Monday, December 20, 2010

Travel Day

Nasty Girl was due to go home today, when we left here and went through the Gorge a few days ago, we missed getting blasted with a snow storm by mere hours.

Of course, it dumped more snow again last night. We went to my families Christmas party yesterday and had a great time.
The food? OMG!

Just the appetizers were off the charts.The guy is a murderous fiend when it comes to hunting and fishing. Antelope sausage with cheese and jalapeno's, Summer sausage made out of Elk, pepperonie ALA Antelope, Antelope Jerky, cheese out the wazoo. That was just for starters. Turkey, six dufferent kinds of salad, some awesome bean soup, I do need to hold my brother down and get that fucking recipe, some kind of Texas,/ BBQ kind of thing and a completely delectable roast beef. Oh, my, that was perfect.
Cooked to a beautiful rare, sliced thin, almost like thick cut bacon strips, and totally gone in sixty seconds.

Fuck, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
My little cousin and her husband have a fabulous, huge, house. It was freezing ass cold and the wind was, the only way I can describe it, howling and biting. Two minutes outside to huff half a smoke and the cold would radiate off my leather jacket.

We do a White Elephant give exchange for the adults which is absolutely hilarious. Everone gets a number, the very first one has the ability to exchange his or hers at the end, IF, it hasn't already been stolen three times.

I ain't kidding, this gets vicious. Collaboration between husband and wife, Boyfriend and girlfriend and cousin against cousin.

There is actually quite the game of strategy that has developed over the years.
Everything is twenty five bucks or less.

Note to self, just go to the fucking likker store and throw it in a dollar store bag.

Lottery tickets and booze are the hot ticket items.

Needless to say, after I had the folding fishing pole swiped from me, never to return, I wound up with a tin of three kinds of popcorn. I was being nice, the fucking tequila was long gone.

Of course, I was dressed as nice as I ever do, which ain't that much. No blue jeans allowed say's she and didn't think about the cold. No T shirt, no Long Johns. The Girlfriend was smoking hot in her outfit, dress, and stockings, nice blouse. She was freezing her cute little ass off too. We actually went out to the car to have a smoke because there was no fucking way we were going to stand in that Arctic Blast.

Natuarrly, we left right before it got dark and it started to snow. Forty miles away from home and it snowed most of the way home.

Long story short, Nasty Girl was freaking out about the weather conditions coming back this way and we monitored them half the night and this morning.

When I saw Black Ice warnings, I made the decision for her. You ain't fucking driving home.

So we bailed out a bit late and then argued about what route to take. I made up my mind and told her to hold on and watch the bitching.

I would have been worried sick about her driving in that shit and we did hit some nasty shit. I just drove nice and slow with both hands on the wheel, don't tell my guy friends, guys are supposed to drive with one hand only.

We got here and more of that white shit is scheduled but snow doesn't bother me, it's the fucking ice.

By the way, Oakland beat Denver's ass yesterday and her Vikings are getting their asses kicked as I type.

 I have a nice cold beer, a few shots lined up, a hotty G/F who is still alive and life is good.

Remind me to tell ya about her shit head little sister who talked her little shit kid into fucking with our Facebook profile pictures. Mine got changed to Sarah you know who and hers got changed to Obama. The kid has already had his ass beat for his trouble.

Thanks fer stopping by and Happy Holidays to you all.

I still have a couple of you out there that I am still praying for.


  1. Glad you're safe, tucked and in good company.
    Watching the V's get stomp like new wine is a bonus :-)

  2. You just can't have that much fun hoss.

    You just can't . . .


    Dang that was fun reading . . .

    Best to you n her . . . over n over n over again . . .

    Did you say stockings?


  3. My bad, I'm salivating over the food dude . . yer family got it goin on!

    Bless all of them, and their food!


  4. My best to both of you.

  5. N back atcha . . . smooches for all.


  6. Wow, sounds like you had some good grub laid out there. Glad to hear you didn't make N/G drive in that nasty weather... I mean.. What a gentleman! Even if you did have to drive with both hands.

  7. *smooches to you and ng*

    glad to hear the two of you made it through the gorge -- the news coverage showed it was gastly white knuckle kinda driving out there.

  8. Anonymous6:10 AM

    finally snowing for real here, looks like jp and i are having a white Christmas too. be safe, take care.

    mrs. jp

  9. Anonymous5:21 AM

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