Thursday, September 30, 2010

Maybe Tomorrow

It ain't happening today fer damn sure.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Message To My Government

What is it with you people?

You feel the need to have the ability to search my Email and track my foot print on the internet now too?
What the fuck is the matter with you idiots?
Just Friend me on Face book or send me an Email and I will be more than happy to share the pictures of tits that happen to be making the rounds today.

And what is this crap I hear about the President can order the assination of any one he wants now? Back in the day, it was the other way around. Let's see, JFK, Bobby, MLK, Malkcome X,, not to mention a couple of botched jobs like Reagan and the fucking Pope, George Wallace and Larry fucking Flynt.
What's up with that?
 You must have some nasty people working for you and I just happen to help pay for this?
Get a grip.
I am certainly not condoning this kind of behavior, I just find it unconcerting that you do.
What's with this rendition shit, did I not hear that you were a Constitutional scholar?
That would be a fail on that test.
 War crimes?
What the hell?

 SWAT teams?
Traffic cameras for Christ sakes?

Xray body scans of little kids?
Body cavity searches to get on a fucking air plane?
 Are you fucking kidding me?

You are woried about my fucking Emails?
 This is insanity.
 You need to get your head out of your ass and fix the economy and tell your little pervert minions to stay the fuck out of my perverted little emails and get the fuck busy putting this joint back together under the letter of the laws that have been on the books for two hundred fucking years and quit wasting time making shit up  trying to justify some whacked out  George Orwell  imaginary  scenario that you got sold by some paranoid civil servant.

I certainly have better things to do than worry about some STASI asshole poring over the Emails that I send back and forth between family and friends and so the fuck do you.

If you are nice, I will forward you the one that says Bill Gates will send you money for forwarding his Email.
I can't wait to see the responses to this one.

Welcome To Chicago!!

Sorry Drifty, at least we will get the little mother fucker out of the White House.
As I recall, there is a very large lake there.
Invite Mr. Emmanuel to go hold on to a giant anchor chain very tightly, very, tightly.
Dowse him in cat fish bait first.
Now sing with me,
Anchors away my friend, anchors away.......

I expect some little bunch of sweet hearts are going to dump metric ass loads of money trying to get that little bastard put in as the new Mayor of Chicago. Actually, it is pretty much a done deal but ya have to grease the skids, ya know?
Make it look like you are trying to do something before ya light up that big cigar.

Holy fuck, get the hell out of that city.
If it wasn't bad enough before, it is going to be Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition here shortly.

It wouldn't surprise me for one fucking second that this was a deal made before Obama got installed either.

Sorry for your luck folks.
The little bastard is going to make Dailey look like a fucking Boy Scout.
Yes sir, it must be nice to have a retirement plan like that, Yer own little fifedom with unwilling serfs who can't leave and have to pay to play.
Who say's this ain't a great country?
A little lotion on those knees won't hurt either.

I'll Drink To That

Pretty fucking much.
H/T to my wonderful friend Suzanne, who just happens to have a wicked sense of humor, smooch honey.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Die Hard, Ya little bitches.

Fuck me running, I have Death and destruction all around me. Some of that shit is a good thing.
Some of it sucks ass..

Make me a fucking sandwich.
On to other things, Granny can't watch Fox Fucking News anymore., kinda like those ants, they are all dead now.
Rest in peace honey, fuck you very much you other little bastards.

The reason I titled this post the way I did is because of those dirty fucking asshole ants that have been pissing me off all summer, then I remembered some shit called a Contract on America, again, they be bragging about not knowing how to pull their dicks out of their hand in the morning but want to make damn sure you never get the chance as long as it isn't in some young boy's hand anyway.
I needed some weapons of mass destruction for the little sonsabitches. A two fer would be awesome.
Take my word for it, there are a LOT of dead fucking ants around here right now.

Have a drink boys.I finally found some shit that they line up to take a drink of like there was naked ant bitches waving their little asses off, a two drink minimum.
Die you little fucking bastards.
I actually sat and had a couple of shots and watched the little fuckers line up like little pigs on a momma sow.
Take it home ya little fuckers.
Tell yer friends there is free fucking beer
So, shit is happening, the fucking Republicans can suck my ass with their version of the Contract On America, V.30.0.
Get a fucking education you ignorant fucking cock suckers, a one trick pony can be delicious with a little marinade, slow smoked and some corn on the cob with some biscuits to sop up the fucking bull shit that always comes as a side dish with you fucking idiots.

It never ceases to amaze me that you can get people more brain dead than the woman we are going to put in the ground here soon to listen to your absolute fucking horse shit year after year and not get run over in a crosswalk eventually.
I guess I will have to tune up the old Ford..

Attrition, look it up mother fuckers.
As much as I absolutely loved my Granny, Take a big suck out of my ass Fox News Channel , you have one less information challenged old woman to propagate your fucking lies now.

I am still here though.    

I ain't going away any time soon either.                                                                                                          

Sunday, September 26, 2010

God Speed, Janie

One of my Grand mothers passed away last night.
Thankfully, she was in no pain and went to meet her maker in her sleep at a hospice center.
I was there with my girl friend yesterday for several hours and she was not conscious but I know she knew I was there.
My girl friend, the little darling, made me stop at a store after we went and had some dinner and bought some roses that I had mentioned I should have done on the first visit. I made sure Gram got to smell them too.
She wasn't conscious but she was dreaming the whole time I was there, you could see her emotions change and her body move to the emotions.
Rest in peace honey.
Janie was 96 years old and just a sweet heart. She was my step mothers mom and she and her husband took to me and my little brother with unconditional love from day one.
Big Pa was an exceptionally nice man who took us on road trips all over the place. He always had a beer in his lap too. The good old days. Between me and my brother, my two step brothers and two of my cousins from that marriage, there were six of us little bastards to take care of. Then came baby Marrissa, the daughter of my Aunt Joyce, who I adore. Joyce married Janie's son, he was a brilliant man and was working on developing lasers in the late sixties. One day the man fell over dead at his desk, a massive aortal burst all at once.Baby Marissa was only a couple of months old and that was not long after my dad had married my mother.

Gram was the stereo typical stay at home mom, she didn't even drive for years. She used to drive Big Pa nuts when they went out. Can you say garage sale?
I think Big Pa thought there was something wrong with the front end of his car.
Every time she saw a garage sale sign his car suddenly would pull hard to the right.

Gram was a wonderful woman and she will be missed greatly. This little blurb certainly doesn't do her justice but all of a sudden I can't see to type any more.
It has been coming for a long time so it isn't something that wasn't expected but we still have to do our grieving and we will.

Thanks fer stopping by, I'll be back later.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010


I loves it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Out And About Again

I barely get home after a week and have to take off again.
I am at my Aunt and Uncles tonight. They are on their way back from the Grand Canyon and one of my other Aunts has been taking care of my Paternal grandmother, who is also 96 and my Aun'ts father, who I believe is 90.
He has an appointment with the eye doctor in the morning so I am here to keep an eye on granny for a bit.
Lucky me, my uncle left his computer on.
So, party on Garth!
Eventually I will get to go back to the Weasel den for more than 24 hours at a time.
At least I get to do some much needed laundry.

He Did It His Way

RIP Tony.
I don't know how he ever found this little rant hole but he often sent words of encouragement and was a hell of a nice guy.
I was wondering where he went, it got awful quiet on his end, I often stopped by his place to see what the hell he was up to.
I figured he was either out fishing or blowing some shit up with high velocity lead projectiles.

Dammit, sorry to hear about his passing, someone I really would have liked to have had a beer or ten with.

Ya know, bloggers are people.
We all have the same wants and worries as the next guy and Anthony was no different.
I gotta give the man credit though, he did it his way.

Do me a favor and stop by his former haunt here in the ether and leave a kind word.
He was us.

My thanks to Mayberry for posting about his passing.....

I have to go now, I have something in my eyes.

Ya old fart.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Home Again

I just spent the better part of a week at Nasty Girl's place.
I think today is Tuesday.
I ain't really sure.
Somebody's cat was glad to see me when I got here.
Thank you Willy fer taking care of the little fucker while I was gone.

Monday, September 20, 2010

When Is The last Time Ya Cut yer Finger?

Fuck me. I tried to show a kid how to peel a fucking cuckumber after I just sharpened all the knives in the place.
Showed him how to stand it up and peel it down and walked away. My mistake.
I went back in two minutes later and noticed some red assed cuckumber laying on the  drain board.

I gotta give the little guy credit, I never even heard a yelp.
I am working on the boy.

It was a little teeny cut but he got one, my bad. I should have been watching his little ass because he isn't familiar with sharp shit. Never even been fishing and he is a big twelve year old, fer chrissakes, his feet are as big as mine.

No worries, I figure as being the last of the old school, you learn the hard way like the rest of us did.

Then again.
At least he had the opportunity.

Update, I am surrounded by conservative  wenches who talk shit out of their own god damn conservative bullshit narratives and have no grasp of facts. Facts have no affect on them.
I am going to be quite busy beating some cute little asses here for a bit.
Then I am going to have another shot of whiskey and  get back down to their level, suck my dick and tell me we need to open all the oil wells in this country because they are there and they are ours.

Hello, the reason we are in Iraq and are flirtling with other oil rich countries is a long term strategy. We use up their oil and THEN, open our own wells.
I can't say I agree with this but it is sure as shit what our national strategy is, even if you can't see it for what it is.
Either way, I get to beat some cute little conservative asses.
I won't go where what happens after that.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Never Underestimate The Powers Of A Blogroll

I have been doing some Blog surfing for a couple of hours, randomly hitting peoples Blogrolls and clicking away.
I have found some sites I like and some crap too. Most of it is stuff I like.
I know a lot of people have their favorites that they go to every day but I want you all to take a few minutes and seriously look at the Blog rolls on these sites you visit.
Think of it as word of mouth advertising.

I know I go out of my way sometimes and directly ask the Blog owner to add me to their Blog list.
Hey, if ya don't ask sometimes, ya don't get, right?

I am always open to adding folks to mine, if you have been coming here for any length of time, take a serious look at mine and you will notice it has grown quite a bit over just the last year.

If you have someone you like and don't see it on my list, tell me about it in the comments. If you have a blog and want me to add you, do the same. All I ask is for reciprocity.

Just take a minute when you go read your favorite writer and roll the dice and pick one off of their Blogroll and check it out.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Coming Up For Air

I have been at Nasty Girls since Wednesday, I surprised her and showed up out of the blue.
Good lord, this woman takes good care of me!

Of course, I return the favor in spades. She is a very happy lady too.
I can barely type.Fuck, I can barely see.

I am one lucky sonofabitch, let me tell ya.
Fuck the lottery, when ya find a good woman, you have hit the jack pot.
I may be broke as a church mouse but I am filthy rich.
That's it, all I have to say.
If ya don't hear anything from me ever again, I died a happy man.
 Death by Double D's is the way to go my friends.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waiting Again

This is the update to the last post.
I think it went OK, we shall see.
I am way the fuck over qualified for this and it isn't really a mechanic type job, not in a get in there and hand me that special tool that cost me two hundred bucks five years ago and I have only used twice since then kind of thing. There is no, open the hood kind of vehicle maintenance as far as I can see. They want a plant maintenance guy, swing or grave yard.
I don't have a problem with those shifts, it's just me and the fucking cat. My sweetie is eighty miles away and we do what we can, a lot, when we can.
It's union, four bucks an hour more than what I was making getting the shit stressed out of me every fucking day.
They told me to leave my roll aways at home and bring a fucking carpenters belt with throw away tools, if they hire me.
I got grilled real good by the personnel dude about what my past was with the last out fit, many, many questions, from when I got hired nine years ago to the day I got laid off. There are certain things you are not supposed to say about former employers but fuck that. You asked, here it is. if ya don't like it, my unenjoyment check will still come in the mail and I ain't worried about it.

I finally got to talk to the dude in charge of the maintenance program and his number two.
I am such a personabal sonofabitch.
If there had been a six pack sitting there it would have been like we had been friends for years.
That doesn't mean jack shit when it comes to a job interview though.

They asked me what I wanted out of the job and I told them truthfully that I had no idea what they were looking for, I came into this blind.
I told them being inside would be nice.
 Oh, fuck no, they want someone to be in and out, climbing a hundred feet up to fix God knows what. Hey, been there, done that.I told the guy I have arthritis in my fingers but as long as I had glove liners and gloves, I can do this easy.
I still have a couple of sets of insulated coveralls too.
Like I said, we shall see. They were smiling as I left, the guy said he had three or four more interviews. One thing they were interested in was whether or not I was going to commited to ending my working career out there. They are looking for a long time commitment.
I will pass on the girl friend jokes at this point.
At my age and physical condition, you want me to get a union job at way the hell over what I have been paid for the last fifteen years, I don't have to do anything but climb up shit with a safety harness and I don't have one fucking tenth of the stress I have been dealing with?

You have my number.
I have some ten year at a time jobs, most recently nine years and ten fucking days. I am not looking for parking cars on a Saturday night, every other weekend.

Like I said, if it doesn't happen?
I get to lay around on my dead ass for about a year and a half. I somehow have lost more weight, clear down to 139 pounds, that is pretty fucking skinny.
What can I say, I eat when I feel like it.
I am currently trying to knock a couple off of Nasty Girl. This is a vacation I can get behind.
Of course, she is panicking and trying to fatten me back up. The best part Is I am the one doing the cooking and she fucking loves it.
I can cook when the urge comes upon me.

Thanks fer stopping by, there could be some kind of "vulgar" rant coming.
Gimme a break, "vulgar"?

People who leave comments telling me I am vulgar obviously do not see that header at the top of the page where it says "ORNERY BASTARD".

Get a fucking clue.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The End Of My Vacation?

The outfit I interviewed with a couple of weeks ago called me to come in again tomorrow.
Just when I was starting to really enjoy laying around on my ass, too.
We shall see.

After All There Years, I Discover I Am Actually A Rightie

Who would have thunk it.
I noticed recently whenever I see or hear one of the following idiots open their yap, my right hand instinctively reaches over and unzips my pants, pull out my decidedly left leaning dick and violently yanks me to the right, looking to fill said idiots mouth with warm piss to shut them the fuck up.
What do you think about that, Michele?

I know, it was a rhetorical question. Here, follow me for a second. Here is a round room, go pee in the corner.
That should keep her busy.
Wait a minute! Who let her in here?
There is one of those "others" in here!
You, get your narrow brown ass out back and wait your turn.
I will get to you eventually and piss all over you too..
Think of it as the Health Care Bill these fucking clowns passed.


Oh, sorry Mr. Boner, I didn't mean to piss in your eye.
Actually, I did. if I had tried to piss in your mouth, it would have turned into a sprinkler big enough for a corn field in Ben Nelson's back yard. What with you flapping your gum's at light speed about the necessity to keep those tax breaks for the ridiculously rich. You're excused now.

Next? Oh fuck. I am going to need another half case of beer for this asshole.

What's the matter Newtie? All of a sudden you decide to shut up?
I have a question for you.
Who the fuck do you think you are anyway?
As far as I can tell, you are the tighty whities version of Reverend Jackson. You serve no apparent purpose other than to stir shit up.Still up to the same old tricks I see, lets shut down the government.
Please run for President, pretty please?
I would love to see your ass as broke as mine with about the same final results.

Oh, my. No, there will be no peeing in this mans mouth
I see a strict regiment of chili, peppers and prune juice for this ass clown, heavy on the Tobasco. Enough said.

What, you don't wan't that Rushie?

You too,
But our little sweetheart Sarah thinks maybe she can run for President too!
Guess what I have in mind for you my dear..

Wrong, go pee in the corner with Michele Bachmann, take the Tea Party with ya.

Oh, sure, this traitor.What list would be complete with out this egg sucking bastard?

Sorry Joe, I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire and holding an arm load of kittens.
Smarmy mother fucker, God, I hate that guy.

Finally, we get to those spineless cock suckers who truly deserve my ire

Guess what? I am going to need a whole lot more beer before I can even begin to think about how pissed off I am at this crowd.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Yer Serious? No More Beer?!!

Look inside the door of the fridge bud, bring me one while yer at it.
Don't give me that crap about opposable thumbs either, I saw you crack the last one open.
H/T to LolCats.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

That's About Enough

OK, all you attention whores, enough is enough.
When all you have left is to stand around screaming "Look at my Boooooooooobs!" yer done.
Do what any other self respecting Cougar would do and go down to the nearest bar, get some young little dude drunk on his ass and take him home to show him the time of his short little life.

Wake his ass up with a world class blow job and make the little fucker breakfast.
If you do every thing just right, I won't have to hear or see your ass until sometime after Christmas.
Hey, it works for Demi Moore, right?
Do the rest of us a favor, just do it ,as many times as it takes.

So It Goes

I just called in my unenjoyment claim so I can lay around and drink beer again next week. The cat is showing me it's asshole, that means she is happy, the little shit. Went to my folks yesterday and helped my brother put a front fender on his F-250.
He thought that was going to be a breeze.
Lucky I showed up.
Those assholes at Ford have several little hiding spots for fasteners of all descriptions. Just getting the fucking headlight assembly out is a nightmare.
It went fairly well and he sprung for dinner. Seeings how I never do eat on a regular basis, I dove in and ate more at one sitting than I normally eat in two fucking days. God, was I miserable but I was way over due.
Spent most of today fucking off because I can.
It is getting to be time for me to get off my lazy ass and do some stuff around here and get ready for winter.
Right after I finish the next beer and fall down for the evening..
LOL!, I just had some little sweetie call me looking for her boyfriend named Joe.
I told her I already had a girl friend or I would spend some more time talking to her.
She cracked up.
I am such a little tease.
Gotta love it, at least I have some people skills.
Any ways, I haven't bothered to even look at any news, all those rotten fuckers can take a big suck outta my ass, I ain't in the mood, maybe later.
The Raiders lost tonight, I am sure Nasty Girl did a little dance,
I can't believe she hasn't called me to rub my nose in it yet.

Thanks fer stopping by my little red light district of the web and maybe tomorrow I will have something worth reading.
Right now it is all about going thud and hugging my pillow because I can't squeeze my honey and that gives me a sad.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Seeing Stars

I had a very rare opportunity yesterday that I jumped all over.
I got to meet my internet heroine.The lady that inspired me to start this damn Blog in the first place,years ago.If you don't know who this lady is, you either don't watch television, use the internet or live in a cave.
That's right, Jane Hamsher of and myself.
She is just a sweetheart. She has about ten things commanding her attention at any one time but takes the time to talk to folks and really listens.

I got to meet a few other people there too, it was at the National NORML convention in Portland.
They are trying to get weed legalized, have been for years but it is looking like a real possibility.
This is Teddy Partridge, one of the contributors at FDL I have yakked back and forth with for years, hell of a nice guy too. Hell, everyone there was nice and very polite!

 Double bonus, my friend Suzanne drove two hours from the coast to meet us, she is also a contributor and a moderator at FDL, has been for years and even she had not met Jane before!

We all had a great time.
The event is being held at the Governors Hotel in downtown Portland, a fancy old place. It cracked me up to see these formal doormen opening the doors for all of these stoned out of their gourd hippies.
I went up to the second floor where all of the display booths were and when I got off the elevator all I could smell was skunk weed.
I went looking for a rest room and stuck my head in this room at the end of the hall and got knocked over. There was a bunch of people in this room just smoking out.
That would explain a lot, I almost got a contact high just sticking my head in there!
Anyway, I had a good time and like I said, everyone was real nice.
I chatted with Jane for a while and then waited while she went up to the fourth floor to watchone of the speakers that she was highlighting at FDL.
While she and Teddy were gone, I manned the booth for a while and had people fill out a petition and gave away stickers and pins for their trouble. Did I mention there were little cuties all over the place? Oh yeah.

Jane finally came back and got busy again, people are always coming up and talking to her and when that isn't going on she has her nose in her laptop doing something or other, like I said, she is a busy lady. Sweet, quick to smile, genuine and has beautiful sparkling blue eyes.We sat and talked for quite a while, I think I was there over three hours.
Yep, I had a great time.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

What Is With These Crazy Christopaths?

What? Ya gonna burn a bunch of books to make some kind of point. Oh? They are Religious books you say? What, Korans? Try that shit with a Torah.
Let me yell ya something you dangerous fucking moron, don't.
What's that you say? You changed your mind? Good. Wait, wait, you're not sure about that either?
Dumb fucking cock sucker.
For the life of me, I can't believe in this day and age that there are still pockets of ignorant sonsabitches that believe burning any kind of book is a good thing.
It must be too much sun on the brain.
Look, you ignorant fuck, there is this thing called Freedom of Speech, we can agree on that right?
That is what gives you the right to burn those Korans if you really want to.
It also grants those same rights to about 300,999,456 other Americans to call you racist, ignorant, inbred dumb mother fuckers.
Why this is even in the news is beyond me except the right wingers who control most of our national media must have all made a run on paper towels after they heard about this crap and had to call each other congratulating them selves on the distance they shot their wads.
Burning books is so 1930's.
Of course, that would be modern history to you backwards dumb asses.

Let me call a spade a spade, you are just another attention whore in this look at me fucking media hungry society we have to put up with now.
STFU, sit the fuck down and go back and start reading that fucking book you like to wave at everyone before someone else decides it needs to get burned too.
That would be quite the bonfire in your neck of the woods, asshole.

I can already imagine the gnashing of teeth, the rending of cloth and the incoherent screaming about discrimination against religion.

Fuck you.

This Could Be Interesting

Some folks I have been tormenting on line for the last five years are coming near me in the big city and I have the opportunity to meet them. I know who they are and what they look like, They have no clue who I am except for a Blog handle.
This is going to be fun because I am just going to wander up and say hello.
Either way, I am going to go hook up with my friend Suzanne and go try and meet these people.
If nothing else, I get to see my little sweetie Suzanne.
If it works out, there will be a big surprise here later.


OMG! I have been suffering like you can't believe for a week now.
The other day at Sweeties, I half woke up in the middle of the night and stretched in my sleep and popped something in the middle of my back that has had to been out for months. Good lord, I got rid of some serious neck spasms and my arms going to sleep all the time,The muscles in my back hurt so damn good. I can't tell you how fucking great that was. In the mean time, my lower back has been out since I moved my tool boxes and I have spent the last three days being barely able to walk.
No more.
I got hammered and fell down asleep a few hours ago and the same damn miracle happened. I woke up half awake, stretched in my sleep and crack bang boom, my lower back went back in!You have no idea how much better that is.I can actually walk again without looking like Quasimodo.It isn't even supposed to go in and out, it cost 36 grand back in 85 to get it fused together and never took,
Fuck, I am going back to sleep. I still have a few vertebra out of joint.

See ya's.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Why Do I Smell Propane?

Guess I'll go light a smoke and find out, I know I lit all the pilot lights.
Little fucking bastard, the pilot went out for the oven.
What, you look like you are surprised you didn't hear a big boom.
Yeah, I lit the fucker, my buddy Steve was sitting right in front of me when I did. Thank goodness, it is a little tiny one. I have fallen asleep with a stove burner on before with out it being lit, ya really don't want to do that. Thank God I am up above the stove and this joint has a draft or two.The gas flows down hill and a good fart sends it elsewhere.
For some damn reason, the oven light went out. I haven't been here in a few days and this place is getting old.
I re lit it, turned the oven on a couple a times and shut it off, the pilot is still going. Just for good measure, I lit off the furnace. That should have lit the place up but it is all good.
Ya gotta love living dangerously.

Quit worrying fer chrissakes, it was just a little whiff here and there.
I thought the cat was especially glad to see me after four days.
See ya's tomorrow, maybe.
Shirley, you can't possibly believe you are going to get rid of me that easy...

Seriously, Propane, Natural gas, Kerosene, Gasoline, Coleman White Gas, none of that kind of petroleum liquid fuel is to be taken lightly, it can burn you to a crisp or blow you to an early meeting with your maker.
I kid around a bit but I have been messing with this stuff for years now. Let me tell ya, I have had my eyebrows singed off more than once.

If you smell rotten eggs , get the hell out of there.
Bad things are brewing.
For your Grand childrens sake, never, ever, ever, clean parts in gasoline, never clean parts in solvents without proper ventilation, proper protective equipment like rubber gloves and face shields and extreme attention to sources of flame, like a fucking a pilot light in a gas fired hot water heater or some idiot standing next to you smoking a cigarette and for my sakes, do not listen to what I say and do, I like you guys and I am just being a smart ass.
Nothing I do or say should ever be used as a measure of what is safe and what isn't. If, I am running my yap, you can bet your ass it isn't safe.Run the fuck away.
BTW, keep all yer fingers and toes, I don't want to have to pick your nose for ya.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dammit! Computers Piss Me The Fuck Off Sometimes!

Aye Chingowa, dirty fucking bastards.
I was trying to post something two posts down, trying to link to one of my favorites, DriftGlass, when I noticed every fucking time I typed in that name, it came up in some strange fucking language.
I tried it four fucking times. I finally tried to get it translated by those wonderful assholes at Google and it wouldn't come up. I knew exactly what I was typing and for the life of me couldn't figure out why all of a sudden DriftGlass turned into Hindu. I did finally figure out what fucking language it was, just not why all of a sudden I needed that service.
Have I been outsourced?!! Has DriftGlass been outsourced?! What in the fucking hell is going on here? I don't need to talk to some guy calling himself Nancy  half way around the planet with the stroke of a key pad to translate what I am trying to type, I have a hard enough time with English, thank you very fucking much.
I have no motherfucking clue what happened but I did know how to cure it, deleted Firefox and reinstall the sonovabitch.
Sure as shit, fixed.
Side effects?
I lost every one of my fucking Book marks.


So, I have had it with this POS computer. I have the one they bought me a year ago at the place I used to work and that mother fucker is getting plugged in tomorrow afternoon, complete with all of my Bookmarks and some sites I saved for things like recipe's and such. At this point, I have to give a HUGE shout out to my buddy Sponge Bob Crack Whore for going out of his way to have a guy where he works put this one together and give it to me for free when my laptop died, Off the charts cool of ya dude but it is going to revert into the pieces it started out as now.
Fucking irritating cock suckers. Why all of a sudden do I need Hindu? Might as well be Chinese, at least I can recognize that shit from the spam comments.

Awwe, We Have a Shy One.

Please go take a second and say Hello to my newest Blogroll addition.
Shock And Awe.
Left me a comment and I hunted them down, that will teach ya.
Ve haf vay's to make ju talk.

Be nice and bring flowers or I will get ya, dammit.

Goodbye Mayor Daley

Like the transfer of power hasn't already been drying the ink next to a bathroom stall hand dryer,
Hello Mayor Emanuel.That would make my fucking day. Dirty sonovabitch inherit fifty years of corruption and a seriously pissed of populace. IE, someone who lives there and has been documenting this shit for years.

Chicago is the epitome of coruption in this country and the ponzi scam that has been going on there for the last fifty fucking years is getting ready to collapse like the rest of the country.
If you think for one second that Mayor Daley thought he could keep this major assed Mafia style  scheme he has had since he inherited the whole deal from Daley Sr.and get away with it, You need to buy me a fucking brewery.
Yer damn right he is bailing the fuck out, he saw what happened to that fuck head Blagojovich.
I wouldn't be one bit surprised to see that bastard Daley get a personal invite to Dubai from one certain expatriot named Prince.
Birds of a feather and all that shit.
New worlds to conquer.
 They are waiting to see if Dick Fucking Cheney is going to live long enough to invite his whole cabinet and whether they can get in and out of the country without being arrested.
Good fucking riddance Mayor Daley, one more criminal cabal on the run.
There might actually be a plus side to this fucking Depression, the fucking bastards ran out of mook's to steal  from and the games are up.
See ya's.

Headin' Home

We were having such a good time laying around I decided to stick around an extra day.
All good things must end and now it is time for me to hit the road again and head back to the Weasel Den.
Road Trip!!
Thanks fer stopping by, I should be back to some kind of normal schedule later.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Outta The Loop

Been at Nasty Girls since Thursday.
Yeah I have internet access, I have surfed around too. I just ain't getting too excited about posting much of anything .Exhaustion will do that to a guy.

Hey, get yer minds out of the gutter.
Sure, there is some of that too but we wind up watching movies until all hours of the night and then sleeping half the day.

Let me tell ya, this lady takes damn good care of my broken up skinny ass, I think she loves me or something.
I brought some huge pork ribs with me and she whipped up a magnificent marinade to soak them in. Lemme tell ya, that was a big assed hog, the bastards barely fit in a cookie sheet, bent over.
Oh, fuck yes they were good!
Laid in a couple days worth of sin while I am up here and am going to pick up some more when I leave. Sin, the stuff they like to tax so fucking much.
Booze and smokes.
Fucking bastards here in Washington state.
Across the river in The Dalles, I found filter less smokes for $3.50 a pack and a fifth of George Dickel Black Label whiskey for $15.75.
Last week at my folks, I paid $9.50 for one motherfucking pack of smokes and a cheap bottle of whiskey is $12.00.
Even gas is cheaper over there and it isn't self serve. It freaks the attendant out when ya tip 'em a buck too.
Hey, been there , done that. In freezing weather, rain, snow, hail, all that mail man kinda shit weather conditions.
People get used to the service and don't think twice about tipping a bartender but fuck that moron that just stood out in the cold and filled my tank. That just ain't right. Service is service.
Remember that the next time you stop and get gas in Oregon or New Jersey, they are the last two states that don't have self service gas stations.

Anyways, I ain't dead yet, just enjoying hanging out with my little sweety.
She is a good girl and I am one lucky sonofabitch.Ya don't find girls like her anymore, seriously.
She puts up with me pretty damn good, that says something, loudly.
Now, where the hell did I set that whiskey bottle down?

Btw, Happy Labor day to all of ya's even if yer like me and ain't currently employed, we still fucking earned it.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Still Good Old School Rush

Damn, I just watched this on the Tee Vee here at Nasty Girl's place. I had forgotten how much I liked this tune.
I hear a lot of people bad mouthing Rush. My reply is to get a fucking decent set of head phones and try again.
It's a whole nuther experience.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Give Me A Fucking Break

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Two Day Headache

I thought I got rid of the fucker but I see it is back.

It started last night, was here with a vengeance this morning when I woke up, afternoon, whatever.
Now it is back again.

I might have to result to the Rush Limbaugh cure.
No, ya fucking perverts, I ain't talking about little boys from foriegn countries. I have one of those little pills he likes so much.
Jesus, not the blue ones, you people are just fucking nasty, get your minds out of the gutter, you are crowding me.
I am talking pain killers instead of hard on pills, thank you very much..
I could be comfortably numb here in a few minutes, I am still debating if it is necessary.
A two day headache ain't a lot of fun.
What the fuck, all I have to do tomorrow is get cat food, take a shower, get some gas and haul ass to go see my sweety.
I certainly won't be telling her I have a headache when I get there...

While I am at it, because I just absolutely love the lady,

Have a nice day and be kind to someone.