Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holy Christ, it's Zappadan Already!

Thank you Blue Gal for reminding me.

That guy was fucking brilliant and it is our loss that he had to go home and jam with a bunch of rock and rollers who also had to leave early.

There is no tunes here, he is going head to head with a bunch of Conservative closet cases and just destroys them.

God rest your soul sir, quite the example you left.

These idiots are trying to drag incest into their arguments to censor records way back then and he stomps a mud hole in their asses.
Then they try and associate Freedom of speech for rock lyrics with the Nazi extermination of the Jewish people.
If you have never seen this, get a beer and sit down and start cheering this man.

Pay attention to this because these fucking bastards pulled out all the stops and Frank broke one off in their asses, single handedly.

This is over twenty years old and this is how long these repressed cocksuckers have been trying to stuff their ideology in our faces on television,hell, all the air waves. You think Rupert Murdoch and Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and some other serious poisonous television personalities are a recent invention, I think maybe you either are under forty or have paid good money for that short term memory loss ya got going there.

Try driving across America with nothing but an AM radio some time.

These fucking bastards have been at this bullying shit for generations now and that is why it is so important to remind everyone of that fact.

It is also important to remember our champions before us who went out alone and humiliated them on their own forum.

Oh, Fuck you Tipper Gore, bitch.

I remember this shit

Oh, really, I wish we had ten thousand more guy's like him today.


  1. I guess it's inevitable to rush the season. Or at minimum, the American Way...

    Zappadan begins Sunday December 4th.

    We do have 10,000 more guys (and gals) like him, but even he would be having trouble accessing the available outlets of our consolidated media.

    We're living what he warned.

    Peace Brudder!

  2. Yep, it starts Sunday. I've added Ornery Bastard to the Zappadan 'app.' Hope ya don't mind. http://ketchupisavegetable.com/?p=4910

  3. Why would I mind and thank you so much for stopping by and the link too!

    BTW, I love your site dude.