal to
>> submit
>> to the governing laws and the requirement of oversight.
>> When George W. Bush asserted a claim of Executive Privilege that made
>> him and his administration immune to all laws and oversight, that was an
>> act
>> of treason because it shattered the rule of law. When Dick Cheney
>> asserted
>> that the Office of the Vice President was not part of the Executive
>> Branch,
>> because he did not want to obey the laws requiring him to hand over
>> official
>> documents to the Archives, that was an act of treason because it
>> shattered
>> the rule of law. When Alberto Gonzales chose to surrender the
>> independence
>> of the Department of Justice so he could protect those assertions, that
>> was
>> an act of treason because it shattered the rule of law.
>> Americans have only the rights they are able to protect and defend.
>> Our
>> rights are nothing more than ideas; only theory and argument on parchment
>> all too easily burned to ashes. The power of those rights is only found
>> in
>> our collective submission to the rule of law, and submission to that rule
>> of
>> law is all that stands between our freedoms and the conflagration of
>> tyranny. Without the rule of law, there is no America.
>> That is the treason of Alberto Gonzales, and the treason of the Bush
>> administration entire. They have attacked and undercut the rule of law by
>> refusing to submit to it, and in doing so have brought us to the edge of
>> appalling infamy. Theirs is a crime without peer, and we will be
>> fortunate
>> beyond measure if we are able to recover from it.
>> The fact that Alberto Gonzales has left is meaningless in the main,
>> because the treason he participated in continues in his absence. If the
>> damage is to be repaired, he must be replaced by someone who will submit
>> to
>> the main imperative, someone who will submit to the rule of law, someone
>> with real independence and unbending respect for the idea that is
>> America.
>> Gonzales must not be replaced by another crony or yes-man, because
>> Americans
>> have only those rights we can protect and defend, and another traitor in
>> that lofty post is no protection at all.
>> Gonzales was more than a poor steward of this trust. He was a traitor
>> among traitors. If the rule of law is to stand, the treason he helped
>> commit
>> must be ended, and a patriot must take his place.
>> ------------------------------
>> William Rivers Pitt is a New York Times and internationally
>> bestselling
>> author of two books: "War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to
>> Know"
>> and "The Greatest Sedition Is Silence." His newest book, "House of Ill
>> Repute: Reflections on War, Lies, and America's Ravaged Reputation," is
>> now
>> available from PoliPointPress.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rewriting History

I watched a PBS special last night on the tee vee. It was about Hurricane Katrina.
I was just laying there, semi comatose as usual.Several beers and shots tend to do that.
Anyway, I am watching this and they are talking to the main guy who was in charge of warning the government officials who were in charge of the response. Notice I do not identify those government agencies. Neither did they in the show.
Not one fucking mention of FEMA, Heckofajob Brownie or the motherfucker in charge of FEMA, Chertoff.
I asked myself, how do you do an hour long special on the complete devastation of a major American city, and not even mention the names of the people responsible for the governments non response?They showed the people in the Astro dome, but no mention of that heartless bitch Babs saying how it was working out so well for the poor black people stuck inside with no food or water with bodies laying around.
Then it dawned on me, I seemed to remember a right wing bastard coming on board with PBS a while back and things began to change.
They have focused their propaganda machine on us from our own public broadcast stations.
In other words, we are paying them to brainwash us.
I have seen his influence before, most notably a rambling self promotion piece by that oh so famous neocon, Richard Perle.
I am going to have to do some digging, but I am going to find out who this right wing fucktard is.
I used to enjoy PBS broadcasts, now I have to watch with a jaded eye for the propaganda.
The problem is, there are so many Americans that don't recognize it when they see it.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Buh Bye Abu

Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, lying motherfucker.
I missed it on tv but heard it on the radio on my way in to work.
No reason given.Rumor has it that Skeletor is going to get the nod but I am going to wait and see.

Interesting turn of events, could it be that the wheels are finally coming off of this runaway cabal?
More as it comes out.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's The Economy, Stupid

Just read a cheerful little piece in the paper, it seems that foreclosures are up 93% in one year.
Thats no typo, NINETY THREE PERCENT. In one year.From July 2006 to July 2007.
Some housing bubble ya got there Stupie, it looks like the giant zit kids get right before prom night that no amount of makeup is going to hide.
179,599 in July alone. These filings include default notices,auction sale notices and bank repo's.

Speaking just for myself, I used to have two houses,used to have.
I was renting one out and trying to make the payments on the other one.
Unfortunately for me, the broad I had been living with and raising her kids didn't put a high priority on things like paying bills and I ain't worth a shit when it comes to money.
Sooo, after many instances of getting behind and scrambling to make payments, I found out my renters had completely trashed my fucking house and couldn't pay the rent.I lived quite a piece away and couldn't keep tabs on them like I should, my fault.
Anyway, after throwing their meth addled asses out and getting a GIANT 20 yard dumpster to clean up their mess( from an 800 square foot house!), I found myself behind on TWO houses.
The foreclosure notices started flying and I was scrambling, again, to make something happen.
So I had a friend who is a real estate agent and I sold my original little house for basically a loss. Then I had to pay a $300 water bill so the new owners could get the water turned on.
A short while later I sold the other house and had enough to move. Two months later me and the she devil split the sheets and I moved in with my brother and his old lady for about a year. That shit got old. I got another she devil of a girl friend and moved in with her for about 3 months. That shit didn't work out and I was basically homeless, not wanting to go back to my brothers.I lived in the back of a van for two weeks until some busybody at work found out, so my boss cashed in my two weeks of vacation early and I bought a small motor home and found a white trash motor home park to put it in, which is where I am now. Single and happy. The nice thing about that is no motherfucker can throw me out, they can tell me to move it, but that sonofabitch is MINE.
So I know first hand about this foreclosure business and a lot of people are getting the fucking of their lives right now, with more to come.
Heck of a job Bushie, I can't wait for the recession thats coming.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You Can Quit Holding Your Breath Now

Remember how BushCo has been telling everyone how wonderful the surge is working?
You know, like after a couple of bombs just killed 300 people?
And remember how we were told to STFU and wait until General Petraeus gives us his unvarnished, by GodI mean it, the honest truth about what we need to do in Iraq in September?
Well welcome to Bizzarro World.
The LA Times has a two page article on this very subject and buried on page two is this little gem;

"Despite Bush's repeated statements that the report will reflect evaluations by Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, administration officials said it would actually be written by the White House, with inputs from officials throughout the government."

Yessir, the Spinmeisters are gonna try and polish that turd to a fare thee well.

Doesn't matter that the good general is already saying it's time to redeploy some of our boy's and girl's out of some of the less violent areas, BushCo is By God going to tell us how fucking wonderful the surge is working and that we should just go back to shopping and STFU some more.
The place is FUBAR and everything is going according to plans.
With Deadeye jerkin' off to Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran, I would put it at even odds, if they redeploy some troops, it's gonna be right to the border of Iran so Cheney can rattle his fucking sword a little louder.
These sociopaths are startin' to get predictable. Not like it does us any good, the warmongers are still going at it, pedal to the metal.

Here is the LA times article.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Crawling Back Under A Rock

Karl Rove is resigning effective August 31st.
I am kind of at a loss here, Turdblossom has been #1 on my list for years now.
To have him abruptly resign tells me there is a truckload of shit getting ready to hit a monster sized fan.
The low life sonofabitch has got a trail of political destruction behind him miles long.
He is also very close to at least three investigations, starting with another lowlife sonofabitch, Abramoff.
His former aide, Susan Ralston may be tuning up her pipes in the firing of the USA's case. That would be sweet to see the ultimate rat fucker get rat fucked by his very own protege.
Who really knows what the reasons are, I don't give a flying fuck, as long as the motherfucker hands in his security clearance and cleans out his desk.
He thought he had cut a fat pig in the ass and had locked in a Republican majority for decades to come.Fortunately for us, the rest of the greedy bastards got a little out of hand in their thievery and thugishness and the Dems got put back in charge. So endeth the reign of Karl as the master political hatchet man.
Good fucking riddance and I still want to see him in an orange jumpsuit yet.
The ball is in your court, Mr. Leahy.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm Back.

Finally, finally got shit straightened out.
After pestering the shit out of my buddy the tech guru, he got ahold of our provider and found out my IP address had expired.
'Scuse me?Never heard of such a thing.
Anyway, the quick fix was to unplug some goddamn thing and plug it back in, Presto!
Now for the rest of this nightmare.
Because we thought it was a computer problem and I was bitching and whining up a storm, I scored a faster computer. Neat huh?
Except this fucker had belonged to someone else, and had their name on everything you can imagine (and some I couldn't), My buddy had to get into the register and change the name on some two hundred files.
Then I had to get anti virus protection, this is where I should have let him do his thing, which he did, but I was the one who had to sit for two fucking hours, updating Internet Explorer, updating this, updating that.FUCK!
Now my email is fucked up because I couldn't remember the damn password they gave me.
Two solid weeks of spam is just waiting for me.
It may take me another week to get where I was before. Oh yeah, address book?
Gone,Bookmarks? Gone.
It is amazing how much of my life is now controlled by the mysterious box on the floor with all the wires coming out of it.
So, I think I am going to bite the bullet and get the toobz connected at home so I can keep up with the blogging and all the political shit that is coming in the next year.
Anyways, enough bitching.
Thanks for waiting, I will be back soon, Ornerier than ever.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fuck Me Runnin'

Well, it's not my computer, nor is it two other computers.
Apparently, my ISP is now to blame.
We had a security system installed here at work and I think it overloaded our bandwitdth because I am not the only one having the problem of not being able to access the toobz.
My tech guy is pulling his hair out trying to get to the bottom of it.
He spent an hour on hold yesterday trying to contact the tech dept. of our provider before banging the phone down.
I snuck in early and am using a computer in another office.
Damn I am having issues with not being able to keep up with what is going on in the world.
This shit needs to get resolved. One bright spot, when it does get fixed, I scored a much faster computer than my old one. Heh.
I shall return.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


I took a week off that I badly needed.
Overload at work and a shoulder that has been killing me for a month.
Found out I had a rib popped out right between my shoulder blades, after it popped back in.
Meanwhile, my computer decided to take a vacation too, permanently.
Best twenty bucks I had spent in a long time.
Sooooo, I have to get back to work, and I have to try and find out if the donated computer my friend gave to me works.Right now I am at my Dads using his P.O.S. , I can only hope for the best.
Strange how being off line is distressing.
Yearly Kos is going on as I type, a whole bunch of hearings have gone by, and I have been laying around reading Clive Cussler novels and getting hammered. Oh by the way, I have a cat with five kittens that I have been trying to avoid stepping on. Good times.
I would like to personally thank whoever you are that bump my site meter occasionally, I didn't think that I had any thing really relevant to say, This is mainly a way to vent my frustration at the no good sonsabitches who are ruining our country.
Thank you for stopping by, I will get back to it shortly.