Monday, October 31, 2011

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

Sitting here relaxing after work and watching the local news when I hear some outrageous fucking shit.

The Occupy Portland branch got a visit from the local Department of Homeland Security, telling them to disperse out of a public fucking park or face arrest.

Excuse me?
Who the fuck do you think you are, you sonsabitches?
This is a Portland CITY police issue and you cocksuckers can go back across the river and go back to fondling travelers at the fucking airport.

Twenty five protesters did get arrested, by the fucking police and charged with trespassing.

Really, the DHS for a protest?
Uhmm, fuuuuuuuck you.

No, really, I am serious, you can go break one off in your ass if you think
you can just waltz into a peaceful protest and start telling people what to do inside a city fucking park.

How much ya wanna bet the fuckers had sunglasses on?

I have been bitching about these  assholes since the day that punk assed motherfucker Stupie McFuckwit saw fit to create that fucking vipers nest all those years ago.
Stazi anyone?

Papers citizen...

Fuck that shit.

God Damn that fucking bastard asshole and the Supreme court for inflicting that nut licker on the citizens of this country.
It will be generations before we get rid of all of his and his cronies fucking legacy and I for one, cannot fucking believe there is one dumb sonofabitch in this country who would even CONSIDER voting for another one of thoes power mad control freaks.

Let me give you a clue you fuckers, you DO NOT tell me how to live my life.
I am a full grown adult male and you can suck my fucking dick.


That fat fuck Michal Moore is addressing the crowd and just one more thought,
if the Feds are involved, some rich motherfuckers are shitting their pants over all this.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

I is back

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Congressional Approval Estimated At Nine Percent

That is still fifty percent over rated.

I can't believe there is one sonofabitch who approves of our current crop of the money grubbing motherfuckers we  you, voted for doing a damn thing to do one motherfucking thing to do a Goddamn thing to help the working man,
Fuck you, Joe the Plumber,  do one fucking thing
besides try and suck off the Big Money Teat.,

Romney is a lock for the Republican nominee and I have said this before.

Perry is pissing a lot of money down a rat hole,
I don't even need to talk about the crazy bitch and Cain will be gone before January.

In the mean time, I have better things to do.

Have a nice fucking day and thanks fer stopping by.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Making Some Progress

I finally got off my dead ass and put the new to me instrument cluster in the also new to me Rat Mobile, the eighty El Camino that caused so much marital strife a ways back.

What a mess.

No gas gauge, not one dash light and all because some rookie took it out some time ago and completely destroyed a flexible printed circuit board behind it.
There are wires hanging out from under that fucker all over the fucking place.

I had to completely disassemble both of the fucking things and swap gauges, the circuit board and about forty screws and fifteen light bulbs.

I finally got the sonofabitch in and really weird shit was happening.
About six lights come on and stay on when ya turn the key on.

I don't have the faceplate and the lens in yet so I can mess with it.

I took it down to the gas station and put 32 bucks worth of gas in it until it was topped off and the fucking gas gauge still only registered 3/8ths of a tank, which disappointed me, I absolutely hate not having a gas gauge that works.

I brought the fucking thing back home and crawled under the dash again, looking at a multi colored plate of spaghetti hanging down and saw a big black one with a big brass eye on the end.

Black generally being the ground on American cars, I turned the key and touched the end to an exposed bolt and viola!,
The dash lights suddenly got really bright and the gas gauge went straight to full.

Like I said, some progress.
I bolted that wire down and will deal with the rest of the electrical problems at a later date.

My biggest concerns now are no fucking license plate light still and I keep hearing I have a brake light that ain't working.

The front seal on the crank is leaking pretty good and the first damn thing I did when I got home was to tighten an oil soaked alternator belt that squealed like a bitch all the way to work this morning.

That shit is just embarassing.

Just for fun, it got cold enough for the windshield to ice over and the heater fan has it's own schedule.

That won't be a problem after next week as the folks will be gone and I will be parking it inside a garage, right after I move my wife and kids from 85 miles away and fix that leaking seal so there isn't oil all over the floor.

Understand, I am not really bitching here, I knew this thing had issues but it starts right up and drives good.

It's a typical old Chevy and I like it.

Just for a giggle, it currently has a two tone paint job, primer grey and mostly primer black with Center Line wheels and a guy I work with has a six year old girl who loves old Hot Rods and he stopped me on the way by at work and told me that his little girl said she likes my car.

Ya gotta love it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Good News For All You Tent City Folks

I am just going to leave the link to the story because I am so fucking disgusted at too little too late from this guy.

If ya's got something to say, get after it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh ,Are You Fucking Kidding Me Louisiana?

How many brain dead mouth breathing mother fuckers do you have down there anyway?

You re elected that stupid sonofabitch Bobby Jindal?

At this point, all I can say is that you get what you deserve, ya fucking morons.

This country never ceases to amaze me with it's capacity for idiocy.

Have some more possum pie.


I fucking woke up at three fucking thirty in the morning last night, for no damn good reason and didn't go back to bed until seven, after several shots of whiskey.

Now I am up again at Oh Dark Thirty because some fucking ankle biter of a dog was barking it's fucking head off and I had to get up twice and open the back door to yell at the fucker to shut up.

The sonofabitch ain't in range for a good sling shot to the head either.
 A couple of doors away behind two fucking fences or it would be unconscience like I want to be right the fuck now.
 Apparently the cocksucker got the message finally.

Little motherfucker.

Of course, my dad is completely oblivious and I can hear him snoring away through the wall, God bless his heart.

Where is a fucking Ninja when ya need one?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Speak Up

Fer fucks sake, if ya take the time to stop by, you can tell me to shut the fuck up or at least leave a good recipe.

On average I get between two to three hundred hits a day and get two responses.
Don't make me downgrade to pictures of naked women, I will, gladly.

That would keep me too busy though.

Just fer shits and giggles, have some of this, I am done whining now .

Check Yer Six

As in look behind you.
B of A 's decision to transfer fifty five TRILLION dollars of toxic debt from it's Merrill Lynch division to it's own depositors to dodge millions in collateral is stinking up Wall Street.

At issue is BofA’s decision to shift what sources say is some $55 trillion in derivatives at Merrill Lynch to the retail bank unit, which houses trillions in deposits insured by the FDIC.
Critics say the move potentially imperils everyday depositors by placing their money and savings at risk should BofA run into trouble.
Sources say that the derivative transfers from Merrill to BofA’s bank subsidiary were sparked by credit-rating downgrades to the bank holding company and are meant to help BofA avoid having to fork over more money to post as collateral to its derivative counterparties.

Start sharpening those pitch forks.
Ya knew they were going to try and fuck us again.
Too big to fail my ass, they need to be in fucking jail.
Seriously, when is our government going to do it's fucking job?


Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh Yay

I have to drive by Best Buy going back and forth to work so I swung in there to see if my little what the fuck they call it note pad or something was fixed.
 The hard drive took a shit.

Lost everything, which I ain't too worried about.

The bad news, the sonsabitches at Best Buy had to replace the hard drive.

Worse news, when I bought it , it had Windows 7 on the fucker and they tell me I gotta call Toshiba and order some "Recovery Discs".

Even better, that little fucker doesn't have a disc drive, so I have to wait a fucking week to get them, pay 25 fucking dollars and then take it back to best Buy to have them installed.

I told the young lady the fucker had Windows on it when I bought it from ya and why in the fuck doesn't it have it now?

Oh no,.
Then I says , you guys have Windows here don't ya?
Yes, but it is two hundred fucking dollars, my words, not hers.
So, get home and spend a half fucking hour with some dude from India, I gotta admit, his accent was Scotty next door until the numbers started getting sent back and forth, then it was obvious.

Now, I get to wait 3 to 5 days for shipping and have to take the fucker back to Best Buy to have the discs transfered to some kind of flash drive and have them get the cocksucker up and running again.

Jesus H. Fucking Christ.

The folks are headed out next week, have some carpet cleaning outfit coming on Thursday and I have to go deal with residual shit at the Weasel Den.

I had to go over there last night and dump off a ten pound bag of cat food.

The dude has moved in, it is completely different inside and he is happy.

BTW, Blogger changed their shit again and can suck my dick and Gaddafi is still dead.

I'm glad someone is....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Access

Since I packed up all my shit out of the Weasel Den, it has been pretty spotty for me to have access to the tubes.
I need to go dig my old computer out from under the canopy of my truck.
Lots going on, been busy as hell, Please excuse my lack of posting.
I will try and get over there this weekend.
Thanks fer stopping by.

By the way, I woke up to the news that Ghaddafi is dead.
Could be a good day.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Goes Global


It isn't like the only crooked banksters are indiginous to New York.

It is a world wide web of theivery and I am glad to see this gain strength and momentum.

As a matter of fact, right about now, my 74 year old father should be in downtown Vancouver Washington attending the protest there.

I am so proud of him.

Good on ya Pops.

If it weren't for the fact I wanted to come see the wife for a conjugal visit, I would have been standing right next to him.

Some things take precedence ya know.

All I know is what I have read as I have been sporadicly keeping up with these events but I can see at least three things.
One, it is working.

Two, there have already been changes come about politically, the PTB's are pissing down their legs because of the above point.

Three, it is bringing people who would never normally come into contact with each other close together and they all have found just how many of us are out there and Boy, Howdy, are we pissed.

All of it good, except if you are one of said Bankster or one of their hired
paid for political lackeys.

Fuck them.

So, keep the pressure on those sonsabitches and make 'em sweat.

Show them that the status quo is going to change and that it is inevitable.

When they start bailing out of the country, you will know it was all worth it.

Yes sir, we are coming for you fuckers and money won't save you, as we have seen all too many times over the course of this country, money can be taken away in a thousand different ways.

I first saw this over at my pals at Alternate Brain but I swiped it from another awesome dude, my pal Monkeyfister.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fucking Cats

No, not mine, although that little bitch is still yet be brought here and left to fend for it's self again.

No, I made the mistake of letting my parents fucking cat in the bedroom by mistake and now here I am at Oh Dark Thirty and can barely see to type because the mother fucker wanted to go out, to do some undiscovered fucking business and now wants to cuddle.

Fuck you cat and have some fucking flying lessons.

I am going back to bed now and you can pry yourself off the wall while I am snoozing, Christ almighty, I am in such a good mood at what the fuck, ten after eleven and I have been asleep for a whopping hour and a half.

Three hours of overtime and a full schedule until the cows come home for the next several days.

Meow my fucking ass.

Gnite to you too.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Herman Cain? Really?HAHAHAHA!

Are you fucking kidding me?

Holy shit, the more I hear about this ignorant fuck, the more I laugh hysterically.

The last poll says he is a head of Willard, which just cracks my ass up.

I bet ya five bucks this ignorant fuck is out of the race by January.

Thank you Jesus, now let's find us a real candidate.

Let the most hard core out of touch and crazy motherfucking Republican bring the next craziest motherfucking Republican to the election next year and hope they stimulate the economy by spending their personal millions trying to get nominated, let alone elected to office.

The current incumbent can kiss my fucking ass too.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Damn, I Missed The Republican Debate Tonight

I also forgot to clean my fingernails.

Guess which one I regret the most, I dare ya.

Shit, Dancing With The Stars would have been more entertaining as long as I didn't have to worry about another nipple slip from that cow Nancy Grace.

Monday, October 10, 2011

George Dubbya Fucking Bush Is Glad To Be Back In Texas

That dirty sonofabitch should be glad he isn't sharing a cell with that other known War Criminal, Dick Fucking Cheney, in Leavenworth.

I can guarr an fucking tee you, those two rotten fucking pricks will be forever tattooed onto the brain pan that I still posess as the most criminal motherfuckers to walk the planet in the last twenty years.

Still supports the troops my ass.

The fact that not of that whole administration is not desparatley banging a tin cup against some seriously strong steel bars to this day, and every fucking day from now to eternity, seriously pisses me off.

Why am I hearing anything that weasel mother fucker has to say, other than, " I plead Guilty"?

Holy Fuck, Dearth Cheney doesn't even have a fucking pulse for Chrissakes...........
I know I am beating a dead horse here but for the life of me, Charles Manson has nothing on these guys.

Attention FaceBook Users.

Get the FUCK off my lawn, RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!!!

Jesus H. Fucking Christ!

OK, you people that I have never met that keep "Answering Questions" about me,

Fuck off and die.

Seriously, it is clogging up my Email and pissing me the fuck off.

I don't know you, you have never sucked my dick that I know of and I wouldn't admit it if I met ya.

Piss off.

This Facebook thing is completely out of control now and I think it just might go the way of my last meal, swirling around the bowl.

What the fuck is Farmville and why should I give a rats ass?

Quit fucking around and get a fucking life, leave me the fuck alone.


Problem solved.
This is the second time I deleted these sonsabitches and I see they made it a bit more difficult.

I will add you to the list of cocksuckers I won't acknowledge in public.

The Good News

My little Net Book is still under warranty.

The Bad News, I gotta drive clear in to Portland and find this fucking Best Buy place and drop it off and breathlessly await their decision to either fix it or replace it.

I could give a fuck one way or the other, just make it right.

It's not like I have nuclear clearance codes in the motherfucker.

They gave me a "free" antivirus disc that The Wife managed to put into it but it damn sure as hell missed something.

I actually got to talk to the "Geek Squad".

OK Dan, you have in coming pal.

Fix the sumbitch.

Old Habits Die Hard

Heh, I had to laugh.

Ten years ago I had a house that was built in the twenties and the only fucking bathroom in the joint was at the top of the stairs on the second floor.

The place had a wood fence and I would get lazy and take a piss off the back porch to save time and energy.

The G/F at the time used to throw fits about it buck fuck it, that is why God blessed me with outdoor plumbing.

Well now, the Wife and my Mother are both going have complete conniption fits but I have been miraculously been blessed with the same situation while neither one of them are here.

I was just in the kitchen trying to figure out what to make so my stomach quits growling like a tigers after a few missed hunts when I spotted their two dogs and put two and two together.

The dogs go out back to do their business, it is all fenced in, why not?

Yeah yeah, I know I am a crude sonofabitch but who the fuck will know, until I Blog
about it?

Now ya do and my bacon is cooking.
It ain't like I do it every day fer Chrissakes.

Oh,I need to wash my hands now because I will be handling food, an old habit from when I was a fry cook right out of High School.

Many, many, years ago.

Short order cook actually.


See ya's.

Bye Bye Weasel Den

We spent all weekend moving shit and throwing, giving away and storing more stuff than a guy should legally be allowed to have.

I am beat and now I get the privilege to go back to the grind of work all week, then drive an hour and a half, go through all her shit, move it , drive back and go back to work again.

If I live through this month it will be a fucking miracle.

See ya's.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

I'm Going Back To Bed

I woke up at quarter after five this morning.

Went to the bathroom and then came out to the front room and had a smoke, finished the beer I left.

My fucking big toes are all fucked up from the steel toed boots I have been wearing.

Come to find out, sometime in the last few years, my feet grew.

I wore a size ten shoe for thirty five fucking years.

Went to Portland last night after doing an internet search and found Al's Boot store.

I tried on ten different boots and every one of them was too tight before I even tied the laces.
The guy brings me a size eleven in an irregular.


The tongues are split on the seams in the back but I don't give a shit, they fit.

Even better, the steel toe isn't actually on the inside, it is on a flap that fits over the outside of the boot.

Thank you Lord.

We are going to the Weasel Den and starting to clean that fucker out later today.

Oh Boy, that promises to be a good time.

I can see at least one dump run in my future.

Right now it is quarter after six and I am going back to bed and snuggle with the little cutie.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hmmm, Could Be It Ain't Over Yet

Interesting conversation tonight with The Wife.
Stubborn damn thing.

Apparently it's all about the conversing.
Who'da thunk it.

Not something I am real good at, to say the least.

Not that I am adverse to such a thing, it's more of a women's thing.
It's always about the talking.

Sorry, get me a beer and show me yer tits and you have my undivided attention.

Maybe it's more of a strategy thing.

We seem to have completely different ways of communicating.

Like I am the first dumbass to figure this out.

It's not like I don't give a shit, I just have to spend more time reading those fucking magazines that ya see when you are waiting for the fat lady and all her screaming little duplicates to get through the fucking check stand so I can crack a cold one that I seem to spend so much time looking at lately.


It seems I am going to get a crash course.

Just because I am a nice guy, I shared my Kit Kat with her.

Chocolate, the ultimate weapon.....

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Arguing With A Woman Is Like Wiping Yer Ass On A Wagon Wheel

It never ends.

It's like I told a guy, they always get the last word and the next thing you say is a brand spanking new argument.

I gave up on the El Camino, It just wasn't worth it.

I will pick my battles but arguing over a fucking car like that is a waste of time, there are millions of fucking cars out there.

I have better things to do.

She did apologize for hanging up on me and I will be the first to admit I am a Dick but don't expect me to change anytime soon.

I will find that 61 Falcon/ Ranchero I have been wanting and Then the game will be on.

Just fer shits and grins, she tells me she wants the keys to this blog.

Insert insanely maniacal laughter here.

I will set up her own blog but this fucker is mine, all mine, and no, you can't go there.

Honey baby, you can comment here until the cows come home but you are not going to post here, ever, till death do us part.
You, me and this Blog.

Shit, I am still waiting for the Big Black Suburbans to show up at any time and I will be looking for someone to post bail.

I will, however, consider creating a new Blog that we can do together.

If I do, you can damn be sure you want to tune into that, you can rest assured it would be.... entertaining.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

And So It Begins

You know, that marriage thing.

It's been over a month now and we are having our first real disagreement.
Right off the bat, let me tell you she is absolutely right.

That, however, does not deter me

I can be a stubborn sonofabitch.

As you who stop by already know, I have been putting serious miles on my old Ford F-150, about 1500 miles a month the past few months and the damn thing only gets 15 miles a gallon.
I have a great friend who occasionally goes to car auctions and gets vehicles pretty damn reasonable so I told him I wanted some little beater with a four banger and a five speed so I wasn't getting killed on gas.

Months go by and lo and behold he calls me yesterday and tells me he has a 1990 ford Ranger that qualifies.
It ain't pretty, one door has a big dent in it and he has an early 80;s El Camino too.

Both are painted flat black primer.
I drove the Ford and it has some issues but it is a runner.

Me and him go back a long ways and cash usually isn't an issue, shit, I owed him eighty bucks for seven months and never heard a word.
I had a riding mower given to me, I gave him that and a Moped and all is good.

Anyways, we are at the folks today, helping them pack up and move a bunch of stuff into the garage before they leave and we move in and my Pal shows up with the El Camino.

It ain't real pretty but it runs good and it ain't completely beat to shit.

Disclaimer, I have been a Ford guy for many years now but I have also owned two El Camino's back in the day and loved both of 'em. A 71 and a 67, the 67 was my favorite but it had a straight six and three on the tree, something a kid under forty wouldn't have a fucking clue how to drive.

Anaway's, again, back to the current dilema, I want that Chevy now, after bitching about fuel mileage for months.
My commute is only ten fucking minutes now but the wife is throwing a fit about the gas mileage on it.

Yes, it has a four barrel carb, I made sure of that on the test drive down a residential street before I even opened the hood.

It also has a hard top over the bed and a built in water leak better known as a Sun Roof.

There are a bunch of wires hanging under the dash and no stereo but I was an automotive electrical specialist for ten years and that doesn't phase me.

My pal Steve will throw in a radio, I will trade him the old F-150 and we will make a deal.

Unfortunately, the wife seems to think this is a bad idea and she is just as fucking stubborn as I am, if not worse.

I might not get any nookie for a while but I am going to get that El Camino.

A guy has to do what he has to do.
I am keeping The Beast, my 67 Ford Highboy 4 wheel drive.
It's ugly too, paint doesn't make something like that run better or get better mileage.
9 MPG, uphill, downhill, loaded or empty, I keep it around for the nasty winters we get around here.

Do ya know anyone with too much money and not enough sense?
I have a 1964 Austin Healey Sprite for sale now. Apparently I am currently limited to two toys at this time.

2 door convertible 1275 engine bored out .040 over with less than 2000 miles , rebuilt trans, all steel tilt front end, not stock, as a matter of fact, I can think of only one bolt that I haven't taken off this car.

No interior, has a roll bar and is turn key.

She is going to pitch a fit but there is a reason I call myself the Ornery Bastard.

Any prayers for my continued safety would be greatly appreciated.

I can see sleeping with one eye open for a while is in my future.

Yes, I Am Disturbed

Fucking ear worm, this tune has been rattling around in my head for two damn days now, even in my sleep.

Your welcome.

Just fer shits and grins, here is one my favorites;