Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Thanks fer stopping by. I hope to piss off a lot more people in the coming year, share the parts of my life that I can and at the very least, not be boring.

Keep after the motherfuckers, they can't stand the sunlight.

Fuck them VERY much.
You know damn good and well who I am talking about and so do they.

A Clever Little Mash Up

Hey, it's got Shakira, what can I say?

Hubba Hubba baby.

Click the you tube link, it will open in another tab.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fucking Amazing

Watch all three.
Fuck me, I'm getting old.

I had no idea you could do this kind of shit.

H/T Fark, again

On A Lighter Note

This fer my friend Suzanne.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I found out yesterday that one of my cousins had a heart attack and died, she was in her late thirties.

They say it comes in three's, this will be the third funeral since September.

I know we all get to take the dirt nap eventually but it is human nature to deny death and dying.

It is a tragedy and my heart goes out to my aunt, she is such a sweet lady and has already had to deal with the premature death of her husband many years ago, this is going to age her before our very eyes.

I am waiting for word on when the funeral is, I am here at Nasty Girls, she just got out of the hospital yesterday after having a procedure done that was serious enough they put her out for it.

She is fine and doing well.

Like the old saying goes, there's no rest for the wicked.
I must have been Ghengis Kahn in a previous life.

This really isn't about me and I realize that, this Blog is where I turn to when I need to get something out of my system, it's a relief valve. Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut but in the long run that ain't healthy so fuck it.

I know in my heart that it could be much, much worse so I tend to count my blessings instead of focusing on the negatives.

There is a new year right around the corner and we shall see what it brings, good or bad, if we are lucky.

Thanks fer stopping by.

Some Good Advice

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Don't even bother kicking the tires.

Cross posted at my friends, Fixer and Gordon's Blog.

Check it out.

Get Yer Ass In School. Stupid

And ya wonder why yer kid is as dumb as a rock.

That is because their teachers are dumber than a  fucking truck load of them.
I ain't no wizard but I can speak clearly when I want to, I can even spell sometimes too.

File this under the stupid shit that their parents can't even get straight.

We are fucking doomed. Go read this and ask yourself just What, The, Fuck.

Good fucking God.

They used to have these things called newspapers, there were also these people who made a living getting these things called facts. A fact ain't like a fucking trout, you can't eat them. A trout will go bad and start stinking after a while.

A fact will stink the minute it has been exposed and continue to do so forever.

Unfortunately, forever seems to have an expiration date these days and some ignorant cocksucker will put the revised history into a fucking school book, that you pay for and have your kid tested on and ingrained into his/her head forever and ever, Amen.

Jaysus rode a Brontosaurous and the world is flat and six thousand years old.

All that and being taught to our children in school as Gospel.

I am banging my fucking head on the desk.

If this is the legacy we are leaving our children, we are beyond fucked.
No fucking wonder the Chinese and the Japanese are kicking our fucking asses when it comes to education  and career performance.

For fucks sake, I had a conversation in the early nineties with a relative in Nebraska who has a few thousand acres of Corn about Plate tectonics. Hard core Right Wing but he was at least open to the conversation and I finally convinced him it was real.

Now we are going back to the mid thirteenth century and it is being propagated to our fucking children by ignorant fucking bastards that can't even be bothered to pay attention to RECENT FUCKING HISTORY!!

I thought those idiots in Texas were bad and they are but this is just getting ridiculous.

Get your political bullshit out of our school systems and teach our kids the fucking basics.

I absolutely hated school but that's because I was smarter than some of my right wing teachers.

I once got into an argument with a Bible thumping old bastard football coach who was also a teacher who told me there was no such word as procreate. This was a full fledged Bible Thumping rascist motherfucker too, way back in 1978!
He had some little cheerleader bitch back him up just to try and humiliate me in front of the class.
I swore then and there that no one in that school would ever know the extent of my vocabulary or just how smart I was.

I graduated with a 1.2 grade point average* just to get the fuck away from all the fucking ignorance that they called a High School Education. I was markedly dumber after I finished than I was before I went in, they have the test scores to prove it.

It seems some things will never change in this country.

If there was ever a mortal sin that could be committed purposely, keeping your children ignorant is it.

That is what we are supposedly fighting against in the Near East, when we aren't just killing the poor fuckers outright in the mean time.

Shit, ninety percent of our chilren couldn't even begin to tell you what the Near East is, let alone compete against them in a head to head Q and A.

Goat roping 1.0, coming your way kiddies.

Ya might as well start banging that stupid cousin of yours with the big tits and help speed the process along.

* I graduated from a two year college with a 3.7 grade point average and honors, showed up half drunk most of the time too. A 4.0 was just showing off.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Take me and my buddies to the border, right fucking now.

So, Al-Maliki says they can handle it from here.

It's about fucking time.

After the giant cluster fuck that Bush got us into, training their sorry asses, getting killed for their sorry asses, killing everything that moved for their sorry asses, leaving BILLIONS of dollars of equipment that we built and shipped over there for their sorry asses and mysteriously losing NINE FUCKING BILLION DOLLARS to be divied up by their sorry asses, they want us out next year.

I have news for you asshole, seventy percent of the voters in this country were stupid enough to get duped into us sending our young men and women over there on false pretences in the first place because our fucking government lied through their teeth to make excuses for Dick Fucking Cheney and his fat fucking cronies to try and steal your oil.
Sadly, you actually fell for it.
The other thirty percent of us saw right through that bunch of treason and have been screaming to bring our people home ever since.

You want it? You fucking got it.

What I don't want to hear is that we can't afford to bring our equipment home again.

Fuck. That.
We could afford to send it over there, we can afford to bring that shit back and you motherfuckers can go right back to riding camels and using what ever fucking weapons we already gave ya.

As a matter of fact, just because our government leaders seem to be dumber than a box of rusty hammers and want to keep playing fuckity fuck in that other sandbox called Afghanistan, that joint is a whole lot closer than here and apparently they can use all the fucking people and equipment they can get their fucking hands on.

Bonus, Karzai is missing his Butt Buddy Bush.

I want to fucking puke that no one has pulled the plug on this corrupt fucking asshole.

Air lift every goddamn fucking HumVee and tank that can either be driven or dragged onto a transport,fill those cocksuckers up with every rifle, missile launcher , bullet, MRE and tent we can lay our hands on and get the fuck out of Iraq and Pass Go, collect two hundred fucking bucks on the savings of lives and equipment and dump those fuckers directly into the government builings in Kabul, right after we carpet bomb the fucking shit out of  them.It seems some other greedy fucking American puppet is missing the good old days and is jealous we aren't just dropping pallets of hundred dollar bills there like we did in Baghdad.
Karzai is the most corrupt sonofabitch we have seen in decades and he is our boy.

We need to give Al-Maliki his fondest wishes and be gone out of there so fast his fucking head spins.

For those who scream about the specter of Iran taking over Iraq?

Look at what we just tried to do. You know damn good and well Russia has been laughing their asses off at the ignorant fucks in our government who are too fucking stupid to admit making the blunder of their lives and are too motherfucking stupid to admit it and back off.

I got yer surge hangin' boys.
Having to resort to using drones with Hellfire missiles to blow the shit out of supposed renegades in PAKISTAN, who is supposedly an ally, is enough to recall every sonofabitch in Congress for letting our troops kill people with no declaration of war and is, on it's face, an act of war against a declared ally.

Let them fight each other and bankrupt themselves in the process.

Iran? Turkey? India? Pakistan?

Who is going to fill the vacuum of power in Iraq?

Who Gives A Fuck.

Have at it you sonsabitches.

They have been killing each other over there for over two thousaand fucking years and that is before they even heard of oil.

Vaya Con Dios, Motherfuckers.

Get our people out of a lose lose situation, cut the fucking Pentagons budget and get our own fucking shit going again.

As a matter of fact, bring back the meanest, nastiest killingest people we have trained and turn those Americans on the Domestic Terrorists that are killing our very own country.
The Bankers and those rotten fuckers on Wall Street.

That should take about a week to hunt them down, then go after all the cocksuckers who have enabled the fucking bastards.
When they are done? Give every one of them the Medal of Honor and give them the first pick on what corner office they want on Wall Street.

Rent Free, for life with the same Medical coverage those spineless fuckers in Congress give themselves.

After all that, I doubt very much any fucking elected representative in that spineless group of country killers would even whimper a protest out loud.
We might even get lucky and get to see a few of them disappear quietly somewhere else.

Monday, December 27, 2010

That Blows

Poor little buggers, I laughed so hard I almost choked.

It's like, Dude! WTF just hit us?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Survived

Some younger folks are lucky they did too.

The fit throwing and sniveling I have put up with the last few days has damn near put me over the edge.

I finally stopped it cold, twice.
You are done now, shut your mouth I am totally serious.

I mean shit, after a half hour, forty five minutes of listening to this twelve year old boy bitch, moan and complain, throw hissy fits and tantrums, I am severely temted to yank him by the back of his neck and drag him to the nearest wood shed.

I got ahold of him a couple weeks back when he ran his alligator mouth one too many times after I had told him to shut up. Back talking his Mom put me over the edge. One of those little brats that always has to have the last word.
I ain't saying he is a terrible kid, he just needs some boundaries and a grumpy old fucker like me to kindly show him where they are. There comes a point when the talking is done.I know I am.

Don't worry, I do and will, until he figures this shit out.

He knows that you can only jump up and down on that last nerve so long.

Bad things happen when I get out of the chair.
I know his eyes were as big as saucers when I jumped up and trapped him in the kitchen. he didn't think this old bastard could move that fast.

Then today, I got to drive over a hundred miles on a nasty little two lane twisty assed motherfucking road to get back to Nasty Girls from her parents.

Two days of staying there, that is something I am going to have to keep to myself, the Old MidWest brought large.

Like I said, I survived and another Christmas is getting smaller in the rear view mirror.
Thank God.
It's always the fucking logistics, I can never get that through anyones head, why I hate that holiday more than any three combined.
Driving all over the fucking country side, putting up with hundreds and hundreds of complete fucking morons.

The fucking parking lots, the lines, the People of Wall mart kind of shit.
I have to sedate myself before I get out the fucking door.

I hope you all enjoy the peace and quiet until New Years.

Hand me that jug.

Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm Outta Here

'Tis the Season.

I can't wait until it is over, either.
Merry Fucking Christmas, one and all.

My Cat Is Jealous Of The Keyboard

She believes I could be spending my time better by petting her, constantly.

I think the little furball may have more important things to worry about here soon.

Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here I thought I Was Crazy

Truth be told, I was a crazy sonofabitch back in the day but these guys have huge balls.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Fucking Christmas

This showed up on my Stat counter, again.
It is such a fucking classic, I decided to play it again.

To this day, I still wonder if I am not related to this motherfucker.


Every time I hear this  I laugh so fucking hard I get tears in my eyes.

Travel Day

Nasty Girl was due to go home today, when we left here and went through the Gorge a few days ago, we missed getting blasted with a snow storm by mere hours.

Of course, it dumped more snow again last night. We went to my families Christmas party yesterday and had a great time.
The food? OMG!

Just the appetizers were off the charts.The guy is a murderous fiend when it comes to hunting and fishing. Antelope sausage with cheese and jalapeno's, Summer sausage made out of Elk, pepperonie ALA Antelope, Antelope Jerky, cheese out the wazoo. That was just for starters. Turkey, six dufferent kinds of salad, some awesome bean soup, I do need to hold my brother down and get that fucking recipe, some kind of Texas,/ BBQ kind of thing and a completely delectable roast beef. Oh, my, that was perfect.
Cooked to a beautiful rare, sliced thin, almost like thick cut bacon strips, and totally gone in sixty seconds.

Fuck, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
My little cousin and her husband have a fabulous, huge, house. It was freezing ass cold and the wind was, the only way I can describe it, howling and biting. Two minutes outside to huff half a smoke and the cold would radiate off my leather jacket.

We do a White Elephant give exchange for the adults which is absolutely hilarious. Everone gets a number, the very first one has the ability to exchange his or hers at the end, IF, it hasn't already been stolen three times.

I ain't kidding, this gets vicious. Collaboration between husband and wife, Boyfriend and girlfriend and cousin against cousin.

There is actually quite the game of strategy that has developed over the years.
Everything is twenty five bucks or less.

Note to self, just go to the fucking likker store and throw it in a dollar store bag.

Lottery tickets and booze are the hot ticket items.

Needless to say, after I had the folding fishing pole swiped from me, never to return, I wound up with a tin of three kinds of popcorn. I was being nice, the fucking tequila was long gone.

Of course, I was dressed as nice as I ever do, which ain't that much. No blue jeans allowed say's she and didn't think about the cold. No T shirt, no Long Johns. The Girlfriend was smoking hot in her outfit, dress, and stockings, nice blouse. She was freezing her cute little ass off too. We actually went out to the car to have a smoke because there was no fucking way we were going to stand in that Arctic Blast.

Natuarrly, we left right before it got dark and it started to snow. Forty miles away from home and it snowed most of the way home.

Long story short, Nasty Girl was freaking out about the weather conditions coming back this way and we monitored them half the night and this morning.

When I saw Black Ice warnings, I made the decision for her. You ain't fucking driving home.

So we bailed out a bit late and then argued about what route to take. I made up my mind and told her to hold on and watch the bitching.

I would have been worried sick about her driving in that shit and we did hit some nasty shit. I just drove nice and slow with both hands on the wheel, don't tell my guy friends, guys are supposed to drive with one hand only.

We got here and more of that white shit is scheduled but snow doesn't bother me, it's the fucking ice.

By the way, Oakland beat Denver's ass yesterday and her Vikings are getting their asses kicked as I type.

 I have a nice cold beer, a few shots lined up, a hotty G/F who is still alive and life is good.

Remind me to tell ya about her shit head little sister who talked her little shit kid into fucking with our Facebook profile pictures. Mine got changed to Sarah you know who and hers got changed to Obama. The kid has already had his ass beat for his trouble.

Thanks fer stopping by and Happy Holidays to you all.

I still have a couple of you out there that I am still praying for.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

DADT Passed


Now get back to the fucking economy.

I could give a rats ass who ya love, as long as ya love 'em.

Ain't none of my business.

Me and the GF went a few rounds over this, she being the Right Winger she is and me being me.
I'll spare ya the details, everyone has their own opinion.
That's what makes this country great.

This isn't the panacea the gays were wanting, sorry about that. I didn't want the 2 percent of the richest motherfuckers in this country getting that little tiny tax break they have been enjoying either.

I am sure this will be revisited soon.

Like I said, I could give a fuck.

There will be repercussions I am sure.

The DREAM act went down the tubes.

These fucking Republicans are starting to confuse me. All of a sudden the Gays are OK but we still hate the Mexicans?

They fucking hate everyone.
Except you beautiful rich sonsabitches, even if you are married to one of the ugliest old white bitches you have ever laid eyes on.
Can't have any of this by God,

Can't have any of this by God either,

But we as sure as fuck can have a whole world full of this shit every, mother fucking day.
Fuck You,you dirty, rotten, hypocritical fucking bastards.

Have A Sit For A Spell

Relax and enjoy this.

Have a shot, a beer and a smoke, you will thank me later.
One of my favorites.

I won't go into the seven fucking trips to the stores today and all the Merry Fucking Christmas shit I am having to endure because of my Girl Friend. She just LOOOOVES Christmas.

It's a giant pain in the fucking ass if ya ask me. I needed something to relax to for a minute.

Heh, sucker punched ya there. Still, good tunes.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

About That First Amendment Thing We Used To Have.....

Hoping to spark the country's silent majority into action, 131 antiwar protesters got themselves arrested Thursday, in one of the larger acts of civil disobedience in front of the White House in some time.

Carrying signs that frequently included question marks -- "Peace on earth?" and "How is the war economy working for you?" -- protesters organized by a Missouri-based veterans group marched up to the White House gates and refused to disperse, holding their ground for several hours on a snowy and blustery day.

Among those arrested was Daniel Ellsberg, the Vietnam-era whistleblower who leaked the Pentagon Papers as an act of protest in 1971. Thursday's arrest was his 80th.

Oh yes, dear reader, you have the same rights as a rabid dog.
Fuck up and there are alternative methods, for behavior modification.

Remember this?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
I sure as fuck do.

This too,

Freedom of assembly, sometimes used interchangeably with the freedom of association, is the individual right to come together and collectively express, promote, pursue and defend common interests.[1] The right to freedom of association is recognized as a human right, a political freedom and a civil liberty.

Keep after the rotten motherfuckers, there is power in numbers and the only reason they pull this shit is out of fear.

The Shit You See On The Internet

Holy crap, I think I just coughed up a lung.

These are comments to a guy's post about refucking some bitch who tried to fuck him over on some sporting event tickets he was selling on Ebay.
I will leave a link to that at the botom but these comments cracked my fucking ass up.

The names have been removed to keep their identity private.

"Once I bought a car part on ebay that was advertised as new. Turned out it was old and rusted so I arranged with the guy to return it and he promised a full refund. I sent the part back but he wouldn't give me my money back. I googled his name and city and got the phone number for his mom. I told her the story and she was so mad- she promised me she would make sure I got my money back. He called me back a few hours later and called me every name in the book- "how dare you call my mom... you f'ing f'er..." I was pretty scared and glad we didn't live in the same state. But I got all my money back. Mothers are great"

"You told his mommy...awesome!"

"Next time you need a car part, avoid the middleman - order from his mom directly."

I was already laughing my ass off but that was the topper.

Here is the original story and I for one was glad to see some scamming bitch get what she had coming to her.

Something doesn't add up but the comments were worth it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NSFW, Kids, Wives, Girlfriends Or Any One Else

This is so fucking funny I blew beer out of my nose.

I am warning you, turn down the volume, get yer fucking kids out of the room and tell yer lady friends to go wrap presents or something. My GF just loooooooves Christmas, the whole fucking shebang. Decorations out the ass, the fucking cookies, tinsel, the whole fucking thing.
Christmas to me is a logistical nightmare.
Just today, after we spent an hour last night, trying to figure out where we need to go and what time, I get an Email telling me they got the date wrong for the family Christmas party.

Are you fucking kidding me?

You have had an entire fucking year to get this shit straight.
Oh, Hell. No.

Jesus fucking Christ and Happy Birthday Dude.

Last fucking chance.
Oh my goodness, here we go, take it away Santa.

Yeah, now we're talking holiday spirit, motherfuckers.

Thank you Jimbo, ya owe me a fuckin' beer now.

The Fuckery Begins

Motherfucking asshole sonsabitches.

The four Republicans appointed to the commission investigating the root causes of the financial crisis plan to bypass the bipartisan panel and release their own report Wednesday, according to people familiar with the commission's work.

Four fucking assholes.

This is what you wanted, this is what you get, bend over and ask for some more because it is coming.

Fuck me running.

The Power Of A Smile

Ok, I can be a grumpy fucking bastard, that is a given.
I can also be a nice guy, don't you fucking tell anyone.

The GF and I were at The Big Store yesterday, getting some shit for dinner, oh and beer too.
I noticed all these people were all looking grumpy and afraid, seriously, no one even wanted to make eye contact with each other and studiously avoiding each other, when there were at least two hundred fucking people in this store.

We had her Autistic son with us, who is basically harmless but he is a big dude, full grown at about two hundred pounds and twenty seven years old, he is still like a little kid and wanders off constantly.
That means we are constantly having to look around and say, about forty times per visit, where the fuck is he now?

He doesn't get too far but it is just something that we need to be aware of.
Any way, back to my point.
In having to bump around and move the cart every ten seconds, I was doing my best to be polite, excuse myself for being in some ones way, excuse me, let me move my cart, etc., etc.
I always smiled at who I was talking to, little kids, little old ladies, Gentrified old gentlemen, harried mothers trying to get something for dinner and having to keep the kids under control, the same thing every one of us has to deal with. Pretty soon, I started noticing that when I was being polite and smiling at all these different people,I noticed every, single, one of them went from scowling, to smiling back at me.

I shouldn't be so amazed but, I was.

It was amazing.

The little old ladies perked right up, the little kids eyes lit up, the old gent stood up straighter, I really can't put it into words but I finally ,just realized it.

I have to admit, I have also noticed that getting to be an old fart has it's advantages.
The little cuties smile back at you too.

That's always a bonus.

I have always, since being a little ornery bastard, been told that I have beautiful eyes.

The girls in school used to have fits because I have naturally long and thick eyelashes, which they reminded me of while putting some kind of shit on theirs with the little brush thing.

I guess it is the getting old thing, if I try ,just a little bit, I can smile with my eyes and not say a fucking word.
A little bit of pleasantry to go with that, and I just changed some ones whole outlook on life. It is absolutely fucking amazing.

Actually, I don't have to try, it comes naturally.
I am a flirt by nature and I have always had a soft spot for little old ladies and babies.

It's the fucking Boy Scout in me I guess.

Like I said, the cuties are just a bonus.

Take  a fraction of a second and smile at someone with out saying a word the next time you are out and watch what happens. Then do it thirty more times in one store and really watch what happens after that.

Someone should do a documentary on that.

OK, enough with the happy happy huggy crap. Back to being a grumpy assed curmudgeon in 3...2..1..

The Red Menace

God Damn, I love me some  Sammy once in a while.

Neil can get with the fucking program too.

OK, now you know I love you like a brother,this is the good shit.

Whew, I need a smoke.

You Have Got To Be Fucking Kidding Me

Someone please tell me this is two thousand and fucking ten and not nineteen fucking ten.

It seems the farther forward we go in time, the more ass backward some of our fellow citizens go, as fast as they fucking can.

Ignorant motherfuckers.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fuck You Very Much

Someone can kiss my fucking ass;
Dear Americans: If you are not "authorized" personnel, but you have read, written about, commented upon, tweeted, spread links by "liking" on Facebook, shared by email, or otherwise discussed "classified" information disclosed from WikiLeaks, you could be implicated for crimes under the U.S. Espionage Act -- or so warns a legal expert who said the U.S. Espionage Act could make "felons of us all."

As the U.S. Justice Department works on a legal case against WikiLeak's Julian Assange for his role in helping publish 250,000 classified U.S. diplomatic cables, authorities are leaning toward charging Assange with spying under the Espionage Act of 1917. Legal experts warn that if there is an indictment under the Espionage Act, then any citizen who has discussed or accessed "classified" information can be arrested on "national security" grounds.
Lick, my fucking balls.

Btw, that is a link to the Sedition Act.

Lick my fucking balls again.

That is the act of some pussy motherfuckers afraid their nasty shit would actually get exposed.

The same kind of shit that brought us the Patriot Act.
Some pussy motherfuckers trying to hide their illegal shit behind a bullshit law with the full cooperation of the United States Fucking Senate.

So now they are pulling this Sedition Act Bullshit out of their fucking asses and trying to scare people. 

Fuck You.

No, I am serious. Fuck You.

This may be why the State Department has warned certain people not to read or to discuss WikiLeak content on social media -- not unless they wished to be considered a security risk. CNN reported that "unauthorized federal workers and contractors have been warned not to attempt to read the classified documents on WikiLeaks." According to the recently hacked Gawker, an anonymous tip revealed that the U.S. military warned soldiers not to read "about the Wikileaks disclosures-or read coverage of them in mainstream news sites." Even students at Columbia University that might wish to be hired by the State Department were warned not to comment upon or post links to the WikiLeak cables.

Oh my God, not even read them?

You do realize, they can track that shit, right?

Apparently not. As much as they brag about their electronic sneaky fucking prowess, it seems they are not as omniscient as they would like you to believe.

Trying to scare everyone just for reading what is by our our right, that has to be leaked instead of what by rights should have already been public information?Once again, Fuck You.

Worse yet, threatening our whole population with imprisonment for doing so?
Who the fuck, do you think you are?"


You know where I am.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Iranians All Butt Hurt, Again

Give me a fucking break, now they are all butt sore because the US Navy has been calling the Persion Gulf The Arabian Gulf, for the last twenty fucking years.

Since when does Iran, who used to be called Persia, by the way, give a fuck?

The U.S. Navy has invited outrage from Iranian advocacy groups, the Iranian government and Facebook protesters for making it official policy to call the Persian Gulf the Arabian Gulf. Though the Navy claims it's been using the term for two decades, the Pentagon was bombarded with complaints over the past week after the language showed up in the Navy's official style guide online.

The U.S. Navy has invited outrage from Iranian advocacy groups, the Iranian government and Facebook protesters for making it official policy to call the Persian Gulf the Arabian Gulf. Though the Navy claims it's been using the term for two decades, the Pentagon was bombarded with complaints over the past week after the language showed up in the Navy's official style guide online.
So, after twenty years, they just all at once decide they don't like it..

Fuck you, get the fuck over it, grow the fuck up and quit acting like retarded, spoile little brats.

If you had a legitimate beef with this, you should have spoken up twenty fucking years ago, morons.

Jesus Christ, you quit calling your own fucking country Persia ages ago.

Do ya still make those fancy fucking rugs there? What do ya call 'em, Iranian rugs?
No, they are still called Persian rugs.

I would have to think you all could find something a little more substantial to pitch a bitch about, seriously.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Maybe Later

I'm sure I should rant about some fucking thing, I had an interesting day yesterday, helping my niece move.
I can tell ya one thing for sure, I'm getting old.
I did a lot of pointing.
Actually that wasn't a bad thing, they had this big box van damn near loaded when I pointed out they hadn't loaded the washer and dryer or the fridge.
Hey, sometimes it pays to stand around and drink beer.Someone has to pay attention to details.

Not such a bad thing after all.

One of my brothers has an office furniture business, they do all kinds of shit, moving peoples stuff is high on that list.
It was his daughter that we were moving, a half mile to my parents place. They are heading South for a few months.
Of  course it poured fucking rain all damn day.
My nieces new husband  was all over it, my other brother was there, he is a big dude, I really didn't do too much, for once I didn't kill my lower back. We put a bunch of stuff in a warehouse, it went like clock work.

After all that my brother C., took us out to breakfast in downtown SE Portland.
Some place called My Fathers Place.

OMG, a real working mans joint, lot's of young folks hang out there too. $6.75 for Chicken fried stealk same price for Ham, mushrooms, all scrambled up in eggs, steak and eggs too.
What a great place.
Of course, lot's of whiskey and cokes and Bloody Mary's involved too.

I surprised the GF and drove up here last night in the dark the pouring rain, got here dang near midnight.

I know I had something else to say but I'll be damned if I can remeber what it was right this second.

Time for breakfast.

BTW, this caramel coffe stuff is the shit.

Thanks fer stopping by.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Someone Needs A Punch In The Cocksucker

These assholes have pissed me and a few million other people off before for protesting military funerals and I have vowed if they ever get near any of my relatives it will be on, but now they have gone too fucking far.

 After news spread Thursday of the Westboro church's planned protest of Elizabeth Edwards's funeral, counter-protests have 

sprung up through social media sites to block the Westboro members from view.

On Facebook, a group, "Protect Elizabeth Edwards' funeral from Westboro clan," has 861 people promising to attend the service, arriving in the morning and staying until after the funeral. "Let's create a human buffer between Elizabeth Edwards and the Westboro church," the invite reads.
"We want to keep it peaceful," Tammy Tiffany says. The Cary, N.C., housewife will be going to the counter-protest -- "cold or not, I'm going" -- because she is disturbed by the Westboro church's actions. "We'll just stand there and form a human barrier. People who are dealing with this kind of tragedy shouldn't have to deal with this kind of nonsense."
Someone explain to me what they have against an extremely decent woman whose last years were complete hell and who handled her travails with a dignity and grace that continues to amaze me?

What, the fuck, do you have to protest about here?

Let me repeat my position.
If even one of you stupid sonsabitches, let alone forty or so, EVER showed up at ANY, funeral I was at, I would be all over the first one of you stupid sonsabitches I could get my hands on like a rabid weasel.
That is IF, I couldn't find something to club you with before I got to you.

Despicable fucking assholes.

Protesting at a funeral? Christian solders that you claim to be?

Do you even have a point?

I'd be getting ready to turn the other cheek so I could smack ya again if I were you.

There are low rent tactics and there are things that any decent fucking human being wouldn't stoop to do. This would be one of the latter, you ignorant, hateful, stupid mouth breathing fucking morons.

Were you smart enough to get Triple A this time? After your last outing having resulted in someone slashing your tires and you found that no mechanic in town would fix them because they knew who you were and why you were there?

You idiots are betting against the house every time you show up at one of these funerals to stamp your feet and bleat like a fucking goat.

You do realize, that there are funeral directors, grave diggers, hearse drivers and morticians in the vicinity, right?

Hey, in these troubled economic times, everyone is looking for work.
Do us all a favor and give them some Westboro people, drop dead, assholes.

On behalf of the Edwards family and every Service member of this country, who every one, has more class in their fingernail shavings than you,

Fuck You.

Ya wonder why I love these guys, we think alike.

Gordon, from Alternate Brain weighs in on this too.

Update Dos;

Dusty chimes in too.

 I could be here all day doing this, I just got started, I think you get it by now.

I Hate To Say It

But I told ya so. I knew it wouldn't take long either.

16-Year-Old Arrested For Pro-WikiLeaks Cyber Attacks

According to a press release by the Netherlands' Public Prosecution Service, the boy has confessed to participating in the attacks. They believe he is a part of a much larger group of hackers, who they are in the process of tracking down.
Once it became apparent that some of the hacking attempts originated in the Netherlands, the High Tech Crime Team began their investigation into the matter. The arrested teen has had his computer equipment seized and is scheduled to appear in court Friday in Rotterdam.


 Have a nice day you little hackers.
I told ya, when ya poke Big Business and  Governments in the eye like that, they don't fuck around.

A sixteen year old kid hasn't been around the block long enough to use 256 key encryption like this Assange guy.

Even the vaunted NSA can't crack that guy's code
A sixteen year old?

Pardon the pun, child's play.

Now that they have his computer it will just be a matter of time until they back track into the network doing the hacking.

I hope someone has a wicked strong firewall. I bet they do too.

Don't ask me what is up with the weird spacing, every time I tried to back up shit just disappeared.
I had to redo this post seven fucking times and it is still fucked up.
That's on top of the font wanting to go super large every time I turned around, that was a whole 'nuther problem.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Happy Holidays

See ya when I see ya.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Pass the Popcorn

This WikiLeaks story is getting very interesting.
On one hand, I have to admire the guts of these people for shutting down some major players like  Mastercard and Visa.
On the other hand, being the old geezer I am, you people are playing with fire now.

When you start fucking around with Big Money, you will find out they have a long memory and some friends in High Places, who also have friends in Low places.

Think Guido and his propensity to break knees.

I predict this is going to end badly with a great deal of collateral damage, Net Neutrality being one of them. This will just give more ammunition to those rotten fuckers who want to limit the freedom of speech and the availability for us regular morons to have access to information on the Net without too much butt fucking by the Powers That Be.

So be it.

Kick 'em in the fucking balls while ya can.

We already live in George Orwell's predictions and we are running full tilt towards The Matrix.

The battle has been engaged, there will be casualties and I don't much care for our chances but it is too fucking late now.

Which color of pill will you take?

H/T BradBlog

That's Rich

You'll get the obvious pun shortly.

White House Privately Pushing Data Showing Bush Tax Cut Extension Politically Popular

A Senate aide sent over a copy of the email that an administration aide sent to offices on Wednesday morning. In it, the aide touts Gallup polling data showing that "Two-thirds of Americans (66%) favor extending the 2001/2003 tax cuts for all Americans for two years, and an identical number support extending unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed." 

Sure, two thirds of regular Americans are in favor of this crap.
Numbers lie because the people doing the polling can twist those numbers to fit their agenda.
Do you want to know how they could have possibly come up with these complete bullshit statistics?

HMM, sixty six percent, that one is easy.

They asked Mitch McConnell and John Boehner what they thought and then some poor slob who's unemployment ran out bumped into them looking for a hand out.
That's three, divide that up and you get sixty six percent.


Don't be fooled by this fucking horse shit, there is no way in hell that two thirds of the average American public backs giving those rich cocksuckers more money.

Unemployment extensions I can see but someone is trying like hell to spin the capitulation of one Barack Hussein Obama to the fucking Republicans again, and I for one, ain't buying it.


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Beware, The People Of WallMart Are Now All Spies

If, for some fucking reason, you still shop at Wallmart, I pity you. I have been in a few, only because I needed one specific item and they were the only thing open.
I can only describe it as being ankle deep in shit after you dived in head first.

Do you see these people?

 This is a small sampling of what you will typically see in one of these places.

Believe that shit? It's fucking true.
Do you want to know the best part?
Every one of these people has now been officially encouraged to call the Department of Homeland Security on yer ass if they think you are buying too much of one thing or another or think you look funny. That is no joke.

People like this literal shit stain have been encouraged by Janet Napolitano, head of DHS, to " Say Something If You See Something

So, if you go buy a couple bricks of .22 ammo and one of these fuckwits hasn't taken their medication that day, you could get a nasty surprise when you go to get in your car.

When are we as a people, going to quit wetting our pants every time we turn around? When is OUR FUCKING GOVERNMENT, going to quit wetting it's pants every time we turn around?

I, for one, have had quite enough of this over blown paranoia.
I have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than meeting Achmed riding his camel through the parking lot with a loaded AK47 and if I did meet Mr. Achmed, I would certainly want those bricks of .22 that I just tried to purchase at Wally World.

Get your fucking heads out of your asses and stand up for yourselves for Christ's fucking sakes and tell the government Nannies to go fuck themselves. This isn't Germany in 1932 and quit trying to make it that way.

I have better odds of getting mugged for my cell phone than being attacked by some fucking Jihadist and ya can't protect me from that, what makes you think you can protect me from Mr. Achmed?

Pull your head out of your ass and do something productive, like shipping hundreds of thousands of copies of   The Sound of Music to North Korea, postage due.

This Police State shit is getting old.

H/T to Mayberry for the heads up and H/T to Funny Pictures at Wall Mart for the pics.

BTW, when I put all those labels at the bottom? That's part of the commentary, I could give a shit about the labels for files thing.

Helicopter Ben Must Be Shitting His Pants

It's one thing to just try and print money out of yer ass trying to save your banker buddies asses and keep the dollar afloat, it's another thing when the printing presses fuck up.
1.1 BILLION dollars of new hundred dollar bills are slated to be destroyed because of a printing press error.
The new bills are very complicated to prevent counterfeiting.

Don't ya just hate it when your get away car stalls?
No wonder his lip was trembling at his interview with 60 minutes the other day.

I watched a documentary one time one what it takes to print money, it is a HUGE undertaking.
There ain't no Xerox involved.

The only, and I mean only, good thing about this is that they can re use the materials that make up the physical cloth/paper that they use to make them with. They will dump them back in a pot of boiling water and chemicals to get rid of the ink and turn it back into the raw material they use to make paper money with and start over again.

Somebody's ass is going to be in a sling in the mean time for this monumental fuck up.

Now Here Is An Idea

We could fill all those FEMA camps tomorrow.

North Korea is a fucking hell hole already but this is just fucking ridiculous.

Apparently they missed the memo that television is the opiate of the masses.

It's not bad enough those people are half fucking starved all the time.

Arresting people and throwing them in jail for watching a movie?
I could see it if they were caught watching Gigli.

And here you thought the Muslims were repressive.

"The prison official said it was the first time the number of people jailed solely for watching the South's TV dramas has gone over 1,000 ... now the prison is overcrowded with such prisoners," the group said.
The group, citing another source in the North, said Pyongyang created a special police unit in January to crack down on those with "rotten spirit."

Fred Phelps must have a raging hard on.

Monday, December 06, 2010

It's Back

Blowing like a motherfucker again.
What the Fuck?  See that blue shit slamming into Washington state? That be me.

I got a glimpse of the weather pattern and it it is the classic, come from Wassilla by way of the Gulf of Alaska, do the counter clock wise twist and slam into the southern coast of Oregon and whistle your way up every ones ass past the Oregon coast and into the Willamette valley and straight up my fucking ass and past me to towards Seattle again. the classic cold weather storm in the Pacific North West.

 A Counter Clock Wise nasty fucking  cold front from Alaska that slams into the Oregon coast, where I grew up and back North again .
Oh hell yeah, we have the wind gusts again and it is going to get fucking cold again.

It ain't even winter yet and I am already freezing my as off.

Here KittyKitty.

So far,no precipitation. It is still nasty fucking shit.

So far, I have several blankets on me but I am fixing to ratchet the fucking heaters on in a second.

Cold can be subjective. Folks in Canada can either be huddled up inside or walking around in shorts, seriouisly,,
Folks in Florida can be laying around in skimpy bathing suits and ordering fruity cocktails.

Me? I am bundled up up in multiple blankets and still freezing my ass off because I am a skinny sonofabitch and it just got cold in here

Cold. The temperature has dropped twenty fucking degrees in the last two hours.

I don't give a shit what the weather man says, there is thing called Micro Climate.

I don't give a shit what the electric bill is going to be, I am turning the knob on the space heater

It Finally Let Up

Holy shit has the wind been blowing around here.
Four days straight, it has just been howling! Cold sumbitch too, my heater is crying it's eyes out trying to keep up.
Last night was really bad, I am afraid to look outside right yet. There was stuff crashing and banging all night long and this thirty five foot long Fifth Wheel was rocking and shaking like an empty cattle car on a stretch of particularly nasty track.
It finally died down some and then it started pouring.

As of this minute, all is quiet.It's probably just taking a breather getting ready for another big blow.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Quote Of The Day

Courtesy of my Blog buddy, Lisa Golden over at That's Why;

"I like to use my razor to create political statements in my pubes".
I read that right when I was taking a big slug of my cheap beer and damn near choked to death.

Damn, that woman has a sense of humor. The quote is a link to her post, funny? Oh HELL yes!

The last line is too good to miss.

If you don't have her bookmarked and follow her travails and documentary of her life, you are seriously missing some funny shit.

This lady has a very unique perspective and I highly recommend the time it takes to read what she has to say.

She is one of my favorite people on the net and that is saying something.

Smooch baby. I know she swings by here too.
I told ya, she has taste.
Just make sure you keep any and all liquids away from your keyboard, trust me on this......

Saturday, December 04, 2010

You Want Dancing With The Stars?

Holy shit, not only is it Zappadan, this will blow your mind.

Remember Bristol?
Watch this.

Nice find Tengrain .

That was fucking awesome.

How in the fuck is anyone supposed to top that and it is only the first day of Zappadan?

Shock and Awe, bitches.

Nice opening salvo dude.


 Thanks fer stopping by.

Fuck me runnin', 200.000 hits.

Y'all are some crazy sonsabitches, you do know that, right?

There must be something wrong with ya for stopping by to see what a mad man has to say.

Kinda like a train wreck kind of thing I guess.

Either way, I am going to slam another shot of cheap assed whiskey and wish you all well.

Here's to ya, yer my kind of people.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Good Night for Now

For some damn reason, I finally had the writers block run away, there are several posts down yonder that I banged out so don't be bashful.

Gare On Fucking Teed to piss some one off in there somewhere.

See ya's later.

Don't forget the deal on the chicken.  Sometimes I do good.

He Didn't Say, Im Going To Disneyland!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.


Go read it while I sit back and scratch myself inappropriately in the privacy of my own piece of heaven in a White Trash Trailer Park.

Fucking bastards.

I Hope They Made More Money Than I Did

If this is any indication how competent our government is, we are SO FUCKED.
No wonder the Repubs want to get their hands on our Social security, it would be too fucking easy. Billions of dollars that we now don't know who gets what, if we even live that long, but you are more concerned with what porno sites I am looking at?

Jesus fucking christ, what a bunch of fucking DUMB ASSED, STUPID SONSABITCHES!

Yeah baby, Bookmark this site I was just at, look at those cans!

Ohh baby, want to get on an air plane? Hold still or we will put you on a No Fly List as a Domestic terrorist.

Bring me that little boy.

You, with the big breasts, you need to come over here for some special lovin', I mean, "enhanced  body  security search", or what we used to call, give you a couple of bucks over a beer while you gyrated around a brass pole on a Saturday night, except there was this big dude in the corner who would wrench your shoulder out of it's socket as he threw your ass out on the curb if you dared to touch that lady.

Now they molest little kids in the name of "Security"

Keep your Social "Security" Number straight? You ARE, a Domestic terrorist for even suggesting we don't have our shit together.

I always marveled that my brother and I finally had to get a Social Security card at the same time. I believe I was twelve and he was nine.
 When we finally got them, back in the early seventies, his number was way the hell different than mine.
To this day, after all these years, I still have my original card.
Too bad, they won't accept it.

They wouldn't let you encase it in plastic then.

 I have lost my wallet a couple of times since then but I got lucky and got it back.

You can't read the top, bottom or sides. What used to be a rectangular card is now pretty much an oval.

You can still see most of my name and the number is still right there in the middle but I can bet they would not accept it any more.

I could be a Domestic Terrorist with a thirty eight year old Social Security card, still in my possession, from all those years ago.

Have a nice fucking day, bitches.

I don't need a fucking Birth Certificate, I have that. Not that I don't have a birth certificate, I could come up with that too.
I still have a wallet sized copy of my High School diploma, so does my GF., hers, not mine.

They were a popular way to dig ya for a few bucks more way back when.

Little did they know, we still have them.

I did lose my Class ring on a construction job thirty years ago and I ain't getting another one, who the fuck cares at this point?

So, we now have twenty million people in this country who have the same fucking Social Security numbers.  One in seven. They are worried about WIKI LEAKS?

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

 Get yer fucking heads out of yer fucking asses and use all those god damn email and cell phone records you have been keeping, along with those Super Computers you keep bragging about and figure this shit out!

For fucks sake! I have better odds at hitting the mother fucking lottery!

It is readily apparent that our valued Federal employees have had no way to double check the paper work they have been submitting for the last forty fucking years.

Sign the papers and we will send you this cute little card you can call all your own.

I still have mine, I think I need to go see who else still has theirs. This could take a while.

All I can hope is that that yearly statement I get from SS hasn't been taking into account all my new found friends.

A Heads Up For Those In The PNW, Cluck, Cluck

I just stopped at SafeWay to get a couple of items on my way home and they currently have whole roasted chickens in the cute little carrying case for$5.99.
You can't even hardly get a raw chicken for that.
Someone else pointed out that they have Mild Tillamook cheese, two pounds for a little over five bucks.
I had to go find some lady to find it for me, SafeWay is a giant cluster fuck if you don't know where every thing is.

I finally found the powdered milk, stay the hell away from that, it is outrageous.

The beer went out the roof too. What was thirteen ninety nine two years ago is now twenty three ninety nine for a thirty pack.

Any way, if ya are around one of these places, get the roasted chicken, you can't even make one yourself that cheap.
That will be enough for me to eat on for several days, if I quit drinking the beer.

Not likely to happen but I had chicken legs that were still hot for dinner and stuck the rest in the fridge.

Hot chicken sandwiches with melted cheese tomorrow.
I am thinking chicken and rice too.
Win, win.

Stacking The Deck Against Us

Why this even begins to surprise me, I have no idea.

With all the problems that this country is currently facing, from two never ending wars, millions of people who have exhausted two years of unemployment, Congressional bickering over giving the richest 1% OF THE PEOPLE EVEN MORE MONEY, a lame duck Congress with three weeks to at least TRY and solve these problems, we have our good friend, Harry Reid, taking care of his real constituents.

     Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has asked his staff to work on a bill that would legalize online poker. 

You got to be fucking kidding me.

Staffers for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are circulating a bill to legalize poker playing on the Internet that's backed by large casino interests.
The Nevada casino companies pushing the measure were among the Democrat's biggest donors during his fierce re-election fight. They argue the bill would provide consumer protection for poker players and would provide some tax revenue for federal and state governments.
On Wednesday, three Republican lawmakers sent a letter to Mr. Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) opposing any efforts to pass Internet poker legislation during the lame-duck session.

Wait, it gets even better,

According to the draft of the bill reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Reid's office is considering language that would allow only existing casinos, horse tracks and slot-machine makers to operate online poker websites for the first two years after the bill passes, which could limit the ability of other companies to enter the market.

The bill would also outsource oversight to state regulators, another move supported by existing casinos that don't want to see the federal government become overly involved in regulating their industry.

Ill give ya two guesses who these priveleged few would be.

Times up.
And I quote,

"Be assured that the casinos went all in for Reid."

That would be for his recent election against that loony tunes crazy woman Sharon Anglle.

So, to recap, Reid is pretty much telling us all to go fuck ourselves while he has his staff spending precious time drafting legislation to legalize On line Poker, to pay his casino buddies back for helping him retain office.

That's Democracy in action, ain't it?
The people first and all that horseshit Rah Rah crap.
What an asshole.

Jesus motherfucking christ, do I hate politicians, especially this wimpy cock sucker.

Fuck, Pelosi has bigger balls than this sycophantic, money grubbing, whore.

If he thinks for one fucking second that the Repubs are going to go along with this blatent bit of nut licking, he had better think again.
Personally, I think he should be using his and his staffers time a little more productively

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Been Lazy

My GF was here for the last few days so I have been kind of fucking off when it comes to Blogging.
I would like to thank all the folks who finally came out of the woodwork and left a comment on the last post.

I will find something to bitch about a bit later. I have been kind of keeping one eye on the political Kabuki, don't ask me why. That bunch of ignorant, stubborn bastards are going to be the death of this country.