Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Thanks fer stopping by. I hope to piss off a lot more people in the coming year, share the parts of my life that I can and at the very least, not be boring.

Keep after the motherfuckers, they can't stand the sunlight.

Fuck them VERY much.
You know damn good and well who I am talking about and so do they.


  1. happy new year busted

  2. Hi Busted,

    Happy New Year!


  3. Happy New Years! Keep on poking that Hornet's Nest!

  4. You couldn't piss me off unless you won the Powerball and sided with the rethuglicans and we know that won't happen.

    Here's to better times.

  5. Just dropped by to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!!!
    Tim and Melissa

  6. Happy fuckin' new year ya Ornery Bastard! May yer weasel den be warm, yer whiskey bottle be full, and Nasty Girl be eternally horny! What the fuck else could a fella ask for?

  7. Damn, boy, but you've a foul mouth. Didn't yo' mamma tell you that it doesn't take foul language to make your point, and that if you have to resort to foul language you've already lost your argument ? And that foul language is a strong sign of a weak mind ?

    That is, unless you don't have much of a point to make, and your mind is incredibly weak to begin with. From looking around here, you don't have much of a point to make, and I've had dawgs that think and reason better than you do.

    That said, Happy New Year, and may you learn much in the coming year! Starting at zero, anything added to zero is a positive, so good luck to you!

  8. Serr8d, fuck you ya fuckin' fuck! If ya can't take the heat, get out of the fuckin' kitchen. Fuckin' pussy boy... Sorry Busted, just had to...

  9. HAPPY New Year Serr8ted, thanks fer stopping by.You are not the first person to point this out to me.
    I would invite you to go find a big stick and stuff it up your ass. Fuck you if ya don't like the content here, the ladies and Christian section is to the left.

    Cussing is very much part of the content, bring your arguments on and we shall have a short discussion.

    Apparently you are new here, keep it that way.

  10. Cursing is fine, in it's place; I guess I've found a suitable place for it.

    Fer instance:

    Mulberry, why don't you go fuck yourself with a swordfish, all sideways and such, and then when the fun's all over stuff your bloody orifice with bell peppers and tootle 'When the Saints Come Marching Home' in the key of G flat?

    There's my first use of 'fuck' this year. Yer welcome.

    (Love the Floyd, BTW~! saw them in concert at Vanderbilt over a decade ago. Here's some musics you'll likely enjoy.)

    Now get on with your threesome; you, your 'hottie' girlfriend (who likely resembles a cross between Maureen Tkacik and Amanda Marcotte) and a three-hundred pound tub of axle grease. Or just the axle grease and your vivid imagination, most likely.

  11. Nice tune dude.
    I really liked that.

    BTW, I ain't kidding when I say the Nasty Girl is pretty hot, I have seen other womens hit on her.