Friday, October 13, 2006

Elephant Soup

The Repubs are in melt down

The Foley scandal is a very big problem for the enemy right now.
The internal finger pointing and buck passing going on right now is awesome to watch.Omar the tent maker wouldn't have enough material to cover all the asses exposed on this one.It has been amazing to watch Repub spinmeisters try and pitch this back on the Dems. FUUUUUck you! You OWN this one baby.All yours.The possible cover up of Foley's predilictions and past peccadillos is the very bestest part.Even Soccer moms are pissed off about this one.And while Hastert is taking enough heat to jump start the sun, Stupie McFuckwit is praising him and doing the snuggle bunny dance. Outside. Inside he knows, somehow instinctively, that something bad is happening.Dumbass.Praisng people has led to bad things happening to said people. Isn't that right, Mr Heckofajob?