Friday, December 03, 2010

He Didn't Say, Im Going To Disneyland!

I wonder if he and Dick Cheney are actually going out on a date and not telling anyone?

RICHMOND, Va. — Massey Energy Chairman and CEO Don Blankenship announced Friday that he will retire at the end of the month, finishing a nearly 30-year career that included big profits for the company but also labor conflicts, battles with federal regulators and a 2010 mine explosion that killed 29 people.

My bold.

The company's board of directors named current president Baxter F. Phillips Jr. as the company's new CEO, effective Friday. Retired Adm. Bobby Inman, a board director, will serve as chairman. Blankenship's retirement date is Dec. 31.
"After almost three decades at Massey it is time for me to move on," Blankenship said in a prepared statement accompanying the surprise announcement. "Baxter and I have worked together for 28 years and he will provide the company great executive leadership."

OK, take a minute and look closely at what I have italicized and what I have bolded.

It's all courtesy of HuffPo, Here.

Dick head under investigation decides to retire suddenly.

OHHHHHHKAY, that raises a few flags.
Then we have a retired Admiral involved, on the board of directors.

I am sure there is no conflict of interest there, right?
Then we have a guy who could, just possibly, be under investigation  for over a thousand alleged violations of mine safety, with 29 dead guys under his belt recently, remember, this is all "alleged", even though those "alleged" miners are still as dead as the rocks they were digging through, bragging that the guy who is taking over is a career long "associate".

Who farted?

Yank this guys passport yesterday.

This stinks to high heaven.

The heat must be on this rotten motherfucker and his ass must be on fire so someone in the government is telling him to hit the fucking road and don't spare the horses.

bet me money, we will never hear about this sonofabitch again except in passing while his patsy little buddy goes in front of the inquiry and claims " No Comprende"?

I am so sick of this ploy.

Good bye cock sucker!

Watch your ass, there might be the families of some "allegedly" dead miners who just might be watching where the fuck you think you are going.

They might not be so inclined to bring some potato salad to your funeral either. 

Can't say that I'd blame 'em.
Telling the remaning guys that still lived after that "alleged" mine disaster that they would lose their jobs if they went to the funerals of their fellow co workers who were "allegedly" killed in a totally avoidable mining explosion was a stroke of genius,
What a complete mother fucking douchebag, rotten to the core Scrooge on a budget cunt you really are.
Don't forget to pay off your house keeper and have the lawn watered long enough to make people think you still live there.

I personally, hope you choke to death on your own spittle after you walk out your front door, house boy with your bags right behind you, thinking you got away with it. A twisted ankle to go with it would just be a bonus.

Fuck off and die, Donny Blankenship

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