Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh, Great

Now we get to deal with another chuckle head.

It's not like North Korea is any thing kind of stable, that place has been fucked up crazy for eighty fucking years.
Kim's kid is in no way ready to run a dictatorship with millions of starving people.

Forget Iran, this is where the neocons are going to point their little warmongering dicks at now.

Bet me money.

It's a whole new ball game .


  1. Anything can happen now. Would not surprise me to see a power struggle between the heir apparent and the military.

  2. ratchet up the fear and worry factor at least five fold.

  3. I disagree. The neocons will never point towards NK because 1) it has no oil -or anything else for that matter
    and 2) it does have the worlds 7th largest army-and leave us not forget, nukes
    and, while that army is only armed with 60s tech, it could do a lot of damage to South Korea. Which is one of the worlds leaders in high tech of all kinds.
    Nope, the neocons, in conjunction with Big Oil, are after Iran-as they have been ever since they started talking about invading Iraq.
    Its all about the oil. Since NK has none the neocons do not give a shit about NK.(neither did bush, and because of that, lil Kim was able to flummox him-I know, it was never too hard to "flummox" bush, but still.)

  4. When Yosemite Stalin and Bugs Truman drew arbitrary lines on the world map back in 46, it assured more than ample opportunities to kick off random crises to justify a military industrial complex and exercises.

    They were broad stroke lines that were going to enhance, via the U.N., the prospects of peace. Once the details were hammered out, everything was gonna be simply splendid.

    Every one of the lines drawn has been a nagging, near-constant source of unspeakably nasty despots and territorial/ethnic strife.

    So when anyone asks how far along the road a problem can be kicked, just point to the DMZ and say long enough to forget the point. And long enough for the U.S. alone to be blamed for everything.

  5. Bah, they want Iran. North Korea is their backup... Jeezus, was George Orwell one hell of a prognosticator...

  6. merry xmas back atcha, phil!

  7. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Yup, Elvis has definitely left the building . . .

  8. NO way the neocons will advocate doing N Korea they actually DO have nukes, and a modicum of delivery methods.

    Unlike IRan, which don't have them, but can destroy us abroad in so many ways. And, Iran can easily shut down the straits to Persian Gulf, halt all oil flow, and cripple USA a hundred times from hurt.

    I just don't see neocons GETTING to do N Korea, or Iran for that matter.

    Either one tho, will end the planet as we know it, and set us all back economically a hundred years or more. Even if the US never takes a hit on hoe soil.

    But the death of Great Leader is a vacuum, and rachets up the whole cold war shit once again, and you can bet yer ass the MIC is gonna get tax payer money for defense programs and projects that will profit the 1% and the bankers/financers.

    Oh well, SOSDD . . . ;-)

  9. Ok, 6Bears, OneFLy and Rechtaw are all over it . . . wish you folks would hang out at Firedoglake dot com . . . . be good to see yas there. Some so called proggy's there could do with the whoopins you'd brang to the table. ;-)

    Buyt by and large anti war and socialist commies there who believe in taxes on the rich, both political parties serve the rich, and the entire system is corrupted and owned by corporate fascists, top to bottom. Yeah, you'd all do ok there. ;-)

  10. Ok , people all I'm hearing is water under the bridge , what should or shouldn't have happened. Also a heavy dose of what we shouldn't do. What I want to know is how do we deal with these crazy bastards?